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  1. We must finish main campaigns first. no other promises are being made as the game scope is already huge - new 3d engine, first real serious game with combined ship and land operations (including fortifications combat).
  2. It is an option, let's return to the request when main campaigns are ready.
  3. Hi! Spain may be added as DLC later when main campaigns are ready. It depends on interest in the game from community and sales.
  4. Thanks. 1. Yes 2. There won't be clear brigade or battalion. Marines or sailors from the same ship will form a group, land troops will follow their order of battle. You can always dynamically reform and organize your own order of battle. 3. Yes, you will be able to select "a group" and to give an order for the group.
  5. You can land crew from any ship. But other ships supported the landing with guns. If to send sailors to coast, then reloading of guns will be problematic. When landing zone is captured and secured, then any man is needed to finish the mission.
  6. Hello Admirals and Generals, We would like to introduce you a video of landing operation.
  7. Regarding recruiting thread: We need limited number of testers for internal testing. We have a group of testers from UG games who did great job and helped us a lot with testing of UGCW, UGG and UGG ios. A month ago we invited more people to test Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. We must invite those people first. Many of them showed interest to test the game. If more testers are required, then we will make recruiting thread. How to get the game: We are going to update web site soon and tell about options how to get the game early. Briefly, there will be few pre-order packs. Few of them will include access to a build of the game. There is a roadmap of features. We work hard to stabilize them. When a feature is stable then it is added into the build and owners of pre-order packs can try the feature.
  8. Sure, but it is will separate recruiting topic.
  9. Hello Admirals and Generals! Official website of the game is published. https://www.ultimateadmiral.com/
  10. Hello, Admirals! We are glad to introduce official website of the game. https://www.ultimateadmiral.com/
  11. Thank you! But there are missing translations. Could you please translate them too. Charge Double Quick (Run) Forward Halt(Stop) In column Form square Deploy(deploy cannons)
  12. Thank you for additional phrases. Could you please translate or offer better alternative from English to Spanish in table.
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