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  1. I think certain people really need to calm down and stop acting like children. Do people have no respect for anyone?
  2. I've seen those kinds of battles, but those kind of people are just cowards and are not worth your time. If you feel the need to leave then just leave.
  3. Just stay clear of the forts then 😕
  4. Latron


    What really matters is the people you play with. I would probably hate it in Sweden if I didn't love the bros in my clan. So think more about what clan to join rather than what nation.
  5. Outside of San Agustin during the PB. I'm mainly uploading because I had a lot of fun with it, and it's not so unbalanced as it appears since most of the US players who escaped did it early on.
  6. To be fair, attackers do have a chance when groups join their hostility mission. My clan has had it happen to us but we won anyway. It was in the shallows, but we were mostly sailing Mercuries
  7. I'm surprised that no one from the US has uploaded their battle with WO. It's truly a magical sight
  8. I bet you'd like to stop the US. Why else would you take a port right by their capital? Also, exploiting isn't fair. You should probably know that.
  9. VCO will be squeaky clean when they drop Saint Marys and let it go neutral.
  10. There are several things wrong with this response: 1) They were neutral but were located in a county well out of the range of pirates or French. Capturing them should have been impossible without taking the capital first, so who owned them is irrelevant. 2) Hostility can only be gained through hostility missions now. 3) 'Using' doesn't not specifically mean 'killing'. If alts were involved to allow players an advantage that they can't otherwise obtain on their own, then I think that counts as alt abuse.
  11. If you join a casual clan then there shouldn't be any issues, but otherwise you could always just buy ships that are for sale.
  12. Testing possible exploits is good. I am somewhat thankful that this was discovered so it could be dealt with. Of course, if testing is the only intention then this won't be abused any more. If the Russians don't show to the PB or at least drop the port on the first day if it's captured, then that's fine. If that isn't the case, then they're just abusing the system and should be punished however the devs see fit, which is fair. Exploiting the game is bad no matter how flawed the system may be.
  13. I wish this new conquest system can be explained in more detail. A certain smelly friend of mine is basing his strategy from an idea that I'm pretty sure isn't possible, but I don't know because I don't understand this enough. After the wipe I'd imagine there's going to be a mad grab for capitals so I'm hoping my small clan can get something from this since we'll probably be forced to leave areas that we enjoy playing in.
  14. I would assume that we need to own the county capital to get hostility missions from them, right? That doesn't sound good for the Bahamas which only has Shroud as a freeport. I bet the capitals near there would be taken very quickly, so would me and my buddies in Sweden even have a chance of having our own ports there again?
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