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  1. Your previous report was checked and confirmed and it must be fixed in the latest patch. Thank you for the report. If you continue to write in this style (forum, bug reports), you will be banned.
  2. Balance issue is fixed. You can choose the naval alternative of Bunker Hill.
  3. Confirmed, there is a bug. It will be fixed in upcoming patch today.
  4. We work to fix the issue. Do you have 100% reproducible case or it happens sometimes?
  5. You do not need to delete logs. They help us to fix issues. Upcoming patch can fix issue reported by you last time.
  6. He did report. I have checked his logs. There is a crash in logs what is a reason for the defeat.
  7. I will check but emails were sent. Will forward your email to Ink. He will support you.
  8. US campaign is ready and in testing now by backers (people who backed the game). British campaign is in work. It is hard to give estimations because we are busy with multiple things in the game.
  9. We will add possibility to dismount permanent upgrades for additional cost.
  10. Будет. Как основной контент кампаний будет готов, так и приступим к локализации.
  11. it is fixed and will be patched today
  12. We are going to add logs to understand a source of your issue. Please understand it is not common situation and solution will take time.
  13. We are going to send a form by email for all Admiral Editions backers who have not created yet their officer roster. Sorry for delay, we are busy with Steam EA and finalization of US campaign.
  14. We prepare a form where you will be able to enter your character data. The form will be send via email.
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