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  1. Greeting's Captains, We are actively seeking new players (21+) and you're welcome to come check us out just make sure you bring a sense of humour with you and not a clean one either as you will need it. Happy hunting Captains and may the wind ever be at your back!
  2. Hi TopherW, I have updated the discord link and it should work now.
  3. Welcome to our recruitment post, this is where we will share details about our Naval Action recruitment drive, posting bits of information about our clan and where you can find out how to get in touch with us. Founded in 2015 Asymmetric Warrior Group as a World of Warships clan, We describe ourselves as social salty gamers with a slight competitive edge. Combining easy camaraderie with kicking the oppositions teeth in. If you are looking for a clan where you can have a great laugh and not take anything too seriously then AWG may be the place for you. The clan accepts everyone from ac
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