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  2. If a guy put a first-rate in Fleet and sailed a Tbirig and ported in an enemy port then yes he did sail there honestly (even having wind and speed restrictions of a first rate. same thing if he sell his first-rate capped a trader and went to port. The only thing different is the element of surprise. This can be achieved by simply logging out in open world. So getting rid of a good mechanic is not going to stop any of that not to mention all the crazy stuff you can do with an alt
  3. I see. How often was this happening? Was this a problem worth deleting a great mechanic?
  4. I disagree. I don't think that playing style was hurting the game. And having warships in Fleet to escort a trader is not a bad thing. Having Fleet ships escort you gives you a minimal Advantage at best. This mechanic was not hurting the game whatsoever was it?
  5. For me this was a real time-saver. and allowed me to stay in enemy Waters without having to sail forever to get there.
  6. That's what I'm having to do is go around capturing a bunch of them to use in Fleet now. But they are not as good as the belle poulle or endy in fleet☹️
  7. Cannot understand the logic of taking away warships to Fleet with Traders.... Can someone explain this?
  8. WTF?? can't port in enemy port with warship in fleet anymore?? Not good!!
  9. GREAT JOB DEVS!!! Only 3 small changes away from perfection! *Make all ships capturable *Get rid of teleport fees *Get rid of Mods
  10. Sea Fox

    Redeemable currency

    The sea foxx great Britain. But I don't think my main the sea Fox (pirate) got any for a workshop in Mortimer town
  11. Sea Fox

    Redeemable currency

    I also only have 2000 doubloons. No doubloons for lvl 3 shipyard or workshop
  12. Sea Fox

    DLC in the future?

    I just wonder if the same people against DLC ships would be against DLC mods? "Mods! precious mods...." -- Captain Golum
  13. Sea Fox

    DLC in the future?

    Yes to avoid crafting mostly and hard to find woods.... I would pay tripple to trade in the herc or requin for a ship I really want. I would be content with that. I bought the dlc requin to support admin...I never use it...still fully locked. The herc is a fleet ship....it fairs decent as a fleet and is easy to replace...also still locked...I don't like it.
  14. Sea Fox

    Repair Balancing

    Reposted because I agree with every word
  15. Sea Fox

    DLC in the future?

    Yes top of my post,,, ships that are currently in the game or obtainable in the game