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  1. back when we had resources readily available, many players were crafting lots of ships in the hope of attaining purples and golds. This in turn made them sell their normal blue types on the open market. The trickle down effect worked ok. Ships were plentiful either have a random chance in a capturable port or make everybody get blue only. I see no merit in changing a system which at least gives a chance of creating a better ship for a lucky soul and another lucky soul might find a ship on sale that the crafter didn't want. Imagine having a crafting perk which gave a higher % chance of crafting a better ship ? How many players would have to buy a crafting alt just for that ? That good for the game ? More alts or more benefits to players able to pay more ?
  2. still enjoying the game, could be better and there are things I don't like, wouldn't change my review as I have gotten my moneys worth imho. Would i have told others to buy in the past , yes Right now I would tell them to wait until release I would think twice about investing time in something during development though
  3. No I am not surprised, I don't see it as a viable game play option for me and therefore for some others also. Move the patrol zone to Bermuda, have a freeport up there so people can teleport to it , switch the map daily and then the gank zones won't cause any effect on the rest of the map. Players whined about not being able to find pvp , admin put a big marker on the map with rewards and still people don't go there in sufficient quantity to have raised the pop. If the game is fun, word gets out, players come back, pop starts to rise. What we are seeing is the opposite 1 tiny portion of the map, which is useless in itself cannot be set aside for the players who only want to 1v1 or have a min battle ? That in turn frees up the rest of the map to be played as the others want. Both sides would be happier None of us will end up with the game we want, we will get the game we are given
  4. Regardless of peoples preferred playstyles , i always think it's foolish to risk alienating a % of the the playerbase. I always advocated an arena style zone in Bermuda , that people could teleport to, if there was also a Freeport up there. The fact that the patrol zone and 1v1 zone doesn't seem to have brought back any players from cryo sleep is worrying DLC ships are fine , stopping access to other ships or making it a lot harder , just seems like trying to funnel people towards the cashpoint. This is the worry when you have no idea what game we are getting for the money we have already paid this is the concern for most, they could handle a wrecked economy if the items they wanted were achievable. Right now certain ships are hidden behind an rng wall that has many feeling it's on purpose and for one reason only
  5. yeah not tradeable or capturable ( same thing in reality) we cannot alter what is already available, we can add things to keep everybody happier
  6. a separate permit dlc in no way changes what is available right now. You are given the complete ship right now... not a permit used as part of the crafting process
  7. forcing players to play a particular way has a strange habbit of forcing them out of the game. do you think everybody wants to team up with others ? are solo players not wanted in NA ?
  8. a seperate dlc just for permits, how is that changing an existing dlc ? you would still need the rest of the materials, the bonus would be, you get the permit you want, just like the paint dlc gives you the colour you want the exisitng ship dlc's would not be affected as they give you the complete ship or am I missing something
  9. Permit DLC 1 per day like the paint. Not a note. Mr 2 hours a day man could log on every day, grab himself a permit and have a few ships ready for the weekend when he has more time ( i'm looking at you sunday population) He crafts a santi , low quality materials using his permit , doesn't get a gold or purple and decides to sell it or use it. most people understand we need the dlc's to work and to support the game, without them it would need a subscription
  10. Still not seeing many 1st / 2nd rates player crafted on sale at the busy freeports. This could be down to a number of factors , players not wanting to bother right now (wipes ) , scarcity of materials .. the list goes on. We are not seeing enough crafting being done and there is no trickle down effect of 3/5 normals hitting the market either I'm not a fan of gating permits, fine with making things expensive but RNG can do one ... I could offer 5 mill for a permit I want and there may not even be one on the server ... Combat medals are for sale , reals are plentiful and doubloons price is rising. Ships are hard to get , at least the ones the players want to sail, so must be materials. At least you're a decent PVP'er Greg , you will have less trouble than most getting the CM's Why bother with a paint or flag DLC if you can't put either on the ship you want to sail .... At least if I knew a Buc permit was available , it would give me a target. Just because I can't get a BUC permit I want, I won't be shopping for DLC's either
  11. what do you see ? Kaneda .... what do you see ?
  12. Players play the game for a great many reasons, I hope we don't go down the road of fights only ..... Some play for trading and fighting and RVR some just want instant fights some just want to sail about fighting if they feel like it some just want RVR big port battles , political infighting , nation / clan building or wrecking, spying some enjoy just the econ and the chance to build their own ships we must try and cater for as many of these types and the ones I have forgotten. If you focus on the fight only mob, I fear it will alienate many DLC are fine by me, not forced onto anybody. They are mostly bought by players to bypass the grind or to save time but no way would I offer financial support ( purchasing dlc ships and stuff ) if the game turns into an arena style game with the OW as a lobby. I'd pay for a forged papers but I firmly believe it takes too much of my time to shift all of my goods and ships about to a neutral port, hours away. Flags yes and paints if the prices were cheaper. The first thing anybody thinks before spending any money... is imho " what is in it for me ? " I do however look forward to release and any changes that happen in the mean time will be tested by me. Break down the permit wall and we're good for now
  13. yeah , this I cannot agree with. Like me you have a choice whether to purchase a DLC or not. I won't purchase any until the game is released and I can see what game I have paid for. Throwing more money at the game right now seems pointless, especially if it ends up as some crap arena game with the OW as a lobby.
  14. Always been of the view, to be able to bypass the crafting by paying money is fine, by me IMHO. We also need to be able to spend the time to create the same item, even if expensive and time consuming in game ( to a degree , not as it is right now ... a RNG praying exercise) Cosmetic dlcs.... totally cool with anything like that Boats that can WTFPWN others in it's class >> not cool Prices look a little high also, no way I would pay anything higher than I paid for the base game ( which was on a sale at steam ) Naval action shouldn't start resembling a slot machine. At present it is my choice to not pump any more coins into the slot, the minute people start thinking they are being forced into it ( real or imaginary ) they will vote with their feet and possibly feel cheated my 2c
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