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  1. I have a very very talented artist friend I text him a screenshot of this post and he is interested. he does not own or play this game or know anything about it but he is a good artist and if it helps he's also Russian LOL. What is contact information for you that I can send to him or does he just need to sign up to game labs?
  2. Yes I left a positive comment. I'm thinking your only allowed one comment , I'm not sure. If not I will leave a couple more.
  3. Me and about 5 plus others. And same ones reported crashed earlier in the week
  4. The one good thing naval action is always had going for it has been an excellent server. It crashed the other day and it crashed today. And not just a crash I crash for just handful of people. The guy who attacked me apparently kept going because by the time I got back on battle is over I was done back in Port. Lost ships and cargo WTF?
  5. Simple solution release the Rotterdam and let regular LGV in Indiamen through
  6. Noob protection is fine. But if you wonder in there in an indiaman your dead. No PVP zone equals no trade zone and certain death
  7. Correct spelling of "defense fleet" is.... O-v-e-r p-o-w-e-r-e-d Correct term is "over powered, unwanted, uneccessary, PVP killer...
  8. Do you consider county capitals to be the main capital that that player starts out with as in Main Capital per Nation? If so trader ships are not allowed there. Enemy AI will sink you in 0.5 seconds
  9. This game is already multiplayer.......right??
  10. So why does it show up in paint menu?
  11. Indiaman HULK What is it? Where is it?
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