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  1. It would be very nice to rebuild ships: - To increase Port Bonusses to a level of the port the rebuild is at, at the cost of the materials necessary to build a new ship, even with replacement of woods - Maybe to change the random refit / slot number, for a lot of doubloons and maybe other mats to craft the special refits (bermuda/boston) etc. It would be a very nice feature that would lower the frustration of getting shitty bonusses/refits on notes, and would still not be overused, since it will cost a lot, and it might be able to bring the diversity of ships a bit back to the g
  2. I did not actually, but I am aware that cabbage and similar crops were used to prevent scurvy and other deficiancies with high success. So I think that you are actually right about the part that makes Sauerkraut a more logical solution for healing crew than rum... but I think something like "medical supplies" would be even more suited. I would welcome it to see even all three in the game, to make crew handling some more realistic, Rum like you already proposed, Sauerkraut/Cabbages as Scurvy-Debuff-prevention, and medicine to rep crew. But game is not trying to be that realistic in th
  3. Not sure if trolling or serious.... but I love it anyway.
  4. It is not that ship, it is too old, indeed. We have seen the actual ship during the event. That one it is.
  5. Nuestra Senora del Pilar was built in 1731, so it is within the timeframe of the game (since Wapen and Ingermanland are even older), and stylewise it fits in, too. It may be called a Galleon, but it does not look like a classical galleon at all. But I do like the Pieter Paulus, too. I do not quite see a balancing problem due to launching date, despite some ships may be mildly frustating (like Connie due to her rating). Therefore, I want both ships to make their way into the game.
  6. Since I was present as Charles Peregrine Graeme, I want to exercise my right of self defense and make a statement on the yester events, even thought not speaking for the rest of us automatically. When you engage a larger event prize ship with no chance of defeating or capping it, others are still free to join that battle for 2 minutes, like always. A parking lot is not your personal property, just because your friend stands in it, trying to block another car trying to park. Green on green damage is and always will be illegal, and it was not executed in that case. But the joining faction
  7. Don't be mad about him, it is not his fault that he only knows three words, and that there is barely another way way to arrange them logically.
  8. Due to the arangement of the deck arrangements and heights, and the bigger "belly" of the Rose, I would say ingame is original Surprise. But I do not have any proof, just guessing. Maybe a Hybrid? But I am backing your desire of a remake of her model, since already some redos were done (Vic, Connie), and I really do want a corvette modell in the Connie classics quality. ❤️
  9. I love this. The combination of a galleon and a more modern shape, with a more modern stern gallery. Beautiful ship. Like the stats, too, want to add that with that hull shape, following the logic of the game (Wapen), it should get a 3.-ish turnrate, making it kind of a trading Wapen, able to fend of most of the faster ships, when they are not captained quite well.
  10. maybe same reason like that one? Except for the fullsize epic drama it caused that time between gb and the swedes, off course.
  11. @admin @Ink? Are there any plans on adding some paints for leo?
  12. The only in-game-3rd rate it does actually rival is the United States. It is simply a ship that does not really belong in 3rd or 4th, even though it shares more characteristics with the 4th in-game-4th-rated ships. Only thing it can do better than ingame 3rd rates is running away, which is sad, because it is a beautiful ship. Thing is, if it was in 4th rate, it would not be as overpowered as Redoutable and Implacable in 3rd, so why not put it back in 4th, make it a valuable ship again instead of letting it rot in a tier it can hardly compete in?
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