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  1. yep many are waiting to see if the game offers any changes with regard to outlaw or alliances simply put, it's too early to risk nailing colours to any mast right now
  2. to all those who say they are going ...let's hurry it up please !!
  3. I think it boils down to they want the names of clans or players that others already have taken. Something that could happen to many others at game release +1
  4. https://tenor.com/view/jaws-action-suspense-thriller-bigger-boat-gif-3382854
  5. I'd hoped for regional servers which would have alleviated some of the concerns about release and timers in game but if they don't know how many players will play , it seems as if it will be "see who turns up " I guess saturday release would help some, not all. In much the same way as a clan could lock down a port that you or I might not be awake to attack (in game )
  6. yeah for those thinking about changing nations , names , clans etc ..it's fairly important to know I was always under the impression that regardless of what was said in the past, a full reset was inevitable and needed. I am happy it's finally happening, 2 years for me and longer for a lot of you
  7. this would mean we will start again from the point of character creation and chose name and nation as if we were a day 1 noob ?
  8. Nobody in their right mind would think about returning right now with a probably complete wipe on the horizion. In much the same way a leaked steam sale date around the same time would put me off a purchase at the games current price point With regards to players getting ganked, it will always be so. If the French got out of their own harbour, they would probably do the same to others. Until we get a clear message about whether every single thing gets wiped or not, there will be a general lack of interest IMHO a full complete wipe is coming, or we would have been told differently already. 30 days to go and no decision has been made ? Unlikely ...
  9. without being pedantic , faster and slower would be better descriptive words
  10. you might not need it a new player might chose to have it , also it can be a personal choice for a trader on a long trip utilising the f11 was always a short term plan IIRC and was sure to be removed
  11. steam summer sale June 23rd to IIRC well done , now for a good launch , no pun intended
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