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  1. We have attempted to have a better relationship with Denmark many times, but certain groups within your nation truly do hate us, and some clans have chosen to side with the Russians when they've engaged Sweden in the past. Of course not all clans in Denmark are bad, but those who like to ruin the fun for everyone make it impossible to get along when they interfere with important battles.
  2. One agreement does not mean it's an alliance. An alliance means not attacking each other at all in any form. And a pve agreement? What even is that? We attack each other all the time.
  3. *sigh* We found another one. There are currently no alliances between the nations on the east side of the map. Yeah Swedes and French sometimes help each other out, and the same goes with the Danes and Dutch, but it is far from a real alliance. It's astounding that so many players keep assuming this while somehow not noticing the endless slaughter between the Danes and Swedes. We seriously hate each other.
  4. It really does show when all of the friends I had back then have either left the clan or stopped playing, and those who are still there after all this time are the ones who turned their back on me in some way.
  5. It's sad that those players have fallen so low. I used to sail with many of them.
  6. That would require an unbelievably excessive amount of repairs and the luck to get through each battle without losing hardly anyone.
  7. The 5 players left over would get killed immediately, so are you implying that any decent group of 25 players can fight 8 full battles back to back without an opportunity to go to port?
  8. I'm far less of a fan of the higher BR limit for port battles, but yeah it sucks to have far fewer options to do RvR since it's easier for a nation to use an inconvenient timer when one port with a timer can protect several other ports. Plus it gives the Danish a backdoor to Gustavia, which is extremely annoying.
  9. I see this as "Denmark can't handle a taste of their own medicine." Sweden has done nothing to the Danes that they haven't already done to the Swedes more times than I can count. Sweden just brushes off these attacks while people in Denmark declare war on us every other day. This is nothing new, and you really only have yourselves to blame for refusing to negotiate in the past.
  10. There are two types of Russians; there are those who think that the eastern nations shouldn't be working together because it's automatically a carebear alliance, and there are those who assume that we get along and will come together to fight off the Russians. Either way, it's nearly impossible to get these 5 nations working together. The Dutch, first of all, always do there own thing and rarely sail north unless it's to go hunting, Poland is too small to have a significant impact given that they can't come anywhere close to even filling a PB, the French and Swedes have a decent amount of players and we have helped each other in the past, but there's a limited number of players who can crew anything above a 3rd rate. And then there's Denmark, who is more likely to work alongside Russia than against them once Sweden gets involved. So the whole argument about us coming together to fight a common enemy is simply invalid.
  11. I get why you want more DLC but at this point I feel like it should only be for cosmetics. There's already way too much spam with redeemable ships as it is. Despite the huge variety of ships I keep fighting the same ones over and over again. What the game really needs right now is rebalancing. A bunch of ships need their stats tweaked and the BR limits for port battles need to go back to where they were previously.
  12. - Nerf the Wasa. Raise its BR and reduce it's thickness and speed. It's basically the perfect ship right now and there's a reason why some will fill entire port battles with just that ship. - Bring the Connie and United States back to 4th rates. They are very outclassed by the other 3rd rates and they don't belong there at all. - Buff ships that have no good use in the game right now such as the Rattlesnake Heavy, the Cerberus, and the 3rd rate. - Increase the size of the capital zone for ports that have land covering up most of it. The one around Gustavia is nearly useless.
  13. The Swedes are tired of getting killed by literally everyone. We can't go 5 minutes without reports of hunters trying to gank players around our capital. We like PvP but sometimes even we need a break. We don't get a break though. Obviously losing ships does matter since you're so salty about it, so if you want to make the situation better for both of us then go hunting somewhere else for a change
  14. I think certain groups are taking these big battles too seriously. No matter who you are, sometimes the odds will be against you and you'll lose. That's just how the game is. The sooner people get over losing the sooner people can stop being so petty.
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