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  1. More Swedes weren't planning to show up at Spanish Town, including me, but we were informed at the last minute by one of the Danish leaders that the battle was okay and Denmark wouldn't retaliate. And yeah, I don't care about Denmark all that much. I wish I could, but it does not help that some within your nation tell me regularly that they hate Sweden more than anyone. Obviously not every Dane is filled with such hate, but some of them really are.
  2. Thr Danes helping Russia was a while ago actually. The most notable examples were Matina and Point a Pitre. And no, we do not wish to destroy any nations. If we did then we would not have given Ponce back to you. Yes we attacked Spanish Town that one time, but that was a very unpopular decision made by a commander who was desperate for PvP without caring about the risks since he was planning to leave Sweden anyway. I know none of this is going to change how our nations fight each other much, but like I said, you had it coming.
  3. I don't enjoy taking Denmark's best crafting port, but something was inevitablely going to go down. Sweden and Denmark have been biting at each other ever since launch. It's annoying to have to deal with Danish hunters in our waters every single day. It only ends up wasting my time and it discourages me from playing the game. Plus there are the numerous times when they've aided Russia once Sweden gets involved in RvR elsewhere. Both sides have been at it for so long that it only makes sense that something like this would happen. Obviously the Swedes aren't the good guys here but I wish we can stop pretending that the Danes didn't have it coming.
  4. Oof, this thread might get a little rocky. I will only say this; If you could do something, that does not mean you should do it.
  5. I don't think any nation is really quiet. Even the big boys get hunted frequently no matter how far away their important ports are. Plus there's a new item that allows a player to randomly join an ongoing battle and control an AI ship. So PvP will find its way to you eventually. If you want peace and quiet then you might enjoy the peace server where there is no PvP, but for many that place gets repetitive real fast.
  6. Sweden is a small nation and the clan BORK is mostly English speaking. We would be happy to take in any new players.
  7. I've only been in the same battle as you maybe a few times but one of them is one of my favorites.
  8. No more wipes please. It would only be a temporary fix that wouldn't be worth the pain of everyone's efforts basically going to waste. I would just quit the game, and many others would too.
  9. Something has to be done to protect those poor, defenseless Russians!
  10. The Swedish zerg taking on the Russian zerg
  11. And Teut dies in the patrol zone as he always does
  12. You could join me and Exile in Bork, old friend. The door is always open.
  13. Do you just hate the Swedes because you're completely wrong about that. We sailed over there with just a handful of people and every ship brought was one that we were comfortable with losing. I mean, we had Pavels, which are kinda useless, and other ships like mine were old and had only a few port bonuses. We were happy to get rid of those ships, if anything, and we were expecting exactly the kind of response from the Danes after camping the capital and San Juan. We even said this to the people in the battle so it seems like you just want to make up your own facts. It was nothing close to a "major fleet". It was only a troll fleet that we held no attachment to.
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