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  1. I don´t have UA yet, but if the ships are the same as in NA, then Dédaigneuse-class would be correct for the La Belle Poule model. L'Hermione -> Concorde-class Not sure about the UA Diana, the one in NA belongs to the spanish Mahonesa-class. And you're correct about Cerberus/Coventry
  2. We already have this ship model in-game and doing the interiors for all ships would be a gigantic time sink for the devs. Not going to happen.
  3. Quite honestly, I have no idea. You could play around with wetted surface / sail area ratios (the former easily obtained from the ingame models) but such numbers would just give a hint at the potential performance, no 'hard evidence'. Regarding Connie/Bellona: I'd hazard a guess that Connie has a larger sail area, so she theoretically should accelerate faster. If that would be beneficial for gameplay is another jolly good question. Slade's Niger/Alarm class. 125' / 35' 2'' , L/B 3.55 11 knots close-hauled and 13,5 knots with the wind abaft the beam. Extremely resp
  4. This is true but we´re talking sailing ships. Out of two vessels with the same wetted surface area, same draft, but a different length/breadth ratio, the one with more beam is most probably more stable and thus able to carry more sail in the same wind conditions. And there´s a good chance that this more than offsets the theoretical high L/B ratio speed advantage. One of the fastest frigates in the Age of Sail had a length/breadth ratio of around 3.50 and her body plan looks like a box with slightly beveled edges. Didn´t matter, because she simply 'outcarried' her competition.
  5. Gerade? Nuja, den Anfang vom Ende würd ich jetzt ein bischen früher ansetzen
  6. This is how it should have been done since 2013, to be honest. No discussions, no forum opinions with an impact on development and no ship selection polls. 'Democracy' doesn´t seem work as far as game development is concerned. The mess we've been through in last couple of years should be proof enough for that.
  7. And instances of 'slow' british ships of the line catching 'fast' french frigates, although this usually happened in bad weather situations. A relatively small ship has distinctive speed disadvantage vs. a larger one in heavy seas.
  8. Found another one with french arming cloths. Sexeeey: Battle of St. Kitts Another pretty nice paint scheme: White Quarterdeck barricades. Looks good on the Royal Sovereign
  9. https://www.amazon.de/Frigate-Commander-Tom-Wareham/dp/1848848595 Best naval history book I've read for a long time. By the way, Moore´s the guy who captured the last big spanish treasure convoy, commanding Indefatigable.
  10. Canvas = same material the sails are made of These arming cloths (or 'fights') were the precursor of the hammock netting, in use until the middle of the 18th century. The pic you posted is the only one I know where french arming cloths are depicted. Here is the british version, red with a thin white border: Boscawen (ex-La Medée), 1752 'Resolution in a Gale', Van de Velde, ca. 1678
  11. Pretty sure that the blue stripe with the fleur de lis is painted canvas, I think the English name is arming cloth (the british version was red with a thin white stripe).
  12. Nope. Gun Deck is just the lower deck on ships with two decks. Here´s what Mr R. Gardiner has to say about it: However, it was not just size that was the problem with the sixth rates, since they were built to a clumsy two-decked design. The lower deck - for historical reasons called the 'Gun Deck' - only had ports for 2 guns a side, the remaining space being taken up with oar ports, but this deck had to be far enough above the waterline to allow the guns to be worked when the ship was heeling or rolling in a seaway. This meant that the 'Upper Deck' - in effect, the main gun deck - was eve
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