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  1. Any answer would be appreciated.
  2. Probably the Heavy cruiser V as it allows for double superfiring 9 inch guns as early as 1909.
  3. It should already be implemented, as stated by the Devs in this post on the Ship Designer Feedback Thread.
  4. I've heard several times while browsing the Forum, that ships with different types of primary battery receive penalties (simulating difficulty of differentiating shell splashes of guns). However nowhere have I seen the exact way this works described in detail. So, I was wondering if anyone has done any testing on this or whether the devs have explained it anywhere in the past, since there are several cases where it is unclear if and to what extent the malus applies or not: Does the system simply apply a penalty if multiple different guns from the primary section are placed on the same ship, and does it become worse with every extra turret of different size mounted, or does the System only take into account guns of similar sizes being on the same ship? (e.g. a ship with both 11- and 12-inch guns would receive a large penalty whereas a ship with 16- and 10-inch guns would receive a more minor penalty) Related to the above, are secondary batteries included in the equation in any way? For instance, would it be detrimental to have a ship with a 9-inch primary and an 8-inch secondary battery and can different secondary batteries interfere with each other if too similar in size? Is the penalty applied for guns of the same calibre but in different mounts? For example, would a ship with both double and triple barrel turrets of the same diameter still be disadvantaged and are centre and side turrets of the same type treated as mixed batteries? Thanks in advance for any answers provided.
  5. I have also had problems on this Mission, it seems to be heavily luck dependant. I built a BB with the maximum allowed speed (33 kn) and was still only able to get just into range of the faster enemy BB with rougly 10 mins left on the mission timer. It turns out the BB I was chasing had a top speed of 29 kn and it was therefore almost impossible to complete the mission without building a BC and whacking up the Speed to ridicolous levels (the fastest DD i got at 34 kn never got into Range of the last BB).
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