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  1. @Ruthless4u has a good point here. I may not agree with it, but it is his view. The view portrayed as a fact is for shock value only. He doesn’t know if OW will be a success or not. However, it is true in my opinion that an OW successful launch is the first step to then think about a Legend style game implementation. OW fails, then I believe no Legend development would be possible. I don’t want to hear anything from @admin or another Dev regarding a Legend style game until POST NA-OW launch. He, @admin has already stated where the current status lies and I want him to stick to it. Get OW launched... @Hethwill is a Moderator and a valued community contributor. His views or opinions regarding a Legend style game in the future has as much value as @Ruthless4u or indeed @Norfolk nChance he is not a Dev or a lackey either. I’m a NA fanboy but you know this already. @jodgi POST https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/28422-what-happened-to-the-2500-players/?tab=comments#comment-622741 Is what worries me. I’ll reply directly to it separately, but why hasn’t NnC returned to the OW game yet? What’s the problem...? All of you know my views regarding Legends well enough. This “Daydream” post I found funny re-reading my original reply to the OP. If time have a read above, it led me to then write the Compare Apples to Oranges to avoid Lemon idea post. The NA-OW to EvE Online to World of Warships https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26423-idea-norfolk-compares-apples-to-oranges-to-avoid-a-lemon/ In my humble unqualified game development experience believe the Dev’s focus way too much on an already good combat model. This at the expense of developing out of game context to drive in game content. This creates a distance between client and provider. This relationship is fundamental to the success of WoWs, and yet is totally absent in NA-OW. NA-L fundamental success is anchored on Game-Labs developing a high touch system with its client base. Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  2. @Suppenkelle Please also download the main navigation guide while available. NnC
  3. Basic Navigation in NA-OW... Here is my Captain Norfolk nCook guide to navigation. This PDF I suggest you download asap. Unfortunately, through memory constraints I’ll need to remove it in due course. Also, look out for my Pacific Route in the Q&A section as well... Norfolk NorfolknCook.pdf
  4. Take a look at this @Suppenkelle Norfolk also here's the full Captain Norfolk nCook guide to Navigation. Both PDFs available for a limited time only sorry https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/5218-basic-navagation-in-ow-british/?tab=comments#comment-622734 Norfolk nCook The Pacific Route.pdf
  5. This is just a small sample of the re-write to give an idea on the update progress. The story has changed somewhat and this preview is the Pirate tale only which is now told as the second part. The title has changed to “The Haitian Campaign” a Naval Action story. Once complete, am sure @admin or the Dev’s could use it as a mission campaign idea for PvP or PvE. Let me know what you think, good or bad, Thanks for reading Norfolk The Business of Piracy.pdf
  6. wrote in STEAM, when is the game going on sale? then wrote in STEAM a thumbs down review with less than 5hours game time
  7. It’s a great question. Not quite my first hour but here goes... Getting over asking more experienced players what to do. Trying not to waste their time, or embarrassed to ask was does “o7” mean...? Look on STEAM at some of the hour’s players have under their respective belts. It is astounding for an EA game. I’m 4k but many have more. What defines a newbie, not the first hour... below 200hours maybe? That’s more hours content probably than you have given to the majority of your steam games... take a look. Major game memories usually come from major changes in the gameplay. This before your time was hilarious, but does reflect current arguments regarding final release dates. Rose tinted glasses... https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/20652-the-junkie-his-dealer…/ When I took part of my clan from PvE to PvP was my most memorable time. I had to re-think an awful lot of things. Also, to understand we actually had advantages over pure PvP clans. The game quite literally doubled in size of me. Sail out into the Unknown... First time I sailed to the pacific years ago. Then built a guide to show others a few months back. That was a real unknown sail and took hours... Learning how to sink... “GF, and what did I do wrong...” the most important phrase I ever learned in NA-OW Norfolk
  8. @LeBoiteux That’s brilliant thank-you. I’ve worked this out this way as a rough idea near as. From my link above I knew the ship length was about 70m, its Beam 17m. From your link, at the bottom the model dimensions (L x W x H) at a 1:48 scale. Model length 1.6m x 48 = 76.8m, Wiki length 69m Model Width 0.36m x 48 = 17.28m, Wiki Beam 16.24m Model Height 0.43m x 48 = 20.64m this the total hull height. Wiki draught 8.12m, Model Height 20.64 less 8.12m wiki draught = 12.52m this would be the visible height of the hull on the water... I think I’ll look at this book and tweak the scaling better. Writing a book or fiction thread ? @LeBoiteux said I’ve completely re-written the “PuLp-Fiction” story I did in the Tavern forum section. This little side hobby is now 30k in words and could be used as a Campaign idea for PvP or PvE if @adminwas interested. It’s still quite away from completing, a few months. Let’s see if it works or not who knows right? Norfolk
  9. Question how tall was the French Ocean-class ship? A quick question if anyone knows. In dry dock how high did the Hull stand to its quarter deck. In the water fully loaded how much would be visible out of the water. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Océan-class_ship_of_the_line The main interest is the first editions that Jacques-Noel Sane designed in 1785 rather than the later editions. Build time, between one to two years only…? If anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d be most grateful as always. Norfolk.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys, seriously helps me... Even though I’m British, I maybe mixing up metaphors and terms with my American cousins. Using Wiki isn’t reliable enough, again if written by an American using their structural form to describe a situation. I’ve struggled with a similar subject before regarding the evolution of Fleet tactics. The storyline to suggest a campaign to @admin probably doesn’t need the exact detail. The story itself probably does. The large amount of antimony a far from home Rear-Admiral has is I think my next research dive. This may reveal the basic strategy used in putting a footprint in an area that’ll last. The stages If you like. Again, thanks and please keep the suggestions coming, Norfolk
  11. Nice write up @Hethwill top man, and the link. This is one of my favourite battles to analyse. Have added some extra links below. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cape_St_Vincent_(1797) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Captain_(1787) http://chasingnelson.blogspot.com/2013/09/nelsons-patent-bridge-for-boarding.html http://www.admiralnelson.info/CapeStVincent4.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-2bNxdxDCM Watch this one… its long but worth it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s8m3c1hwm0 I use this battle and Nelson’s action in a small story. The mention of his Old Agamemnon’s John Sykes, John Thomson and Francis Cook involvement. The cannon ball strike at the HMS Captain nearly throwing Nelson overboard if it wasn’t for Miller… all really great incidents Nelson’s move… and understanding ossification In Nelson’s Wake… this story and Nelson’s own PR machine gives the view as to why he was head and shoulders above his peers. This I believe is not the case and his Death over shadows many other great Captains. I believe even if we’d have lost the battle Nelson would not have being Court Materialled but would have faced one. Ossification with SoLs By the 18th Century the fleets becoming so large it was hard to have them bring to bear in a long single line squarely alongside its enemy. The French, reluctant to engage also, they preferring longer range rigging attacks. Stagnation sets in with reluctancy to engage. This made the Admiralty’s “Permeant Fighting Instruction” useless with ossification. The Admiralty knew this, so too did the French. The 74-Gun Fast French cruiser coming into existence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Howe%27s_action,_or_the_Glorious_First_of_June https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glorious_First_of_June Look at Lord Howe and what he did in ’94. With Jarvis and others including Nelson they the Royal Navy were struggling to make the First Rates actually effective platforms. They had to change the rules of engagement. This is what Nelson did, and changed the force multiplier to the British even though out numbered. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26916-book-fleet-tactics-and-naval-operations-3rd-edition/ The Patent Bridge Run Try without hindsight what went through Nelsons mind. The San Nicolas was badly damaged from HMS Excellent. Nelson could see this, and realised it would strike her colours. Storming the quarter deck from the Spanish Captain’s cabin led to a quick surrender. Then the collision with the San Jose, the San Nicolas caused the yards and rigging to interwind. The much larger San Jose could re-take the surrendered San Nicolas… This I believe was the problem going through Nelson’s mind. He had no choice… San Nicolas crew would remain surrendered below decks, he sent a force through the San Jose stern and he charged the San Jose Quarter deck. The Captain, not expecting the sudden rush surrendered immediately. Nelson’s thinking, if the San Jose Captain realises the Nicolas was taken and with such a small force… He would have prepared a defence or counter attack boarding party himself. Instead the Spanish Captain was focused on the rigging and tangled yards with the other ship… My thoughts anyway… Norfolk
  12. @victor As always, my friend you provide the W-factor... This Wisdom we need to take note of. NnC
  13. Here’s a thing, All the advice given, is great advice for you @gaminglabrador5 ...I’ve about 4,000hrs on my MPC not including ALT. Mostly PvP, use PvE to test stuff and tested Legends. Ran a good clan and a dark clan. Wrote the odd guide or two, built spreadsheets like my old EvE Online days. I’ve an ego bigger than most... but hey that’s my bad... just ask the wife I haven’t played NA-OW for 10months, with any real bollocks more like over a year... ...The OP I don’t see your world in the same way... Just like most of the ELITE players don’t either, I get a kick out of the learning curve. FYI U-Dreadnaught has got one hell of a curve... Grind, fcuk now you’re just teasing me... My problem, is somewhat different. At what point does NnC return? I love the game, and its community and yet why do I keep stalling? The energy input for mechanic discoveries is soul destroying to have the system change. That doesn’t sound very Hardcore-ish...? Yet that’s how I’m feeling. I don’t believe the fundamental underlying system for the final game has surfaced yet even at this late EA stage... https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/28182-testbed-feedback-battle-ui-localization-patrols-delivery-quests/?page=43&tab=comments#comment-621002 Just look at the Unity here. The ability to listen and see things from... yeah you got it. One needs to get back into this fcuking game, we need @Jeheil & Co back. Get off my soapbox, go out and get sunk a few times... fcuk it’s not that hard is it...? Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  14. Obviously being away far too long, but balancing is still the issue I see. The distinct difference between Real-Life age of sail and Naval Action is ship to ship dependencies not taken into account at all. Real-Life a first rate even in a first-rate line needed 74-gun support. In Naval-Action focus is always to the individual ship, book and mod in total isolation. @Grundgemunkey point is valid 1st Rate ships NEVER sail alone. Third rates rarely https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ship_Droits_de_l%27Homme_(1794) Frigates then, normally dispatch carriers or in small wolf packs. Out right solo hunting yes, normal behavior probably not. First, Second and Third Rates should have a dampener when sailed in isolation. Like wise boosts when sailed in the right combo... This in fact with all rates. VERY easy for me to say I know, but these problems will not go away. Looking at the problem in a more real life setting rather than the 1v1 encounters. A single lone cutter should never be able to face a first rate at all... in my opinion. A pinch of salt, Norfolk
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