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  1. Well if that's the case, I take back what I said. I guess my personal experiences haven't been as lucrative when finding certain ships, especially 4th and 3rd rates. Been sitting at needing one more Wasa and 2 more Aggys for a bit now. The US will respond in force if you come up near San Agustin which is nice, but most are afraid to go down near Cabo, sadly. Also, I play at an odd time, so our nation pop is pretty dead. I don't mind people hunting PvErs, I do the same thing. At least it's more of a fight than hunting traders. I probably need to just change my tactics and stay near the port in order to avoid being ganked when coming out of an AI fight. or maybe there's a strategy you know of that I am overlooking? Do battle indicators go away after a certain amount of time? I would hope they would disappear as soon as a fight is locked, so as to deter fight camping. Don't get me wrong I love the game and I know I could stay safe if I chose to, but I want the PvP. I just want it to be a fair fight more often than not. I could accept that doing PvE came with risk of being ganked--considering that it is the main way to get chests and rewards--if there were an alternative that ensured even BR PvP fights. I've been mentioning it a lot today, but I'm envisioning a PvP Arena instead of a PvP Zone. One that allows groups or solo players to come and fight an opposing team of equal BR. Solo players would be matched with other solo players, teams, or AI to achieve certain BR and boom, fair fight initiated. Mini Naval Aciton:Legends but in OW with OW implications. I do like the PvP Zone a lot, but it still can result in a lot of imbalanced fights. I've been on both sides of those fights and they are rarely fun. PvP Arena would let clans practice sailing together against an equal opponent. Solo players could finally get assurance of being in a fair fight that isn't a boring 1v1, and possibly make new friends (or enemies). WoW had a feature like this and it was successful. I think it would be popular and people wouldn't mind waiting around if they knew that eventually they would get a fair fight.
  2. As a US player, do you know how far we have to sail to find anything above a 5th rate AI? From Cabo Canaveral to the North of Cuba, it's easily a 45 minute sail through enemy water. Even if I am fighting 5th rate AI at the edge of my nation's borders, PvPers come up with 3rd rates and I don't stand a chance because I am in my 5th rate, which I am using so that the battles I do find close after 2 minutes. if it does close before they get in, they just wait outside and pounce on me, injured. If I bring my own 3rd rate to stand a chance? i get nearly zero XP from farming 5th rate AI. Plus I have to build it tanky and slow to compete with the 2-3 man PvP teams teams, so even if I do get close to killing one, they run off. So as to not simply bitch without providing a solution, I propose that Ai ships increase in rate size toward the frontlines and consist of all rates. Either that, or only allow rates up to a certain rate in each county to participate in fights. A county spawning 5th rates should only allow 5th rates and below to engage in battles there, unless for hostility. Would make fights fairer and anyone that doesn't want a fair fight should be ignored. I love PvP, I dislike unbalanced fights, whether the disparity is in my favor or isn't.
  3. My suggestion is to remove doubloons and combat marks from the game, replacing them in every instance with reals. I think if the game returned to a one currency system, the immediate improvements would be far-reaching and incredible. Removing doubloons would immediately make trade goods matter, as more profit can be made in shorter amount of time with a real trade fleet. Cargo and passenger missions should stay, but the doubloon reward should be converted to reals. They still provide a good source of income risk-free. Removing combat medals would instantly stop a lot of seal clubbing, as most players only do this to get easy combat medals. Instead, I suggest a reward of 100x the BR of a ship killed/captured in PvP. It would give players more reason to go after bigger ships and leave noobs and small traders alone. Converting back to one currency system would be relatively easy. Simply gfigure out a conversion rate for doubloons (I suggest 150-200 reals per doubloon) and then convert every instance in game into that amount of reals. Clan Missions giving resources to Copper are 40k Doubloons right now to fulfill. Make it 6-8 million. ~7k doubloons to craft a Victory? Make it 1 - 1.5 million reals. Combat Marks would be a little harder to convert, but I think it could be done, looking at how much they tend to sell for. As of right now, netlify maps shows they go for around 100k each at most freeports, so that could be a good conversion rate. To reiterate, all mission types could be kept. PvP missions would still be very profitable, but not the only or even the most efficient way to make money. also, they would likely be more fulfilled by killing actual ships of war and not traders. I don't know about y'all, but I'd rather take my chances against a Wasa that could land me 400,000 for one kill plus a +1 on my combat mission over the 4,500 reals that a trader brig would give me. To reiterate, these reals rewards would be for PvP kills, not AI kills. The PvP zone would likely get a lot more popular, which is always good. Please comment and let me know what y'all think. I feel like it'd be a quick and easy change to the game that would have very positive effects.
  4. PvP rewards and doubloons should be removed. They promote the two most bullshit aspects of this game: Riskless trading random fake goods and clubbing afk sailers and noobs. One currency in game would have such an incredible impact. Trade goods would immediately be a thing again. Seal clubbing would stop and actual raids on trading convoys would start. Leave the cargo missions in, but remove doubloons. Double the reals the cargo missions give. Give 10x reals for BR of ship killed in PvP. Make it more valuable to go after bigger ships, not smaller ones.
  5. You can't really fault the guy since there is no warning That fleet ships will be lost if you leave the battle before them. Saying it's been this way for ever is ridiculous because the game was only recently released. He obviously is new.
  6. I don't know about everyone else but I don't mind losing ships and am not afraid to take mine out. What I don't like is losing them in unfair fights. I've played at least 200 hours since release and can count on 2 hands the amount of fair fights I've been in I advocate a PvP Arena that teams or solo players can go to, group up and engage in a fairly equal fight against another team (mods and port bonuses will still be a thing). Solo-players will be group together or can be picked-up by teams missing a player or 2. Set the battle limit at 1000 and then see what groups bring in. Lots of strategy could be employed. A team of 2 Wasas and 1 Belle Poulle vs a team of 4 in Trincs? that would be a good fight. I've read a lot of posts and steam reviews and one of the most constant things I've seen new players complain about is how most fights they engage in are unfair. I don't think anyone ever rage quit after an evenly matched but losing fight. MOBAs like Overwatch and DotA have a lot of strategy and can provide continuous fun. Some aspect of what they bring could do very well in NA; kind of like a mini-Naval Action: Legends in the OW. Set battles where you know the enemy will have a similar BR as you.
  7. Honestly yes. Moving to an entirely clan-based RvR and having nations only be a symbolic thing (or removed entirely). Imagine the RvR if all the clans were allowed to attack each other. No one would call Russia zerg anymore. People could band together. Small clans could strike out on their own and capture a homeport. Coding and adding it to the game really wouldn't be that big of a deal. Changing nation DLC could still affect things, like you can only join clans associated with that nation so you may still need to buy it or use it if you want to join your nation. Also, you can only use flags of the nation you're in. Plus changing names always helps, if you want to go the route of subterfuge and invade a clan from the inside. A lot of RvR and drama could be unlocked.
  8. It's not a bad idea but it would be a lot to implement. I'm sure the devs have other things they'd rather work on and honestly I feel like there are a lot of things that take more precedent besides this. PvP Zone isn't perfect, but it provides some fun fights. I 'd actually much prefer a zone that acts as a mini-NA:Legends but using whatever ship you bring in. It simply divides everyone that joins it into two equal teams. I prefer sailing to a queue location over random OW engagements, which are almost always one-sided due to RoE and the large amount of ships. Maybe even better, group "pick-up" games. I think they would be fun and work thusly. A team of 3/5/10 or whatever number the devs think it should be against another equal size team of equivalent BR. If you win the round, you get a point. If you lose, you go grab another ship and try again or go do something else. At server reset, the group with the most victorious rounds for that day gets special prizes. I think this could work in very interesting ways. Solo players can simply sail out to the zone and join the list of "pick-up" players. Groups that may be 1 or 2 players short can grab some of these pick-up players or when there are enough pick-up players they are automatically put together More than 1 of these fights can occur at once. There would be a lot of strategy, team composition, etc in this type of set-up. if the BR limit is 1000, do you bring a a 3rd rate, 2 5ths and 2 6ths? maybe 4 5ths? Lots of combinations and strategies, which is always fun! it's the start of an idea and requires some fleshing out, but I think it would be great to be able to go somewhere on the map and be guaranteed at least a somewhat balance fight. Even PvP zone is rarely balanced outside of 1v1, and 1v1 can be very unbalanced due to individual skill, like Hachi pointed out. 5v5 may erase a little of a new players mistakes and may tone down a very advanced player's skill. Sure, the best players will likely rule the zone, but at least it wouldn't be a gank fest. people like the PvP leaderboards and bragging about how good their clan/nation is. This would give another, more tangible way to see a clan's skill in a fair fight and not their skill in seal clubbing.
  9. I'd be ok with Aggressive Ai if it were not Ai that just chase any player of any other nation around. I'd like it better if aggressive AI meant Ai that would send fleets to flip ports and raise hostility and initiate port battles. and that aggressive AI were as rare as skull AI.
  10. I love this idea, but it is confusing and maybe a bit difficult to program, especially with battles near land. also people may complain about positioning. I advocate simply a variable time to wait before being allowed to enter the battle. Since ships move twice as fast in OW as they do in a battle, double the amount of time someone has to wait according to how long the battle has been in progress. if the battle is a minute old, make the new joiner wait two minutes. I feel like this would be very easy to code, as all of the supporting elements are already in the game.
  11. Listen man, I know you are motivated and all, but this isn't your place. The man has a problem and he's asking for the devs to rule on it. Maybe it's not the best evidence, but it really doesn't seem to me to be your place. You should keep the high ground. I've never really had a problem with the things you post on this forum, but in this instance I think you need to chill. This is a tribunal post, not someone flapping their gums in Carribean Invasion. Insulting his stream layout and skills is rude and unnecessary. Calling him dishonest is a bit abrupt. You don't like it when people do that to you. No one cares how long you've owned this game, most of us have had it for years. if you don't know the players and in no way were affected, there's no reason for you to come in here causing a ruckus. The devs will probably look into it and decide one way or another. If it turns out ot be a false claim and he continues making them repeatedly, someone will take care of it.
  12. Hey those are my dudes you're killin! Lol good job in that fight, I'll let them know they made this thread. Sad to say I joined up with them directly after this fight. BTW don't feel too bad, that Dutch dude followed us around and stole all our loot for the remainder of our time in the PVP zone
  13. I miss RvR. Back when no one was worried about how taking a port would affect an enemy nation because they were just dots on the map. back when people just did it for pride of seeing their nation expand and beating other nations. I miss 4 nations. That was enough and RvR was much better because each nation could field an RvR force most of the time. but most of all, I miss durability of ships, for a number of reasons. When crafting ships was a chore there wasn't as much fear of losing one because of durability and a better chance that any person you fight would have a more or less equally powerful/fast ship. You would save up money or carefully plan out resources and shipbuilding materials to build a ship and that was it. That was your ship for next couple days or a week. You would grow a little attached to it, but all the while sailing it you would be building up and saving up to your next one, or a replacement of the same type. When you built a Gold, because of durability, you wouldn't just "save it for something important". You would take it out and use it as quickly as possible..because that was your ship now. After release I built my first Trincomalee, Teak/WO. It was blue and standard and didn't have very many port bonuses on it. But I had worked hard to build it, I grinded doubs and resources and finally it paid off. I had built my own Trinc and knew I could build others if I lost it I sailed it HARD. I unboxed it completely. I won my first PvP fight in it. I survived several others. After about a week or so of sailing it, I knew I had to let it go. It was old, it's port bonuses were no longer keeping up. I couldn't chase and tag effectively anymore. I couldn't keep up with DPS as well. I had to retire it and I sailed it out on a suicide mission to the front lines, tagged a Trinc Pirate and went down fighting. He was a good sport, I told him it was the first one I ever built-- that I had been sailing it pretty much exclusively for over a week and wanted to retire it with dignity. He fought me 1v1 and told his friend to leave the fight. I forgot who it was, but I may go back and read my chat log to find out. He sank me, after a good long brawl and fired a 50 gun salute as I sank. I don't keep ships that long anymore. I can mass produce them and there is always something better. But thinking about the Trinc always reminds me of the good old days when you could actually get a little attached to a ship and the excitement that came from finally getting that last stupid set of carriages you need to finish it. Or saving up a large sum to buy one and taking it on its maiden voyage. I miss the days ship matchup mattered more than ship make-up. The rare woods and RNG kind of suck the fun out of ship building. The speed min-maxers make battles shorter , more frustrating, more lopsided, and less frequent. . The upgrade mods are more valuable than the ships. I miss a lot about the old game, but it's still such an incredible game that I play it every day. I get excited with every little patch. The community is fun and frustrating. The drama is Eve-esque...even more so since the community is so much smaller. If I had it my way, the devs would revert many things back to the way they were in 2016, while keeping all the improvements that I am thankful for. If there is ever a NA2 I hope they go try and forget the malice that grew over the years and just take a step back and learn from everything. It's rare for a game to have a such a dedicated and invested community, but with that comes disappointment and backlash when things go awry. People who play this game and post in these forums actually care. Most other games would've died a long long long time ago.
  14. Start with this: @admin Also this isn't a combat mechanics topic...it's a suggestion.
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