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  1. Been training for a few months and must of missed how to get access to NA:L testing? Was pretty sure it was mentioned that people that had NA would have access to NA:L testing?
  2. ashley

    Some thoughts on High/Low Security Seas and trade

    Just No..... This game is nothing like EVE Online therefore it should take no ideas or mechanics from it. The nature of NA would not suit Low/High Sec, nor does it need it. If you fully understood both games you'd understand why there is high and low security in EVE and why there isn't in NA.
  3. ashley

    British Council

    Already spoke with Charles. ZEUS will be attending
  4. Still looking for them crafters. Got plenty of guys ready to jump in 4th rate frigates. Need more crafters to keep up with demand
  5. ashley

    Higher xp rewards on pve server

    Have you ever done pvp?? Its far more efficient to do pve for xp rather than pvp. I think you need to understand how both pvp and pve works and the differences between them before you start making suggestions. Not everyone on a pvp server will do pvp, some do missions ( quite a few) and some do crafting, not everyone on a pvp server does pvp all day, every day. With missions, you go there, you fight an AI which will always fight you and never try to run or be intellegent. With PvP, you have to first hunt someone, then chase them down to initiate combat, then actually try and fight them without them actually running which, depending on the type of ships and amount, can take double or even triple the time it takes to run a mission.
  6. Fighting with dutch and pirate captains is increasing. Recruiting PvPers and crafters for some broadside fun! \o/
  7. ashley

    Experience Bugged?

    I think he means the xp that the missions now give out rather than the xp accumulated from damage caused to ships. Lord Roberts, it is not a bug (well i assume not), patch notes will probably be put up in due course to explain the increased xp reward from missions and whatever else the developers have done.
  8. Recruiting more PvPers for our campaign against the pirates!! Come join us and fight for King and Country!
  9. ashley

    PVE NPC ship balance

    You are a renommee, you are one of the fastest, if not the fastest ship in the game if you head downwind. Plus you are more maneuverable than nearly all frigates. Catching a Surprise should be no big effort. The AI to me don't seem over powered in anyway, as long as you know how your ship works, how their ships works and learn to aim/use manual tacking properly, you can out turn and out gun all AI.
  10. ashley

    Custom Chats

    So, don't know if this has been said by anyone or even if the devs have said it is on their agenda, but custom chats! Now what I mean by that is the ability to create your own chat (Currently we only have nation, help, global and clan). This would make communication between clans far easier. Instead of dropping in and out of Teamspeak servers to speak to different diplomats you can pull them all into one channel and speak to them as and when. For fleets it would also help, two clans helping each other in the same area? Create a channel for that and get the all to join it. That why the clans have chat between each other and can easily see what fleets are where and can easily share intel about enemy firendlies etc. The way the game is shaping (Diplomatically) makes the option of creating a chat essential in my eyes. If we could get this added in it would be fantastic.
  11. Hey man, check out the link and hop on our TS and come speak to us http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9561-zeus-expeditionary-fleet-royal-navy-full-gaming-community/
  12. Fighting alongside SLRN in Haiti and putting some hurt on pirates. Captured a cerb in 5 cutters yesterday, belle poule unfortunately ran away. Come join us for some pvp action against pirates and protect the crown!
  13. Anyone on pvp one in britain able to craft a trincomalee I can buy. If so where and how much?
  14. Start of the weekend! Got loads of playing time this weekend? Hop by our TS and come give us a chat and see if you wanna join, plenty of us now to play alongside with whether your focus be missions, pvp, trading or port battles.
  15. Pretty damn big now. ANyone looking for Missions or pvp come join us. Also starting some port battles so need more peeps for that. Come by our TS or speak in game for more info!