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  1. Nah.....the game is "finished" remember?
  2. All ships (with the exception of imported ships) will be allowed to capture by the Admiralty on the War server. Capturing all NPC is a great change, now put the icing on the cake and allow ship knowledge slots to be selected at sea. This will boost players on PVE and PVP server
  3. Agreed.....and sometimes the fox needs time to get away from the hounds...😏
  4. Can we see recent port bonus chart please?

  5. I had to do the clear drive and reboot thing. Working now πŸ‘
  6. When I craft a ship, imediatly after , the game locks up! Each and every time
  7. Can't get mine up no matter what I do. Someone in game chat said it's been torpedoed , no longer compatible with naval action
  8. Is the game no longer compatible with Sandboxie?
  9. They are nice....to best of my memory the Renomees tits are better....or Santa Cecilia? I need to look again.....
  10. Probably the best solution would be long speed boost or maybe be a solution. Or I would also be fine with not having a speed boost or invisibility just have say a 2 or 3 minute timer where you cannot be attacked or attack
  11. My point is if you get jumped by two guys in modded ships , its over. Maybe have a "surrender all" option where you surrender fleet as well. Your in open sea and if you had retreated them you have to now pop back into open world with less of a ship than your main was , take off, wait for 2-3 guys in endys fly 100 mph upwind , tag you, surrender and this time leave remaining fleet ship in instance so you won't have to do this all over again.
  12. When a player defeats another player with fleet ships that either needs to be the end of it (he loses them all at once) or he needs to have a long cool down to get the port. If I take out a guy who has 2 or 3 Fleet ships, I don't keep going until he has nothing. If a player takes out the main ship it's most likely he will easily be able to take out the o ther ships in 2-3 more battle instances in the open-world when the defending player jumps from ship to ship. If I'm defeated in my main ship, I'm probably not going to win when I exit into open world and one of my fleetships. Now I have to sit and wait to surrender two or three more times! Waste of time. Stupid mechanic
  13. My thing is I live the true pirate life in game....I sail (sneak) into any port in the game. I attack run and hide. I sell stolen cargo from boarded ships. I buy repairs in enemy ports then camp outside that port to steal and rob more stuff! I have more fun than I ever have. To live this pirate life of mine I sail the trader snow.....yes it IS a bad ass ship after all. But I'd love to have a bigger one that still could go into the shallows.....otherwise bring on the Indiamen refitπŸ˜‰πŸ˜β›΅
  14. Does not even have to be dlc....just put them in the game!!
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