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  1. ナイフ形状 This Knife Shape in Japanese @Sir Texas Sir is correct @admin you are using simplified Chinese NOT Traditional. Careful using auto translators. Effect can have many different meanings. I have a tattoo of two characters that translate as "Empty Hand". Read by a Chinese person would imply EMPTY HAND I'm poor without food or wealth? Read by a Japanese person translates as Karate or the martial art that uses no weapon i.e. Empty Hand. What do you actually want to say in English? Norfolk.
  2. your split looks a lot more realistic... great work
  3. I’ll have a look for ‘An Appeal to Admiralty’. This seems the thing I’m looking for. Brilliant. The Battle of Cape St. Vincent I found out was GBP140,000 in prize money (GBP14m in today’s value). Sir John Jervis would have taken GBP17,500 home from the battle. Four ships captured two thirds and two firsts. So, a straight even split, with GBP70,000 going to HMS Captain. This leaves Nelson’s highest possible prize for HMS Captain would be GBP61,250. I’d assume this number is then split into eighths of GBP7,650. Nelson Himself on your numbers of two eighth takes GBP15,300 the rest split downward. Nelson was in charge, the senior officer as Commodore, the HMS Captain’s Captain Miller... this adding confusion. I would certainly agree with you that Nelson wouldn’t receive the whole amount. Pensions, provisions and other additions would have reduced the 61k to a fraction. However, I bet that Sir John probably did walk away with 17k. He was awarded later for this action a pension of GBP3,000 per year as well. N.
  4. That’s great @Lieste thank-you. 'Pay' was instead made by promissory note, which commonly would be sold or redeemed via money lenders, loan sharks et al... This opens up a whole new can of worms... lol The division split would leave little for the average man indeed. At the Battle of Cape St. Vincent with Nelson’s patent bridge boarding I’d loved to know what the payout was. In his 74-gun Captain he took the 84-gun San Nicolas and then the 114-gun San Josef. This before the HMS Britannia 94-gun closed in. His small ship and crew taking two much larger vessels. The San-Nicolas was really badly damaged, but I keep thinking was Nelson’s motivation the prize on the San Josef rather than the boldness of the move? Once Britannia arrived it would dilute the purse somewhat... Sir John Jervis 8th, then the rest for the HMS Captain would seem to be a huge fortune. Thank-you again for the information N.
  5. Hi All, One for the history buffs out there. Looking for Pay scales and grade for the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. Struggling on this with a lot of conflicting amounts. The prize money split also is extremely confusing... A RN Frigate from the Mid-Atlantic fleet chases down and captures another vessel in the Caribbean. The Prize value split starts with a portion going to the Jamaica or Leeward station as well as the Captain’s senior Admiral reporting line. Now him, and then the crew, this includes all crew like The Marines and The Chaplain. Is this correct? How is the prize actually valued? Assume the cargo contents the easiest to value and sell off but the ship itself? If anybody could point me to a good site or book that would be really helpful. Thanks Norfolk Ps. Capt. 1st Rate Ship pa GBP400, 6th Rated GBP150 pa Surgeons GBP165, Chaplains GBP100 and Able Seaman GBP20
  6. Brilliant link thanks @Wagram So, it did work as a repeating gun. The metal rods at the barrels side held the cartridges for a particular barrel. Through turning and gravity it reloaded the barrel each full turn. The Puckle Gun 1718 amazing video also. The craftmanship for the age was phenomenal. Thinking and thought processes involved am amazed it took so long to develop cartridges with repeating rifles. Or reliable machine guns for that matter. N.
  7. @Fluffy Fishy Agreed looks a fascinating weapon. If built with sea use in mind I’d speculate some thoughts... What first springs to mind is it be a boarding weapon, either for defense or attack. The weapon is mounted on wheels so designed to be moved around quickly at short notice. I assume across a quarter deck only and not upstairs etc. Or on the Poop to target key enemy personnel. I assume the lit fuse would ignite a single barrel only. The barrels would then manually be rotated and a new loaded one would be ignited and so on. This may imply a single enemy that’s a targeted shot. What are the metal rods between each barrel for? They have a groove in the wood for betting housing? Strength? I doubt it’s a ram rod or a lever for breach loading. The Baker Rifle as a 30inch barrel length. This machine looks like it as a similar length and obviously not rifled. The Baker as a range of up to 200yards with a high hit rate accuracy. This weapon on such a stable platform, unrifled might still reach 100yards. Perfect for a close in boarding action. I’d speculate it does fire a single lead ball. However, a small greased cloth bag filled with iron nail shavings could also be used as effective grape. The bag weight however couldn’t be much heavier than a lead ball or more charge would be needed. This producing higher risks of breaching... Just my thoughts, but would love to see some details on this weapon Norfolk.
  8. “Never Interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake…!” Napoleone di Buonaparte (1769-1821)
  9. @Hewlettasha It’s a good question you propose and I too asked myself the same thing. My problem is one of imagination. I love the game dynamics both combat and world building. Yes, I agree it has the potential to be on a par with EvE Online like someone said. The potential... And yet like that amateur armchair Admiral, football coach, and General what seems obvious to me the Dev team seem blinded what I think is the obvious path. PC Game publishing is not my business and yet it frustrates me why Game-Labs fail to follow and adopt proven paths like EvE or WoWs... https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26423-idea-norfolk-compares-apples-to-oranges-to-avoid-a-lemon/ This link above is an old comparison I did on the three games. I point out the access to resources and the fact both CCP and W.n where both of similar size to GL when starting out. However, one thing I fail to mention is the business objective. Game-Labs ethos (company mission statement) is to produced several different games and not be reliant on just one. This makes sense but means HR allocation in such a small business causes a problem. CCP was troubled for years with a total dependence on EvE and failed with other projects. Look at GL with Ultimate General UG, UG Gettysburg and Naval Action. Three published games, with UA Age of Sail, UA Dreadnought and This Land is My Land in the pipeline. That’s six games excluding bolt on DLC packs. The Games industry hit or miss is a minefield so spreading the risk seems like a good strategy... However, like the wife says Jack of all trades but master of none springs to mind. I don’t want a bland Me2 game product. A GL game I expect to be a hard learning curve with very challenging game play. The reason why we have DarthMod @Nick Thomadis in house. This they do deliver over several products. Without being the Fanboy I am, the mass market appeal to any one of GL products is low. If @admin devoted or allocated 100% of his resources including DarthMod to Naval Action Open-World it would be a truly out of this world game. How much more inward investment would come GL way beyond todays incarnation? I guess not much more at all. It’s a small audience. I might be wrong... EvE Online I played for six maybe seven years hardcore. That game today was NOT the game it was years ago. Its grown, developed and got better overtime. This was done by the CCP Dev Team promising ONE update per year for the game. This was paid for by monthly subs. Naval Action-OW I think/warrants continued GL Dev input and game upgrades. I would like to see a genuine visible statement to this effect. This is different to just releasing TOP-UP flag DLCs and the like. Like EvE the game NA-OW I want to see grow and build out over time. How to pay for Development... The idea I have and see is a DLC Duel Room function first. This to then build out to a stand-alone ARENA game. This if pushed and developed properly would allow funding back into the NA-OW franchise... To close... For NA-OW to develop in the future then a need to understand the GL business mission is warranted. I don’t want to see NA stagnate, but in order to build it needs more funding than just the current DLCs in my opinion... Norfolk.
  10. @SirAlatriste Big thanks for the reply, much appreciated. You probably can guess my current area of study is realistic navigation with the Mutiny on the Bounty post as well. This book shows the extreme hardship a sailor faced at the time. Although nothing new, but the chance of reward was vastly higher than as a land surf or in the British army. The problem was the old and infirm that made up such a large portion of the working crew. This resulting in the high-end death rate. Why and how did the senior management allow for this...? The Bounty had no pressed sailors all volunteers, with many sailings with Cook & Bligh on previous voyages. Both voyages should extreme acts of courage and skill in navigation and crew management. This using the standard model laid down by the Admiralty of the time. The Book was a dark read as I’ve implied above. In hindsight in both cases, how much thought went into the men, the crew as a whole? Not much, yet Nelson took able seaman from Agamemnon with him to other ships. Norfolk.
  11. @koltes Here’s the thing, and you know my answer already YES of course. With all due respect is it a new idea? No. The old idea which I liked was the ‘Smugglers Flag’ concept. Especially for PvE players here. Within a set petrol region/area the AI would check shipping. Take a FRENCH regional area for example. The French AI Patrols within visible range would approach and attack non-French or non-allied shipping. Match the defending BR leaving the balance outside the instance. The Smuggler Flag hides the player also... DLC Flags for different nations, NOT just 1x flag... That was the old idea, but then the AI couldn’t chase down players in open-world effectively enough. Way too slow... The replies here are on the whole in agreement with you, but with caveats. Split AI aggression levels, higher around a PORT Capital, less elsewhere. Also, PB protection services to stop the Gank. Questions, Can the Dev’s currently split aggression levels within NA-OW? Can the Dev’s build a mechanic that will check regional zone traffic? Even if its just main Capital PORTs... Can the AI fleet respond effectively enough to an inbound threat realistically? Your Question is correct for the Dev’s and NA-OW... YES or NO The Community however, need more depth and scale. I doubt the Dev’s could give individual options to the settings. I doubt the Dev’s right now could have different AI aggression levels for different situations. I doubt the additional load factor on the servers would be available to have regional port checking even if its just to the handful of main PORT Capitals... You are spot on in your thinking. The Game, realistically is nowhere near what you suggest and more importantly the additional depth the community want. Would love to be proved wrong... Norfolk nChance. Ps. voted YES
  12. Mutiny on the Bounty, a myth in view perhaps...? For over 200years, its been the most infamous case of Royal Navy rebellion at sea. What immediately comes to mind probably is one of a tyrannical unrelenting Captain, and a First Lieutenant forced reluctantly into a course of action for the crew and his survival...? I was looking at research for a second NA-OW short story and came across this one. My view going in was somewhat bias and not balanced at all, swayed by movies and general folk lore. However, just scratching the surface the basic story unravels quite quickly. I’m looking for more research, books or anything surrounding this case. If you know of anything please let me know... The Idea... ... I’m playing with as a story arc. This time Bligh plays the protagonist and Christian the antagonist. The Admiralty also playing its part in structure, discipline and the Officer CREW relationship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutiny_on_the_Bounty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHTwFHnqGr8 The YouTube documentary is ok, and is more a starting point. The infamous Stolen Cheese event at the start of the voyage always framed Bligh the villain caught out stealing. The fact he was the ships Purser as well shows chain of command conflicts. The respect from the crew was undermined by the Admiralty giving this mission to such a small ship. RN classed it as a CUTTER. There are many points of contention, but love him or loath him his navigation in the Jolly boat was remarkable. Please let me know if you’ve any thoughts or idea, And again, thanks for reading Norfolk
  13. Idea: GeForce Experience with GL tie-ins... @admin https://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download From a marketing and professional push stand point, would a tie-in to the nVidia platform prove helpful? I asked this question a couple of years back during testing, and was dismissed by Dev and the Community alike. Now NA-OW as launched is the opinion the same? What if any advantage does GeForce offer the Game-Labs stable of products? If nothing, then what am I missing here, and why is it used? In my industry, finance we introduced FIX protocol controls that became industry wide standard allowing Client, broker, Bank and exchange clear through put with electronic traffic. This looks similar in concept? Further products like UA:AoS, DREAD and This Land would they have any benefit at all? Thanks for reading Norfolk
  14. Starting to slowly wonder back to the game. Thought @Anolytic guides were truly excellent. Please add them to STEAM or a link at least. Just Finished the FINAL EXAM, which did take a few attempts and wasn’t pretty. @admin My overall view of the tutorials and exams and final was very good. A suggestion to help the Newbie after the sailing tutorial is extend the BATTLE Instance once completed when offered. Lock the wind and allow him to practice turning and moving etc. on his own till the timer runs down or he escapes. The FINAL exam is not for the Newbie obviously. Make sure this is stated multiple times and to re-take the tutorials, exams to practice. Use both servers as well. Don’t let him wallow because he can’t complete the final after a few weeks game time. The length of the final exam is fine. It teaches patience and tactics, but how did that guy do it in 8minutes is beyond me. It does not need shortening. I tried all sorts of methods offered here and on YouTube. My 2cents worth of advice would be, whatever strategy you want to use have it thought out first before you start. When it starts to go South don’t fcuk around, Surrender and start over. Don’t waste your time dragging it out. For me, I rage boarded the first ship pushing it into irons. It took a few attempts to have the ships side on. Then destroy the side wall change to grape and kill the crew. Use ATTACK and change to DECK Guns in the last seconds. If You can get the target STERN facing, which is brilliant. Grapping kills 25+ crew each turn... Make sure you start CREW refresh [5] then [3] when your crew hits 200. Once complete move away and repair. Then turn into the second ship and do the same. De-masting works like @Liq video as well. Norfolk
  15. Tidy Up this FORUM Version v0.2.7 rev 29653 BB1.1 v.1.6.38 [front plate entry screen ex-STEAM] @sterner Tidy Up this forum please. Had a small break coming back I was confused where to post and it’s starting to drift. I’m not sure now where to post actual feedback. With the Pre-order release do you want to lock “Testing grounds” now in favour of “Early access discussions” …? Discord Server. Do you want this to be the main feedback place and NOT GL Forum? Please give us CLEAR and DIRECT orders or protocols to follow. Choice is a two-edged sword, but I do see the need to test it over STEAM. Love the work so far, will post a feedback update in a couple of hours… Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
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