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  1. Hello, for a few months now I've had this error popping up whenever I click exit game, there are no crashes while I'm playing so that's good but I was just curious if anyone else's ran into anything like this. It's still happening after 1 reinstall, I'm on Win7 Ultimate x64 and i didn't have this issue until a few months ago
  2. I'm not sure about that tbh, a large clan with a numerous selection of players and well outfitted ship combinations against a smaller clan who may not have the luxury of all that. Player limit is how I'd do it, but yeah that's just me, agree to disagree, we've yet to see this system come to fruition anyway. random unnecessary fact I still have the screenshot of my very first pvp kill while sailing alongside your alter ego in the pzone before we all got pwned by Palatinose there he is on the right, contemplating our demise
  3. What if my clan has 3 online people? Why would they risk bringing anything bigger than a frigate to a measly resource raid with PVP involved?
  4. Even if ships get limited to one or two different rates (I'd prefer only 1 limit of strictly 5th rates for raids), what does it REALLY matter if everyone brings the same 5 ships into the fight anyway? As for the post-battle ganking, Hethwill made a suggestion that after the battle, attacking group should be given the the chance to dock into that port once to reduce the odds of getting ganked, all of which goes in favor of excluding large ships and giving smaller, weaker clans a chance to do something without risking too much. The battles should be escape-able for both sides as well, so if the defender starts losing, he can just leave and save their ships while attackers remain to pile up 1000 points, and then what will the defender lose really? A percentage of resources, whereas attackers risk losing their ships with potentially good upgrades that mean a lot to their clan.
  5. Feasible, but only if the winning clan gets a long anti-attack cooldown or an invisibility period after they leave the battle because this is meant for small/weaker clans and if they get ganked right after they exit the battle and lose all their ships it kind of defeats the purpose, it shouldn't be turned into a PB-sized event with large fleets waiting to trample each other outside; with that said I'd limit the battle size to 4-5th rates 5v5 rather than an actual BR number.
  6. Soooo wait, you set it all up and the battle is generated and then what, the attackers enter the battle and wait for the defenders to arrive?
  7. Devs, you guys out of your minds? With everything I've seen from you people so far I'm not sticking around anymore to watch this game crash and burn. 👋
  8. I agree with Banished suggestion; give the XP back gradually to those who already have the maximum rank, no one should have to do the grind all over again for their ranks, ship xp and crafting xp. There will always be newbies, and they will always get slaughtered by experienced players sooner or later, and so full wipes would only serve to piss people off, and the majority I've already talked to are indeed pissed off over this decision. If you think this won't drive many players away from the game, or that the release will bring forth a renaissance of new players then you're just delusional.
  9. I noticed that the interface scaling option can only make the interface bigger than it is by default and you used to be able to make it smaller in the previous instance of the testbed, is this intentional?
  10. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way and I'd probably be asking too much but I think that the ability to resize all the in-battle windows separately would be a really nice feature (and not all of them with just one slider) and to be able to reposition them around the screen. Other than that I like the new look of the battle UI but I'm unsure about the boarding, everyone's complaining about it but I do not yet understand what their problem is Oh and while I'm here, the sextant perk is a big no-no for me, I've always adored the non gps-esque navigation in this game, it made it feel grittier and more real, sextant perk just cheapens it and makes it feel casual
  11. Personally I think it would only make it even more bothersome, like adding fuel to the fire, but that's just me, I'd hate it
  12. NPC aggresion sounds like a really bad idea, imagine pulling a big chunk of cargo, barely pulling 11 kts while constantly running into random npcs from time to time who will attempt to tag you on sight, it's only gonna make everything more bothersome
  13. Yes, so essentially if you manage to get to your enemy's side and you're both moving at a speed of 8 knots or less with less than 5 knot difference you can slap the G button and the boarding will begin, I prefered the earlier iteration of it when it actually, you know, took some effort to do that
  14. Personally I think the new boarding speed/mechanic is a big mistake
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