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  1. Feel free to tell us what you think. Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. Thanks to your support, we were able to add ground battles to the Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail. The game now contains ten battles introducing naval, landing and land missions of the future game, which makes it more than six hours of gameplay. The build offers two new land battles. You can play the mission “Snakes and Powder” in raining jungles and the Battle of Bunker Hill. The mission “Snakes and Powder” is a typical land mission in the campaign. Your troops are tasked to collect resources that are required to supply your fleet. You have not received any news for the past three days. There is a reported activity of the Spanish army in the area. Your goal is to investigate what happened with your people and reacquire supplies. The Battle of Bunker Hill is a battle from the USA campaign. On June 16, 1775, the British attempted to break the American defensive line by attacking the militia's fortified positions at a hill. The defeat of the British in this assault demonstrated the inability of the British to break the American siege. Though neither side could gain ground in land battle, time favored the British. Thanks to the Royal Navy and its command of the sea, the British army could be supplied and reinforced at will. The Americans, on the other hand, soon found themselves without food or ammunition necessary to hold their positions. Six months after the battle, Washington's Navy consisted of eleven vessels captured about fifty-five prizes and provided much-needed supplies to the troops. New naval battle "Fireworks" is added and introduces fireship's mechanic. You can reassemble an old or outdated ship transforming it into a "torpedo". The crew can ignite the fireship and direct it toward the target though it is necessary to predict the course and time of the impact. Otherwise, the target will dodge, or the fireship will explode without reaching the target. Patch notes v0.4.5 rev.31133 BB3: · Multiple fixes in AI and unit behavior. There are still several issues, and we will continue to fix them. · We improved controls and fixed problems with unit navigation with even more fixes to follow in the future. · Graphics improvements were made for the new and old battles, and additional graphics settings are added. We are going to bring more graphical elements into the game in the future. · We started performance optimization, but the main work will be done when backer build three is released and stable. · Rebalance of melee, arty, and firearms damage. · Fixes and improvements to the LOS system. · Altitude increases the spotting range. · We have fixed terrain tooltip. · Made improvements and fixes to the animation system. · Experimental background music. · Fixed missing land for low-end graphics cards. Upcoming performance optimization will decrease the minimum system requirements. · Massive changes in ship crew that is required for marine corps in the campaign. It can affect boarding, crew transfer, and landing. · The surrendered unit will lose its flag and cannot occupy guns, supplies, nor fortifications. · Column formation is fixed. · We have fixed the issue when the recaptured unit had only captured animations. · Fireship mechanics are introduced. · Tweaked units for balancing. · We have implemented proper formation for British troops in the year 1775.
  3. It is known issue. Next patch will fix the issue. Thank you for the report.
  4. Please check tomorrow. We will update information on server tomorrow.
  5. Did the installation be finished? Do you see progress bar showing downloading of the game?
  6. It must run, especially existing naval battles. We are going to focus on optimization when Backer Build Three is released. Massive land battles mostly depend on CPU frequency now. Regarding refund politics - any refund request considered individually.
  7. Yes, there will be forts.
  8. Thank you for the report. We will check and forward your issue to Xsolla.
  9. Probably firewall on your PC blocks connection to server. Please try to exclude launcher from blocked list.
  10. The version is correct, we did not update launcher or game last 2 weeks.
  11. The key is required to create login. It supports auto update.
  12. We have plan to release on Steam at the end of the year.
  13. You can stream the game. But please mention that the game is in the alpha stage and you can have bugs.
  14. Landing operations are released Thank you all for the support of the Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail. We are glad to announce that Landing operations are live now. The build opens access to Landing operations. You can play 2 battles where you have to use fleet and troops at the same moment. Your fleet must organize, protect and support landing parties. Naval battle improves and fixes: 1. We made a rebalance of modules. Now rudder, mast or even powder magazine can be damaged more often. 2. Added new mechanic of crits. When your ship makes large damage there is a chance that target will get a critical hit increasing the final amount of damage. 3. Ranking fire re-balance. 4. Fixed issues when an enemy was in the sector but your ship ignored the enemy. 5. Added button for aiming mode. Also aiming mode screen now contain target information and help. 6. Added tooltips for officers and guns in the ship info panel. 7. Changed protocol for Admiral Edition server, it decreases the chance that your Admiral Edition window will be blocked by a firewall. 8. Multiple changes and fixes in Naval AI logic. AI will start to capture surrendered ships. 9. Boarding indication improves. You will get more details when boarding can not start. Land battle improves and fixes: 1. Huge rework in the animation system. It must fix different lags and errors. There are still issues but we work to fix everything. 2. Fixes in Land AI. 3. LOS functionality is introduced. You have to press “L” button to see “LOS” for selected unit/units or just for a point on a map. LOS mode will show a heightmap and area of visibility. 4. If you want to group a few units, just select them and assign a group with Shift + number, for example, Shift+1. Visit Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail
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