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  1. It's been a while since I've played, but aren't the dlc ships still shallow? Shouldn't we be comparing them to the ships of their same class instead of the class above it? Yes I know the herc was moved up to 5th rates, but I don't think that matters if it can still enter the shallows. Whether they can enter PBs or not is an important aspect but it is only one aspect. Many more PvP battles occur besides the ones for RvR. Every PvP battles I've had since those ships were added had at least one or the other in it. One on one they were a pain to deal with and they are one of the main reasons why I stopped playing.
  2. It was just an example for how someone could mention what annoys them because I knew some people might make long posts going over every single feature that they disagree with. So if you want it in more detail, Slim pretty much got it down.
  3. I didn't really want to get into a long discussion about just that. It was more of just an example.
  4. Many of us have spent hundreds or thousands of hours playing NA, but eventually people are going to stop coming back. It's just how video games are. We can't be playing the same game forever. So whether it was because of boredom or the addition of a feature that you didn't like, now is a chance to tell the devs what the final nail in the coffin was for you. Some of us here probably have much to complain about, but I don't want to see endless rants and drama. I just want to know what few things made you decide that you were done playing or that you wanted to take an extended break from the game, and hopefully let the devs know what some players are wanting out of NA. For me, I grew increasingly frustrated by the ship balance being all out of whack which turned the meta of the game into something that made my preferred playstyle nearly impossible to have a good time with. I want to be able to have a fair fight without being destroyed by an OP ship using cheesy tactics to make it so I don't have a chance. There are other changes to the game that I wasn't happy with, but balance was the big one.
  5. The first post is about outlaw battles for just pirates, so that's what I'm discussing.
  6. It's not an option if the battle is anywhere near a port where pirates can have outposts. See how this works when the battle is open for an hour?
  7. Who said it had to be a gank? It could be two Swedes chasing two Pirates and they could pull the same trick
  8. I'm aware that outlaw battles were open to all, but depending on where it is, it can allow them to get reinforcements from miles away, and nationals might not be able to have the same response. Also why do you think pirates deserve an advantage in small battles? Seems unfair imo
  9. If some pirates that I'm chasing start an outlaw battle somewhere west of MT then who do you think that benefits? Is it good for the pirates who always have players sitting at their capital and can sail to the battle in minutes, or is it better for my fellow swedes who would have to sail from a port farther away and are likely too busy to sail out immediately? Outlaw battles can let pirates dictate where the battle starts which is already enough to give them the victory over smaller nations since we aren't able to react as fast
  10. The most common type of exploiting back in the day was pirates tagging each other while being chased by enemies. So the pirates could just sit in a battle where nations could not join and avoiding fighting entirely. Then they tried it so any player could join and there were no teams. It was a free for all. They had also made it so the battle would be open for an hour, but if this battle occurs anywhere near a port where pirates could have outposts, then they'll all join and gank the nation players.
  11. Outlaw battles were added several times, and each time it was exploited to give pirates an advantage over other nations. I have yet to see a legit solution for the many instances I've seen where pirates abuse the mechanic because each solution that has been attempted so far always had a way around it. So no, I don't think outlaw battles can stay in the game, and I don't think the devs should waste their time on it because we know it'll end up being removed just like every other time.
  12. Teamspeak is more useful for large groups using voice comms, but I still wish more people would use Discord. It's super annoying when I need to speak with an EU player, but I have no choice but to wait until they come online since that's the only time they get in the game or on teamspeak. With Discord I can just contact them anytime and they can respond on mobile. I always hear them telling me to hop on teamspeak. Well I would prefer not to have to pause whatever video or music I'm enjoying so I can browse through a long-ass list of channels trying to find a person and then wait several minutes for everyone else to stop talking so I can finally speak up. Sometimes teamspeak vs discord feels like calling vs texting. Texting is just cooler.
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