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  1. Me and about 5 plus others. And same ones reported crashed earlier in the week
  2. The one good thing naval action is always had going for it has been an excellent server. It crashed the other day and it crashed today. And not just a crash I crash for just handful of people. The guy who attacked me apparently kept going because by the time I got back on battle is over I was done back in Port. Lost ships and cargo WTF?
  3. Simple solution release the Rotterdam and let regular LGV in Indiamen through
  4. Noob protection is fine. But if you wonder in there in an indiaman your dead. No PVP zone equals no trade zone and certain death
  5. Correct spelling of "defense fleet" is.... O-v-e-r p-o-w-e-r-e-d Correct term is "over powered, unwanted, uneccessary, PVP killer...
  6. have to take your word for it I've never done anything rvr I'm not in a clan and I'm a pirate who actually doesn't belong to the pirate nation in anyway. just a lonely pirate who sails from port to port in trade ships throughout the map pillaging and plundering wherever I go🏴‍☠️🦜
  8. When will have new trader or trader like LGVR and or might we ever get DLC trader?
  9. T cutter would a allow fair amount of exploration to the map. Visit ports see what is going on in each port follow chat combat news while sailing. Making a little money along the way. Find danger zones find safer zones ect. I retract my suggestion from above. Tsnow would be the idea starter ship. It is a ship that may be perceived as crap by a noob but is actually an overpowered deadly weapon in the hands of experience sailors. A good ship to learn the ropes!
  10. Yeah I agree. Either starter ship should be Tcutter or Tbrig. Also DLC traders should be a thing......maybe just one DLC choice of one trade ship per day from t-linx to LGV. Then a separate DLC for indiaman or a like ship
  11. Sea Fox


    Do you consider county capitals to be the main capital that that player starts out with as in Main Capital per Nation? If so trader ships are not allowed there. Enemy AI will sink you in 0.5 seconds
  12. God .....please ......NO........ Bad enough we have overpowered to the extreme AI in capitals where if you accidentally Wonder with your trader you're gone! This is a PVP server. Please don't do this
  13. Thank you admin for your response. So sailing the prize AI isn't possible. I have no problem sailing it to the nearest port (this is what I do now) I see then only three possible ways to increase eating traders for breakfast 1) instant teleport of capped trader to port (like the old days) 2) bring back smuggler flag so we can hunt traders in something besides the tsnow and indiaman so we can cap and sell goods and ship in nearest enemy port 3) make trader ships better. The tsnow is currently the best hunting trader ship but it takes a while to whittle down crew and usually the indiaman gives up and you take your prize that way. The LGV.....well the LGV sucks in every possible capacity, tbrig not much better. The indiaman allows you to take any amount of cargo seized and is just ok for hunting. Can we not get a refitted indiaman? Any of these traders haven't got a snowballs chance in hell against ANY war ship
  14. Can't cap connie, can't cap endy, can't cap indiaman
  15. Won't matter. I sail through tsnow regularly (my main ship) but I've been leveling my leopard lately.....going back in black today tho!
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