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  1. Limit nations port holdings to a proportion of the nation's difficulty against total ports available. 120 ports Easy nations 20 each Hard nations 5 each
  2. Daily Maintenance needs to move right by two hours as it directly interferes with Australasian time slot preventing players participating in pbs etc. Or look at not doing maint for a week. This single mechanism is directly stopping large numbers of Asian players.
  3. try having your play stopped by maintenance in your prime time.....
  4. Asian player base is dead because of maintenance. I myself one of the last aussie playing am now going to walk away. good luck to all I might check in and see if this stupid maintenance get changed but until it does players will not return from our time zone.
  5. Well even more miserable tonight for prime time, when will this get addressed and moved to the right by 2 hours FFS.
  6. will there be a time when maintenance is planned when not in Asia prime time?
  7. No compensation when moving level 3 buildings such a shipyard. Grinding 80k dubs isn't fun
  8. Asian nations once they see downtime is in their primetime will not tolerate it. Doesn't happen in other games and there's a huge market. I'll probably play for Hong Kong or Taiwan.
  9. Cant talk in chat, need to remove them, where are they located?
  10. Been discussed for a long time. Like deliveries raids pirates just flew by devs. A post detailing what has been discussed and get a straight answer is required.
  11. Lot of bleating going on, it is in test, been through three wipes already. Get over it or go somewhere else, or face the wind and dry your eyes.
  12. Surely we could select ctrl and click on unloading and for trades and do it in bulk. It used to work. One item at a time is dos 386. Auto convert fish would save heartache too Fleet perk for traders and builders means three ships but you can't afford the very thing many need. The sextant. Should be included when you have three fleet ships as a perk.
  13. Hundreds of hours put into crafting is useless when your end efforts are based on a dice roll. No point in being level 50
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