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  1. PvP rewards and doubloons should be removed. They promote the two most bullshit aspects of this game: Riskless trading random fake goods and clubbing afk sailers and noobs. One currency in game would have such an incredible impact. Trade goods would immediately be a thing again. Seal clubbing would stop and actual raids on trading convoys would start. Leave the cargo missions in, but remove doubloons. Double the reals the cargo missions give. Give 10x reals for BR of ship killed in PvP. Make it more valuable to go after bigger ships, not smaller ones.
  2. You can't really fault the guy since there is no warning That fleet ships will be lost if you leave the battle before them. Saying it's been this way for ever is ridiculous because the game was only recently released. He obviously is new.
  3. I don't know about everyone else but I don't mind losing ships and am not afraid to take mine out. What I don't like is losing them in unfair fights. I've played at least 200 hours since release and can count on 2 hands the amount of fair fights I've been in I advocate a PvP Arena that teams or solo players can go to, group up and engage in a fairly equal fight against another team (mods and port bonuses will still be a thing). Solo-players will be group together or can be picked-up by teams missing a player or 2. Set the battle limit at 1000 and then see what groups bring in. Lots of strateg
  4. Honestly yes. Moving to an entirely clan-based RvR and having nations only be a symbolic thing (or removed entirely). Imagine the RvR if all the clans were allowed to attack each other. No one would call Russia zerg anymore. People could band together. Small clans could strike out on their own and capture a homeport. Coding and adding it to the game really wouldn't be that big of a deal. Changing nation DLC could still affect things, like you can only join clans associated with that nation so you may still need to buy it or use it if you want to join your nation. Also, you can only use flags o
  5. It's not a bad idea but it would be a lot to implement. I'm sure the devs have other things they'd rather work on and honestly I feel like there are a lot of things that take more precedent besides this. PvP Zone isn't perfect, but it provides some fun fights. I 'd actually much prefer a zone that acts as a mini-NA:Legends but using whatever ship you bring in. It simply divides everyone that joins it into two equal teams. I prefer sailing to a queue location over random OW engagements, which are almost always one-sided due to RoE and the large amount of ships. Maybe even better, grou
  6. I love this idea, but it is confusing and maybe a bit difficult to program, especially with battles near land. also people may complain about positioning. I advocate simply a variable time to wait before being allowed to enter the battle. Since ships move twice as fast in OW as they do in a battle, double the amount of time someone has to wait according to how long the battle has been in progress. if the battle is a minute old, make the new joiner wait two minutes. I feel like this would be very easy to code, as all of the supporting elements are already in the game.
  7. Listen man, I know you are motivated and all, but this isn't your place. The man has a problem and he's asking for the devs to rule on it. Maybe it's not the best evidence, but it really doesn't seem to me to be your place. You should keep the high ground. I've never really had a problem with the things you post on this forum, but in this instance I think you need to chill. This is a tribunal post, not someone flapping their gums in Carribean Invasion. Insulting his stream layout and skills is rude and unnecessary. Calling him dishonest is a bit abrupt. You don't like it when people do that to
  8. Hey those are my dudes you're killin! Lol good job in that fight, I'll let them know they made this thread. Sad to say I joined up with them directly after this fight. BTW don't feel too bad, that Dutch dude followed us around and stole all our loot for the remainder of our time in the PVP zone
  9. Start with this: @admin Also this isn't a combat mechanics topic...it's a suggestion.
  10. I'd say you are absolutely correct but am going to suggest an alternative. Just make the USS United States and USS Constitution 4th rates again. Also, if it has to be a 3rd rate the Connie needs a buff. Being tankier than USSUS isn't enough and the Wasa is still superior in nearly every way, when Wasa doesn't require a permit. I suggest increasing the gun-sizes on one of the decks (68lb carros over 42s should do the trick)
  11. Ability to stop reloading specific decks (like we already can do with broadsides using F5) to enable better crew management. Also, an option to powder-load cannons only, keeping them at half-full reload cycle until a type of projectile is chosen. I know you can sort of do this now with proper timing, but having the ability to just have cannon crews reload to the half-way mark and then choose the type of round would be nice.
  12. Being able to salvage cannons from ships/change cannons at sea from hold. Moving cannons around at sea seems like something that could be done. Instances this would help: - PvP zone stealing someone's carros and ditching meds - AI farming, see a Enemy Player, and having the ability to change from full carro-loadout to longs to engage a player effectively.
  13. I agree that all of these aren't feasible, but even just one might improve the game. This is the "Suggestions" section of the forum so I'm going to keep suggesting things I think would make the game better until this section is removed or the devs stop providing updates.
  14. People moving trade-goods could be moving resources; which would help the nation, even if the player doing it was only focused on trading and not on RvR. I don't mind trade-goods; they are a little annoying but that's not why I suggested this. I just like the idea of every action having a trickle effect on a nation. Non-shipbuilders could do their part to help a nation move resources to the shipbuilders while making some money instead of just making money. And I know someone could trade resources already and probably make profit, but let's face it, cargo delivery missions and even trade-goods
  15. Well damn, you sold me a Le Requin and a Hercules for real world currency.
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