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  1. Hundreds of hours put into crafting is useless when your end efforts are based on a dice roll. No point in being level 50
  2. Looks great but not 51 Aussie Dollars. That's just 6 less than the game.
  3. Derp water ports are fullof shallows lol. They add nothing to the game
  4. Just play pve.ganking isn't testing. Just grieving. Testers are over the culprits and starving them will just make them quit
  5. Knobs on PvP killed it. Not testers just wankers. Come to pve
  6. For every crafting level above 47 an extra slot should be a given when crafting. Otherwise what's the point in getting there in the first place.
  7. High level crafters should make what they want, thats the whole point of spending the time to become a crafter, whats the point of RNG when the time and effort invested to make premium ships is based on a random generator, its childish really.
  8. PVE players paid the same as PVP Entitled to the whole map, not just a zone. If PVP had testers instead of a whole bunch of wankers dedicated to nothing but bleeding the game maybe. Until then hands off. there are more PVE players now than PVP for a reason.
  9. Eliminate by disallowing more ships entering a battle which exceeds Br of juniors ship Attackers ship and rank Rank higher than post Capt = 1 Br higher than ship = 1........cannot enter BR lower than ship = 1.........Can enter Rank lower than player....can enter all br
  10. Veteran players will rank faster. Know which ships to build and use. Noobs will have to catch up. Just like every other game. Someone was bleating about losing millions. I lost 500 million so what.....
  11. @admin There are bleaters her that are just playing the game. They have no interest in testing but griefing. Happy for the wipe again. In hindsight a wipe every major patch might have been better.
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