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  1. I like the idea. It would be nice to have few predefined camera points where player can switch as in car racing games (one key to cycle views).
  2. Are you sure? Contracts at Placer are still blocked by high sell offer of a player. For more than three days the player contracts are stuck.
  3. There are player contracts that want to buy Cartagena Tar in Cartagena port. As soon as there is no player sell offer, NPCs do sell to contractors as soon as Tar becomes available. Player who has 1 Cartagena Tar than makes contract in Cartagena which will offer his Tar for 1.500.000. After that NPC will not sell to contrators, but just place the Tar in town shop for low price. Only player who is present in Cartagena shop will buy from NPCs as soon as the new tar is there. Desired behavior is that NPC will allways sell for highest price.
  4. What is the meaning of comparing how players on Global play with EU server? British faction in the game is not coherent as any game faction anywhere. You guys identifying with "faction behaviors" should probably just revise your thoughts.
  5. Ahoj, zdravím krajany! Hraju za Brity s klanem DOGS (Devil Dogs). Jsou tam většinou Holanďané a Američani co přešli z PvP 2. Zvládám se s nimi bavit anglicky v chatu nebo na TeamSpeaku. Máme tam několik stavitelů s úrovní 50. Jezdíme jak Fleet a Epic mise tak i Port Battles. Ve hře mám nick Armored Sheep.
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