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  1. I do not understand port bonuses....if I build a shipyard there , will I or will I not get that ports bonus?
  2. Mission order , to alt#4.....build shipyard in coro
  3. Rename paints to "Paints package 1" Release "paints package 2" Wich will be a mixed bag of paints like "paints package 1" this will keep the game interest going if you release new and cool paints every so often...also income! SHIP NAMES I'd like to be able to name my ship. (Even at the risk of 9000 "Black Pearls" sailing around ...SMH Names would be cool!
  4. It appears to be sum total of bonuses
  5. What will be the penalty for PVP farming? (Asking for a friend)
  6. Wipe will not matter....after wipe a rat race to the top of the pile will begin. Vets will see opportunity to be "king of the hill" , clans, likewise. What will hurt or kill the game will be any future wipes. To the DLC haters, DLC will keep the game alive and servers going. I'll still play, casually, spending a lot less time but still having fun. Although at first, me and me ALTS have to farm our way back up in rank and exp 😂😂😂 🦊 ⚓
  7. Dammit you nailed it!! Explains so much!! It all makes sense now....I feel kinda dumb now for not seeing this!
  8. This may be dumb question but, after release will there ever be another full wipe? Also will there ever be port resets?
  9. Actually never was salty. Didn't really regret it or care either way. Just didn't want the clan I was in looking bad over my actions. Also if I had cared I wouldn't have go caught😂
  10. Naval Action was great ship with great potential....alas she was commanded by a crazed captain whos wet dream of the game becoming World of Warcraft led to the endless pursuit of this "white whale"..... In the end it will be the devs in a cutter, in the middle of a storm on the ocean trying to harpoon this monster. Her ship and crew (the 50 to 60 pvp/rvr tyrants) that fed into the captain's lunacy will be swallowed by the waves of games to come.
  11. But maybe we want to sail something besides a snow....
  12. Played pve server recently? There are nearly 0 ai ships. The other day I sailed for 2 hours and saw 3 (1st rate Armada type fleets) and nothing else
  13. So if I'm reading the chart right, it doesn't matter what build, it's the same speed upwind for endimion if it's built out of oak or fir?
  14. Oh yeah one more question, why didn't pirate frigate make the list? I thought it and the trinc were supposed to be great upwind
  15. Thanks guys. Second question is , how much difference is pirate refit and elite pirate refit? There's a big difference in price!
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