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  1. France on Naval action deserves more flags. Such an historical navy deserve to have a lot more flags. I would like with this topic to send a message so the creators of this beautiful game will add some more cool french flags !:) I think that we should start with the adding of the White flag without any symbol, which was the flag of the royal French navy, and that when ships are being captured, for being historically correct, instead of the white flag, only to display no flag, as it was the way to do. This will allow France Royal Navy to flow its true original flags, and so more !:) the true white royal flag is a must have ! and also the French modern national flag’s (blue white red) dimensions must be changed, as the white is wider that the blue, and the red is wider than the white for the French navy flag it is important that the white is bigger than the blue, and that the red is bigger than the white. Also the blue colour must be almost dark black. i also propose to add more flags like : Louis XIV blue standart with the sun and his motto Nec Pluribus Impar, which would be a cool name for a flag. And the flag of Saint-Malo, thé white cross with blue corner, and one red one, used by Surcouf, the famous corsaire, and other corsaire. Also the blue flag with fleurs de lys would be very nice to see in game. there is a picture of all flags that were used by French ships in the Americas.really cool one !!! There is the flag of the French India company. And the flag of New France! I hope you will enjoy these flags, and maybe you will put some of them in the game. I’ll be the happiest, and France will be cool, and the game will be awesome ! thank you !
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