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  1. I think as well as Rank xp and Craft xp, we should get to keep Ship Knowledge xp. I think if Ship knowledge is wiped it will drive a lot of players away and create a lot of ill feeling, people just do not want to do that grind all over again.
  2. The window you get opened up when you click on Equipment icon in port; the left hand side of that window should be information available to us in OW and in battle. Reason: we should be able to destroy cannons in OW and battle to lighten the ship when trying to evade pursuers. Maybe even be able to destroy refits/upgrades too to gain speed from those upgrades that give negative effect to speed. In the same token we should be able to access our Hold in battle to destroy items to lighten the load and increase speed.
  3. It would be nice if when in OW we can see what xp is left to do to open up the ships next Ship Knowledge slot.
  4. Would be nice if the Missions icon was also available in OW so we can look see our progress while in OW.
  5. Currently we cannot trade from our warehouse to another player; we are having to put the goods in our ship hold and then do the trade. Bug maybe? If not then that needs fixing. Also trading with another player in the OW is not currently working.
  6. When crafting there is no where to see how your crafting level progress is going within a crafting level. All you can see is your current crafting level up in top right on main screen under your rank drop down. It would be nice to be able to see you progress within a craft level too so you know how close you're getting to the next crafting level. CORRECTION: You CAN see your craft level progress. In Buildings & Craft at top of screen is a little badge/emblem with a small number in it. This is your current craft level. Hover mouse cursor over that number and you can see your progress.
  7. When crafting cannons in your Forge building it will not let you put in the total number of cannons you need until you have the required resources in your warehouse. This needs to be changed. You should be able to enter the total cannons needed so you can see total resources needed and thus withdraw what you need from the clan warehouse, otherwise you're having to do the math in your head which is silly. Its ok as is if your not in a clan and already have the resources in your warehouse but if not in a clan and do not have the resources, maybe you want to just buy what you need, then it still doesn't work the best as it currently is set. When crafting cannons from the Forge, when you hover over the different cannons available to craft, no tool tip shows. Hence there is no way within the Forge/Craft area to tell what class each of those cannons are. The tool tips need to be added.
  8. When in port and looking at Building & Crafting > All Blueprints, I think it would be a good idea that when you hover the mouse cursor over the greyed out blueprints of skill books (ie the ones you don't currently have) that they also showed what was required by those blueprints. eg Gunnery Encyclopedia - it would be very helpful to know which books are needed to collect to make Gunnery Encycloedia. This would be particularly useful to new players and cause less annoyance and frustration when later finding out you used a book that you should have kept hold of until you had all books to make the full Gunnery Encyclopedia! Or as an alternative, add note to tool tip of skill books that are a requirement for the bigger skill books saying " This skill book is needed to craft Gunnery Encyclopedia skill book" as an example.
  9. You are right and I agree with you. Actually as a LO/WO ship with copper plating she was known to do over 13 knots in the real world. I have seen her speed quoted as high as 13.5 kn in some reference material but usually is quoted as "more than 13kn".
  10. just had a compare of a LO/WO Connie Classic to a LO/WO Aggy, no armour or structure mods on either. The Connie has more sides HP, more hull HP, more Thickness, so in theory it should be tankier than an Aggy. Sides: 7210 v 6716 Thickness 78 v 74.4 Hull 3426 v 3190
  11. The Connie Classic looks nice. But I'm with the commenters above; the Connie is just not the same since its big speed nerf and really has no use now that the Aggy is faster. The connie & connie classic need a speed buff so that it at least comes into the equation when players are deciding which 4th rate to build/sail. I did notice that the connie classic when tested last night in a fleet mission seemed to have very strong centre structure so thats as expected and as it should be considering she had diagonal riders.
  12. @admin My Steam Account(CoachTrack) for my Naval Action character paladin1998 has been hacked and hijacked. The hacker has changed the email recovery address so I cannot recover the account. Naval Action was the only game on that account. I have sent two emails to Valve Corp asking for help and have had no response. Are you guys able to help me recover my paladin1998 Naval Action character? Are you able to associate paladin1998 to a new Steam Account (I have set one up... PaladinNZ) if i can give you details about the paladin1998 NA character proving I am the owner? Thank you.
  13. Some realistic real world things that we should really be able to do in game: 1. Be able to swap ships to one of your fleet ships in OW. There could be a timer for how long this takes to accomplish, 60 seconds maybe. 2. Be able to pull up to another player in OW and trade goods with them. Again this could have a timer on it maybe. 3. The ability to dump goods and cannons overboard during battle to increase your speed. This should take a little while to complete and should not require coming to a stop to accomplish. 4. Be able to craft certain "special trims" rather than it be at the mercy of the RNG gods. The current list of special trims is very good with plenty of variety but the the RNG is just frustrating for all players.
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