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  1. fewer nations isn't the answer, they won't sell any alts if it's a 1v1 game, get real wars between clans is the only way the game in it's current form could flourish, though when we didn't need regional servers at release I felt the writing was on the wall, which is a shame as I enjoy it. All the tinkering over the years has brought us to this point The only proper wars start within a nation , lead to a split ( which costs real money and an awful lot of time ) and then a battle starts between the previously allied players a 1v1 war in a map this size will only lead to a massive gulf between the factions, with pve players of either side staying 4 hours sailing away from any enemy activity 2v2 would just be a 3v1 with all the alts in play right now. ditch the historical accuracy and let clans fight whoever they want
  2. shit man, we get better fights inside the nation than this !!!
  3. let the owner clans decide their own br for their own port they choose the taxes they choose the timer why can't they chose the br of the port battle ( within parameters ) ? said it before, keep saying. If a clan wants huge br port battles, that is fine. If another clan wants port battles half that size.... why not
  4. yes that's the easy answer, however the ignore function isn't fit for purpose as you are left to see everybody else reply with their own racism , salt and every other alt right insult you can think of added to this, while i already have both of the retards on ignore already , nothing seems to ever be done by the countless reports submitted i mean get rid of global, it serves no purpose that couldn't be accomplished by the player base themselves with a discord
  5. right now, you suffer a small delay if you wish to surrender all your other ships what you suggest is to automatically lose them all ? for everybody ?
  6. I like the idea of a port being raided , it's infrastructure wrecked but not totally destroyed and still having the ability to rebuild ( at least one time ) and goods seized from the port This would allow a nation an amount of time to either rebuild it's defences or remove it's ships before destruction. Right now , with some of our player base, we have people who will throw their toys out of the pram and threaten to stop playing if they lose their crafting base I'd also like a detterent on clans owning too many ports , an increased cost scaleable and thus making it more likely to be left in the hands of another clan ( alts even, don't care ) and timers being the same for all of a clans ports Stale RVR has come about as there is now more to lose. However, many of these ideas have been put forward before and I am not sure if there is the appetite for more tinkering, after years of it already *durability on the largest, bestest ports is what i was trying to say , that can be rebuilt , using surplus materials
  7. If everybody throws their toys out of their pram when things get tough, then the rest of us are probably better of without them. Somebody will always be top dog , dominating the map and bitching about who it is at any one time is pointless. Now it's the Russians, before it was others Forged papers is far too difficult for a nation / clan to accomplish with ease. Move all of their belongings 1+ hour away ? to a freeport is too difficult and time consuming for a paid service The only impossible nation should be Pirates , the should be able to fight other Pirate clans / the Nationals and have no say in RVR. Raiders ..not traders !!! #clanwars The only way that alts will have less sway. If you let them in your clan... it's your fault Still enjoying the game though
  8. while the rest of the server whines and complains about the red peril , Reverse and friends are having fun !!
  9. All the time gameplay is restricted to Nations and the players ability to go where they wish, this will happen. It's not rocket science. Some will jump on the bandwagon , some will go to get more action etc etc If we were allowed to create our own nations / clans with no affiliations and restrict who gets let in, more targets and better gameplay Tinkering with the Pirate mechanics is the only way forward imho. Remove them from RVR shenanigans, make them raiders who work out of freeports and 1 capital and allow outlaw battles ( within set rules ) Clan wars within the Pirate nation and if they wish, hammering it out with the Nations. Having less nations or clans will not help, never will. Keep the hysterical national only players happy, keep the pirates happy and more pvp for all but these ideas have been mentioned before and we still fall into the same stale scenario we are faced with. A power struggle within a massive nation, neither will leave because it would mean them having to probably face the other on the seas and be weakened as a result
  10. we've had this before and sadly it won't change. we will either see them hoovered up on contract , or a level 1 alt sitting in that port all the time clicking buy as soon as they become available If the minimum price the port sells them at was to rise to higher than production cost, then it would be better right now it's a license to print extra reals and you either put in a buy contract yourself and join the queue or you craft them yourself and use up valuable crafting hours
  11. I'm thinking the concept of time zones is lost on Reverse , after looking at the timers. I only see WO and MONX with timers outside EU hours and they are both ? American based clans and therefore have a primetime that is different from Russia somebody enlighten me if I have missed something ? or does he need help with time zones around the world not being the same ?
  12. be asking for auto pilot next to avoid any enemies but sarcasm aside, ask a clan mate to ship goods for you
  13. No it's about who is top dog and who isn't. Russians just happen to be on top right now. On old global it was Pirates ruling the roost for a while, it has nothing to do with nationality or the server not liking Russian people. Every nation right now has clans in it who would be at war with another whom they cannot attack. Sadly this restriction is restricting gameplay. This added to the fact that arranging a large scale DLC forged paper move for a large clan is extremely time consuming and complicated. This for a service we pay real money for too
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