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Found 19 results

  1. I have just installed the game, but it does not seem to start properly. After i create user, i am supposed to "pop up in the nation's capital", but this does not happen. I only have option to join some battle with having no clue what to do or to exit a game...?! How do I get to the port or access a tutorial? i don't have any option to do so! Worst experience so far!
  2. Welcome to our recruitment post, this is where we will share details about our Naval Action recruitment drive, posting bits of information about our clan and where you can find out how to get in touch with us. Founded in 2015 Asymmetric Warrior Group as a World of Warships clan, We describe ourselves as social salty gamers with a slight competitive edge. Combining easy camaraderie with kicking the oppositions teeth in. If you are looking for a clan where you can have a great laugh and not take anything too seriously then AWG may be the place for you. The clan accepts everyone from across the world, so long as they are sailing under the British ensign and we currently have members from across Europe & North America. We offer our members A relaxed, salty and fun atmosphere for having a laugh. Active members willing to help new players. The joy of blowing ships up with (new) mates! Great banter among everyone. Consider applying to us if you Can speak fluent English. Have Discord and are willing to be active on it. Are 21+ of age. Are interested in banter and sarcasm. Bear in mind that although it's obviously a bonus to have a player with several levels, we do not recruit solely based on level, favouring peoples personality and ability to work as a team. We also understand and appreciate that real life events come before clan ones and as such we are tolerant of odd play hours and longer periods of inactivity, should they arise. The application process is easy, head over to our Discord https://discord.gg/8hN9mkh and read the recruitment channel and fill out the application or just speak with one of our seniors who will be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.
  3. What about a new member sign up program. More experienced members could volunteer to help those joining the game or new at Naval Action. There could be a list from which new members could enlist help of a more experienced players and determined by NA staff. That could include the many different, diverse aspects of the game as defined by a title or prefix to the volunteer helpers name. Such as; NPC battles, shipping, port battles and so forth. I have spoken. ;o)
  4. The Decatur Armada [TDA] is an energetic, elite PVP group that has been around since the very earliest testing phases. Our founding members are an international group of PVP guys that really enjoyed fighting together, and got together to fight and have fun! Applications are being selectively accepted. We play on PVP1 EU. Apply at our Website www.decaturarmada.enjin.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/The-Decatur-Armada-534236590058715/
  5. We have a serius drop of players half are going to the most powerfull side (Russian NN ) and half stop playing. In French Nation we have a group of experienced players we can make Port battles or PVP beetween us ,but we are really concerned about new players , cause we cant make them appreciate the game as much as we did because there is no way to get out of Fort Royal or any other port (cause of the russian alts > Charlemagne and Fritz Haber some of them have 7 alts ... ). We like to teach new players , but new players dont stay, and we cant defend them all day long, i dont know how its happened for other nations but we want new payers but if they cant do nothing cause they get ganged 10vs1 in a pandora every day 5 times/day they they dont stay and we do not have remplacement .
  6. Hey there. From my first battles and hearing from other new players it seems that getting stuck in the wind is a common problem, especially after abandoning the Basic Cutter and moving to square rigged vessels - of course the best solution is adding tutorials with one for manual sailing, rewarding the player with XP and gold for completing the tutorial in the beggining of the game (like a mission). But there are other threads outlying that, and I've heard the developers are currently working on UI which would hopefully include tutorials. What I suggest is not a replacement for tutorials, but a reminder and easy way to help newbies to understand manual sailing in the middle of a battle if they didn't play the tutorial. When stuck in the wind there should be yellow text possibly flashing on the screen (NOT IN A BOX, that would block view) telling the player that he is stuck in the wind, and a quick explanation what keys to press to get out of thewind. Example: --- Captain - You are pointing your ship in the wind! Use manual sails to catch the wind again. Q / E - Move front sails right/left Z / C - Move back sails right/left To enable auto-sailing again press the F key For a more in-depth explanation please view our tutorial in port. --- I find this example too long in a battle myself, but I wouldn't know how to phrase it shorter. Maybe cut out the last part and have the State Clerk send the player a message after the battle saying "It seems you were stuck in the wind last battle - View the tutorial on this in the harbour to ..." This is, compared to adding tutorials, a quick fix and would definitely help in many situations with new players. NOTES: You only get this message when you are stuck and have 0 or minus speeds. You don't get this message when you've completed the tutorial so this doesn't annoy experienced players (more advanced) You don't get this message when being pushed into the wind and therefore being boarded.
  7. Hello fellow captains I have been thinking about this idea for some time now and just decided that I had to write it down and post it. A few months ago some players and I were discussing the current (end 2016 - beginning 2017) Hostility system and how missions are repetitive and tend to become very boring after a while. We brainstormed for a while and started throwing some ideas around, in the end, we came up with a new system for gaining hostility and how to make it look more like the real live system that was used in the age of sail. Basically, this new system relies more on blockading of ports and the players defending the ports then the Hostility missions that are used right now. it works as follows : 1 - Around every port, a ring is placed that is only visible to enemy captains and appears if the enemy captains sit in front of the enemy port for a certain amount of time (like 1 or 2 min). 2 - when the ring appears and the captains are inside this ring Hostility is generated for the port by doing this the enemy is effectively blockading the port, Hostility is generated slowly. 3 - currently in this situation 1 port is being blockaded and Hostility is generated for that port, to make the Hostility generation go faster the attackers can do 3 thinks, - gain maximum hostility around the blockaded port by having 25 players in the ring around the blockaded port this would multiply the hostility generation. - blockade another port in the region, this would give a multiplier to the hostility generation in the region. - The attackers also gain a lot of hostility by sinking enemy ships in PVP who will certainly try to stop the hostility generation by attacking the enemy ships. 4 - if a port reaches 100 % hostility this port and this port alone will be open for attack and the current PB mechanic springs in action, war supplies can be used to lower hostility. that is the mechanic as proposed, of course, thinks could be added to this idea like the port blockading could take place in an instance and not on the OW and everybody who sails over the ring is dragged in this blockade instance, or the idea that Hostility Mission can still be used but only a certain amount of mission can be taken in a certain amount of time. now please keep in mind that this hostility mechanic is created for naval action with at least 1000 players on a server or so because we should all hope that the game numbers will go up (devs really gotta throw in more content and stop changing existing mechanics). thank you for reading, please let me know what you think. Kind Regards: Rickard o7
  8. Flying Powder Monkeys are accepting new members. We are approximately 210+ members and are looking for new members regardless of experience, time online or game play. We help each other out and will gladly accept any new or experienced player into our clan. Please leave a message here or with Buba Smith, or any clan officer. PvE server, British nation, home base and Clan warehouse is in Grand Turk.
  9. Is there a battle for Battle of new market? The Battle of New Market was one of the last major Confederate victories in the Shenandoah Valley and was the only instance in American history where a student body—the VMI Corps of Cadets—participated in a pitched battle.
  10. When new players join the game for the first time, they are presented with the choice of nations to select from. At this point they are informed some nations are harder than others, and there are hints about who is fighting who. This information is inaccurate and very misleading - and really needs to change to reflect what is going on with each server. It is also a prime chance to help balance nations going forward with incentives for players to join nations needing new recruits. Back when I first joined, I selected the Pirates as I expected it to be hard - only to find the Pirates ruled most of the map - and I rerolled within a few weeks to France.
  11. I wanted to start a thread for those of us trying to understand the new game mechanics. To get the ball rolling, I am wondering how we take cover behind stone walls or other embattlements. I have seen the AI do it, and my men have sometimes started in that position, but I have no idea how to order them to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions or other new mechanics they are struggling with.
  12. Just a question; I would really like to see port battles of some sort in PvE. I speak for a group of us whom feel the same way about port battles in PvE - it would sure add a new interesting dimension to PvE even if the battles are held by AI.
  13. I am new to the game 47 hrs only but require extensive training in battle. I am now causing more damage to enemies but have yet to win a battle. Would like to sail with similar standard sailors and learn together. Have not tried any crafting yet (no money for materials). I will try this at some stage in the future. Yo Ho Ho Captain Fishfinger
  14. Alright I've decided to buy the game. However I'm still not sure which server (PvP a must) and which nation to choose from. I live in the Caribbean so a US server is the way to go. But, there is no info on reddit or on here that can give me a lets say breakdown of total players and popularity of nation in the game. I'm trying to avoid the more populated nations so US, Brits, Pirates and not particularly interested in playing as the Dutch. So I'm left with Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and France as potential candidates. Would it be possible to get some comments on the amount of players for the nations on the US PvP servers and possibly the name of clans/groups for them. Also if possible to get a couple of screenshots of the game map so as to see the current nation balance on the different servers?
  15. Hello/Dear, Naval Action Community, I am CO of Naval Action on the Task Force Bravo teamspeak community, it is a small but mighty group of gamer's who play lots of different games from Strategy to First Person Shooters, to this. I am recruiting the mightiest Sailors out there, from 7th rate to 1st, we crush our foes and have fun doing it, we travel the seas. We have about 11 members for Naval Action alone, but more for the teamspeak itself. If you need information add me on steam: [TFB] Perry If your interested in joining the Teamspeak just type: ts.taskforcebravo.com Or add me on Naval Action: CaptainPerry I will reply as soon as I can, Good Sailing people! - [TFB] Perry
  16. Simplzzz (Said in a squeaky Meerkat voice) 1) Allow character creation back, put a simple timer on a new character that doesn't allow deletion for 7 days. 2) Make the yacht provided on a new account 0 saleable value, or if its easier start it with 4 dura so that it cannot be offered for sale. 3) Don't give new characters starter cash. It really isn't needed. Anyone who can't make 10-20k in the game in a week is a very sad individual indeed.....
  17. TeamSpeak (TS3) Info Welcome Pirates, our teamspeak is now open for you guys to use. This will help you better in communications to each other. We hope to see that our Teamspeak will have a good amount of traffic going to it. Once in teamspeak please take a moment to read our rules that we set up. There will be change's soon to the rules to better our server. Teamspeak server IP: silverbolt.bluefangsolutions.com Our website: wastedprodigygamers.com
  18. Work in progress ships on the http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/987-work-in-progress/page-8 post. Thought I ought to show everyone who didn't dive into that post. Rattle snake in front and HMS Pickle in back (work in pogress!) Mecury brig (work in pogress!) Russian 2nd Rate Saint Paul (work in pogress!) I am personally incredibly amazed at the looks of the Saint Paul. Either way, great work developers, I'm looking hugely forward to seeing theese ships sail. Best of luck!
  19. Capt. Rice

    Hey guys .

    Hey guys im am capt. rice and im new. just want to say hi to every one and cant wait to try this game out. I just pre ordered it to day and hopefully i can get my key soon.
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