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  1. I have decided not to play on the PVP server don't want to do the grind so have 3 of my friends . And the game is not fun any more
  2. don't know how you have time to play the game with 6452 posts
  3. hi mate there are a number including Ahoy been there a long time after wipe will probably be there full time
  4. yes the peace server is getting more interesting might start playing there
  5. Hi Bull Hull you are 100 % correct with your comments I have played this game since 2016 and watched it slowly go down hill ..I have hung in hoping the devs will listen to the silent Majority not the vocal minority ..Today only 100 players on it is now pve and those numbers will still drop most of my Clan have stopped playing bar 2 but only play a few hrs a week ..having got over 8000 hrs playing time I think I can voice an opinion .. I am not a good PVP player only average or below but do enjoy from time to time . I liked the crafting trading pve and pvp but now it has started to get boring I turn navel action on and sit there thinking what shall I do ..Before it would be getting into some crafting trading. if there was some pvp jump into that some days it was non stop always something to do.. The game should be based around 7 hrs playing time as this is probably all someone has to play who have girlfriend kids or job. you cant tell me there is more pvp now than before ..we pvp in first rates 2nd and 3rd I remember enemy players outside KPR 20 ships waiting for us to get numbers great fun.... now all it seems that happens is DLC ...this is not say I dislike the DLC I bought them but they have changed the game for the worst … Books the Devs say Books will stay this of course will only help the hard cor gankers in all nations it will only be a few hrs after the wipe there will be gankers outside kpr .. .. I dont know if I want again build ships level up crafting and xp it seems a boring hard slog now.. I like lots of other players go and play something else ..I have had a great time on Navel Action met some some great mates from all nations ..Got my moneys worth many times over have tried to buy most DLC ….Everybody can voice there opinion some don't like what I have said but is is my opinion AS I RESPECT YOURS...……... Adrian Cairns Clan Leader AHOY
  6. well I have stuck with this game have over 8000 hrs as have a lot of other people . In the hope you will change direction
  7. if XP is wiped I cant see myself playing this game after wipe
  8. Hi mate 

    all players were advised on the gifts from devs I always check once a week .I have many issues with the devs but they are right on this one.

    you are not clan member of Ahoy if you were you would have been advised by myself as I posted to all members of the gifts sorry you missed out  Adrian Clan Leader of Ahoy  

  9. The main problem with the game at present …… probably the average player has only 6/10 hrs of play due to real world issues … this is mainly why numbers on every change to the game keep dropping .so you need to make the game easier for people with limited time to craft the same with trading , opening slots is a boring drawn out affair ..and the books and upgrades taken out of the game same ships for all ..
  10. Hi Devs well having played this game for a long time now plus 7450 hrs. I enjoyed my Crafting Trading PVE PVP, I do not like one thing I enjoyed them all .But am finding I am now bored it seems I am sailing forever with little reward, of course you seem to be catering for the VOCAL MINORITY and not the SILENT MAJORITY . This has been happening for awhile now most of my clan have stopped playing through lack of time . I love the game this is why I have kept playing hoping your direction will change I have adapted to your changes . But this one I think many players are going to just maintain or quit in the hope it will change I am not going to list the things I don't like , I am just hope you listen to your customers . I dont normaly make comments on the forum adriancairns clan leader Ahoy
  11. hi mate we live in Thailand we don't have many problems my friend lives in Indonesia the same. but I purchased a vpn express vpn it seems the best no problems at all and fast
  12. just had a look only 114 on line the player base again dropping because uncertainty about timeline for next change witch has well and truly past. if you have problems talk to us we can understand problems but not silence...…….
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