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  1. Norfolk nChance

    Any word?

    @Macjimm I agree with your points; however, NA-L was an instant (after match making lol) combat PvP game. If as a player you want to progress into larger ships this comes at a time/achievement/reward component or Grind ladder. A Player could not start out and jump straight into a Victory even paying up for a Premium Account. The target audience for NA-L are players that could not or did not want to devote the time input needed for Open-World. Also, aiming at new players to get a feel for FREE of the Naval Action Franchise [NA-F]. This may lead the ‘new prospects’ to purchase the FULL-PRICED NA-OW game. I’d assume Game-Labs did not expect a Player to devote time to both games equally? I’ve commented in the past many times comparing [NA-F] to [WoWs]. This to highlight exploits from a very successful game with a weaker combat model. How the Newbie levels compare and such. The NA-L product makes money through some form of Premium Account component but does not give play to Win [P2W] equipment. The NA-OW product would make money from a One-time Account Purchase then the offers of DLC products. Additional Accounts or ALTs should be discouraged with the Newbie but encouraged to the Junkie. NA-L I believe is nowhere near DEAD, but is very medium to long term in concept... Norfolk
  2. Norfolk nChance

    Any word?

    In my opinion and guess of a future view... NA-L was a good try that was tried too early. The models must be exactly the same as NA-OW in profiles and handling. The Server cycle updates all models at the same time in the same Universe from PvP, PvE or Legend. If not done this way then minor tweaks will build into larger drifts away from each other. This immediately loses the franchises economy of scale and increases the maintenance upkeep. At the time of NA-L its underlying models needed bedding in and tweaking and it was not using the current ship designs. NA-OW was seeing the implementation experiment of Leeway. There was an immediate drift from the very start. The NA-L test was supposed to be low load HR wise on the Dev’s but turned into a sinkhole. The drop-off rate in players I seem to disagree with most here. Importantly the NA-L testers played NA-OW primary. NA-L needs an in-built Grind path in order to work, this is hard to do while balancing time to the hardcore of NA-OW as well. So, players gave it a go and eventually were inevitably drawn back to NA-OW commitment wise. @admin made a very hard call to pull NA-L. The focus to get OW released properly first. Looking at my crystal balls... POST NA-OW launch it would be so much easier to launch a NA-L style game. All managed under the same roof. The Game-Labs team have gained practiced with DLC content now. This the money part needed to make it a success with the Grind path. It would need out of game content to drive it though. World of Warships [WoWs] a brilliant example of this success with a much weaker combat game. In my opinion. NA-L will not sell itself, and the out of game features need to be just as strong as the game itself in order for it to succeed... Norfolk nChance
  3. Norfolk nChance

    Doubt about the battle of Coronel.

    I would need to study more research... even so some take-a-ways... Craddock, I believe fell for a very good rouse. Why did von Spee have the radio orders all sent out on the SMS Leipzig and not his own flag SMS Scharnost as expected? Mahan in his works, points to Admiralty (UK) at the turn of the century as a failing command structure with old and out dated methods, Admiral’s pulling rank for resources over strategic logic. The vague instructions common place with Craddock’s friend in Court-Martial again could have forced him into an un-winnable battle... Far left-field idea... Admiralty wanted to weaken Spee’s fleet at the expense of Craddock’s. POST battle even though one sided Spee’s fleet had expended over half its ammunition. With the abandonment of Tsingtao, the German’s were stuck. Contacts with both Japanese Mid-Pacific and French the Western route was seeing the allies closing in. Spee’s only real choice was South East round the Cape Horn to an African BASE. Admiralty had already stated it wanted to destroy the [EAS], so have Craddock weaken it. With the main stuff at the Falkland’s lying in wait for an exhausted German fleet. I don’t believe that Admiralty thought for a minute that the GB fleet would suffer so much. The sacrifice made its mark. The German’s are out of the Pacific with Japan (allies) and French still there. German Naval BASEs up to 1914 N.
  4. Norfolk nChance

    Doubt about the battle of Coronel.

    @Sento de Benimaclet Probably @Nick Thomadis or Darth himself might have a better view? Battle of Coronel Nov 3rd 1914, Pacific Ocean, Chile https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Coronel Map showing GR East Asia Squadron My Questions Did Admiralty (UK) know the size and strength of the German East Asia Squadron [EAS]? Yes, Tsingtao BASE when abandon by the German’s would have had British Intelligence monitoring. Engagements with Japan also would probably have shared information. So, why would the British attack a much stronger fleet even with the HMS Canopus? Likewise I guess the German’s would know the British Squadron was much weaker. Did they the British know the German’s were spread out following this? Probably Yes from the above information. Admiralty gave Cradock the order to "be prepared to meet them in company". This was after October 4th 1914 they’d intercepted German radio transmissions. Does this mean to engage or harass…? Friends Court-Martial might have influence here. HMS Canopus still in the Falkland’s unable to support. Did the British know the German [EAS] were ordered to re-group at Easter island? Yes However, all the radio messages sent out came from just one ship SMS Leipzig, not Spee’s SMS Scharnost. Did von Spee intentionally do this? Thus, making it look like SMS Leipzig was alone? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Leipzig_(1905) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Canopus_(1897) Conclusion If von Spee did use this radio message as a rouse it seems Genius or Gifted drawing out the British fleet into one spot. At the time I assume lines of communication uncertain, but nearby radio use should be monitored by all. Your Questions: Should Rear Admiral Craddock wait for HMS Canopus before starting the battle of Coronel? No, even though SMS Leipzig is a large cruiser the British fleet with smaller ships could still easily overpower her. It would take too long for the HMS Canopus to arrive in support by which time SMS Leipzig could have found some support… Would HMS Canopus have been decisive in the development of the battle? No, she’s pre-Dreadnaught slow and old. The German Fleet would have still destroyed the British light fleet first to then gank’d the Canopus on masse. Nice question, and just my guess all the same. What do you think? Norfolk nChance
  5. Norfolk nChance

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    Darth, I dare you not to include me. Norfolk nChance
  6. Norfolk nChance

    Book: Trafalgar: The Biography of Battle

    THIS MAP IS IN THE BOOK... This French/Spanish group absolutely knew and also Nelson's arrival to take charge. Villeneuve agreed to remain in port and allow the weather to play its hand first on the RN. He changed his mind the following morning not taking the easy choice! Thanks for the notes on Napoleon. My 50th next year and the wife wants me to do this... https://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/Properties-list/hougoumont-waterloo/Holiday/ … while she goes shopping in Paris. N.
  7. Norfolk nChance

    Book: Trafalgar: The Biography of Battle

    Book: Trafalgar: The Biography of Battle Roy Adkins circa 2004 https://www.amazon.com/Trafalgar-Biography-Battle-Roy-Adkins/dp/0349116326 Thought I do this book review to add to @SirAlatriste great post from P.K Allan’s text https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/27218-the-aftermath-of-trafalgar-a-philip-k-allans-text/ I got a signed copy as a birthday gift from Mum & Dad years ago due to my interest in the Napoleonic Wars. At the time it was land based conflict my focus and didn’t read the book for months. Although grateful I found the Patrick O’Brian novels dry so an Historical factual piece would assume be even worse. The better of two weevils so to speak... That was my loss, it’s a brilliant read and not dry at all. I genuinely couldn’t recommend it enough. The first part of the book covers what I’d call the ground work. Adkin sets the scene well with the Politics from all sides without the use of hindsight or bias. The real threat of a French invasion of the UK. He then goes on to flesh out life on board a blockading ship and the different types of ships and uses employed. Nelson, is an obvious heavy detailed feature here but Adkin doesn’t go overboard drowning out the other participants. In fact, his view of Pierre-Charles Villeneuve I found interesting at the pre- order of Battle meeting he held with the Spanish Admiral Federico Gravina in the Cadiz port and change of mind the following day. Adkin builds up the tension without slowing the pace or skipping details. The actual battle itself lasted somewhere around six hours and confusing at times. The author breaks the action down very clearly stage by stage into time sliced maps making it a clear moving scene. Normally everybody knows visually the two British lines crossing the T of the French/Spanish line map and that’s it… The aftermath of the battle and the Hurricane all detailed. The delay in news reporting fascinating considering todays instant noodle fake stuff. The book also comes with ship list and Captains with Gun-sizes, High detailed Maps, picture plates and detailed battle maps. In Closing… Over all two thumbs or five stars. The one nagging thing I took away from it was this. Collingwood’s HMS Royal Sovereign hit the line first. This due to a new copper bottom fitting. However, it took an age for the back half of his line to join in or help… Norfolk nChance
  8. Norfolk nChance

    Pictures from a visit to Portsmouth, England

    nice one fella
  9. Any pointers for descriptive stories involving large-scale good Battle scenes Can anybody help please...? I’m re-writing my short stories and need help with my big battle of Tiburon. Fact or Fiction can anybody suggest good high-quality storying telling of large scale age of sail Battles? I have more factual books than can count. Patrick O’Brian is more smaller engagements three or four ships at most. Hornblower doesn’t seem to either... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Nile My Battle plays out at night like the Battle of Aboukir Bay between the French anchored and British attacking. French with ten-line ships, the British similar size both with support. The port is Tiburon. regards Norfolk
  10. Norfolk nChance

    Repair Balancing

    imagine the weight of that thing in the rain
  11. Norfolk nChance

    Repair Balancing

    @Slim McSauce I agree with @William Death idea also fella. The Balance is Realism versus Game play ability... In a [Real-Life] Battle what actually could be realistically be repaired and to what extent? Not much Take the crew first, the surgeon sows up the sailor gives him a teaspoon of Laudanum and he’s back in action. His other buddies are not so lucky... 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 casualties returns to work from rum [func]. If in Battle you board another ship and win, can you be allowed to completely replenish your crew if you abandon a ship not taking both? Rigging Repairs – I don’t agree with @Hethwill the Harmless weight estimates which are extreme and too vanilla. Most repairs actually involved most of the broken or damage part. Mast, Sail or Yard... Few if anything could or would be fully replaced while at sea in battle. Will look further though for details Seamanship in AoS (Harland) pg 294 last chapter22 ACCIDENTS. An eye opener... Running Rigging repairs were a make do at best. It seems the chance of you exacerbating the damage further was very high while moving. Masts, ships carried “fishes” bit like splints for the lower masts to help prop it up. Nothing can be done really mid or top side while moving. Effective repairs happened when at Standing Rigging. NOT battle So, rigging repairs in battle 30% max just for game play ability? Hull Repairs – the same thing. End of [Bi] vulnerability... The problem with heavily nerf-ing the repairs in battle is the outside gank. Stops you travelling far from home. In O-W maybe the ability to repair at sea buff while stationary could be used as a counter balancer the nerf in [Bi]? Full total repairs up to 80% only. A Port is required for a full top up. I would disagree towards weight increases slowing down the ship, but you guys know more than me Norfolk
  12. Idea: Real-Time [RT] Battle Instance [Bi] Option... Priority Low @admin Summary To have a new option either as a duel tournament or pre-defined mission type for a 1v1 PvP or PvE Battle. The Battle Instance [Bi] would take part in REAL-TIME [RT]. This to see how these models react and how they would have moved in [RT]. This would have issues and I’ve tried to high light them below. It’s not High Priority but I think could be a good sales function attracting customers. It may even prove a good balancer in testing out new elements in the game. Background The Dev’s and @admin (quite rightly) are proud of the ship models created in deep detail. However, reading O’Brian or C.S Fosters Hornblower novels other real-life frigate actions I wanted to see how it felt in real life in real time... What is Our Current Time...? In NA-OW we have three basic units of time. This is explained below but remember these are estimates. The Current Steady State... The Current Steady State... Need to think about Server loading. The NA-OW Single State Universe is roughly 2.75 million km2 or 1.06 million miles2 on a flat REAL-WORLD surface. Either [PvP Caribbean] or [PvE Environment] can handle up to 1,200 PCs on each at any one time. This comes at a cost. The Ships have limited functions and cannot fight. For 20 minutes of Real-Time [RT] passing equals 1 in-game Open-World day according to the Wiki. Therefore 72-OW-days pass every server cycle. Dropping into a BATTLE Instance [Bi] opens the full ship model with sail handlining and other functions. If a Port Battle then the full models for Towers and Fort and the enemy PC/AI likewise opened. This all possible for the 105-minute window the Server allocates the extra bandwidth to compensate for the increased load to that instance. The [Bi] I believe (no proof) is a boxed Universe Circle covering an area of a 1,000km. Its anchored at the center onto the defending ship/Port as it is dropped into the Instance. This tiny area Boxed off reduces load on the main server while still giving you the high-quality emersion. The huge reduction in Time Rate allows more data to pass between servers and client per single unit of time. This bringing an even higher quality feel to the simulation... 1x Real-Time [RT] Day, 14.4x [Bi] days, 72x [OW] days should give you some perspective. The Dev’s will not reveal the Ratio so the numbers are estimates Any Me2s Out There with [RT]... Looking on STEAM I found these two games below. Sail-away https://store.steampowered.com/app/552920/Sailaway__The_Sailing_Simulator/ eSail https://store.steampowered.com/app/794860/eSail_Sailing_Simulator/ All the age of sail type of games don’t offer [RT]. Even [WoWs] is 5x [RT]. These two do in modern day terms. I’ll buy both to look at in more detail but from an initial impression you can see the idea. The “Sail-away” game gets a lot of negative reviews from unstable graphics not game play. The “eSail” play the video and look at the CHART OMG...!!!! In the “More Like this...” below Sail-away is tagged with NA-OW but eSail is not for some reason. Server Load Factor Increase... The problem with the [Bi] unlocking all functions and a huge time reduction is the server bandwidth increase required for the ships. More data passes between server and client per single unit of time. Obviously using something like the Test-Bed first we can predict what will be needed first. Further Time Dilation and issues... Dilating from a current [Bi] of something near 5x down to 1x Real Time seems small from the Open-World Speed. However, still will show up problems and issues. BATTLE length of 105minutes I don’t advocate going to 5hours but 3hours maybe? The wind, waves and day/night cycles plus other external ship factors need reducing. What it may show or test is things such as Gun re-load times or Basic Repair times to sails. How much a particular mod skews the ships performance and such. These areas would inflate in performance and could be seen as under or over powered. Then adjusted... Keep this function as 1v1 or mission and a PORT UI trigger so a smaller pre-defined predictable bandwidth could be allocated. Conclusion The idea was sparked by a STEAM contributor @DBH PuntCuncher and my thoughts on if it could work. It’s not a priority idea, but I do like the idea of testing effects of element changes in REAL-TIME before [Bi] normal speed. This obviously ignoring game play ability. It maybe a one try thing with the drawn length of an engagement. The Broadsides and reload times and moving into position would be interesting to see. No other AoS offers anything close... Thanks for reading and let me know what you think ... Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  13. Norfolk nChance

    BATTLE Instance total size?

    Open-World [OW] is roughly 2.7m km2 (1m mi2) on a flat surface. This allows for a Maximum of 1,200 PCs entry at any one time on both servers. This comes with limited functions. The Battle Instance [Bi] is to provide a total of 50x PCs will full functions for a maximum of 105-minute window. These ships taking up to “x” PC bandwidths of OW normally. Its lower than 1x Ship [Bi] = 24x Ships [OW] because we see multiple [Bi] occurrences at one time... OR does the [Bi] consider the amount of ships each and every time...? The Port-Battle window is stationary; however, an open world tag is not? I suspect the drop in to [Bi] anchors onto the defender. The attacker has no influence other than to keep in range and hitting the defender... Would it be possible for a defending ship to travel 50km closely pursued? Also, and attacker in front ahead. At 15.5knts and a travel ravel range of 50km then a circle surface is of 1,000km makes sense. It won't re-create the full map for each instance... The reason for the odd question I was just trying to break things... Multi- [Bi]s can occur at the same time, but I assume Port-Battles cannot. There must be a break-point to 105minute [Bi]s allowed. So, the server would block other tags... Norfolk Here’s an overload or break example and test on PvP... [OW] currently shows 600 players. This leaves room from a further 600 to join. A Port-Battle will start on the hour. Does the game in [Bi] allocate 50x PC extra bandwidth over 105minute window? Or is it the drop-in plus late arrivals as they arrive? I think its probably just 50x from the off. This PB has only 1v1 to start. After we past the hour trigger for the PB then we want to start multiple [Bi]s on the minute ever minute round the clock. Just 1v1s only... Outcome1 If 50x PC are allocated per [Bi] automatically then the game will lockout after the 12th tag (PB + tags). This equals 600 in-OW with 12 tags x 50 allocated = 600 PCs to [Bi] with overall server total of 1200. This proves [Bi] Automictically allocates for 50x PC and the number of players is irrelevant. Outcome2 If the game locks out any further tags and [Bi] below the 12th tag say the 5th tag. This would imply a higher break number to a [Bi] ship over a [OW] ship. Which makes sense with the slower time dilation and full model functions available it will need more bandwidth. At the fifth tag implies 250x PC for [Bi]s plus the [OW] 600 amount equals 1,200 PCs. This gives [2.4] value [Bi] over a 1 value [OW]. Outcome3 Still accepts tags above the twelfth means the game looks at individual drop in amounts. Knowing the answer to this and the area size above could act as a clan defensive. Or disrupts a much larger clan/nation attack. Sending your fleet out as individuals just to tag [Bi]s to stop or manipulate an enemies maneuvers. The PORT-BATTLEs will not be affected as they are pre-locked ahead of time.
  14. Norfolk nChance

    BATTLE Instance total size?

    Nobody knows the answer? That’s a shame and surprise no worries guys NnC.
  15. Norfolk nChance