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  2. PVE server- no ganking possible. enjoy. "Otherwise, the war server will be limited inly to 200 veterans soon." already is. 2. game was like this at first release and people did just fine and made it.
  3. SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT WORLD. cut that map down to nothing but jamacia to morti get rid of instanced combat and call it a game. #dropanut people already spend 8 hours sailing across the map anyways because its stupidly big for no reason.
  4. wipe it all. that way every has full content available to them on release. which means that they will stick around a little while longer to unlock stuff thus increasing the lifespan of the game. because once the game releases that's it...… there is no more life line it is either going to be a slow death spiral or a very fast one. but either way a death spiral. the clock will be ticking and we are gonna have 2 maybe 3 years to play the game before the pop reaches current levels again and the game is unplayable with no hope of revival.
  5. clan driven is the only way to stop alts from ruining the game. full clan driven and do away with nations is the way to go.
  6. when did you get unbanned? did you bend the knee and kiss the ring? safe zones needs to go period. #atlas has no safe zones. and people play.
  7. sad to see that yall waited to till everyone quit before you removed the things that killed the game. HOWEVER this is a great move moving into the launch of the game. don't let the crybabys talk you into walking it back again.
  8. see @admin gets it. he understands why we gank nations out of exsistance. he knows how to truly win at naval action. and the answer is to make everyone else quit the game. do that and you win. this has been WO strategy in every war.SO PLEASE REMOVE THE FRICKEN R ZONE SO WE CAN PUT AN END TO GB ONCE AND FOR ALL! BE CONSISTANT MAN!
  9. WAIT one second here. DO THE devs really think that everyone quits this game because of the combat model? if so that's 100% LOL. people quit this game because there is this giant open world that has absolutely nothing to do after you have played the game for 10 hours you have experienced everything the open world has to offer. go shoot this ship... pew pew.... okay now get a new ship and go do it again..... pew pew.... and after about 10 hours people are like okay well I will wait for the game to get more stuff to do then I will play. combat model is literally the only thing in the game that makes it worth playing at all.
  10. I say scrap the open world. its empty trash anyway. reduce map to kpr to jamacia and no instanced combat at all. add appropriate ports and crap to make it work. #atlas.
  11. it means that HAVOC are the big boys on the server and therefore, public enemy number one. and the USA player base doesnt like the euro players overstaying their welcome in our timezone. but we will see if they show up to defend british ports defensively. was a fun night. over 50 brit ships sunk tonight. the port was lost but a price was paid.
  12. you surely know that we know how to flip a port. if you don't know ur about to find out. lets see if your ports without timers can withstand some attacks.
  13. congrats on the win. next time maybe you wont need a 3 1st rate advantage and us coming in peacemeal. also lets not forget yall sailed back to kpr refusing to fight in a follow up battle. but congrats. cya tomorrow for the pb.
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