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  1. With port bonuses some large nations have better position to build specialized ships for port battles. Those purpose build tanks have 15-20% better stats than regular ships, which makes them basically one class higher ranks, although their BR is still the same. It is than not matter of player skill, wind or better commander tactic to defeat such force if you cannot outnumber them. What if the BR of a ship is modified depending on amount bonuses? I.e. if the final stats of the ship in terms of HP, Armor thickness, Speed and amount of crew is 15% better than base value, the BR will be also higher. Also maybe sinking higher BR ship can result in more points...
  2. Thanks to Profilic DLC, players can switch nations. A clan that was defeated by one nation can switch to that same nation and start disrupting nation diplomatic relations. What if the owners of the ports who don` t like such rogue behavior can black list rogue clan so their players are not allowed to set outposts at their ports?
  3. So the only reward that devs give to testers will be Pandora DLC? Other than that all the hours we spent testing the product to allow improvement of its quality have no value to them?
  4. 30% bonus is means that you have ship of different class. Is that realy necessary? First "upgrades" in game were usualy with trade off - increas this and slightly reduce another thing. More skilled crafter, better shipyard - more reliable outcomes. But why someone should be allowed to dominate by aquring some bonuses? Bonuses are nice motivation and can add diversity but they should not brake the balance.
  5. Why coalitions? Just get rid of the historical nonsense of new nations added to the game.
  6. I assume it is related to Steam account check, that this game seems to perform not very well.
  7. No, I have very reliable net in capital city. No other games that have this behavior. NA was also fine until last update.
  8. Since last patch I got frequently disconnected from the game. It happens at 1-3 times per hour. In open world, in harbor and also in battle. Anyone has similar experience?
  9. I see, but still the large soviet red star modeled in game is different than subtle flat star that I would expect on Royal Navy ship. https://modelshipworld.com/topic/3409-hms-pandora-by-jastrząb-constructo-185/
  10. Where did the Soviet star on the stern come from? I don' t like it at all. http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/expo/expo.htm If modeling the decorations is too complex than please remove the star pls.
  11. Seem that PvP mark got converted to Doubloons 1:1 which seems to me ridiculous If I remember what I had to sacrifice to earn them. @admin can you explained why you practically removed PvP marks without compensation? Before patch I had marks to build me few ships, now I cannot afford a single ship from admirality.
  12. I was expecting Doubloons to appear in money tab. I have found the treasure later in my WAREHOUSE. When I dragged them in to money tab it worked. Problem solved.
  13. Release notes say: "2000 doubloons will be issued to all captains as a timed redeemable for 14 days" I found redeemable in game and activated it, but I GOT NO DOUBLOONS REDEEMED
  14. Same for me : Relase notes say 2000 doubloons will be issued to all captains as a timed redeemable for 14 days. I redeemed it and I still have same amount of doublons in game as before.
  15. The relative speed 5 kts difference = 2.5 meters per second. That does not look authentic "match speed for boarding" to me. I don´t care how fast do ship sail for boarding as soon as they can match speeds for certain time. Isnt that definition of hugging?
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