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  1. Why not allow nations to choose alliances, but big nations can only ally small nations. Like Britian allying Poland for example. Smaller nations can either ally larger nations or nations of similar size. Or just something along those lines.
  2. Can clans enable their entire nation to be able to use their port facilities and bonuses and whatnot?
  3. I just think it would be nice for the newer players to be able to get a ship that isn't blue quality, I sure know that I have never made something that isn't blue. But maybe that's because I don't want to spam out oak/oak ships and want to make ones out of decent woods that take a somewhat long while to acquire if your not in a big clan that can buy them with your spare 50k doubloons. It would just be a nice addition so if you want a ship that has more than three slots after some bad RNG, for the price of a few thousand doubloons or ten or so combat medals. Also, I apologize for not clarifying what I meant in the post by the problem with DLC ships. Some people have been complaining about the fact DLC ships can just be any wood type you want. Not only can they get a ship with rare woods every day, but they also basically can try their hand at getting a rare ship every day. So players are sinking or selling their Pandoras and Rattvisans each day to try to get a goldy. People off of that are suggesting that rare woods should be made well... less rare, so I think it's reasonable to suggest making the crafting RNG less RNG. Credit to Mr. Doran for the following:
  4. I have heard a few people bring up the subject of RNG crafting and how it is bad for the game, especially with DLC ships. I propose two possible solutions. Make it so you can guarantee a higher rarity of ship through crafting materials or an increased RNG chance of getting one through buyable items. Either make it so you invest more resources into a ship to get the quality of ship you want (like for a guaranteed purple you would have to put in 1.25x more wood and maybe 2x for gold, and for specific add ons you want, like for 'cramped' you'd have to fork over more hemp); or make a RNG increaser buyable from the admiralty with doubloons or combat medals (for non-outrageous prices) that will make it so your guaranteed at least a purple but also have a 30% chance of a gold. Maybe even have AI drop them at some frequency for specific rate groups of ships (I.E 4-5th, 1-3th, 6-7th). At least something along those lines.
  5. Stealing wind would be interesting, and realistic. HMS Revenge when it tried to make her run through a Spanish fleet was stopped in her tracks because of a huge Spanish ship blocking the wind with her sails.
  6. You can at times not even get enough reals to compensate the repairs of your ship, or just barely.
  7. With medium guns I aim directly into their lower side from a good broadsiding distance, and all my shots fling into their masts for some reason in the Pandora.
  8. https://na-map.netlify.com/ Go to game tools on the map
  9. I'm not quite sure. Does it show up in your shipyard as craftable? I'm not high enough level at crafting to see for myself.
  10. Made my edited version of the spreadsheet. Orange = You must get a RNG permit for, can't get, and the alpha ships (Yacht). Red = Permit can be gained from admiralty. Green = DLC Ship. Blue = Event ship. Purple = Trader ships. White = The combat ships that we can actually craft without having to get permits and such.
  11. Maybe a toggle for seeing friendly and enemy ship names? I mean, it'd be cool to find a very good enemy player and capture the ship they've personalized with a name and then gain bragging rights. Naming could even bring about more friendly rivalries. If you lose your ship, build a new, better one with the name "[Insert player that killed you]'s Bane." Then seek vengeance!
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