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  1. When a Port falls, it becomes contested for a day and is a free port, right? Is it possible to raise hostility during that 24 hour period and flip it again; thus triggering a tug of war over the port?
  2. Would simply having ONE open mission available in front of each port during the entirety of its timer be a good fix? Every enemy that pops in on an "attacker" circle spawns an equal AI to defend it. Maybe there could be some sort of announcement that attackers have joined the hostility battle so as to let people know (although a well organized defense would have watchmen, like a lot of nations do currently.)
  3. I like this. Whoever comes to the fight gets to fight. If you are getting counter ganked you'll see it immediately and might have a chance to then run away
  4. I've noticed that when my hull begins to be damaged, maybe below half, I start to slow down and more crew are being assigned to survival. Would adding a pump allow me to keep sailing at full speed? Does low hull hp basically just translate to a certain amount of unfixable leaks?
  5. ya but does everyone get the mission reward? Doing a 18 vs 18 fleet battle for 256 doubloons or whatever seems like a waste.
  6. As a fairly new player, I am putting together a tips and tricks guide called 'All The "Hello Kitty" They Don't Teach You The First Time Around'. So far it is very limited, as I am trying to remember all the things I've learned along the way and compile things I find in this forum into it. I am imagining it to not really be a beginner's guide, but more-so a list of aspects of the game that are not obvious or explained. I want a new or novice player to read through it and at least once say "Oh dang i didn't realize that". I will continue to add to it as I play and learn and will also add as much info from this thread and the Q&A thread as possible.The link is below and it is open fully to edits and comments, so please fact-check it and add things that you wished you would've known when you were a new player. No tip is too obvious! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s8aYJEQ8ZwCOaoJaH-u0SVh4Ttmsobept9STIWP7Bf8/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Hey guys, I tried searching for this question anddidn't find it; if it was already answered I'm sorry! I was hoping y'all could drop some knowledge on the meta behind when to choose to mount carronades over normal longs on a specific deck or whether to not mount them at all. You don't have to give a hard and fast rule, but just maybe some guidelines on how to choose. I'll provide two examples that I've seen on Youtube. A captain sailing a Wasa had longs on his two lower decks and carronades on his top in lieu of the 9lb longs. he kept the carronades locked most of the fight and only used them in certain instances, such as when close enough to ensure penetration or when having a good shot on the sails. In another fight, a captain in a Wasa did not even have any cannons on his top deck. Are 32lbs carros pretty much always the way to go over 9lb longs due to the 9lbs not penning well when fired in a broadside alongside the other longs (32s and 24s) and the faster reload time? Is there any rough rule about when to choose the carros over the longs or maybe just to not use the deck at all (Pandora's top deck comes to mind), such as "always use carros when they at least triple the weight of the normal cannons"? Another situation: a Constitution has a top deck of either 12 lb cannons or 42 lb carros...are the carros always the better option or are 12 lb cannons good enough to use and 9 lb cannons are just trash? I know a lot of the answers are going to prob. say something like "depends on what strategy you are using", but I would like to know more of what you all usually do and why. Thanks!
  8. That makes sense, but that nation's players do have the luxury of building a workshop in the port where those items spawn and run very little risk of losing them at sea. I It is possible to build a workshop at a freeport though, right? I guess moving them via tlynx or something that way and then building them there to teleport them away isn't that much of a hassel.
  9. I like this idea...maybe gives the option for the attacked to just loot you and leave you alive...or gives an option for you to scuttle your ship before he comes by to board you...or your ally can come and board you and repair you (very minimal, just enough to sail again
  10. An example: I want to stern rake a ship with grape but don't want to be completely screwed if I miss my angle and come around broadside. Is it possible to load only grape on one deck and ball on the others? Another instance of use, maybe I would like to chip away at sails while still damaging armor and lock one deck while aiming at sails and then unlock it to fire another broadside into armor. Or maybe my carronades are too far to pen a ships armor but could still hit the sails, while I have longs loaded on other decks that could pen armor.
  11. Does armor thickness decrease as side armor is reduced? It feels like it might but I'm not positive.
  12. Thanks, ya that makes sense. I think I'm just surprised that some nations get such an obvious advantage. I feel like each nation should have a resource like that for a top-tier mod that only spawns in their area.
  13. CrustyJohnson


    Honestly why not just give them a starting location that makes sense and has at least some basis in history? Every year in Tampa, FL there is a parade and party called the "Gasparilla Pirate Festival" (It's actually a hell of a lot of fun; kind of like Mardis Gras) celebrating the historical moment when the legendary Spanish pirate Jose Gaspar literally based himself in Southwest Florida and created a Pirate nation. From wikipedia: " Whatever his origins, the stories agree that Gaspar stole away in the late 1700s to the virtually uninhabited southwestern coast of Spanish Florida and established a secret "pirate kingdom" on Gasparilla Island in Charlotte Harbor, south of Tampa Bay." Dudes..Pirate Kingdom! Come on it's that simple...leave the Caribbean a lawless wasteland of 6th rate carnage and move the Pirates to a place that makes sense. Also, moving them toward the Gulf of Mexcyka (lol) might help dislodge the Russians a bit and make for some better RvR. ^^ This is a suggestion if Pirate nations HAS to be kept. In my opinion, players should either be one of two things: Privateer (affiliation with a specific Nation; able to be changed) or Pirate (complete detachment from nations). All nations should have unconquerable and uninvestable capitals and their boundaries can be spread via RvR by the Privateers (kind of like what we have now) Pirates would operate in clans (which should have a much smaller member limit, maybe 50) and be free to attack any nation AI, privateers, and each other if their pirate clan is not on a friendly clan list, as well as capture ports Loose confederacies of pirate clans could make up alliances that could rival the nations and their privateer players. Nations would always certainly outnumber a certain Pirate clan for a single port battle, which would make clan diplomacy (honestly one of the most frustratingly interesting aspects of this game) super important. However Nations at war with each other might like to see another Nation's port be captured by pirates and be willing to help them out.
  14. CrustyJohnson


    I like this a lot. Why not Kidd's island (although it is far as hello kitty). Maybe just move Morgan Town out a bit and make it hidden or move Kidd's closer. The idea of a Pirate Island that only pirates know where it is could be awesome. I think the thing that frustrates me the most is the starting position for the pirates is honestly one of--if not the best in the game and it has an uncapturable capital....It just doesn't seem very hardcore to me. A lot of the pirate players I know are very good and hardcore and deserve to fly that beautiful jolly roger...but it should be a hard-fought badge of honor to survive and thrive as a pirate. Right? Hell I give more props to the Polish right now for being hardcore. The Prussian nation is kind of what I imagined Pirate to be like...very good and very hardcore and constantly shifting around the map fighting like hell all the way.
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