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  1. No, sorry, never seen the deco concept for the VdP :/ 286 and 287 are body plan only (just the right side of the plan I posted) plan vertical is the body plan, plan d'élévation is the sheer, plan horizontal is the half breadth, so a plan like this would be described as 'Éch. Pl. vertical, d’élévation et horizontal.' in the Catalougue des plans de bâtiments à voiles.
  2. 'Boat'? Geeeeee.....
  3. Not quite on topic, but interesting nonetheless: https://archive.org/details/britishflagsthei00perruoft
  4. Making accurate interiors for ships is an absolute research nightmare, believe me And then there´s the tris count and textures to consider.
  5. Age of sail grognard, hardcore sim'er with casual time spending. I'm a complicated person. Cater to my needs
  6. Bloody hell...awesome vids, thanks for the link, maturin!
  7. Ops, seems like I should have looked at my sources before I posted and not write stuff from memory. You´re correct, at the time of the expedition La Belle would have been a 'barque' (i.e. just fore-and-aft rigged on the mizzen, a topsail on this mast would have probably made her a frégate légère, just as G. Grieco described her in his article in the Journal of Nautical Archaeology). He, I'm german, nitpicking is part of my DNA Well, in the Med wind conditions and directions can change quite drastically over a short period of time, so people tried to adapt to get from point A to point B as fast and efficiently as possible. Some favoured lateens, some square, some a mix of both. If both points are in the Med, than lateen sails may be the better option, if one of the points is on an atlantic coast with it´s longer 'static' wind conditions, than a mix might be preferable. And if you look at the med section of Du Pas' book I linked above, you´ll find quite a few french fore-and-aft rigged vessel
  8. That´s not true for the first french naval luggers, those were direct copies of british vessels (though later versions were slightly larger). A barque longue usually had two masts, just like the early corvettes. La Belle may have been given a mizzen mast just for La Salle´s expedition (and was subsequently classed as a fluyt, IIRC). Barque longue and corvette from Du Pas' book:
  9. And if real...a german would have been running the show
  10. Yikes. RatM is strong meta. I´ll summon M&M (just one of them wouldn´t be enough)
  11. Not bad, springby, not bad. Have a bit of Clutch in return
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