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  1. You know the enemy fleet can just sit within range of the forts, right? I see it happen all the time.
  2. Yeah I would like that change but a reduction of their range would also be nice. It should still be possible to use the mortar on them in any port battle.
  3. The northern Bahamas used to be a very active and fun area for RvR, but now the patrol zone is the only thing keeping that area of the map alive. The forts are too strong for shallow ships. At the very least, the range of the guns should be reduced so it is possible to use the mortar on them again.
  4. Poland was at its best way back on pvp2 when it was just me
  5. There comes a point when a single game has so much DLC for it that it becomes a red flag for any casual gamers who are looking at the game for the first time, and I think NA had already crossed that point long ago. It's getting ridiculous at this point. If you guys want more money, that's completely understandable, but you're focusing in the wrong areas. What you should have done was attempt some form of marketing to actually advertise the game before the official launch, but I didn't see a shred of it for this game. I was surprised to not see any new trailers or even see NA reappear on the front page of steam. Because of that, it's no wonder why a vast majority of pc gamers have never even heard of NA. Instead you just keep making overpriced DLC for the game's very small community while simultaneously changing the game in such a way to encourage people to purchase this DLC, but with that I think you're pretty lucky that NA has such a small community. I've seen more popular games do similar acts and it's sometimes enough to destroy its reputation. So, very few know of Naval Action, even fewer have played it, and yet this is the kind of content that is added to the game after so long? I don't think you guys know what you want your game to be, and I don't think you know what your loyal community wants. Many of us have stuck around for years with thousands of hours spent playing the game. After doing the math, I have spent roughly 1.75% of my entire life playing NA. That kind of dedication to a single video game is actually really stupid, but it shows just how much some people really enjoyed NA. With that in mind, I think we deserve better than the option to add a very small addition to the game in order to simply make the ludicrous grind easier which costs the same as the base game itself. Please get your priorities right and make a game that's more fun than it is a chore. Only after you fix the game would I even contemplate these very questionable purchases.
  6. Neat, we got patch notes. Still disappointed though
  7. Hey admin, just give people what they want and stop adding surprise mechanics to make the grind even worse. Maybe then people wouldn't be so full of hate
  8. One step forward, three steps back... I feel like the devs don't want me to play their game. So if that's what they want, then that's what they'll get...
  9. Stopped the Russian PB fleet on their way to Les Cayes with the help of some very uncooperative Dutch players
  10. Stopped the Russian PB fleet as they tried to sail to Santo Tome de Guayana.
  11. All this talk about why Sweden isn't posting battles without considering the fact that most of them are either banned or don't care
  12. I wasn't... trying to insult them... I was only pointing out that they've won against more than just the pirates
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