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  1. this isnt what the OP described, he said he was almost up on him sounds like a use of PVE mechanics to get yourself away from PVP but I dunno, possible
  2. Craftable tow using reals, dubs , vic marks and combats make them expensive 1 per day craftable and slow some of the inflation is 9,999,999 still the most reals you can trade with a player ? If so, we're going to need wheelbarrows soon to buy a loaf of bread
  3. seems to be a very common occurence , many reports like this and not down to the distance either. I had somebody coming towards me the other day , sails up etc and he must have engaged the Klingon cloaking device Perhaps some players know the what to do .. is it pull the plug ? is it alt f4 or do you have to enter a code Either way, I would like to see a video of it happening to disprove the theories going around
  4. Safe port for the so called "impossible nations " that they can fortify and defend themselves, rather than pouring out the same 1 port in the middle of the map. This might encourage players to adopt Poland, Prussia etc and spread the playerbase away from the zergs a bit The threat of getting 1 ported is too great a risk and it's difficult , expensive and extremely time consuming to switch nations. all in all, games playing better but the toxics could be dealt with properly, not left to run wild and it's up the the devs to sort this, put measures in place to chat ban for months at a time, players whose main purpose is to troll and spoil others experience
  5. docking fees , every time you dock into a port a small fee goes to the Port owning clan was always something i thought could work well to help painlessly shift some of the wealth around but on another note, what is the maximum you can trade another player ? for a ship for example. If that amount is too low, then a problem will arise sooner or later I have asked in the past for consumables ( rum , reps )to be removed from the items that magically appear hourly and leave the players and the market to fill the gap or stop letting upgrades be shifted around risk free
  6. great stuff , best thing since @Jeheil left us
  7. dlc ships already take care of this option and I could see limited appeal from the devs with the possibility of hindering any sales by allowing a form of durability such as you are describing surrendering should mean you lose it , otherwise every battle could be over really quick
  8. I'd bet this would be open to abuse, the way it is right now may create drama but I am not sure allowing a team of alts to pass /sell a port to somebody without a fight is a good idea as I see it
  9. yes would need obvious set parameters with a minimum but these ideas have been brought up before
  10. Ports owning clan should determine the BR of their port battle. That way if any clan want to ensure they have a 25 x however many or a 5 v5 if they suck at having friends , they can. However, it should not end up with fewer nations it should be entirely clan based and provide everybody with more targets on the open seas and other players who cannot field more than 5 decent players, the opportunity to own a port, participate in RVR without being FORCED to endure the drama of nation chat. Make a safe port for each of the impossible nation and perhaps people would spread out more
  11. The impossible nations have only truly worked with Russia due to the numbers who joined at the start and since they became top dog. The rest were unable to get a foothold. A nation with no base and not enough players will always struggle and many non native speakers will not risk joining due to expected language difficulties ( French and Spanish nations have experience with this also) Even if they had 1 unconquerable port, they would still be sitting inside it getting slapped every time they try and go fishing.
  12. fewer nations isn't the answer, they won't sell any alts if it's a 1v1 game, get real wars between clans is the only way the game in it's current form could flourish, though when we didn't need regional servers at release I felt the writing was on the wall, which is a shame as I enjoy it. All the tinkering over the years has brought us to this point The only proper wars start within a nation , lead to a split ( which costs real money and an awful lot of time ) and then a battle starts between the previously allied players a 1v1 war in a map this size will only lead to a massive gulf between the factions, with pve players of either side staying 4 hours sailing away from any enemy activity 2v2 would just be a 3v1 with all the alts in play right now. ditch the historical accuracy and let clans fight whoever they want
  13. shit man, we get better fights inside the nation than this !!!
  14. let the owner clans decide their own br for their own port they choose the taxes they choose the timer why can't they chose the br of the port battle ( within parameters ) ? said it before, keep saying. If a clan wants huge br port battles, that is fine. If another clan wants port battles half that size.... why not
  15. yes that's the easy answer, however the ignore function isn't fit for purpose as you are left to see everybody else reply with their own racism , salt and every other alt right insult you can think of added to this, while i already have both of the retards on ignore already , nothing seems to ever be done by the countless reports submitted i mean get rid of global, it serves no purpose that couldn't be accomplished by the player base themselves with a discord
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