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  1. Light ships is 7th and 6th. Frigate is 5th and 4th. Line is 3rd to 1st. They will change weekly.
  2. The problem with the patrol zone in my opinion is the massive groups. Pirates and Russians will always be there with groups of 10+ and just zerg you so you hardly get damage off. Pointless me crafting a ship to go PZ if I'm just gonna get tagged by a large group. Fix the issue with zerging and PZ will be a lot more fun.
  3. Allowing people to see stats would just cause all the noob gankers or trader gankers to circle jerk about it.
  4. I'm not talking about a ship with no guns, I'm talking about defensive tagging and then running. You told OP: "Attack and fight. Then try to escape if you can. Thats the only way." This excludes the possibility of defensive tagging and running, which is what almost everyone in solo pvp does when they get chased by a ship they cannot fight, this has always been a thing and never been seen as tribunal worthy behaviour yet what you say contradicts this. Traders for instance defensive tag you and carry on running, they don't fight. You are saying that all traders should get reporte
  5. So every time an Endymion has defensively tagged me so he can have a better chance of running has been breaking the rules? If this is true I should be reporting like 10 people a day as everyone defensively tags to have a better chance of running....
  6. Another thread about one group complaining about another group for abusing RvR mechanics whilst also abusing RvR mechanics themselves. Either abuse RvR and shut up when other people do it, or don't abuse RvR and complain at everyone doing it. Its just hello kittying sad at this point.
  7. Boarding is extremely powerful right now. The Diana Class I find it one of the best, she has a high weight limit, a 420 crew limit, good speed and turn rate fully loaded and most importantly she can eat a broadside of 24's or 32's and be fine. Stick some boarding mods on her and go board anything you find and you'll win every battle. The issue is with SOL's as they are large enough to carry Marines on which makes boarding a little risky, to counter this you can bring a transport ship with marines into the battle and follow your diana around and refresh its troops during boarding.
  8. "CRED members have proven a stable rock for Britain for many years" While this might be true, CRED has proven to be more of an issue than a rock the last couple and months and I think GB will benefit from them leaving. As far as them running the GB Discord, they have been known to kick or ban people from it that argued against them or didn't share their opinions. A nation discord should have admins from all clans. Not just one.
  9. Starting in this game is the hardest thing. Those first couple months will destroy your will to live. If you get past those 2 months it'll be easy to earn money. Giving free ships isn't the answer, providing more documentation is. The best way to make money is trading, with a t-brig that you can buy extremely cheaply you'll be able to make a million or more very very easily. The game doesn't explain trading or the map tools at all, the exams are hello kittying horrible for this as well. The best thing for noobs is to find a clan asap and get advice.
  10. Because having multiple sides per battle will be a clusterfuc'k for ROE BR calculations...
  11. This is some low level logic right here. Lets say we do it your way, whats to stop me and my friends joining your battle on your side and sinking you because "hurr durr we are not frens" ? Or lets say Britian attacks sweden and sweden has higher BR, no one can join the swede side because ROE mechanic, but you can join the brit side. So when the dutch join the brit side and shoot brits to help the dutch you think that would be acceptable?
  12. This happened when Ratt came out as well, everyone complained and said the game is gonna die. Seems every DLC comes with a free helping of salt.
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