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  1. When we will get some feedback from players. Because beta contains multiple changes in the game and potential critical bugs.
  2. If you have disappearing captures, then please send report. We will investigate the issue.
  3. It is bug and it is fixed. Patch will be released soon in beta branch.
  4. We will return the previous logic. The trophy will be equipped with cannons instead of new logic when cannons are transferred automatically to the admiralty.
  5. Native launcher is obsolete. Please switch to Steam.
  6. Please try to upgrade video card drivers. Also, please send crash report, it will help us to detect potential source of your crashes.
  7. Development in Xsolla has been stopped. Please switch to Steam.
  8. We are going to make next changes in beta branch soon: 1. UK last chapter will get a land battle. 2. US last chapter will be removed and converted into independent DLC - Barbary War. It will be free for all who ordered the game in early access. 3. US will get a new chapter 1778-1779. European voyage of John Paul Johns. Any suggestions are welcome.
  9. sterner


    Please try to update video card drivers.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/app/1069650/discussions/1/1744520920051463100/ There is troubleshooting guide covering 99% cases.
  11. We focus on bugs and localization.
  12. There is a button in the center of the screen bottom - Next stage.
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