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  1. Oh please no. Dreadfully "empty" coastline and the map looks nothing but deserted - if you dont want cannons shooting you dont hunt in french waters or wait till they are far enough away.
  2. the ultimate version of "end task"
  3. Currently (for two days now) on the PvE server joining into a mission or battle initiated on the open world does not drag in the rest of the group even when everybody has spent several minutes outside of the port and is within the circle. Every single time the rest of my group had to join the battle via the swords after i already went in. This error has been reproduced with other group leaders as well as trying it in a regular and battle group.
  4. Works both ways really - the mentioned issues especially the massive grind and thereby waste of time caused the mass exodus of players and the lack of palyers now renders many game mechanics unplayable or increases the grindyness. Lets face it crafting a Victory between 50 players per clan is not too big an issue if you get a guy to make an excel and assign resource buildings to each guy - each does 30mins of sail for trade and a little expense and uses their hours to turn resources. But now imagine the same workload but only 1-5 guys working on it...
  5. Well frankly game development is insanely slow but I still maintain that would be ok if things would get implemented in full/in a thought through manner. Evidently clans and their warehouses were a very rushed topic with near to no overview in the warehosue, listing or accountability. Until recently we couldn#t even filter who was online unless we scrolled the entire list. Frankly clans and clan management are an integral part of any game where cooperation is helpful and especially in this game this is the case.Therefore this shouldve long been accessible and been moved far further then it has to date.
  6. Even though I understand that you ahve clearly put some thought into the matter i must say what I ahve said before and will now again: These attempts at limiting first rates are what goes us in this lack of playerbase mess since the first economy change in Nov 2016...! Honestly people just wanna play and they want to do so with a big boom and as little chance as possible to suddenly be massively overwhelmed. It is the same reason people grind for the Tier Xs in WoWs and WoTs and the Tier 5, 6s in War Thunder - stops the uptier. Unfortuantely NA now suffers from exactly the same problem as those games. THe top tier economy in an effort to get people out of their earned big boy toys is terrible yet people have worked hard for them and now feel let down. Hence they leave and frankly there is little alternative - there is only so many times you can go out in a mid tier (frigate) or things you can do to shake things up until you really wanna be in the top league again. The goal will therefore always be the Lineships, this just wont change. You only change how annoying it is to get there and frankly people who pay for a game don#t want to go through the same grind as in a F2P game. If they have to it ends in bad reviews and empty servers.
  7. 'The French Engineer was the only Engineer on the island so no mortar battery ever materialised'
  8. So in other words nobody is as easily conquered as the French?
  9. I've studied American History so if youve got any questions in regards to the early dreadnoughts and the Empires of the 15th - 20th century I'd be happy to help. Also if you want to know anything about boarding ships I got some real life experience in that ALthough this is mostly 2nd WW related you may find a few pictures of interest here: http://archive.hnsa.org/doc/id/fm30-50-naval/index.htm
  10. It saddens me that all that is left of the once great Naval Action is the bickering of the few that remain...
  11. https://news.usni.org/2017/08/19/uss-indianapolis-wreckage-found The wreckage of the USS Indianapolis one of the ships that transported parts for the atomic bombs has been found.
  12. In that case lets start discussing unofficial comms centers Also 16 year old girls are a major pain in the arse. I should know I was a teacher for a while. Also you can't tell me what to do YOURE NOT MY SUPERVISOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEwlW5sHQ4Q
  13. It was specifically stated that we'd get access without payment. That sounded special back then - isnt anymore hence the questions. Discord is a pile of (admittedly free) crap when it comes to organising more than 5 people. It suffers from a bad twitter style design and lacks any real overview. Especially for people who aren't 16 year old girls Discord ususally holds little appeal and you might as well use skype then... But this isn't really about were we run our player made game support. The real question was whether the game would have an official comms center.
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