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  1. This was thanks to the Equipment Mod by Mako. https://github.com/makotech222/UAASMods
  2. Thanks to the Equipment Mod, I had acces to this readout of the naval gun stats and I have a couple of questions about some of them: "ID": "4 pdr Woolwich Gun", "crew": 2.0, "groundBatterySize": 3.0, "horizontalTurnMax": 25.0, "navalBatterySize": 1.0, "reloadTime": 80.0, "threat": 235.0, "type": "Cannon", "verticalTurnMax": 10.0, "verticalTurnMin": -5.0, "weight": 2.0, "goldPrice": 60, "Ballistics": { "verticalSpread": 0.7, "radius": 0.04, "mass": 3.5, "horizontalSpread": 2.6,
  3. On the second point: This looks like an Endymion-class 5th Rate, in which case your facing, which has 22" thick planking on its sides and 17" on the bow, meaning 6pdr armstrongs are going to bounce at a third of their range and 12pdr might be able to penetrate slightly up till half range. The Endymions also have some of the highest hp planking too, about 45% more than the dedaigneuse-class or Hermione-class 5th Rates, which I am guessing based on the picture are your own 5th Rates. Angle of fire also seems to have an influence on penetration, so it could be your chosen angle worsened your dama
  4. the v0.6.37 Beta on steam has reduced turn rates across the board, though I haven't had time to really play around with the new stats yet, so perhaps that will help the small ships a bit, though since they too are les turnable it could be only a minor change to the end result.
  5. I've been doing some research to get some nice historical info as flavour for a ship guide, and I've noticed that several classes in-game are seemingly named for singular ships instead of the actual class they belonged to. For example the Dedaigneuse 5th Rates seem to refer to the French frigate D├ędaigneuse, which was of the Coquille-class. There are several others as well such as the Cerberus-class which seems to be the Coventry-class or the Diana-class which is likely the Artois-class and the Hermione-class which is probably the Hortense-class. What is the reason for not using the more
  6. Bellona is the better third rate it seems, though it seems they feature only once for each campaign for now. Its third deck mounts 28 guns up to weight 28, so 32pdr Long Borgards can be placed here as well as 42pdr Woolwich and other 32pdr's. Its second deck of again 28 guns is capped at weight 19 or 20, so 24pdr Woolwich, 18pdr iron guns or 32pdr congreve or 42pdr caronne can go here. The upper deck is 22 guns of max weight 8, so some 9pdr brass guns or 18pdr carronades are the heaviest to be placed there. Its total weight limit is 2200, with a hull of 2500, sails of 3000, 8200 planking,
  7. I am trying to make a list of all ship classes currently in game (or at least the campaigns), but since I didn't keep meticulous records during my own campaigns and am also composing overviews for all the naval guns I would like to ask all you guys for aid. Currently, of the top of my head, I have bought/captured/fought the following: 3rd Rate Bellona class 3rd Rate Ardent class 5th Rate Diana class 5th Rate Hermione class 5th Rate Dedaigneuse class 5th Rate Unity class (Which is suprisingly weak compared to other 5th Rates) 6th Rate Cerberus class 6th Rate Porcup
  8. Allright, reload rates seem fixed across the board, but there are still a couple of prices that seem a bit off. Based on an Easy/Easy British campaign with max stats for discount etc. the 32pdr Woolwich costs 338, compared to to the Woolwich 24pdr costing 394 and the 42pdr costing 717. The 42pdr Armstrong costs 406 compared to the 32pdr's 424 and the 24pdr's 394. The Blomefield 18pdr costs 211 compared to the 12pdr's 237 and the 24pdr's 315. Other than that the 32pdr French Re-Borded costs 315, roughly comparable to the same poundage Borgard (312) and very much on the low end price wise f
  9. Upon closer inspection it does seem to be due to the total weight exceeding the limits, I forgot to use an otherwise empty vessel for my comparisons. They are an option when I empty them of some crew.
  10. On Hermione class 5th rates and Porcupine class 6th rates I can mount the 18pdr EIC pattern carronade and the 9pdr woolwich, both weight 8, on the upper deck, but on the Dedaigneuse class 5th rate and the 7th rate brig I can only mount up to weight 7, so those two guns can't be equipped here. This has made my attempts to match each gun to an Armstrong equivalent based on where you can mount it quite difficult, since these seem to be the only two guns that can sometimes be placed on a deck where the heaviest Armstrong mountable is a 6pdr, but not always. All other guns have shown a much more co
  11. Attached is an overview of reload times for all the naval guns I have manged to get my hands on in finished British and United States campaigns. Often times the reload times spike for at least one gun in the series, but these spikes are also not consistent with a single poundage. Something similar is going on with the prices, but since my campaigns are on varying difficulty levels I can't fully compare them yet. Since I am by no means an expert on naval guns I must ask, are these reload discrepancies intended or are they errors?
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