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  1. I think all thats happening here is the devs are going for historically accurate ranks is all. Its only right that there should be Vice Admiral/Admiral/Admiral of the Fleet ranks in game.
  2. I think the biggest issue as they stand now having a ship that is Hull Bonus 4 AND Sailing Bonus 4 makes no sense. We should have to choose one or the other; there should be a drop down menu where you choose which port bonuses you want on that build. Maybe even cap it at 2 or 3 port bonuses per ship but you cannot have both Hull bonus and Sailing bonus together. This would stop the issue of having super tanky ships that are also super fast, which is ridiculous.
  3. If we're going to have enforced coalitions then Portugal should be added to the game as a Nation. They should be allied with GB as per Napoleonic War alignment. They could have their Capital base at Santo Tome de Guayana in the southeast corner of the map that would be nearest to northern Brazil.
  4. Add Portugal to the nations. They can have a starting Capital at Santo Tome de Guayana down in the SE corner of the map which is closest to northern Brazil. If the enforced coalitions go ahead, Portugal should be allied with GB along historical lines of the Napoleonic Wars as Admin has stated for other nations.
  5. Would like the ability to see what cannons i have on board when in OW and battle and the ability to throw them overboard to increase speed when being pursued. The ability to be able to throw cargo over board when in battle to lighten ship and increase speed when pursued.
  6. The ability to be able to swap from Main ship to Fleet ship in OW. You would be required to come to a Stop and then initiate the transfer. This would then take a small amount of time. I don't know about anyone else but I am fed up with having to re select my ship knowledge books if i swap which ship is Main with one of my Fleet ships when in port. It would be nice if the ship kept the ship knowledge books in place while in fleet.
  7. I'd like to see Privateers as a faction that can operate under a Letter of Marque for a set period for a Nation.
  8. Privateers i guess would need to be a new "nation/faction" that one could choose to make this work. Suggested starter ships for Privateers: Any 6th/7th rate with a BR of 100 or less for definite (except Le Requin!).
  9. I envisage that Privateering would be mostly about commerce raiding but i think there needs to be scope to fight warships too.
  10. Since this topic has come up in the new Alliance poll thread i thought may be a good time to have a fuller discussion about whether we'd like to see Privateers/Letters of Marque in game and how that might be made to work well. Some ideas to get us started ..... Privateers would need to be limited in what ships they could sail; maybe 5th rates as a maximum, but certain 5th rates(???). Certainly Privateers shouldn't be sailing around in suped up Endymions, unless the ship was capped off a player! Which means maybe a cap on what privateers can capture; here again maybe 5th rates. I think its unrealistic and not historical to think a Privateer would capture a 4th rate or higher. As a Privateer, if you bring in a prize of a captured player ship to say a Nation capital or County capital then you receive prize money for the ship plus any goods on board. There would need to be a window menu that only activated if you hold a Letter of Marque, that would then allow prize to be claimed. There needs also to be some way of tracking kills of enemy players so a reward could be paid for that too. The Letter of Marque could have a term on it that binds the player for a set time to the issuing nation, say 30 days (?) to stop abuse of the Marque system. Privateers could also enter PB's for the nation issuing the Marque. Privateers should be a separate thing to Pirates. Pirates are outlaws of the seas not privateers!
  11. I say No to enforced coalitions. Taking away the freedom of the players to choose which nation(s) they may want to have an unofficial alliance with just restricts choice in the game which would be a bad thing. We're not playing a historical sim game, we're here because we want to play a war game so the historical alliances posted have no need to be in this game. There are too many issues as brought up by many in this thread for the enforced coalitions to long term be enjoyable for the player base. Keep it a war server with no coalitions! I'd rather see an idea brought in that adds another more fun dimension to the game, like Privateers that can operate on a Letter of Marque for a nation with rewards for capturing or sinking enemy ships! That would be a lot more fun than having enforced coalitions shoved down our throats! Having Privateers operating on this map surely is much more historical than having Russia/Prussia/Poland here! I'm guessing Sir Texas Sir probably has a thread on this topic somewhere but either way i think Privateers & Letters of Marque as an option should be explored further.
  12. I think as well as Rank xp and Craft xp, we should get to keep Ship Knowledge xp. I think if Ship knowledge is wiped it will drive a lot of players away and create a lot of ill feeling, people just do not want to do that grind all over again.
  13. The window you get opened up when you click on Equipment icon in port; the left hand side of that window should be information available to us in OW and in battle. Reason: we should be able to destroy cannons in OW and battle to lighten the ship when trying to evade pursuers. Maybe even be able to destroy refits/upgrades too to gain speed from those upgrades that give negative effect to speed. In the same token we should be able to access our Hold in battle to destroy items to lighten the load and increase speed.
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