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    Work for Thailand Tourist Police for 8 years but Australian enjoy helping people who are having problems..

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  1. I don't think most players would put up with any kind of wipe ..we are fed up with wipes
  2. Don't leave the game a snow in the hands of a good Captain is hard to beat . I have many hrs on the game and I am not that good a player but I try to have fun . Clans will help you but just keep playing .. We all started at the bottom rung
  3. Hi mate 

    all players were advised on the gifts from devs I always check once a week .I have many issues with the devs but they are right on this one.

    you are not clan member of Ahoy if you were you would have been advised by myself as I posted to all members of the gifts sorry you missed out  Adrian Clan Leader of Ahoy  

  4. unable to log on all day due to low ping my mate bellamy has same problem we thought after maint it would be fixed still not. we are in asia but on eu server when will it be fixed ??????
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