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Found 97 results

  1. Just pondering the idea of having a taming tree where you could earn say “Friend of the Bears”, or “Friend of the Elk”, etc. Could either be for taming an animal to give you a buff, or fight beside you, or even do something like call a bear to distract a patrol. Could go many different directions with it. Wingnut
  2. Talked to a dev in Discord about this briefly. IRL Indians would “Knap” arrowheads usually from flint or obsidian. Knapping is the process of breaking off a piece of flint, or obsidian, and then chipping around the edges of it to form a sharp arrowhead. I can’t imagine it would be too difficult to add flint and/or obsidian into the game to make arrowheads with. Flint could be used for regular arrows, and obsidian for the better arrows. Here is a guide to American Indian Arrowheads; Native American Indian Arrowheads: The Ultimate Informational Guide Wingnut
  3. This method is fully built into the in-game rules. If you do not like it, the rules should change: Step 1: Find a Patrol Zone in an area where First Rates are common - La Mona Patrol is probably the best Step 2: Take a Frigate or Light-Frigate into the Patrol Circle, and attack a L'Ocean or Santisima (900 BR Each), make sure to be Downwind (!) Step 3: Sail Downwind until you reach the circle edge, while putting some shots into the Enemy (get Sail Damage to mark it as your kill). Step 4: Right before the Enemy is likely to turn, sail outside of the Patrol Circle, but keeping yourself tangent to the circle so you can return in time. Step 5: When the Enemy ship follows you clearly outside the circle, turn so it can intercept you and commit to a turn + fire broadside behavior. Step 6: Survive the barrage and re-enter the Patrol Circle enough to Reset the clock. Step 7: Exit the Patrol Circle again and wait for the Enemy's 5 minute clock to run down to 0. This ensures the Enemy ship stays outside the circle, and since you reset your own timer, the other ship gets sunk first and you win. Your timer stops after winning. Congratulations, you just Killed a First Rate. You can now loot the corpse. Repeat Steps 1-7 until you reach 8100 points. To get the most Dubs, perform the last battle in the last few hours before Reset, since the tie-breaker is the last person (!?) to reach 9000 points. PvE Server Testing: 6th Rate Test: ~2700 points, won the ladder (didn't bother to max). Mercury with no skill unlocks and no mods. Lost one ship - mistake, took a broadside from too close a distance. 5th Rate Test: ~4500 points, won the ladder. Surprise Sab/Sab got the most kills, no skills or upgrades required. Lost a Surprise to timer mistake, Lost a Trinc - unable to return upwind. 4th Rate Test: Killed a L'Ocean with an Aggie on accident, discovering this method. There are paths that are quire possible with heavier ships. but 3rd rate and above is trivial to just win by Boarding/Fighting. Boarding Help Method - alternative method that is also likely used: 1. Make a L'Ocean with Boarding Spec and take Barricades and other defensive skills, Marines, etc. 2. Fight a Lone Santi/L'Ocean and start the fight by softening the rear armor by 25%, then immediately boarding. 3. During the boarding, do not use any attacks, and Defend whenever your crew goes low enough for the AI to Counter-Attack. Slow down the killing of enemy crew. 4. The smaller ship gets behind the Enemy and starts raking from optimal distance and position, starting with hull damage, and then switching to Grape for crew. 5. If the smaller ship does more Crew and Hull damage than the Helper, it will get the kill even if the larger ship wins the boarding. Can be enhanced by allowing the smaller ship to work down the sails with Chain initially, scoring extra sail damage which adds up for to secure kill. This can be done in 30-40 minute fights or less. This is simple enough to do with an Alt-Account / Dual-Box. Suggestions: 1.Make Weekly Ladder Fights 1v1 only, do not score kills in fights with friend or fleet ship help. No help, 1v1 only. (This disables the Boarding Help method) 2. Make the AI Ships Immune to the Patrol Circle timer.
  4. Ahoy captains and devcaptains! I've been playing this game for about 200 hours and I must say it is a lovely game. I enjoy the thing you can do with the free camera but I would like to propose a feature request that I think may be achievable in the near future. Currently in game - It is not a big issue but we all know that when we scroll in, we end up kinda on deck but somewhere in the middle of the ship, floating near the mainsail. Feature request - My request is that to zoom in but instead of stopping where it is, it can be default zoom into the helm of the ship. I tried using the free camera but it is stationary while the ships bobs around sometimes clipping into the floor. -An example is attached - I am hoping that scrolling-in in the future can give us this really cool view at the helm everytime. Misc - I am not too picky if the wheel doesnt turn in this view because that is so minor it can always be implemented in the distant future. - However, i think having this view adds aesthetically to the game experience. You are after all the captain of your ship, it'll be nice to have a good overall view =D That is all for my feature request. I hope it is a decent request as I have not found any threads on this during my prior search. Fair winds and following seas, Captain Personthing.
  5. I added more choices because some seem to be taking this poll as an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with combat medals in particular. I'm with you. I don't like combat medals. In fact, I think we have too many currencies in game. But I created the poll assuming the devs were going to keep a combat medal system. So.... I don't like it when players farm their alts either. However, to me, those players are more or less wasting their time. I don't view them as farmers, but as targets. Go ahead, obtain ships, mods, and rank. You're still not going to be much of a challenge if you took that short cut. It's sort of the same way I view if we were allowed to bring rank across from the PVE server. Who cares? In the past there has been too much worry and restrictions placed because of what a few idiots are doing to the detriment of the rest of the population that just wants to play the game. @admin Please reconsider:
  6. I am really struggling with the R-Zones. Can´t they be nerfed? One idea might be: A relative outcome to everything you are doing regarding your rank up to 1/10th outcome at the highest rank. (or so) This shall be related to Reals / Doublons / XP / dropping etc. And maybe a bit smaller, but more rewards for sailing the free waters!
  7. Captains, I'd like to share with you some ideas to the past discussions about content/nations and possible server solutions based on the two server model: 1. CvC Server (Clan versus Clan) - No nations, only clans - No safe zones - No grinding (just choose your ship for fight) - Ganking, death match, capture flag etc. - "old" battle system - Target: Clan/player scores, conquests 2. NvN Server (Nation versus Nation) - Only Nations (yes, no clans) - Pirates: no nation to choose, you become Pirate for sinking the wrong ship (e.g. without letter of marque) or delivering the wrong letter/person, highest craftable ship is Pirate Frigate; "abandoned" colonies can turn to pirate or neutral, - grinding and crafting (also trading goods), no ship DLCs - Missions: Delivery missions have an influence on Nations (e.g. riots in an enemy colony) - "new" battle system (from testbed) - only balanced fights (via BR), patrol zones are free fighting areas - Everybody can join a PB - More "content" (missions and incentives): kill, escort fleet, nobility titles, nice ship rewards, spy activities for the crown or to even get married with the most beautiful governor's daughter - Caribbean news for each nation (alliances, political development, port battles, colonies, nation, economy) - tbc Please join the discussion FvB
  8. I would love to suggest some Co-op options for the PvE server, as there are currently no port battles. These co-op activities would be optional, so the peaceful, relaxing nature of the PvE server would not be changed. Port raids. Essentially just port battles against an AI fleet, raids will allow players to group up and fight for a port. Once captured, doubloons will be handed out based on battle performance. Duals. Players are able to challenge each other in the OW, and with mutual agreement a PvP battle is started. NPC Blockades. A group of 5 - 10 NPC's will blockade a random port. This will initiate a 6 hours long lasting battle, which all players can join. When a port is blockaded, you cannot enter this port directly. You'll have to join the blockade instance and sail your way through the enemy lines into safety of the coastal defenses, if you want to move into the port. A coordinated player fleet however can also kill all NPC's, after which the port is free to enter again. Can be BR limited to create a challenge. I don't know how this would work out on the PvP server (option 1 and 2 would be redundant), but I think option 3 could also be fun on the PvP server.
  9. To help (new) players with making long term goals, I suggest a Captain's Diary, which contains: Collectible pages in which you can track: which kind of fish you caught at least once; how many of each kind of ship you've sunk; which skill books you've learned and which not; which harbors you've visited; which ships you've fought with at least once, as well as compare their stats; Achievement pages, in which you can earn (Steam) achievements for goals like: earn 50.000, 500.000 and 5.000.000 by trading sink 10, 100, 1000 7th rank ships sink 4, 6, 8 first rates in one battle win a 1 vs 2 without using repairs etc. Statistics pages, in which you can check: how often you've sunk how accurate you are at firing how many (port) battles you've did A nice twist could be, that when you sink someone, you can read that captain's diary.
  10. After playing a while on the PVP server back in 2015-16, I joined the game back again, this time on the PvE server to get a somewhat more relaxing experience. Starting as a rookie, I finished the endurance exam, but I'm still struggling with the Final Exam. That doesn't matter at all, it's supposed to be hard as it is the final exam. However, I dreamed a bit around and felt I was missing a crucial thing for the full PvE experience of new(ish) players: Story line quests / Campaign: a series of story driven quest telling me to sail from A to B, defeating a PvE pirate underway, smuggle a bit of contraband goods for my country and other 'meaningful' orders. A good example for a starting story, could be the following: Quest 1: On the market, a trader asks you to start fishing, as there is a huge shortage of fish. Player starts fishing, finds different kinds of fish, and sells it for a good bargain to the trader (small starting capital for the player). Quest 2: As there is still a huge shortage, player is questioned to go fishing again. However, he manages to catch a bottle with some inscriptions in it, pointing out someone is in a dire need to be salvaged on coordinates X/Y. Player rescues someone from a raft. The rescued person is thankful and rewards player with money. Quest 3: As the player starts talking with the rescued person, he points out that he was a trader who has a feud with another trader. He thinks that trader hired some pirates for sinking his ship. Player starts investigating by visiting 3 nearby cities for information, and sails back to report to trader. Reward: sailing experience, player learned to navigate on open seas. Quest 4: All proof points towards pirate X, who might be responsible for the attack. Players will hunt down the pirate on the open seas, and is required to board him to capture the captain alive. Reward: new ship (lynx) and player practiced the boarding mechanics. Quest 5: After a thorough hearing, the pirate captain refuses to tell anything. However, the ring he's wearing, looks familiar to the saved trader. He found out that once these ring might be of one of his friends, who used to live near free harbor X. Player goes there, and finds out that he's no longer there. All traces point out that the trader sailed to city Y but was captured halfway by the pirates. Quest 6: Player is towards a pirate harbor, and has to sneak in the enemy port using a false flag. When arriving there, he finds out that indeed the friend is captured, and is forced to work on one of the 3 pirate ships. Player sails back to the trader, and together they decide that they'll rescue the friend. Quest 7: Players boards 3 ships and finds the friend. That friend happens to have good connections around the world, and ask you to become part of a nationality of your choice, opening up to 3 new quest lines. Reward: sum of money, experience and player chooses his nation he wants to sail for. Etc. Now, why would NA needs this? Firstly, new players, just as me, struggle to find something meaningful to do in NA. I just joined again, got myself some money by trading, and I'm now looking for ways to increase my experience level and looking for ways to earn more money. A story driven quest would give some guidance in mastering the game again in a relaxing pace, and ensures me to play the game for as long as the duration of the quests. So basically, it helps player retention. Secondly, the 'new player'-quests will be in a save zone, save for PvP and ganking. After finishing their 7th quest, they decide which nation they'll join, making their choice more informed and based on in-game information. The new player can starts his adventure a bit more 'solo', allowing more people to stick to the game. After that, the 'experienced player'-quests are spread further away, and requires player to sail bigger ships, defeat bigger enemies. On PvP servers, this ensures a steady supply of players trying to sail certain routes with valuable goods, which can be captured. However finishing the quest also will net a great reward, netting the player who manages to do them a good profit, even when losing some ships. Quest can give end-game goals for players, for example a non-tradable crafting receipe for non-tradable upgrades for your first rate ships. Quest can help people find each other in the game, as they are sharing a common goal. An example could be a quest which you need help of someone else with. This brings people into contact with clans. Quest add solo content to the game, both enjoyable for the PvP as the PvE server. Quests can give a reason the explore a vast majority of the map, instead of just sailing around your starting harbor. Quests can smooth the leveling grind in a structured way. Now, I know Naval Action is a historical correct game. However I really think above mentioned stories are very possible without losing that realistic feeling. In my opinion, having just a touch of a RPG, this can be very useful for both player induction, as well as player retention. Once the system is in place, it also opens up the way to more and more quests, some maybe even as a DLC. I would really enjoy some extra goals and many with me. Furthermore, I think it's a very important thing Naval Action should do in the near future, as a good quest line really can have a positive effect onto the economy (which rewards do you give?), the meta (players not sailing alone with their expensive ships as there is no reward for doing it) and the player retention. At the same time, it has no drawbacks, because any player can ignore their quests at any time. What do you thing about this suggestion?
  11. Now i love playing this game. However sometimes i dont have the amount of time to go into port select my ship, pick what i am going to do and then go do it. Sometimes i am looking for a quick battle, at any rate. Whether it is vs NPC, or perhaps PVP with friends. I figure i would suggest that there be a Practice Mode / Private Battle Mode / Arcade Mode or Map, where a player can go into a list of ALL Rated Ships and Pick what they would like to use to fight. Pick what they would like to go up against. I see this as a benefit especially for fleets or clans that want to practice maneuvers and seamanship. Or for single Naval Action battles whether it be PVP or playing against NPC characters. Wouldn't it be nice to have the option to mess around with different caliber of ships to test your abilities once again in Battles without the risk of loosing your precious ships and cargo? To Test the Waters as it were? Now i understand the realism that the Developers would like to go for, which would still be there in the Regular modes or Maps. But to have an Arcade Style Map or Mode, would give the player more options of what they want to do, what they need to prepare for, and what to expect from their next "real" engagement. And after all, this is a game.
  12. @admin and players, I wish that you can only make refits in yards. This would improve the economic cycle. A refit is made as a ship. But there is a "special" recipe for it. The materials are written down and will not change later when unpacking in the port. There is a fixed final price for this ship. This final price should be equal to the "minimum price" for raw materials and working hours, ie the actual value of production. Then you sell the refit in a "free port" and receive an additional 1 PvP mark. So a shipbuilder can develop PvP brands without fighting. You can sell unlimited refits to the business. However, a maximum final amount should be set, e.g. 30 pieces. Players can then buy refit for several PvP brands in the store. You can have unlimited refits - the space is unlimited. You can "unpack" the refit in each port. Ultimately, this will remove PvP brands from the game. Maybe the prices for server admins should be adjusted regularly. This is the only way to prevent a PvP brand flood in the long term. Refits should always be a little bit worse than ships in normal sales. This could be regulated with the slots as well as with the wood. Refits represent ships that were built for a need "fast". addendum: Maybe it makes sense to introduce a limit for personal ownership of refits. Actually, 3-5 would be enough for each player I think. What do you all mean? (German texts are always translated with the help of Google.) @admin und Spieler, ich wünsche mir, daß man Refits nur in Werften herstellen kann. Dieses würde den Wirtschaftskreislauf verbessern. Ein Refit wird so hergestellt wie ein Schiff. Es gibt aber ein "besonderes" Rezept dafür. Die Materialien sind festgeschrieben und ändern sich auch später beim Auspacken im Hafen nicht. Es gibt einen festen Endpreis für dieses Schiff. Dieser Endpreis sollte dem "Mindestpreis" für die Rohstoffe und den Arbeitsstunden entsprechen, also dem tatsächlichem Herstellungswert. Anschließend verkauft man das Refit in einem "freien Hafen" und erhält dafür zusätzlich 1 PvP-Marke. So kann sich ein Schiffsbauer ohne Kampf PvP-Marken erarbeiten. Man kann unbegrenzt viele Refits ans Geschäft verkaufen. Es sollte aber eine maximale Endmenge festgelegt werden, z.B. 30 Stück. Spieler können dann in dem Geschäft das Refit für mehrere PvP-Marken kaufen. Man kann unbegrenzt viele Refits besitzen - der Platz dafür ist unbegrenzt. Man kann in jedem Hafen das Refit "entpacken". Letztendlich werden dadurch PvP-Marken dem Spiel entnommen. Vielleicht sollten die Preise für Refits von Server-Admins regelmäßig angepasst werden. Nur so läßt sich auf Dauer eine PvP-Marken-Schwemme verhindern. Refits sollten immer ein kleines bißchen schlechter sein als Schiffe im normalem Verkauf. Dieses könnte man mit den Slots als auch mit dem Holz regulieren. Refits stellen Schiffe dar, die für eine Notwendigkeit "schnell" gebaut wurden. Nachtrag: Vielleicht ist es doch sinnvoll eine Begrenzung für den persönlichen Besitz an Refits einzuführen. Eigentlich würden 3-5 pro Spieler ausreichen denke ich. Was meint Ihr?
  13. @admin and players, I also wish a targeted fishing. 1. The old fish should be kept as "fishing". Maybe you could reduce this catch to about 50%. 2. Ships In addition, certain ships (such as Basic Cutter and 7.Rate merchant ships) could be converted to fishing boats. It would be to consider either "ship knowledge" or "permanent upgrades", one for "fishing nets" and one for "whale harpoon". Good would be a reduction in the number of cannons. Fishing boats had a low armament. Something could be achieved by "doubling the load time" or even more. Personally, I would be in favor of a "permanent upgrade" and a "tripled load time". At the same time you get more time to escape or "hostile marking". Maybe you should only be attacked by ships of the 7.Rate? 3. Interaction There are large swarms all over the map, maybe even whales. These swarms are visible at great distances, through gulls in the air. One then crosses with his fishing boat at the seagull swarm. You catch large quantities in a short time. The swarms may always stay around 30 minutes. After that, they dissolve and, by accident, re-emerge in another place. In these swarms there are "no bottles"! 4. sale It could be conceived an additional market. How about provisions for each ship? A certain amount needed per day at sea for each ship. Or maybe only for ships 1. 2nd and 3rd installment? Or the "outgoing teams" of the ports are counted. This will determine a fish meat requirement leading to a higher "selling price". Also interesting would be the decrease of Waltran (suggestion comes from @Odol ). An additional "permanent upgrade" (whale harpoon). So you would bring the profession of the fisherman more in the game. Also interesting are the suggestions of the following threads, which can perhaps be linked with them: Maybe you can find more or better suggestions on how to do that? (German texts are always translated with the help of Google.) @admin und Spieler, ich wünsche mir zusätzlich ein gezieltes Fischen. 1. Das alte Fischen sollte als "Angeln" erhalten bleiben. Eventuell könnte man diese Fangmenge auf ca. 50 % reduzieren. 2. Schiffe Neu hinzu könnte man bestimmte Schiffe (z.B. Basic-Kutter und Handelsschiffe der 7.Rate) als Fischerboote umrüsten. Es wäre zu Überlegen entweder Mittels "Schiffswissen" oder "Permanent-Upgrades", eines für "Fischernetze" und eines für "Wal-Harpune". Gut wäre eine Verringerung der Kanonenzahl. Fischerboote hatten eine geringe Bewaffnung. Sowas könnte man durch "Verdoppelung der Ladezeit" realisieren oder sogar noch mehr. Ich persönlich wäre für ein "Permanent-Upgrade" und für eine "verdreifachte Ladezeit". Gleichzeitig erhält man mehr Zeit zur Flucht bzw. gegen "feindliche Markierung". Vielleicht sollte man auch nur von Schiffen der 7.Rate angegriffen werden können? 3. Interaktion Auf der ganzen Karte ziehen große Schwärme umher, vielleicht auch Walfische. Diese Schwärme sind auf großer Entfernung sichtbar und zwar durch Möwen in der Luft. Man kreuzt dann mit seinem Fischerboot beim Möwenschwarm umher. Man fängt in kurzer Zeit große Mengen. Die Schwärme bleiben vielleicht immer ca. 30 Minuten erhalten. Danach lösen diese sich auf und entstehen durch Zufall wieder an einem anderen Ort. In diesen Schwärmen gibt es "keine Flaschen"! 4. Verkauf Es könnte ein zusätzlicher Absatzmarkt erdacht werden. Wie wäre es mit Proviant für jedes Schiff? Eine bestimmte Menge, die man pro Tag auf See für jedes Schiff benötigt. Oder vielleicht nur für Schiffe 1. 2. und 3. Rate? Oder es werden die "auslaufenden Mannschaften" der Häfen gezählt. Dadurch wird ein Fischfleisch-Bedarf ermittelt, der zu einem höheren "Verkaufspreis" führt. Interessant wäre auch die Abnahme von Waltran (Anregung kommt von @Odol). Eine zusätzliches "Permanent-Upgrade" (Wal-Harpune). So würde man den Beruf des Fischers stärker in das Spiel bringen. Interessant sind auch die Vorschläge folgender Threads, die sich damit vielleicht auch verknüpfen lassen: ... siehe Oben ... Vielleicht findet Ihr aber noch mehr oder bessere Vorschläge, wie man sowas umsetzen könnte?
  14. @admin and players, Would it be possible to take a break of 5 minutes every 30 minutes in all combat operations? The game would be frozen and a clock is running. (Of course it would be possible for you to suffer a disadvantage as well, but on the other hand you could also benefit from an advantage.) The reason: Philanthropy and disability-friendly This would give time for the fulfillment of human needs and a brief relaxation from a physical and mental compulsory attitude. Often you play to yourself. Suddenly you are drawn from outside into a fighting. These battles can take 90 minutes. When resolving a combat action, you can be drawn into a new fight. And again, a duty of possibly 90 minutes begins. Already we would be at 3 hours, etc .. Personally, I think it would be interesting for game developers to incorporate these basic human needs. "Gambling Addiction and PC Addiction" are well-known terms and I think that even a gaming community would understand an adequate compromise. (Ger man texts are always translated with the help of Google.) @admin und Spieler, wäre es möglich bei allen Kampfhandlungen alle 30 Minuten eine Pause von 5 Minuten einzuführen? Das Spiel würde eingefroren und eine Uhr läuft. (Natürlich wäre es möglich, daß man dadurch auch mal einen Nachteil erleiden würde. Auf der anderen Seite könnte man aber auch mal von einem Vorteil profitieren.) Der Grund: Menschenfreundlichkeit und Behindertenfreundlichkeit Dieses gäbe Zeit für die Erledigung menschlicher Bedürfnisse und eine kurzzeitige Entspannung aus einer physischen und psychischen Zwangshaltung. Häufig spielt man vor sich hin. Plötzlich wird man von Außen in eine Kampfhandlungen hineingezogen. Diese Kampfhandlungen können 90 Minuten dauern. Beim Lösen aus einer Kampfhandlung kann man in einen neuen Kampf hineingezogen werden. Und schon wieder beginnt eine Pflicht von eventuell 90 Minuten. Schon wären wir bei 3 Stunden, etc.. Ich persönlich fände es interessant, wenn Spielentwickler diese menschlichen Grundbedürfnisse mit einbeziehen täten. "Spielsucht und PC-Sucht" sind bekannte Begriffe und ich denke, daß auch eine Spielgemeinschaft Verständnis für einen adäquaten Kompromiss hätten.
  15. Hardworking developers I think it's good that you can improve your skills at the shipyard. However, I find the making of cannons also worthy of appreciation. 1. Depending on the type of gun should in my opinion also "XP" points are awarded. Finally, you spend resources and work points on it. The number of operating points for the final production would be e.g. a reasonable amount of "XP" points. These acquired XP points are credited to the "Level Account", as in shipbuilding. 2. The image mask (UI) could also get a subdivision / sorting in the "classes of cannons". 3. I think I've read before that you could also introduce a "bonus by accident" in the production of cannon, as in shipbuilding. That a cannon can continue to shoot or endure some more powder charge ... etc ... Could you bring something like that into the game? (German texts are always translated with the help of Google.) Fleißige Entwickler, ich finde es gut, dass man in der Schiffswerft seine Fähigkeiten aufbessern kann. Allerdings finde ich das Herstellen von Kanonen auch einer Würdigung wert. 1. Je nach Kanonentyp sollten meiner Meinung nach auch "XP"-Punkte vergeben werden. Schließlich gibt man dafür Ressourcen und Arbeitspunkte aus. Die Anzahl an Arbeitspunkte für die Endproduktion entspräche z.B. einem angemessenem Wert an "XP"-Punkten. Diese erworbenen XP-Punkte werden auf das "Level-Konto" angerechnet, so wie beim Schiffsbau. 2. Die Bildmaske (UI) könnte auch eine Unterteilung / Sortierung in den "Klassen der Kanonen" erhalten. 3. Ich glaube hier schon mal gelesen zu haben, dass man auch einen "Bonus per Zufall" bei der Herstellung von Kanonen einführen könnte, so wie beim Schiffsbau. Dass eine Kanone weiter schießen kann oder etwas mehr Pulverladung aushält ... usw... Könnte man so was noch in das Spiel hineinbringen?
  16. Prolog: Shortly after Sterett had the American colors raised, he had his men open fire upon the Tripolitans at close range with muskets. In response, Tripoli returned fire with an ineffective broadside.[8] The Americans returned fire with their own broadsides, which led Rous to break off the engagement and attempt to flee. Neither able to fight off the American vessel nor outrun her, the Tripolitans attempted to grapple Enterprise and board her. Once within musket range, Enterprise's marines opened fire on the Tripoli, foiling its boarding attempt, and forced Tripoli to try to break away once more. Enterprise continued the engagement, firing more broadsides into the Tripolitan and blasting a hole in her hull.[9] Severely damaged, Tripoli struck her colors to indicate surrender. As Enterprise moved towards the vessel to accept its surrender, the Tripolitans hoisted their flag and fired upon Enterprise. The Tripolitans again attempted to board the American schooner, but were repelled by Enterprise's broadsides and musketry. After another exchange of fire, the Tripolitans struck their colors a second time. Sterett once more ceased firing and moved closer to Tripoli.[10] In response, Rous again raised his colors and attempted to board Enterprise. Enterprise's accurate gunnery once more forced Tripoli to veer off. As the action continued, Rous perfidiously feigned a third surrender in an attempt to draw the American schooner within grappling range. This time, Sterett kept his distance, and ordered Enterprise's guns to be lowered to aim at the polacca's waterline, a tactic that threatened to sink the enemy ship. The next American broadsides struck their target, causing massive damage, dismasting her mizzen-mast, and reducing her to a sinking condition.[11] With most of his crew dead or wounded, the injured Admiral Rous finally threw the Tripolitan flag into the sea to convince Sterett to end the action.[9] Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_of_1_August_1801 Suggestion: Give xebec the option to do a false surrender showing the ship with white flag but as soon as in boarding range to be able to hoist their colors again and to board right away. Pros: More accurrate game mechanics to sim rl Cons: More annoyed people
  17. Prolog Currently our flags stay untouched and look new even after tremendous rigging damage. Suggestion Flags get a damage layer like sails do, but complete destruction of the flag isnt possible. Details: After/during a battle flags could be damaged and look like this for increased immersion: Pro: increased immersion Con: Dev time
  18. I know simulating collision damage was tried and failed, but with our current unrealistic boarding capabilities or sometimes lack of (determined defender), perhaps it’s time to relook at some options. First, I don’t know if it is always possible for the game to determine who rammed who. I also don’t if the game can determine the speed of the collision. But... Here are some options: Damage and leaks to both parties, the lighter ship sustains worse damage. Possible immediate rigging shock as well. But even more important and perhaps easier to implement. A use for the BRACE COMMAND. If there is a strong enough collision and your crew is not braced you receive significant crew damage and go in to crew shock.
  19. I've suggested this several times in other threads before, but it was recently suggested to me to make a topic for it. Wall of text incoming. If you're intent on skipping it, skip to the bold part for the mechanics suggestion. I personally liked our old system of craftable upgrades better. You know the one, the old grey/green/blue/purple/gold system where you could craft most modules and upgrades using mid grade notes and some materials. But there were some very powerful, very rare modules (gold marines, carpenters, light carriages, etc.) that made that system no good. I understand the devs have worked hard on our current skillbook and permanent module system, and introduced new modules (however much I disagree with the need for them) so we probably won't return to that old system...so I'll propose a compromise in this topic. Now after the big wipe, I was under the impression that we were trying to move away from a mod-dependent system. Instead modules and books are now more valuable and more important than ever. And the worst part is, the common ones are mostly garbage! Nobody who is competitive uses Gazelle for +1% speed, when Bovenwinds, Navy Hull (granted that ones not super difficult to get) and Copper Plating all offer significantly better performance. And why use Optimized Ballast when there is Art of Shiphandling? The list of crap mod vs good mod goes on. Players who have played long enough, or are active enough, or are "good" enough will likely have access to these super rare modules. Heck I've got a full set on my main and almost a full set on one alt, and I'm well on my way to a decent set on a 3rd alt. But the casuals can't easily get them. This further widens the gap between 2000+ hours "I am pro--I sink players [noobs] 5 vs 1" and Mr. Casual over there who is playing an hour or two a week. I'm 100% for high quality rewards for players who are active, skilled, and get out there and get the kills, but those same rewards should also be available (at a very high cost, and via RNG) to those who maybe aren't so skilled. But when the ship you are sailing costs less than 1Mil to make and the modules you need on it to make it relevant in PvP cost over 2Mil, something is wrong. Here is a quote from this post by admin regarding future goals in NA http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/19703-forthcoming-changes-in-the-next-testbed-patch/ I took the liberty of emphasizing the important part. Granted that post is old, but I don't think the goal has changed? It shouldn't have changed. We should always strive to put people into the OW where they can willingly PvP without fear of losing a super-expensive ship. It has gotten to the point in the game now, that you pretty much need those good modules and books to be relevant in PvP. (I know someone is going to come along and say "I've gotten X amount of kills with a storebought ship and medium cannons. Hurr durr your point is irrelevant the system is fine!" blah blah blah.) Sure, you can get by without them, but you'll sink a lot, and most players get discouraged when their best 5th rate gets run down and wrecked by a 4th or 3rd rate because that big ship was running mods and books that they'll (seemingly) never have access to. Important note: I am NOT against speed-fitted 4th and 3rd rates. They are lovely ships and can easily find a balance in NA. Read on to see how. So here's the suggestion: (credit where credit is due, I'm sure I'm the first to suggest this stuff) Remove the useless speed cap. It breaks more things than it helps. Nerf Pirate Rig and Spanish Rig some (don't ruin the mods, just nerf them bit by bit till we find a balance). Nerf speed bonuses/negatives provided by wood types: the difference in speed between fir/fir and LO/WO should be less than it is now. Make all modules available in 4 ways: RNG loot, Crafting with resources and books, PvP marks, or Combat Marks (enormous amounts of combat marks, obviously). Introduce diminishing returns for stacking all modules and books of the same category (reload, speed, turn, hp) (stacking 2 speed mods @ 2% speed each does not equal +4% speed, instead more like +3.2%, stacking another 2% mod will yield a net bonus of something like 4.5%, etc.). The more you stack, the less you benefit. Negatives still stack normally, obviously. If you have mods that give different amounts, the highest amount will apply first, then the stacked values will diminish in order of greatest to least. This will once again provide room for "average" 5th rates and 4th rates to spread their sails on OW. They'll still get run down by speed-fit Bellonas, Ingermanlands, Endymions, Wapens, etc. (as they should), but the difference in speed between a failfit speedboat and a teak/wo "jack of all trades build" with one or two speed upgrades will be much less than it is now. Furthermore, the increased availability of books and modules means that everyone can be on a more-or-less equal playing field. There won't be room for people to say "I don't wanna go out and PvP because I don't have the right mods and I'll just get sunk," or "You only beat me because you have elite mods that I don't have." There will still be plenty more to balance regarding the bonuses we can choose for our ships (looking at you, useless wood types and pointless modules that nobody uses). But I think that if the broken DLC boats have taught us anything, its that high availability and low operating cost does increase PvP. I see some people going out to hunt and forming up in the coastguards who before wouldn't willingly PvP. But now that they have a ship that can be replaced easily and doesn't *require* expensive modules to function (pirate rig refit is cheap enough), they go out and fight. Thats good. Those ships still need balancing though, but thats well covered in other threads. TL/DR: Good mods are more valuable than standard 3/5 ships and that discourages casuals from PvP. Make the good modules and books more available and maybe we'll start seeing people leave port and sail out of the safezones. Introduce diminishing returns to discourage stacking that leads to outrageous bonuses. Thoughts? Is it a good idea, or crazy?
  20. Prologe: Current NA Navigation is based on straight lines if not other extern tools are used like Stopwatch, certain extern maps, f11 coordinates (that will vanish with release). But what if i want to sail to a destination that is direct into the wind. Currently we have 2 options stay on course and be slow. Or do it realistic and tack. The 2nd option is lacking some tools in my opinion therefore... Suggestion: Lets introduce the hourglass an ingame Event timer This tool will allow the captain to keep track on time spend on a certain heading and notify the next tack to keep on track. Pros: makes OW navigation easier Cons: more UI stuff
  21. Master and Commander Book reads...with the silver medal of the Nile... Dear Devs, @admin please consider adding content in a form of medals. It's a very simple yet powerful content. Achievements that would reward players with items that can be shown to everyone else in their player info window. Active players would be proud to show their medals, earned during actions on the high seas or land. You earn points and then bring them to the Admiralty to get your medals. Example Suggested awards: PB (your team wins, must be alive - 1 point) -10 Points - Successful Port battles - Bronse medal -50 Points - Successful Port battles - Silver medal -100 Points - Successful Port battles - Gold medal PVP Battle (you make at least 1 kill, win the battle and stay alive - 1 point) -10 Points - Successful pvp battles - Bronse medal -50 Points - Successful pvp battles - Silver medal -100 Points - Successful pvp battles - Gold medal PVP Kills (you make at least 1 pvp kill - 1 point) -10 Points - kills - Bronse medal -50 Points - kills - Silver medal -100 Points - kills - Gold medal and so on.. pvp battle (medal) One successful battle = at least 1 pvp kill per battle and you or your group remain alive on exit wit hall enemies eliminated or escaped. Your group members must have at least 1 kill to earn 'successful battle' point. ex. if you and your friend each have 1 kill, your group of 6 will get only 2 pvp points (you and your friend). You must win the fight, make 1 kill and exit alive to get successful pvp battle point. Those who did not make any kills can try next battle. If members of the group sink, it will not effect you getting one SB point as long as your team is victorious. pvp kills (medal) earn points by killing players (earn points towards your medal even if you sink after you made the kill). port battle (medal) Your team must win a Port Battle and you must be alive. *To get both pvp battle and pvp kill points that can later be exchanged for medals you must - Kill at least one enemy and win the fight. If you only kill the enemy you get only pvp kill point, but not successful battle. We need something that promotes Active players and makes others achieve the same.
  22. @admin please introduce gun packages (rare item drop) to Naval Action. It would be a one time use item that will automatically fill all your guns (heaviest allowed per broadside) on a newly acquired ship or any ship with no guns mounted. Have 3 types: Long Guns Package Medium Guns Package Carronades Package These items have a small drop chance and could drop from NPCs, PBs, Players, Missions etc.. Having one gun package ready will quickly get your ship ready for battle in no time. How will it work? Must be in the ship with no guns mounted, select Use Gun Package (Long), Confirm. Set sail with your battle ready ship. Can trade same as Labor contracts. In reality it's bacicaly a service that delivers and installs all the guns for you. These can be sold as Premium content as well (short cuts) Premium Package Example 15L, 15M, 15C, - $3.99 45L, 45M, 45C - $6.99 135L, 135M, 135C, - $14.99
  23. Suggestion: Introduce "basic surprise" as starting ship beside "basic cutter" Background: "Basic cutter" is kind of outdated due to tutorial rewards. Necomers can start as Master and Commander if they pass the final exam. I believe most newcomers know about the HMS Victory, and many may have seen the movie "Master and Commander" which makes the HMS Surprise kind of famous as well. I would lie when I would deny that one of the reasons I bought Naval Action was to feel like Jack while sailing the surprise. Details: "Basic surprise" is a ship every NPC ship store offers same rules RoE like baisc cutter reduced repair count compared to normal surprise - makes equiping for new players easier and they get used to the repair system NPC shops sells basic 6pd + 9pd meds for 1gold each - makes equiping for new players easier and they get used to the cannon equip window Basic ships get new RoE in friendly carezones. - Battles vs AI close instant like missions (to avoid ganking by vets) basic surprise offers no reward expect money (like baisc cutter) Pros: up to date change regarding tutorial keeps people hooked to master the tutorial and set a foot on the first milestone surprise makes starting and acquisition of Naval Action environment easier for new players (loss can be replaced in a few clicks) Cons: More Database needed same drawbacks as the basic cutter has
  24. I have followed with interest the discussion on "Single Shot" sinking and how experience may or may not contribute to the problem. For me the XP is a very confusing and often misleading determination of combat experience and ability under fire. For example, I currently have the rank of Captain (Post Captain) which means I have earned 10,000 XP and can manage 400 crew and sail a Trin. About 80% of my XP comes from fishing, trading, exploring = 8000 XP About 10% comes from Missions against AI = 1000 XP About 10% comes from actual PvP combat = 1000 XP So my conclusion is that I have only 2000 XP in actual combat (if you want to count the mission AI), a First Lieutenant rank and I should only be sailing 6th rates in combat. I seems to me that OW sailing XP should be a separate ranking from a combat XP ranking.
  25. Give us back meaningful leeway. Current state of leeway is " is it ingame?" Ships show no difference in leeway. The only way to notice leeway is by sailing backwards. Why we got such a nice and unique feature just to get it nerfed into oblivion? I agree looting is an issue and i guess one of the reasons it got nerfed, because people cant think ahead and struggle. Change looting mechanic first and revert leeway to a meaningful state Rework looting. ship has to be stationary for distance looting the further away the ship that should be looted the longer it takes to get hold access. close looting remains the same (current sate) Mechanic background Every ship that has row boats (even they are not modeled) could get access to distance looting make it even a perk for points or let it be a default mechanic select ship (by clicking on it or have it in view) and press x, esc cancels looting progress Example for distance and time: Instand loot 10 sec till access to hold 30 sec till access to hold
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