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  1. I often see people being told .... it's a multiplayer game ... join a clan .... but when the solo hunters complain when the rest go hunting them or god forbid get organized before the hunt starts all hell breaks loose. Suffice to say, there are those only interested in their own playstyle and seem to think everything should revolve around what they want to do. I'm firmly with the group, who upon getting attacked, start to learn what's needed to even the odds and chase the lion up the tree. if you want to hunt, prepare to be hunted and harassed yourself in return. Not all of us play the game for 1v1 equal Br only no chance of payback ganks a gank to me is a clear mismatch, not one brought about by some strange algorithm which doesn't make much sense to anybody unless it involves their favourite ship being looked upon favourably. less rules will be more helpful in the long term, less chance of people finding loopholes in them. Whiners always whine about not finding enough prey to splatter , truth is they often cannot find enough disorganized weak ones
  2. yes definitely but there needs to me an amount of control that means 1 or 2 rogues cannot empty Havoc's dock or anybody else's before somebody fails to recognize humour
  3. If clan wars had become a thing, then pretty much every clan would have been it's own nation. Having more nations has been a good thing, less forcing many of us into the same nations as players we wouldn't want to be aligned to ( thats me being careful with my wording ) Some people advocated 3 great nations and the rest being Pirate clans who could fight amongst themselves or against the 3 larger Nations if they wished I'd have though having more choice would be good for the game, more chance of people wanting to switch nations , they can dlc if they wish or re roll if they don't. too many people here seem to think only of right now and the game as they are playing it. Some of us should look at the future and what could be good for release Forcing players into alliances is not sandbox enough for me. It's bad enough that i get joined every 30 days by a new spy I cannot do anything about or a nation wrecker only intent on causing disunity I'd have more choice , not less. I would however give serious thought to outlaw battles for Pirates and perhaps restrict their use of the largest ships and perhaps tinker with having more Port battles that need a lot more Line ships, people like those trafalgar type scenarios just my thoughts
  4. Aucune fabrication, amirauté uniquement pour les doublons desole , google translate. not craftable, only swap for doubloons at the admiralty AFAIK
  5. be even less reason to fight over ports that contain wanted items , i see that as a bad thing the idea that people will just fight for fightings sake, is fanciful we need more reasons to go out and fight over territory, trade or whatever .. not less
  6. well said. you can also look at the "first cousins" all on different sides in world war 1
  7. A likely story... lock up the bank boys , he's going over the wall !!! 😛 old days, not sure about now but the servers were linked in some ways, labour hours and other thing I think used to share usage ( ie you used labour on pve and it vanished from pvp etc )
  8. Vizzini

    crafting mods

    yep same method as the cannons would be helpful
  9. Paint dlc , getting so many people wanting particular paints in global channel lately, would seem like the ideal dlc to me no crying pay to win with cosmetics
  10. where exactly ? secondary security zone isn't telling me which ports or areas ?
  11. clan timers to be the same across the map for all nations . Ports to cost more to disincentive larger clans hoovering up everything without there being any negatives probably topics already brought up and perhaps need looking at again tactical timers though. I understand clans not wanting to be attacked when they sleep . Perhaps a clan can only attack others when their own ports can be attacked, (the same time).
  12. i'm not averse to a total wipe, far from it. I do wonder how many "brand new players " will start at release or will we get 10-15k ( a 15% of total sales so far ) of players who have already started during development. Loads are waiting for release, not sure they will come back for anything right now, especially if they know they will lose it all. If we're going to have a wipe then it probably needs to be all or nothing. Those good sailors, who know the ropes will adapt quicker than any day 1 noob we shouldn't be thinking of us vets and us protecting our xp / slots but what will help new players from day 1. If that means a very level playing field, I am fine with it
  13. johnny five alts is already licking his lips at the thought of being a smurf again ... it will take 2 mins to wheel out the next steam sale alt and slap some noob about for kicks seriously, why cant they just put a duel room in bermuda with a freeport there and let anybody who only wants fair duels have somewhere to play their game. The vast majority can then play their game trying to merge Legends and the OW will fail and fail hard.
  14. Players can restrict the language used in their own clan if they wish. The rest will always be open to all as it should be i play for France but am English and there are a number of others in my nation who also struggle with French, but try and get along with all Global and Nation chat don't even have to be used if the players decide they don't want to , no need for rules that could further allienate players who aren't multi lingual
  15. Sadly you would not be the only one. Why is it hard for any sane person to believe that this game has to be for groups only.....
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