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  1. Vizzini

    Econ Modules

    I'd advise caution to any activity that can create reals out of afk thin air. there isn't imho any real benefit to reworking fishing as it is at the moment. It's a solid option for anybody who wants to do it right now I'd rather see dedicated missions for traders to try their luck in, freeport trade missions , created by the players who want materials > creating the work for traders who want the rewards and the challenges person creates a contract for goods they want, player b takes contract , fills it and gets rewarded. Mimicking the euro traders system sort of just my thoughts
  2. Vizzini

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    Yep , I think we resemble that remark but i do think , picking the right time to annoy the bully next door has merit
  3. Vizzini

    look out perk

    was any thought ever given to a perk along the lines of ... a look out. Somebody on ship who can ascertain the ship / fleet composition of your target ? It would imho be much like the sextant perk, a valuable tool to those starting out who are unsure of who they are attacking / running from and less of an issue as you gain confidence in your abilities please ignore if discussed already, the internet is awash with out of date info and searching for a topic seems to send you in circles
  4. In the limited time I have been playing I have noticed that whenever a Nation gets too big for it's boots or gets filled with too many of the servers most despised players, that Nation tends to get stamped on by a rainbow alliance of the rest of the server. Not a bad thing imho Clan wars / no nations is what I had hoped for but it wouldn't be for everybody and I understand many are tied to the historical accuracy / love their nation etc I wouldn't be the only player who hates having certain players in their Nation. Being master of my own Nation would however give me some control of that. just my thoughts
  5. Vizzini


    making it slightly easier for players to find PVP and avoid PVE on a PVP server by changing the colour of the swords wouldn't be hard. It shouldn't have to be a lottery. I know RVR is dead right now but I don't see the need for more obstacles to be put in the way of PVP for the sake of the players who only want to play against the AI when there is a server just for that
  6. didn't read the whole thread, so if I am repeating something somebody else has said...sorry Players will come back, new players will arrive. However, older players probably won't come back and test if they think they will get wiped again. New players will be wary of joining the game if they worry they will lose all the stuff they get when they start playing the game. Wipe away , make sure we all start with a new choice of nation also. Not bothered about books , skills . We will all be ahead of any new player with our knowledge of the game , not the quality of or ships or upgrades
  7. Vizzini


    I just want to be able to go to the aid of my Nation when they call for help ... not click the wrong battle on the PVP server and find myself against AI . If i wanted that I would be on the PVE server
  8. Vizzini


    I know plenty has changed in my absence, much looks good, tutorial and ui etc but please , can somebody tell me if we are able to tell whether a battle is Player vs AI or Player vs Player. I play on the PVP server and don't really want to PVE on it if I have a choice. If we are not able to .. please can somebody tell me why ? Also, the ship information page which lists it's attributes ( looking great ) is missing the draft or at least an indication whether it will be able to enter a shallow port or not ... hope that makes sense and I have tried searching for an answer, the internet is awash with out of date info
  9. Vizzini

    VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    It's almost like sitting in Ironforge, waiting for the random LFD to pop and getting bored while doing so oops wrong game , similar situation though
  10. Surely rewards from a winning gank fleet are small anyway , it's more of a problem with people arranging "duels" to farm rewards I would tho have a no reward duel room for people that want it
  11. Somebody gleefully said in global chat the other week, that they have 5 accounts and have left 5 bad reviews and they still log on very regularly. I can't quite get this type of thinking. It's very much like those 2000 hour reviews who say it's no good
  12. Vizzini

    pls change timers

    Won't be the last time the server gets riled by clans setting their timers for Liar O Clock. Same goes for all clans and nations , nothing gets the drums of war going more than percieved injustice
  13. Vizzini

    Updated Repair System

    Gap in the market , unless your playing at a time when nobody else is and somebody has snapped them all up to resell ... However , looking at all the ports set at weird times lately, maybe the bulk of the playerbase are indeed using so many repairs and rum during eu night time when they log on. ( /sarcasm off) As Tex says tho , sounds more like people being unwilling to sort out crafting their own stuff
  14. Vizzini

    Solve the PB timer abuse

    I see a lot of players seemingly being economical with the truth lately with regard to timers and why they set them at silly o clock. I'd bet if admin could tell us what times members of clans logged on and from where, it would tell a very different story to the one the players are saying Players who are trying to handpick their facts, chose whom they attack , what sort of port and only when it suits them aren't helping the game at all, they are only pursuing their own agenda. Most nations have been doing it lately.
  15. Vizzini

    We have too many Nations - Remove some!

    Clan wars was what I hoped for but that is like having many more nations. Being forced into playing with toxic players that switch nations each month isn't what I would call fun. People would just join into mega care bear alliances and funneling players into forced diplomacy with players they don't want to play with will not help. Limiting the choice to use the DLC is in my opinion a bad way to go. Having more would seem better from a financial perspective Right now the games only suffering due to timers.