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  1. Idea: NA-Legends POST NA-OW Launch @admin Short Version at the bottom Summary This is my idea of what would be needed to launch and maintain an arena style version of NA-OW. The proposal will show an idea backed by evidence and building some form of strategy from there. I assume not all will agree, but I’d ask you read the whole proposal before reacting. Also use evidence in your theory as much as possible. The BASE Game History Admin closed the testing of NA-Legends [NA-L] in Feb’18. This needs some exploration as many community testers and maybe Dev’s took the test as a failure. My comments start on page2. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24901-announcement-on-the-legends-server-status-and-long-downtime/ Admin admitted he’d over stretched GL resources. He would re-focus on NA-OW launch as a priority. NA-L took much more in HR time than originally planned as the ships needed bedding in. The Dev’s used old ship models compared to the then current ones used within the NA-OW main game. The main game was running testing regarding leeway movement. This over several patches to complete. This from the very start caused a drift between the ship models. For those that can remember think about the poor NA-L Essex. The ships became different and thus caused a time sink to solve each problem on each server. The problem was exacerbated by scenario issues like the FORT battles. The NA-L tester retention rate collapsed. This I believe many reasoned wrongly as it been a poor concept for the game. All the Testers played NA-OW, and tested NA-L. This for me was hard to balance the two games, managing [ELITE] clan and OW leeward changes and then to work through the grind path of NA-L. Here I couldn’t manage both games and am sure others felt the same. NA-L was given a try, nice but working at the grind seriously sent a lot back to the main game they focused on... This point many missed. The New Idea The first main thread is NA-L universe is tied to the NA-OW one. Any updates or mechanic changes to the ship’s effects all the ships. This means the game must be tied into the server cycle refresh times. This fixes the maintenance drag and concepts of drift end. Basic maintenance of the game is lowered dramatically. Grind Path As a business the game needs a grind path. This path can be accelerated through cash investment via a premium account that reduces time. The base game however should be offered FREE as an entry into the Naval Action Franchise [NAF]. GL should not expect players to play both NA-OW and NA-L. They are two different games. Copy World of Warships [WoWs], but don’t... https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships https://worldofwarships.eu/ This game as a much weaker combat model. Also, it’s not global, this the one major complaint from its players. However, it does do a lot of things right. Below is a link to me comparing NA-OW to EvE Online and World of Warships. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26423-idea-norfolk-compares-apples-to-oranges-to-avoid-a-lemon/ Please read through it. The section “More Backstory to feed Norfolk’s addiction...” show’s how this game really retains its players. Make sure you try MY link and then Mixy’s profile also. This is by far the key element in player retention for an arena game. STATISTICS... The issue here is out of game content that drives the in-game action. A Starter... This is just a starter thread now we are POST NA-OW launch. There are many more details to add but use this as a start. Any players with XP in WoT or other style games please comment on your experiences. I know a lot of my clan spent way too much money in WoWs. The main reason was it been Publisher led... So, how would you propose a NA-L game? Thanks for reading, Norfolk nChance [ELITE] Short Version To build a lobby-based version of NA-OW that will work realistically. Stormy Daniels with plus 150 film credits had a net worth of $2m or just $13k a movie. Since she added Donald Trump to her persistent story line her wealth accelerated. The 360 Anderson Cooper interview alone was $1m (she waivered the fee). Her Crowd funding law suit $500k. Her DLC back catalogue now pushes her 2018 earnings as much as $7m. This with no new films, no new content... This Like watching Porn without the storyline... An out of game useful persistent updated conduit to help sell the in-game naval Action is needed...  Now please go back and read the full storyline...
  2. @Wraith Rude question, are you and @Felix Victor playing together? His map must carry a link to your wiki revival page. Before in years gone by I built excel ships similar to NA-Craft giving a close cost of build. Could this type of thing be built into your products? Norfolk
  3. You made it onto the GL website front page, well done fella http://www.navalaction.com/ N.
  4. @Tom Farseer My point was PING shouldn’t affect the exams or tutorials at all, was my thinking or question. I loved the boarding game and all the things that go with it. The boarding function is what captures PING rates better than anything else. All other features could be put to poor player performance etc. The PING impact is about 1 to 1.5seconds between 25ms and 250ms, and yet should only be half a second there and back from the server. It isn’t much as you state, but a player must understand the delay. Aussie new players will miss full broadside deliveries to start. That’s fine and would much rather have than a WoWs separate local servers. I’ll be trying the final exam etc later and see. Its not a complaint just a question. Thanks for the response fella N.
  5. Does PING effect Exam performance...? Quick question does my PING effect my exam performance? It definitely does in PvP battles and always as done. You adjust for it, but I didn’t think it effects the exams thinking it’s a closed off universe. Why I ask... Was watching @Anolytic brilliant YouTube guides below... https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/28763-tutorial-exams-how-to-pass-new-damage-model/ Now I might not be the player I once was but plodded through winning the goals at somewhat slower rate. Then came the boarding exam. His instructions were quite clear with opening with Attack and at the last second switch to Fire Deck Guns etc... My PING is 258ms on average from Hong Kong, while Anolytic was 24ms. I left my boarding instruction change with 2seconds left and it missed or failed to change in time. Cleaned up and passed the exam all the same. Here’s the thing with PING rate, in my case and ASEAN players on the whole what we see on the screen is not what’s happening. We on average find de-masting hard while moving etc. On the whole though as a player you get used to it. Not an excuse for my shoddy performance, but better than blaming Mrs. nChance... Any ideas much appreciated Norfolk
  6. @Sureshot I absolutely agree. At some point I’ll re-write a complete NA-Legend proposal what I’d like to see. The main hurdle was NA-OW launch first. Admin will take at least a month to have this bedded in fully. Then I fully expect to be testing within the next six months NA-Legends or/and NA2. However, my one major worry needs to be proved wrong... NA-Legends style of game needs to be Publisher driven out of game content that drives the In-game action. GLs will admit this is NOT their strongest area of games development. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/29762-idea-a-goldfish-and-elephant-walk-into-a-bar…/ The Apple & Oranges guide shows what’s needed. Not the same resources, but it does need continuous Developer/Publisher commitment for an arena style game to pay and survive. The combat model and graphics alone are not enough... Norfolk nChance
  7. Nice idea. We could learn a lot from other Game peers that use similar techniques that are tried, tested and proven to work at player retention. Hmmm... you’d have thought the Dev’s... sorry I’ll just leave it. Like the idea, but I think its ONE day too late. Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  8. A funny but hard lesson learned a while back on [PvP Global]... https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/21509-“being-prepared…”-and-norfolk’s-hard-lesson/ Norfolk
  9. Ganked by the Germans...! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/newly-restored-19th-century-german-ship-sinks-after-collision/ar-AACCO2v?ocid=spartandhp
  10. The idea might be good... The idea is GOOD. The idea really does work, proved by multiple game peers... The idea mechanics look realistic, with data capture and storage workable... So, why do you tell me GL has no interest in PC development? That sounds like madness... Are YOU telling me the biggest problem to my idea is GLs commitment to Naval Action Open-World...? Prove me wrong Dev’s, back the Goldfish & Elephant idea...
  11. Looking at my Crystal Balls… Without trying to blow myself up, currently testing UA: AoS and UA: Dreadnaught. I missed Ink’s This Land… I’ll take your bet… POST launch there will be no more substantial patches. Minor DLC additions and that’s it. No RvR, it will be left to the community with no NPC overlays or challenges. I predict I’ll be testing NA2 or/and NA-Legends within 6months Just to repeat myself… today’s date is the 7th June… Dev’s need to prove me wrong. Balls of steel, back my Goldfish & Elephant idea. I currently feel I’m holding the Dead man’s hand… what about you, feeling lucky? Norfolk.
  12. Wraith POST a clip and link in the STEAM main discussion board for this also N.
  13. No worries at all, but today’s date is the 7th June... Where is the push...? I love the game, but fcuk I’d fire GLs marketing manager Back to the historic data thing, my time on WoWs, the players continually use the website. The stats from kills like the eve board I loved. The Player obviously would have a private option to stop others looking in... I’m not sure what could be collected in terms of data, but it becomes very addictive very quickly in terms of viewing. I will admit it did improve my gameplay in WoWs showing I was using too higher ranked ship for my skill set. Dropping down a peg or two and my scores improved. This is not quite the same with NA but you can see what I’m pushing out... This idea needs commitment from the publisher to do. It would also be a good testbed to start for NA-Legends where this type of out of game stats is a MUST HAVE. Appreciate the feedback guys N.
  14. I have no idea on the launch date other than Admin’s post on the 27th May saying within the next 30days from that date. So, would suggest end of June if all goes well. To be honest I was surprised at the target launch date. I was expecting something much later in the year. I’m a true amateur in this industry and no idea on its working, but usually in my world I’d build up to a product launch. Announcements, interviews and encouraging old players back onto the servers just prior to launch... Here it feels somewhat of a ‘Ninja Launch...’ perhaps? I should copywrite that phrase before Philip Kotler steals it. Like you, I can’t wait either. What do you think of your Characters history idea? N.
  15. Idea: A Goldfish and Elephant walk into a bar… Or Idea: A Persistent Player Character (PC) History function POST Launch Short Version at the bottom... @Admin You’ll need a glass of red for this… A Thought from Yesterday’s events in sunny Hong Kong… My acts of bad behaviour in the past you’d have thought faded long ago, but NO Mrs. nChance has a detailed recall like it was carved in stone. When I came in late drunk last night/this morning. This she uses to leverage at great expense comparing with the present and my throbbing head. The memory of an elephant…! And yet this wonderful girl only yesterday I questioned the shoe shopping bag in her right hand, fails to remember just last week a purchase of Jimmy Choo’s to add to the over spill in the wardrobe. The memory of a sieve or Goldfish if you like. The same can be said with NA-OW when talking with friends and rivals of a past major victory from your great combat skills. Somehow forgetting that tag, the gank from the school boy error you made only an hour ago. Bragging rights is all part and parcel of any good MMO game. These stories build into legends and lore giving fabric and richness to this boxed Universe of ours. In real life the average Age of Sail Captain or Admiral kept detailed daily written journals or diaries of events that day. This providing a record of past actions going back throughout a man’s career in depth. We in NA-OW [EA] don’t have this ability. I would like to see a detailed recorded history of my PCs life through his years spent in Naval Action. This simple persistent tool but external to the in-game would help build player retention considerably over time. The Idea… The full launch of NA-OW is near, possibly even by the end of June’19. This as led to a resurgence of many clean up and polish ideas from the community. From my own Forum clean up to Wraiths Wiki upgrade to Snape’s website polish and so on... In addition to this is the Pre-Launch WIPE of the servers. This giving the client a fresh start to some extent depending on which servers you use. It reminded me of past ideas and opportunities for the game. This one post from July’18 I would like you to read… https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26423-idea-norfolk-compares-apples-to-oranges-to-avoid-a-lemon/ Like all my idea posts there usually long and need alcohol to finish. My idea is to tie an external website with a persistent link (or least a server cycle dump) directly into the game. I explain the need for external tools other than what’s offered just in game. This we can use to help develop players immersion further into the Game, but must be Publisher led and NOT player driven. The [WoWs] Wiki Helps SELL the Game ours doesn’t. Would YOU like to have this function…? Please do try to read the Apples & Oranges post. The section titled “More Backstory to feed my Addiction” at least read and look at my PC link, try it out, navigate look around and then put in Mixy’s profile. We could replicate something similar using the daily server cycle dump to update the external web link. With it not strictly PERSISENT but daily it would reduce server loading. Data storage also is static that’s added too every day. Summary So, I hope you can see this idea and its benefits. The proof from our other Game peers shows it does work. The problem is Publisher commitment to the game POST launch. This is the problem with this idea, it needs Game-Labs commitment to continue building NA post launch on a persistent driven basis. Otherwise, its down to Wraith, Felix and other players taking the lead and keeping it alive. Norfolk nChance Short Version Old idea to capture Player data on a regular persistent basis that builds up into History. This Players Character can be viewed via an external web link that’s updated once every server cycle.
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