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Found 10 results

  1. rbnhd76

    Send ship to chat.

    As title suggests, to be able to right click, send ship to chat, where other players could look and bid, or simply to be sure they want it, or suggest upgrades to make it better. (Or more likely, to brag on your ship ; ) Probably last place on list of improvements, but I think it would be a valuable asset for QOL. Otherwise, great work guys on everything so far, don't listen to the haters! I really think this game will stand the test of time, and I hope I'm playing it for a long time to come. pic for attention
  2. Jack Spencer

    Sealed Bottle Cargo

    I have a sealed bottle location that says "Pickle Ship Wreck". Since the max cargo capacity for a Pickle is 168, I headed out to recover the cargo with a Trader Brig. Much to my surprise the ship held 2684 weight in cargo. I opened my hold (H) and tried to bring the cargo onboard, but each time I got the "overloaded" notice. Apparently the cargo can't be split. To load this cargo I would need 2 TBrigs or 2 LGVs or an Ind. If the cargo can't be split how can I load it onto more than one ship? 1. Why isn't the cargo restricted to the capacity of the wreck - in this case a Pickle at 168? 2 After a long search, why can't the cargo be split so at least it can be hauled back in multiple trips once found?
  3. I have followed with interest the discussion on "Single Shot" sinking and how experience may or may not contribute to the problem. For me the XP is a very confusing and often misleading determination of combat experience and ability under fire. For example, I currently have the rank of Captain (Post Captain) which means I have earned 10,000 XP and can manage 400 crew and sail a Trin. About 80% of my XP comes from fishing, trading, exploring = 8000 XP About 10% comes from Missions against AI = 1000 XP About 10% comes from actual PvP combat = 1000 XP So my conclusion is that I have only 2000 XP in actual combat (if you want to count the mission AI), a First Lieutenant rank and I should only be sailing 6th rates in combat. I seems to me that OW sailing XP should be a separate ranking from a combat XP ranking.
  4. Hey at all I have only a small input, but what do you think about if this game would do a change in the system how a safezone should work. I could not been possible that 3/4 of a nation is permanetly sitting in a safezone... thats no open world PvP gamen then... I mean i can take myself as an example, i can do nearly all i need inside the safezone... ive got all my materials without whiteoak and Teak in the safezones, i got my missions and fleets to earn money in the safezone... i mean i leave this savezone only for Portbattles and if i go hunting too, and where i go to hunt ? ... to next nations savezone... this is ridicoulus and need a change... I mean nothing against a safezone, I understand their purpose. Newbys need something like a safezone to lvl up a bit an get bigger and bigger. But sorry we are playing on a PvP Server, a max lvl character should not been safe in this reinforcement zone. So my suggestion is that the safezone should loose their function if you reach max lvl or one further. If you really think thats to hard, so i still think thats the wrong decision but please then let this safezone shrink for 50% or something like that if you reach max lvl. What do you other guys think about that ? Is this to hard ? Did i forgott some aspect ? I pesonally think with this change the Players get more around because theyre anyway havent a safezone so they probably going lvling at an other spot because so you havent all guys from your nation camping at the same spot like it is with the safezones
  5. Paradoxi

    bug with outpost

    At the night around 00:50 - 1:05 i try to do clear my mess with outposts move from down to top. I have teleport to Sale-Trou there i have ships, i have remove outpost with sale-trou but i dont leaved a port, after that i have create again outopost but on other place on the list. Ships were still there , i have do the same with Portobelo same situation, removed outpost and create new one on one of top place on the list, still ships were there. When i have teleport from portobelo to sale-trou all ships have desapear .... All stuff in warehouse i have but ships disapear. i understand if i will delete outpost from other place from other port but i was inside just i want change place on the list.... I have send email, report with no reasults and i dont have any solution from you. Do i receive my ships back ??'
  6. Sea Fox

    Please fix

    How to win at naval action : Build a fir/fir pirate frigate. Speed mods Carronades Boarding mods Run away from all ships that can take you. When facing an apponent that can out gun your paper thin ship, sail close enough to board. Blast away with carronades and or board.... Battle over in 2 minutes..... opponent will be busy the next day and half gathering resources and building ship for next 2 min rematch. Boarding game is awesome!!!! Sailing skills mean nothing...ship build means nothing.....boarding game is all that matters Your welcome
  7. Please stop Although all the recent changes to the game have been 100% fantastic, the PVP marks are a bad idea. Go back to combat Mark only. Simply double the experience and double the combat marks for PVP. PVP marks discourage solo players and encourage farming with alts and Friends
  8. jonalcaide17


    buenas quería comentar que me compre el juego hace bastante tiempo i desde aquel tiempo me di cuenta que no me dieron los premios esos osea los reedemeables no se por que razón no me los dieron si yo estuve en el wipe .si puedieran ayudarme un saludo
  9. Sea Fox


    * bring back captured ship towing (this time with cargo) at the end of battle * if you have a fleet ship that is faster than your current ship then your open world speed is unaffected * do not bring back teleporting to port after battle * this will give hunter the option of fleeting up a lesser ship such as a cutter or a pickle as a means of Escape EXAMPLE : The Sea Fox hunts down a traitor brig atwood that belongs to a scurvy pirate. The Sea fox is in a surprise and is fleeting a pickle. The pickle is either used or dismissed. The Sea Fox captures the brig, at the end of the battle he has an option of sending the brig with its cargo to one of his ports or fleeting the brig and sailing the cargo to a close enemy port to sell the goods. The Sea Fox option to either have the brig in fleet with him and his surprise and take it along with him or just the surprise and his pickle or if he thinks there are enemies waiting outside the battle he can send his surprise back to Atwood and sale in his pickle as an escape ship * also bring back teleporting to free towns. Have a cool down period after teleport just bring it back * bring back shipping to and from freetown's. Make it more expensive or players must own both ports or whatever just bring it back
  10. Ok. I have been a tester for some time before open world and now in open world. Tonight I bid you farewell and wish you success. However before I go I will outline my problem with the game and an admin. I set sail from MT, sail south to grind a few ships and get some xp and gold for next class of ship. Yes I chose the pirate side as my initial choice (admin: your a bad guy immediately). So I sail my reno and head towards Barracoa, See a Pirate Player Constitution (Ben Ramsey), have not seen this guy in the last week in this area so I am wary. Sure enough he pursues me, tags me and battle, I escape using his poor tagging skills to my advantage. I sail west with good wind. He gives chase with his 2 compadres (Doran and Le tupos - both in Constitutions) for 10 minutes. I run with good wind, they stay at relative distance but wind changes and I tag a Spanish npc fleet. Ramsey joins on the same team and desails me and then destroys my broadside to ensure the npcs finish me. I surrender, comlpletely disillusioned with the situation. I air my grevances in private to admin Frekken, he basically tells me I am "scum as I chose to be a pirate" and that team killing is fine as I only deserve "the gallows" and that "roleplay as apirate allows this". I am by now livid with the mechanics, the attitude of player and admin alike and I let loose, yes I use expletives, yes I am rude, well I guess I am just ROLEPLAYING being scum only fit for the gallows. If this game is to have any hope, it requires mechanics that prevent this type of teamkilling even if you are pirate. I played pirate because I thought not many testers would play as a pirate. I was right and unfortunately the worst type of player Doran, Le tupos and Ramsey plays as pirate. But you chose piracy I hear the admin scream. Well that should not allow idiot players with ships several levels above mine ruin my gameplay. if this is allowed continue where players like these are protected by admins and mechanics then this game will be a ghost sea just like potbs. I don't mind the grind, the lack of pvp unless its a gank by A**Eholes, the lack of clear ROE's, the lack of clear fight mechanics but I do mind an admin protecting this type of behaviour from repeat offenders with the mechanics and ship level stacked in their favour. To Admin Frekken, value your players don't treat them like the imbeciles that are Doran, Ramsey and their ilk. If you don't then the problem lies with you not the player who gets screwed over by mechanics. Plenty of you will defend the mechanics, the admin, even the likes of Doran etc. But one day soon you will be in the same situation where your gameplay is ruined at the hands of mechanics, idiots and poor admins, let this be a lesson to you and insist that this game does not permit teamkilling in any shape or form or in any career or nation choice. if the guy cant catch you, then he should not be able to abuse the poor mechanics to gank someone who outplays him on the open sea. For now I move on, I wont play a game where the abusers are protected and admins seem happy with it. In Elite they immediately made changes when players abused torpedo spamming inside space stations to kill players with valuable ships. I hope Game Labs take notice I have my doubts. To those that I grouped with, helped on help chat and talked with, fair winds and following seas. (Helene, I appreciated that at least one player understood my complaint)