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  1. The Swedes are tired of getting killed by literally everyone. We can't go 5 minutes without reports of hunters trying to gank players around our capital. We like PvP but sometimes even we need a break. We don't get a break though. Obviously losing ships does matter since you're so salty about it, so if you want to make the situation better for both of us then go hunting somewhere else for a change
  2. I think certain groups are taking these big battles too seriously. No matter who you are, sometimes the odds will be against you and you'll lose. That's just how the game is. The sooner people get over losing the sooner people can stop being so petty.
  3. This event won't become a regular thing. Sweden will still fight against the other nations we helped today. Almost immediately after it ended we had Danish ships camping our capital again. The Danes owe us a favor now, but this is certainly not an alliance.
  4. Pretty cool. When will we get more paints?
  5. Are we still using this tread? I thought this would make a good reminder that you shouldn't board elite ships.
  6. Latron

    Requin refund

    I don't see a problem here if these nerfs affect other ships all the same. The requin was and still is an annoying ship to fight against. I considered them to be OP. Not everyone would agree with that, but I think most would agree that it wasn't balanced.
  7. I'm surprised you're still on about this, but I guess it's normal for you to push the blame on others. No one properly informed Sweden about France giving ports to Poland. Us seeing it as a threat to be dealt with makes sense, so you only have yourselves to blame there. You also never told Sweden just what was happening at Bridgetown. By the time most of the Swedes realized, the PB was set. If Poland is so concerned about keeping France safe, then maybe they should have been helping at Bridgetown instead of taking ports for themselves. 🤔
  8. Sweden and France aren't the weakest nations, but they are still relatively small. How can you possibly think putting the Polish right in the middle of the two, in a region that both sides agree should remain French, is a good idea? I'm pretty sure France doesn't want this. If you want to help the Polish put them somewhere else please.
  9. That makes no sense. I hardly see the Swedes getting into conflict in French waters. Most of the time they stay near their ports so we can't touch them anyway. Besides, French, Danes, Polish, Russians, and Dutch are entering Swedish waters every day and attacking anyone they see. To say that the French need protection from us is laughable. If you want to stop the dutch, that would make a bit more sense, but not when you're taking ports on the opposite side of Fort Royal.
  10. Okay really, the image I shared was completely harmless and an obvious joke. Sorry, jokes don't always come across as such on the internet. No worries. - H. Darby
  11. Violation of rules 13 and 15. - H. Darby
  12. Ah I was unsure of how long it was after the wipe. My guys tend to be slow at getting ship building started so I suppose it was just us who was lacking larger ships at the time.
  13. Find that one battle you think you enjoyed the most during early access and feel free to share it here. It seems like a good time to look back on the good times we all had before we start all over again. My favorite was back when Bork was in France. We set up a port battle at Santa Marta and showed up in force, but while the Brits had filled the PB we got caught by the Dutch screening fleet just outside. We destroyed the Dutch fleet and captured their Pavel (this wasn't long after the first big wipe so it was an important ship to have). After that, we decided to head back to port to repair, making it seem like we were done in the area, but in reality we had returned after the Brits won the port. They had to get to a second port battle at George Town shortly after and we knew they would be sailing a fleet of 4th rates across the ocean to get there, so we intercepted them using our larger ships and our newly acquired Pavel, which I was sailing at the front of the line. I couldn't contribute much since they focused fire on me early on, but I survived and had a very good time with my bros. It even got mentioned in a video by our old friend, Jeheil. 3:38 Edit: 2 or maybe 3 battles are acceptable if they were back-to-back and were linked somehow. Just no spam please.
  14. People need to just get over it. 🙄 I look forward to going through the ranks again with my bros. Just enjoy the game, and if you aren't satisfied, then stop trying to ruin the fun for the rest of us.
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