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  1. Indeed, was hoping until the end that it would be the Deruyter that we would have gotten $40 to$50 implies a third rate size ship, or atleast the generic 3rd rate makes more sense to give away as a redeemable, especially since admin has said they want 3rd rate ships to be the most popular
  2. Still hoping the de ruyter will be the secret gift dlc
  3. Id love to tp into battle more, since pb's wont have screening, create a new item, Odin rune, tp your ship into an instance connected to the higest BR, active, ongoing PB, where you get placed on a random side. Make it esier for solo players, so you dont get to many teams of VOIP groups. With rewards given if the team you get to fight for wins the PB, if your team loses no rewards. Lets say, all partisipants share the equivilant of a Raid reward of said port. So you need to win the "screening instance" and have the PB won of the team you get placed on, to get something from it. Something like this would make my life so much more enjoyable, see the PBs that are gonna run one evening and plan my life accordingly, log on jump in a battle directly, that is not just Loki trolling, but actually pontentialy rewarding. And since PB's are announced anyway ingame, could use that as a serverwide "lets fight" signal for people to use this "rune"
  4. Give it carronade option in all decks, 68s on the lowest part, make it a shotgun. Could make it viable and stick out(and fun) a battering ram, destroyer of lines. I know admin said something about the guns being modeled in the actual 3d model before and thats why they dont want to give 1st rates carroes. But the wappen also show guns even when you put carroes in the lowest deck so dont think it should matter much
  5. Is the 3rd rate rebalance going to make it with any hotfixes connected to this or is it layed on ice?
  6. Hey, just a simpleish mechanic that could possibly solve some issues with for instance ports owned by "dead" clans, or ports owned by small traitor clans inside a nation. That you can in a nation in someway produce hosility for a friendly owned port that in the end will generate the raider fleet pb for that port. For instance maybe dump dubs into a ports building section, like with guns/stone when you build a fort. And if it's a troll clan with 1-2 members or a dead inactive clan they wont be able to defend it against raiders and it will turn neutral and up for grabs for the rest of the nation, and if they are a large clan getting trolled then they will defend and get to keep the dubs.
  7. Is a great port, I really enjoy it.
  8. Imported gift ship, does that mean gift as like the Pandora was? A free DLC?
  9. Cool man except that what I have said is that you CAN redeem a ship WITH BETTER stats than the basic build of the other. Which I tried to specify later on except you continue to write as you apperently know more of what point I try to make then I do. If you are unsure what point I try to make then you can ask me to clarify, not do what you did writing shit like ,"what ponk is trying to do" And then continue om your dumb assumption that you know better than me what My point is about. If you can redeem something better than a basic build of a RNG permit ship, then there is No point in having it be a RNG permit ship. You then continued with saying ships are of the same design which does not matter since its clearly not a 100% historacly accurate game which i further try to point out with the Rättvisan/Wasa since these two dont follow history. Devs can do whatever to balance a game. My comparision is not skewed, it is only skewed because you think I am trying to make a point based on how you think, which I over and over try to explain you I am not, either you are on the spectrum, or you are actively trying to sway every single word I write into how you think, then you are a troll. Just stop trying to tell yourself and others you understand my point wich you painfully clearly do NOT and stop bending reality like a bloody salvador dali painting. Nothing you have posted is relevant att all to the point. Stop trying to advocate that it is.
  10. And you seem to be a troll that can't read a post before posting something completely irrelevant.
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