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  1. Vizzini

    shipyard level 2

    The last time I levelled my crafting, I concentrated on trader lynx and when Indiamen became available, I made loads of those and it didnt seem to take very long to get through the levels
  2. Toss a dub to the switcher so he can change nations ... oooh oooh
  3. https://steamcharts.com/app/311310#1m numbers are extremely steady and have been for a while. If you think in game drama is keeping people away... think again
  4. The process of switching nations isn't straight forward. Especially if you have items to shift. Couple this with the fact that some won't want to give up their safety , alliances , friends etc Now if the so called 'impossible' nations had their own starting port... or if shifting 40 indias of resources , 20 + ships was easy... then we would have already seen more of them
  5. as the other have mentioned plus a reminder. If you are fighting a lower level ship the opposite amount of xp. Example you are in a 5th fighting a 6th. The lower level player ( your opponent) will get more and you will get less. PVP as opposed to PVE should grant more IIRC Get yourself into a clan , preferably of similar time zone players whose company you enjoy and who like similar play styles etc .. more fun, more xp etc
  6. server problem would be ..everybody gets disconnected, 5 people or so would IMHO a probable internet / hardware problem on your end. I haven't had any server problem since the roll back as far as I can recall ? Not sure it's an issue on game labs end if it causes a problem for 5 or so people ? sounds more like driver issues or fried potatoes, sorry
  7. Vizzini

    Civil war

    I think the Danes would probably send you out to negotiate too , with your head on a pike The idea just wouldn't work, Pirates outlaw battles proved that with their klingon cloaking device causing all sorts of trouble. Clans being able to fight other clans would only work, if we had no nations. The hysterical Historicals wouldn't be happy
  8. yep, we need the server to have enough players to be able to stay online so we can keep playing
  9. Pirate Nation chat lately 😛
  10. regional servers would only hurt the game with such a small playerbase to begin with. I would have no timers and make every port cost the same as a timer previously did. Many ports would then be seen as un profitable and be left open and be able to be fought over by those nations with fewer players. Having fewer nations will only lead to fewer dlc sales
  11. I'm with Chris with regard to timers changing at a moments notice with zero cost. Should be a hefty fee to switch your timers to stop them being abused. I would also have a set timer for a clan. ideally a clan that sets it's timers for 3-6 but wants to attack 12-15 shouldn't be allowed, but I cannot see an easy work around for this Clans / Nations that abuse rules and game the system should be punished. For that though, we need guidelines to follow and the knowledge that punishment will be dished out so the players who try and game the system are rightly flogged in front of the rest of us
  12. The more PVP orientated a clan , the more I expect mast mods / pen builds etc Part of the reason for not having visible clan / names on the OW was to stop people running as soon as they saw who it was.
  13. me trying to make sense of this thread
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