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  1. I saw couple PINKG sank by W I T C H E R the other day. So much for we don't sink them and generally I don't care. Those two accused players have no affiliation with former LAMA clan, yes they are in our clan but they are two members of 35 active players. So please stop generalising their behaviour onto our clan name. We as clan take appropriate measures to inform everyone about game rules but cannot be taken responsible for each individual's actions.
  2. Am besten unter Support im forum Posten, da wird dir eher geholfen...
  3. Wie viel Leute seit ihr denn? Habt ihr irgendwelche Ziele? Viel Erfolg!
  4. See rule 7. Posting of private conversations is agains the forum rules... Guess your morale only applies whenever it's serves your cause...
  5. you're posting private conversations?
  6. Redoutable ist not best in class... Easy to board, missing turnrate. Problem for me is that everyone sails and ganks you in 3rds instead of 4th or 5th rates these days.
  7. This thread is still going? Which latecomers British diplomat is going to read through 25 pages?
  8. Curious how everyone creates his own reality of who's allied with whom, who declared war on who over what. Conveniently their version of the truth always supports their arguments for their own actions. Better then any TV drama show when a NA discussion drifts into a blur of salt, sarcasm, roleplay and irony... Please continue
  9. Can we have Connie and United States back in 4th rates then too? With this argument it doesn't make any sense to keep them in 3rd rate system at all, for the sake of immersion.
  10. So if you can gank them 24/7 and they're not allowed to "organise" themselves. Sounds like good deal, I might consider to join sweden
  11. Prussian commitment. Toll das alle mithelfen und wir für eine so eine kleine Nation zwei Portbattles stemmen konnten!!
  12. If he though did join the pb to manipulate or troll, he did not with at least my knowledge or consent and I expect him to be punished accordingly. (if any rules have been broken, to be clear)
  13. Lonehunter was GB true, but never part of LAMA. I dont think he would do this intentionally. I from KRAKE had no knowledge of him doing anything to help us win the portbattle and i doubt it was necessary to win the pb. You must have put him on friendlist in the first place otherwise he wouldnt be able to join the pb!? And wasn't it you who got this port through fishy methods in the first place? Just wondering...
  14. Just make it expensive enough to build like 50k - 100k doubloons, vmarks, and couple of combat medals. Also the number of dock spaces it provides could be raltive to amount of members. Alts already give you a lot of extra dock space, extra warehouse space etc. don't think the impact would be too different to what we already have.
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