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  1. Problem will be as more days pass most ship you meet in OW will be super buffed, making it so that production line type mechanics can create them makes a joke of making some ships and woods rare. May as well just buff all ships in game and junk the port mechanics as stands, nobody will sail "normal" ships as will be death sentence lol. Personally i think is mistake as currently stands, but as they say adapt or play something else.
  2. Rule the waves sounds interesting, ty for mention will check out and probably buy :). Ok checked out RtW and to be honest NA isn't like that, think more world of tanks with sail ships in an open world with very basic nation vs nation mechanics. If you want a wargame i think this isn't for you perhaps (there ar much better wargaming titles out there), but if want a pew/pew with an extremely light sprinkle of Realm/nation based mechanics then give it a shot.
  3. When things get out of control on PvP server, I often go to PvE to test mechanics/chill out. Perhaps this would be a short term answer :).
  4. I have to admit this is now becoming just another way to create toxicity and unrequired drama by the offenders. Devs should act in some way, otherwise this kind of situation will become "the norm". I have seen many good games destroyed by unruly/toxic community, and conversly many sub par games still running due to a good community. All that trolling/griefing continuing will do is create yet another barrier to game sales and server pop issues. I've seen reviews on steam that point out "toxic community yadyadayada", thats not good for game as a whole. People should really think about if they want game to succeed or just to use to stroke personal egos and move onto next game when game closes. Lets face it with current pop we are kinda on life support currently, and if new wave of players doesn't arrive on release i think will possibly be a terminal situation for game which would be a great shame.
  5. There should be an option to destroy investments, one of oldest tactics in warfare was to burn/salt fields etc to make sure enemy gains and supplies were hampered.
  6. Some tend to avoid clans to stay out of the drama, something that i often do tbh.
  7. In short yes, as things stand. Many are in same situation, but buffs are to powerful as they are curently and we can still buy.cap ships i guess. Personally though i'll probably just nip in game time to time and not bother, other stuff i can play, or write off PvP server and just PvE mostly.
  8. I would say a total ban in testing would be a bit to harsh. Perhaps as i suggested losing all ships and resources would hurt some as something to disuade this kind of behaviour. Like when a child is naughty, take away their toys.
  9. Sadly from time to time it is necessary for devs to be harsh on players abusing mechanics, if nothing else just to re-establish control and create worry about exploiting. No action and you have situation like we currently have where some players feel themselves to be "untouchable" and do whatever the hell they want. Seen it in other game testing, and sometimes a bit of whip is needed to make playerbase police themselves. Like i said earlier 1st time "testing", 2nd time Griefing, 3rd time childish/infantile. Perhaps strip continuing offenders of all ships/resources, that would make people squeal somewhat . Isn't a personal vendatta thing as i get on quite well with some of the guilty, but things have gone a step to far i feel and some action should be taken.
  10. I wouldn't say a ban maybe losing ranks, but is up to Devs really. Continuing to use same bugs is just infantile. Test will prove to be a fail anyway, soon every ship will have stacked port bonuses. Already i am seeing the effects while in a lowly herc, whole fleets of super buffed ships is turning game into "Dreadnought action". No buffs will mean fodder, and yes has always kinda been that way but now has gone from an advantage to no point fighting in substandard ships. New guys now will have impossible time being camped, was bad enough before but with all new bonuses I think will prove a barrier to new players and server pop will suffer over time (more than it already has) going from anemic to critical levels. Buffs need to be lower, also only allow a port to specialise in only 1-2 areas for ship build. Personally i don't play the meta game, and am finding loss of will to play on PvP server after seeing the early effects of all this. Am sure will be balanced/fixed but currently is somewhat a bit of a mess all round.
  11. I have to say although i don't really mind either way that this is becoming a problem. Devs i think should take more extreme action now, 1st time testing, 2nd time griefing, 3rd time is just childish.
  12. Whether was intentional or not isn't the main issue/problem. Issue is that it can be used this way, and as we know if players can some will .
  13. Personally i think the 2-3 min deadline timers were better, no way to exploit that way. Although i kinda see what devs intended, just as usual people game the game.
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