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  1. There should be storms (good for sneaky traders), but storms should do little damage over time on OW in my opinion.
  2. Can ruin ecenomy, for me NO, if you don't have Realms for repairs, then buy Basic Cutter (free) and make transport missions (you cannot be killed in Basic Cutter) so you have guaranteed income.
  3. There could be some random wind changes.. Counter-clockwise motion is boring and predictable.. And it is not hard to implement it.
  4. It is not rework, it is just adding more sources from where is xp generated
  5. He wants that you should be able to hire NPC for one way to protect you, he doesn't want to buy fleet, he wants only lend.
  6. Then sentence "game is released" you can use for everything, and then game will not go ahead / no new features (because it is released), and it will slowly die.. Game is released is very bad reason.. There are mmo games that exists more than 15+ years old and they are not afraid of new features.
  7. Maybe there could be even port fortification tutorial and port battle tutorial 🤔
  8. Hello, as new player who completed tutorial exams, I have some suggestions, firstly I want to say that difficulty is right, I didn't have much problems except one --> time. Suggestions for demasting and boarding exams: prolong battle time from 10m to 15m Exams tell you how to control ship and how to fight, BUT they don't tell you things about crafting, building resource buildings, trading. To this day I don't know how to craft, what to produce and everything about economy. So suggestion is to add "economy" section into tutorial, which tells you about crafting, building, producing, trading, etc..
  9. Hello, as I can see during battle my ship has infinite amount of cannonballs except chain shots, I can't even see my chain shots in hold, so I cannot increase amount of it. My suggestion is that: you have to carry ammo in ship hold except standart / classic round cannonballs (they can be infinite), but you would have to carry chain shots and grape shots, if you don't have it, you cannot simply fire it. So players can decide how much of which ammo will carry, and of course more ammo means heavier ship and it means slower ship.
  10. Okey and I just forgot to mention, that different ammo doesn't make only battles more varied, but it changes economy little bit too, because there will be new craftable items for crafters.. etc
  11. As I said, I am new here so I don't know about problems much, I just post suggestion which can make game a little bit better Yea different ammo is not important, but it can make battles little more varied I am not saying that devs have to focus on this feature, but I want to just tell my opinions and suggestions and I hope that in future they will be implemented.
  12. I don't say that heated ammo must be here, but in Age of Sail there was a lot of different other ammonutions, so ammonutions in this game is quite por right now. And what do you mean by real problems? I am very new here, I played it only for some hours, but I played other games like PotBs, but I like NA yet
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