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  1. To the native Swedes I say, you welcomed these British renegades into your nation, you have followed them in whatever grudge, vendetta, or flimsy excuse against GB, or more accurately certain clans and or players within GB, they have used those to lead you into this war, will you win? maybe, wars are so unpredictable, if so, who is left to fight? your neighbours Norge-Danmark, France? Spain who have had a horrendous time from almost everyone including us?, How about the U.S. though you'll be hard put to find an excuse for that, but, I have no doubt that an excuse will be found, the Chinese m
  2. It is not a question of risk/reward at all, it is a question of doing what has to be done to defend a port, if a nation wants to attain victory by sending overwhelming forces believing they cannot lose there is no point in complaining that they are screened out by inferior forces, any attacker who is arrogant enough to think that they will always win using superior ships and mods deserves to be taught differently and this is what is happening here, nothing more, nothing less. It is no different to the fate of Napoleons army when they invaded Russia, the Russian army did not beat Napoleon,
  3. This was, I think, the last large scale Anglo-Spanish battle before the wipe, There had been a number of battles around Mantua during the evening. The results aside these battles were characterised by the relative lack of salt and the conduct of both Spanish and British players was, by and large, courteous, gentlemanly, and, very much typical of sea warfare of this period. I too hope the front-lines system can be refined, such areas would reduce the frustration levels of spending hours seeking action and finding little or none, and, may also reduce the numbers preying on new players a
  4. The use of the sextant was actually mandatory for all Officers, Midshipmen were taught by the Master to use one, and, it was an important part of the examination for Lieutenant.
  5. Good luck to Snow in the Seven Provinces, now if you could just send over some Gouda and Edam with the Iron shot it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. What Sir, were the end results of the British Empire? A large part of the Earth owes their political system, the way their military services are run, how their civil services operate to the British. All of the nations under British control were left as functioning nations, aside from the United States, who forged their own path after the war of Independence, even then, their own Constitution was based on Magna Carta, the basis of British law, most were permitted to leave the Empire peacefully becoming part of the Commonwealth of Nations, self governing and mostly prosperous. Yes th
  7. If Naval Action were actually a simulation of 18/19th century warfare with all the stratagems and tactics, a defined set of victory conditions with re-settable default start points then the OP would be correct. However Naval Action is not that, I do not think that was the intent of the Dev's to begin with, more likely their intent was to provide a taste of naval warfare during a period where it has been heavily romanticised in print and on-screen. If I am wrong I am sure Admin will clarify that point of view. In truth naval warfare of the period was tough, if nature did not kill yo
  8. The common locations for magazines was below the waterline on the Orlop deck, logically close to the centre of the ship so that all cannons could be served in a similar time-frame. There may have been exceptions of course, and, it was not uncommon for powder bags to kept close to the guns for immediate use, (just as small caliber ammunition would be stored on deck in lockers as ready-use until rounds arrived from the 4 or 5 inch magazines). Later turreted ships would find the Cordite and shell rooms beneath the Barbettes below the waterline for easy flooding in the event of fire, The X
  9. The Articles of War, which governs daily conduct and behavior in combat, parts of which are read at Sunday Services and at punishment, Port Admiral's or Fleet admiral's instructions (ROE) signal's, Provision's, Ships, and Captain's logs were all part of ships 'library'. I would think that such a book would have to be optional as many people would not want to spend a lot of time on paperwork in a game, those who like to keep a record of where they are going, have been, weather and action reports, or prices, profit and loss what is sold and bought where, would, probably like a log, althoug
  10. Privateering at least in the beginning was something of a grey area legally speaking especially where the British were concerned. The likes of Raleigh, Drake, Hawkins, and Frobisher were Officers of the very new Royal Navy in time of war, in times of peace they were known to have operated under letters of Marque signed by Queen Elizabeth I, when it is considered that Pirates were outlaws operating without Letters of Marque and the fact that Queen Elizabeth maintained that they were Royal Navy Officers the claims of Piracy by His Most Catholic Majesty King Philip of Spain may well have credibi
  11. ¿Cometió Villeneuve errores en Trafalgar? Sí, ciertamente lo hizo, no conozco a ningún Oficial en ninguna fuerza militar, de ninguna era que no haya cometido errores, Raglan, Lord Chelmsford, Custer, incluso Wellington, Montgomery y Rommel cometieron errores, ninguno de esos oficiales fue calificado como cobarde por sus errores ¿Era grosero o simplemente arrogante? ¡Más de uno de los oficiales de arriba era más que creíble! Personalmente creo que ambos rasgos son malas cualidades en cualquier persona, sin importarles los oficiales de Flag. Una opinión formada a través de la experiencia y,
  12. Siempre he tenido el mayor respeto por el Almirante Villeneuve, él también podría ser creativo, lo hizo, antes de que Trafalgar no solo rompiera lo que era un bloqueo muy efectivo, sino que lo hizo dos veces, la primera vez incluso llevando a Nelson al Caribe y de regreso a España sin Nelson nunca viendo su flota. Lo más triste de todo fue la forma en que lo trataron después de Trafalgar, ya que lo obligaron a emprender un curso de acción que sabía que no estaba bien aconsejado, sabiendo que en pocos días se le relevaría de su mando y que se le trataría tan mal. por Napoleón Bonaparte por segu
  13. Creo que hubo, y de hecho, todavía hay una marcada diferencia entre las doctrinas civil y militar, también hay áreas donde las dos doctrinas se superponen. Por ejemplo, en las circunstancias correctas, tanto los civiles como los militares son capaces de actos de valentía, pero ambos están sujetos a fallas en la moral a pesar del adoctrinamiento en el estilo de vida militar, principalmente, creo, porque la naturaleza humana es lo que es. No sé si la Armada española presionó a los civiles para que entraran en servicio, la Real Armada ciertamente sacó a la gente de las calles para prestar se
  14. Clearly the revolution was far more complex event than how it is portrayed, at least in British schools. By comparison Great Britain's attempt at republicanism post civil war(s) was a failure, which, led to our current Constitutional Monarchy. Charles I was an absolute Monarch who believed he reigned by divine right, whether Louis XVI believed the same, or not, I do not know, but, as monarchs they held similar traits and took a similar path to their trials and executions. I took you're advice and read a little deeper into the 'old regime', and I think barely scratched the surface of h
  15. Why not have a rating system for crafter's similar to the promotional system? For instance a Crafter can build entry level ships that cater to new and junior players, Shipwrights who build for mid level players and Master Shipwrights who build high end PVP and PB ships to the highest standard. Each level crafts all ships but craft better ships as their rate gets higher, and, can get higher profits by using better materials. These shipwrights could be supplied by traders and ordnance manufacturers of a matching level all of whom can also sell their products to the Admiralty or privately
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