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  1. This combined with the removal of global chat and screening battles just makes me sad. There was lots of drama involved but it was still fun. I feel robbed. Where did all the fun go? Open world PvP is a joke now so the only way to find meaningful content is through RvR and the patrol zone. What is even the point of the whole open world anymore?
  2. Bork in Sweden is happy to accept any new players. Some would say Sweden is a zerg nation, but Bork is more casual and does a bit of everything. We can set you up with whatever you need and help you get the hang of things. If you're interested just send me a PM.
  3. How GB views the war with Sweden
  4. Russians when they see the French fighting the evenly matched Danes
  5. You see, this is why I was trying not to call out Russia specifically when it comes to multiflips and RvR. Other nations have done it too, including Sweden. I wish we could stop bringing up the past so much and pouring salt in the wounds. Sure, Sweden was winning a lot more before release and, in the last war, we are the ones who surrendered, but considering how we knew the Russians were also sick of fighting and how the fronts had barely moved since the start of the war months prior, does it really matter who technically won? I don't think so. There's no point in arguing about the
  6. I'm not talking about you specifically... but yes I can blame the players for it. The many multiflips is what hurt the most, and the extremes it has gone to is all because the players chose to do it. The devs aren't forcing people to do multiflips.
  7. The population could be steady if RvR functioned like it used to. It's something that many players enjoy more than anything else in NA, but the players have turned it into an overall painful experience. In the past it was every nation for themselves and there usually weren't alliances between more than 2 nations. Ports were attacked one at a time and it was a generally more casual experience. Now a single nation has an overwhelming amount of the playerbase and they have several other nations working with them. When a nation goes to war against them, they have the ability to attack multipl
  8. Fair enough, I was mistaken and you were in a few more battles. I can admit to being wrong like a gentleman would. Good day to you and enjoy easy mode.
  9. Mmm yes you won Haulover thanks to there not being enough Swedes available to fight. Your mouth must have been watering to finally win as a clan. You and I haven't seen each other much in the many battles had during the war, but I fought on nearly every front, and Haulover was the only place you were seen by anyone in Bork. That's curious. But hey at least me and Frost were able to agree on something despite our past. He knows how to be a gentleman.
  10. It kinda is depending on how you look at it, but for me I consider it a win if you won the actual fight. Crafted ships are replacable after all. But the big thing is that using only DLC ships and claiming a victory regardless of the outcome kinda makes DLC ships P2W, which isn't desirable.
  11. lol I was in dozens of port battles in both US and EU prime time. I can only think of one PB I saw you in so that's quite a feat for you. I don't criticize the Dane's tactics tho. They're good fighters and they did earn a few victories against us. The only thing I disagree with is losing an actual battle and then boasting it as a victory because they sunk one or two ships.
  12. That's not really related to how actual battles went back then. Sweden doesn't care about San Juan anymore. If you actually took part in that war then you would just be happy to see it end.
  13. Some did. There were battles where they would lose a dozen Redoutables but they would claim it a victory if they sunk even a single crafted ship
  14. You sound like the Danes who's excuse for losing was to only use dlc ships and turn any loss for them into a victory if they can sink just one crafted ship
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