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  1. We are going to add crash reporter into next patch. It will help us to collect all required information to help you.
  2. Here is a let's play of Naval battle in upcoming game - Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail.
  3. These grey battles as campaign will be available when further backer builds are released. There is a roadmap on website. Backer Build Two will offer landing operations.
  4. The game is not ready for Steam auditory. We are going to release on Steam at the end of the year, when all backer's builds are introduced.
  5. Please contact Xsolla support via support@xsolla.com or live chat at help.xsolla.com. They must help.
  6. There is no information about discord for dreadnoughts. Please try this link:https://discord.gg/WCQBYAz
  7. Backer Build 1.1 v.0.28 rev.29684 1.Ship controls a level of water and if lower deck is under water, then ports are closed and impossible to shot. Guns under water have blue indication in HUD circle. 2.You reported that a sinking ship continued to shot with zero structure. Now crew will try to survive instead of reloading and aiming. Moreover guns will not shot if they are under water already. 3.Fixed flag in naval tutorial.
  8. sterner

    Admiral Edition

    Don't worry. Usually it takes few days to import data from payment system into our system. When the data is arrived, then you status will be upgraded. Status was upgraded for all who ordered the game before 7th of July. If your order date is before 7th of July, send please me your order email via PM.
  9. We've added discord server to improve our communications. You can join our game channel: https://discord.gg/eahYvH. There you can ask questions, provide feedback, offer improves and share your opinion with others.
  10. Please send me your registered email in private message to check. It is a new system and issues can exist.
  11. Backer Build 1.1 Thank you all for support. We made multiple changes in naval part of the game based on your significant feedback: 1. AI ship won't leave battle zone, they will return into active zone. 2. We have found that actions for success boarding are not clear. Boarding will get panel indicating actions and states for success boarding. Speed, angle and distance are tracked. It doesn't give 100% warranty than boarding will start, but you can easily understand what is wrong: 3. When a ship is outside of battle zone, it will leave a battle within 2.5 minutes. If you need the ship, you have to return the ship into active zone or the ship will escape. 4. Fixed issue when a hit did not spawn a particle and a decal. 5. You can send a sinking ship on shallow and the ship will stop to sink. The feature will be useful for campaign where any ship is important and you can save them. 6. We added separate section for tutorial missions. Now tutorial videos won't pause game. You can learn game mechanics in smaller and simpler missions. 7. We added information about keys and a list of video tutorials into menu screen. Just click escape button if you want to remind a specific mechanic. It is WIP (work in progress) and we are going to add more videos and details about keys. 8. We've added tutorial for landing operations. It has issues with animations and AI, but you can try it already while we are preparing large missions for you and fixing known bugs. 9. You had situation when a target was in sector but your ship did not shoot. We fixed the issue. 10. You had situation when you tried to aim middle sails, but your chains were not able to hit them. It is fixed now. 11. Ranking fire effect is significantly increased. 12. Mast HP is rebalanced. It increases a chance to break a mast. 13. Fixed level of crew and officer for all ships participating in missions. 14. Penetration for guns is rebalanced. 15. Roll effect fixed and rebalanced. Now you must be careful with your maneuvers. 16. Everyone, who ordered Admiral Edition, will get special sign in lobby and a possibility to select portrait, name for his in-game officer and enter a name for "founder" section in credits. Thank you for your support of the game. 17. Improved graphics.
  12. There is known issue when 2017 redist is downloaded and installed few times. Sometimes it happens 2-3 times, but we are not experienced with loop. We will try to reproduce your case and to develop a solution.
  13. Sailors were allocated to fix rudder. There is task system, repairing has top priority as water pump and fire fight. If ship doesn't have enough crew for repairing then sailors will be taken from guns and rigging what will affect their performance. Different tasks drain condition differently. Red rudder is broken rudder, repaired rudder has yellow color, it has decreased characteristics.
  14. If you want to upgrade edition: Please contact Xsolla support via support@xsolla.com or live chat at help.xsolla.com - they will help you to upgrade the account.
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