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  1. Give it carronade option in all decks, 68s on the lowest part, make it a shotgun. Could make it viable and stick out(and fun) a battering ram, destroyer of lines. I know admin said something about the guns being modeled in the actual 3d model before and thats why they dont want to give 1st rates carroes. But the wappen also show guns even when you put carroes in the lowest deck so dont think it should matter much
  2. Hey, just a simpleish mechanic that could possibly solve some issues with for instance ports owned by "dead" clans, or ports owned by small traitor clans inside a nation. That you can in a nation in someway produce hosility for a friendly owned port that in the end will generate the raider fleet pb for that port. For instance maybe dump dubs into a ports building section, like with guns/stone when you build a fort. And if it's a troll clan with 1-2 members or a dead inactive clan they wont be able to defend it against raiders and it will turn neutral and up for grabs
  3. Is a great port, I really enjoy it.
  4. Soo 50min log queue, seems like everyone want that Implacable
  5. Marooned (not an upgrade but..could make it a upgrade, to get the ability to find these, swaps the shipwreck bottles to marooned bottles) Sealed bottles can now also contain the location of a marooned sailor/soldier/smuggler/merchant/Cook or any other title. When saved the person acts as a permanent stat upgrade for that ship. For instance a Cook could give a permanent moral boost. The sailor gives a 0,05% to Speed and turn. Soldier 0,05% better reload. Smuggler increased hull space. Soo the idea is the marooned will act as a legendary upgrade which you will need to risk
  6. Whaler refit Continuation of Conte d.catellanis Ahab idea. Refit that turns your LGV or indiaman to a whaler. Fairly easy to capture whales,increasing chance the further you are from land,through space limits amount, gives alot of provisions and whale oil. Whale oil can be converted to luxurary trade resourses in a workshop, like soap, candles and cosmetics. Sells high in ports that are low in trade income, they dont get alot of visitors so they pay more for basic luxary. Like candles and soap. Might aswell put in some dubloons to be gained somewhere there to make it anothe
  7. Lucky Jack Camouflage your light frigate into looking like a random medium/big trade ship in the open world. Restrictions Cant tag other players. Bonus To morale and bording. (always spawn within 200m(could be intressting)) Craft With tools, some of those special woods noone ever uses and a new book, The Phasmatodea of the Galapagos Clan MOOSE
  8. Really? So your thought is that everone playing in this game would buy a second gamecopy to roll an alt into a neural nation, so much that it would affect the open world? that's a pretty narrow thought. As you said before you are affraid it would affect some sort of economy in game, with not riskying to loose a crafting port, so what, is that why people do pb's? To deny an enemy nations abilites in some sense, sure people are generally bullies, joining winning sides etc to get a sense of power , or are more people actually wanting large battles to fight grand battles. Whats the prob
  9. and that would be a real problem? because? whats the worst that could happen? more resources into the game? more ships? Resorces shouldnt be a concern in a game like this, it's the amount of players being able to use those resources. Real life time is the main resource in this game everything else is just a fantasy
  10. Noone forced me to join a war server, noone forces me to join a peace server. What I have is two options, one with extreme rivalry gameplay interactions with real people, one without. two options, two extremes. Nothing in between. Neither choice is pretty attractive for the type of player I am, so I have to chose the one that gives me the most options of finding worth in this game, war server. But this server is extreamly unbalanced. Would it be so horrible for your "hardcore" game to give a proper option of content for they type of player that is not hardcore, but still not a pa
  11. I'm sorry what? Soo I choose a nation and risk of losing pretty much everything in game( I still remember the time when Swe only had Gustavia). And then I can't change nation unless I pay real money. And you don't see an actual problem with your lacking gamedesign? But decide to call it a hello kittying feature? Cool
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