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  1. You can find everything in Steam.
  2. We are going to release the game within few weeks if nothings critical is found.
  3. Missing Bellona class issue will be improved in next patch.
  4. There is a discord link on website of the game where there is discussion: https://www.aos.ultimateadmiral.com/
  5. We are going to implement a full in-battle save system. You can make save in any moment.
  6. We are working on mid-game saves as a top requested feature from players.
  7. Difficulty can be changed only in adaptation mode. You play classic mode where is impossible to change things.
  8. What is the reason for the refund? Does the game crash? Doesn't the game have promised content? Does impossible to finish the game? Nothing is relevant from described above. If you do not like something in the game, started to not like something, or tired from the game then it is not a reason for an overreaction or refund. The game has saves in the campaign but does not have saves in battle, as many others games. It is a design decision. Battles do not take longer than one hour, 80% of battles take less than 30 minutes. Hard to find a game where you have to spend less time.
  9. Mid game save is very complex feature and will require rewriting of multiple components in the game, what will generate zillion bugs. We will work to implement the feature.
  10. 1.Initially the game was distributed in Xsolla. You see in Xsolla launcher 1.6.38 what is Xsolla launcher version. I believe that the last game version distributed in Xsolla was 0.6x or 0.5x. 2. We always said that when the game is released in Steam then the support of Xsolla will be removed. These are 2 different systems and supporting both of them is not a good way to develop the game. 3. Our commercial police supports people who bought first. Credits will be added soon with all backers' names who provided information. Officer name appearance is random and there is no warranty that
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