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  1. Yeah, they should probably fix this but I don't find it too problematic. I simply aim and fire at the the upper part of the side that is facing me.
  2. I don't know about the other dude but I definitely hit all my shots ( saw them land on the edge of the walls with stone splinters coming off ) after I was set up until I was asked to fire upon the heavier SOLs instead due to the absolute pathetic damage done to the fort. The first shots I missed were the ranging shots, because I tried to set up outside of the forts range, which was not possible and ultimately resulted in it completely demasting me due to the prolonged and inevitable bombardment of the fort battery. I really hope they check back on this and tweak damage a bit or at least let mortar brigs fire from outside the range of the fort. I know I won't play it again until they make the whole mortar brig vs fort play more interesting and balanced. Playing the mortar brig feels even more unrewarding and boring than before. I wish the mortar aiming was more realistic and skill demanding. Good mortar brig captains should be a threat to slow SOLs. At the very least I would like to see a damage buff of +100-200%. Or what about reducing the reload speed of the fort battery while under mortar fire? I mean was the BR of the mortar brig even adjusted to compensate for the nerf to mortar + buff to forts? The damage and reload nerfs did not only nerf the MB vs forts but also vs ships and I hope the devs consider this. I don't understand this idea of a spotter for MB to be honest... I mean you can clearly see where the balls land and you have the aim marker?
  3. Definitely option B. Small player groups and clans need more power and big clans less. Big clans already have too much power only through their numbers alone, disregarding individual player skill or lack thereof completely.
  4. I think trading and raiding traders should be #1 money maker. It makes for much better content than players hitting bots in some corner of the map...
  5. I like your suggested alliances. Holy Alliance here I come. Deus vult.
  6. Fair point but I don't see people paying a lot for paints now that they are so easy to get with DLC... if someone really wants paints he will pay the 13$ instead of ingame currency.
  7. Well, there is the "painter" DLC ableit it does not have many cool paints yet, only the old ones... it is the other purely cosmetic DLC.
  8. There is a difference between making fun of triggered low skill and new players and straight griefing / bullying them. No wonder the player retention rate of NA is close to 0.
  9. Well, of course they "turn their noses up" since it is a weaker build. They should just cut out the rare wood BS and give everyone easy access to all woods for a more fair and balanced game.
  10. But isn't it the same for the war server or will the port be completely reset / investments deleted after being conquered?
  11. I hope you are right but I can see it being very frustrating for a new player that does not even know how to fight, when he is attacked over and over unable to leave the area. At least they won't be punished too hard as long as they stay in Basic Cutter but I doubt it will be a pleasant experience for them. For veterans on the other hand it will be awesome, no doubt.
  12. Fair enough but how should new players know if they are spawned there? They think it is where they are supposed to be and even if they find out by asking etc. , I wish them good luck on their hour long journey to a place where they can actually play the game, that is if they can escape the ganker screen around shroud made up by dozens of sealclubbers. Impossible shouldn't mean unplayable for new players and as mentioned already some choose it for the flag or nation. If you are a russian dude chances are you want to play russian empire for the language alone.
  13. This is a great idea. I really don't want to see sealclubbers camping SC 24/7 and get rewarded for it - impossible nations or not. Also as mentioned, people really don't seem to grasp the number of players that we could potentially get at release.
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