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  1. Makes boarding easier though. Despite that, since they can sail away with a very valuable loot, making event battles not be available for lokis sounds like a good idea.
  2. It would be very nice to rebuild ships: - To increase Port Bonusses to a level of the port the rebuild is at, at the cost of the materials necessary to build a new ship, even with replacement of woods - Maybe to change the random refit / slot number, for a lot of doubloons and maybe other mats to craft the special refits (bermuda/boston) etc. It would be a very nice feature that would lower the frustration of getting shitty bonusses/refits on notes, and would still not be overused, since it will cost a lot, and it might be able to bring the diversity of ships a bit back to the game instead of seeing mostly DLC-Ships. I would even buy this feature as a DLC. And I swore to not buy any more.
  3. How does it ruin your gaming experience? Would be nice to have something like a barometer to get warning though, just because its cool.
  4. Won't save the game to delete part of the open World the game is advertising... Content would. If the game needs any saving in the first place.
  5. Well, until someone does an invisible ship.
  6. I did not actually, but I am aware that cabbage and similar crops were used to prevent scurvy and other deficiancies with high success. So I think that you are actually right about the part that makes Sauerkraut a more logical solution for healing crew than rum... but I think something like "medical supplies" would be even more suited. I would welcome it to see even all three in the game, to make crew handling some more realistic, Rum like you already proposed, Sauerkraut/Cabbages as Scurvy-Debuff-prevention, and medicine to rep crew. But game is not trying to be that realistic in that matter, sadly.
  7. Not sure if trolling or serious.... but I love it anyway.
  8. It is not that ship, it is too old, indeed. We have seen the actual ship during the event. That one it is.
  9. Nuestra Senora del Pilar was built in 1731, so it is within the timeframe of the game (since Wapen and Ingermanland are even older), and stylewise it fits in, too. It may be called a Galleon, but it does not look like a classical galleon at all. But I do like the Pieter Paulus, too. I do not quite see a balancing problem due to launching date, despite some ships may be mildly frustating (like Connie due to her rating). Therefore, I want both ships to make their way into the game.
  10. Since I was present as Charles Peregrine Graeme, I want to exercise my right of self defense and make a statement on the yester events, even thought not speaking for the rest of us automatically. When you engage a larger event prize ship with no chance of defeating or capping it, others are still free to join that battle for 2 minutes, like always. A parking lot is not your personal property, just because your friend stands in it, trying to block another car trying to park. Green on green damage is and always will be illegal, and it was not executed in that case. But the joining faction does not have to follow your orders or your tactical approach to solve the situation in that particullar or any other action. And I do not believe I have to explain this. When you do ram a ship, you cannot just say he is "blocking" you. In such a case it is just your own poor sailing. Even on the screenshot it looks quite obvious that we wanted to do a stern-rake-and-board-combination. So why are you running into a ship that is doing an obvious thing by holding its position whilst boarding/gunning crew down? Even if you do lose your ship during a more reasonable manner than trying to delay others in boarding or whatever you were thinking you were doing, it does not belong to anyone afterwards. Maybe it would have been handed back to you, if you not pissed us of by sinking the Wreker while it was down to 60ish crew without any other reason than pissing us off. You lost it at your own expense, we manned it after it stopped being your ship. Best way for us would have been to just sink it, to have it out of the way, but we were considering to hand it back to you afterwards. So the definition of griefing is to purposefully shooting or otherwise sabotaging your teammates. We clearly communicated what we were about to do. We clearly stated that we were going to board that Wreker, what by public means involves getting close to a ship, blocking it (the Wreker in this case). You, of course, do not have to follow our tactical approach as a reverse conclusion. But you did know that some big ships were about to get very close to the Wreker. So your tactical approach was to, I don't know, hello kitty it, maybe we are lucky enough not to ram into the almost motionless setup of ships, that are present during a multi-boarding-action most of the time, while we are speeding along it at point-blank-range. And that is the most flattering interpretation I can do in this case. Of course you have the right to chose such a poor tactical approach. But if it goes wrong, it may be seen as borderline-griefing, since you, by your actions, were sabotaging our attempts of boarding the Wreker, by getting yourself boarded due to poor sailing, blocking and ramming our boarding ships out of a personal or momentary grudge against us. So yes everyone, please do analyse this as thoroughly as you can. Then you will most likely have a laughter and dismiss that charge.
  11. Don't be mad about him, it is not his fault that he only knows three words, and that there is barely another way way to arrange them logically.
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