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  1. I know right? Fake pirates, fake Americans, fake Spanish, fake Russians ect ect. The gamers have gamed the game so much it's not even worth trying.
  2. Wasn't that right around the time admin requested positive reviews for the possible release of more ships? Pretty sure it was. *Edit* I think it was July of '16 as reflected by the Steam reviews graph.
  3. It's kinda a pain. Boarding the first is easy enough but I guess a guy has to kite the 2nd brig. I tried it a few times and lost, lol. Rage quit. Poor noobs.
  4. Stay optimistic. I don't see it. Some different changes have to be made before people will return. I could be completely wrong but I doubt it. I just gave my thumbs up review on steam this last weekend. Pretty rough crowd.
  5. 24 hour open instance PB's with a running point tally. Eleminates zone concerns, eleminates only certain groups from entering, promotes national over clan. Port defensives can be fleshed out.
  6. I haven't fleshed this out very much. It was 420 yesterday. I would think something like tex suggested. Having some neutral or untaken ports between a few nations - those ports can also hold a resource that makes better boats and commodities you can take back to your capital for big $$ ect.....something to focus people. I honestly think something of this nature HAS to happen to in order to keep stagnation down and player interest up. Maybe if you take some cotton producing port or port region and you get a nation wide +5% to sail repair or something. Incentives, carrots on sticks, goals for pl
  7. I guess what I'm suggesting is a fundamental change in the how we operate on the world make (kindof) with more focus on conquest ala Hero's and Generals ect. Just longer "wars" then H&G. Easy access to everyone on port battles (24 hour - no bitching about time zones everyone gets their turn). Simplistic resource gathering and easy, easy money. Easy ship building. Each nation having goals set at the beginning of a campaign. The time for a new player to rank up taking weeks not months. I'm well aware that I haven't even considered the exploits via alts ect. If nothing changes fundamentally
  8. You should be able to build everything up to a 4th rate from resources in your green zone. With parts needed outside of your green zone for larger. The ability to have a semi lucrative trade in the green zone with a fast track to money taking you outside of the zone to farther ports. The farther the better payout but all being contraband you have to bring back to the capital. While your in the green zone others in your nation can attack you because of your contraband on your journey back to capital. Spit-balling.
  9. In the Naval Action I want to play a port battle happens over a course of 24 hours in a continous open battle. If it can only handle 25v25 at a time so be it with people flowing in and out. Limits on Nations getting flags pulled ect for rvr purposes. Nation with the most points at the end wins. Easy focus. Easy action. Get in your boat and get there. BR limits on some places of course. Easy money making. Easy boat making. Campaigns over the course of a few months not years.
  10. Have I missed a topic? Possibly. I seen the one for a smaller map which with the population I can understand. I haven't played much lately mostly because I've had a hard time with the RVR mechanics as of late. I'm wondering if the subject has come up for what release brings in terms of the map and nation hegemony. When will the map be reset? Is there goals for a nation that will trigger such? Will there be rewards? I'd love an inroad where we can get back to nightly instant action (flags) and people not getting ass hurt over months of work. Map reset brings a mix up of what ports hold which co
  11. I seen you picked up kingdom come deliverance...surprised you have time for anything else. I'm enjoying training up my bohunk.
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