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  1. not that I am for bringing back flags. but clan controlled ports would be a way to purchase a flag without alts being able to buy them. so for example. in order to buy a flag it has to be in an adjacent port and who can dock in the ports can be restricted by the clans. example. WO wants to set Les Cayes. the les cayes flag can only be bought from tibron or saint louise. WO then closes access to both ports so that only WO and clans on the WO friendly clan list can enter the ports. then the flags wont be purchased by an alt. (you could flesh out the details and abuses later but that's the basics of it) Clan controlled ports is the way to counter all of the ALT abuse. I know that If alts couldn't buy goods at Cartagena that port would be fought over every time the timer was open. it hurts the solo players but it also encourages them to get into a clan. just saying this is a way it can work. NOT that I want it to work like that. I think hostility system is better than flag system because it gives the defenders enough time to rally to actually try to prevent the PB. P.S perhaps flags for pvp raids on ports would be better. "financial warfare" as you called it.
  2. as long as the defenders are able to have a chance of responding.
  3. 1. I see lots of people complaining about the hostility grind. as one of the few clans in the game that actually stops people in their hostility missions let me just say that there needs to be at least two missions to set a port. you should not be able to set a port in one 10 man hostility mission. it should take at least two and no more than 2. this gives the defenders time to rally and try to stop the setting of the PB. many ports take 4 missions to set right now, and that's just simply to much. However, I do understand that this is a population issue as well. if the game were full it wouldn't be hard to get 40 people from your nation to go grind a port. but we need to work with the numbers we have right now. we can tweak later if we need to. 2. Also increase the rewards during the hostility missions. I would also argue that hostility mission rewards should be some of the best loot in the game or at least equal to that of open world loot. Hostility mission is open for the full duration which means it is by far the most risky type of mission in the game. yet it has 0 reward except setting a port battle. 3. We need motivation to do port battles. right now there is none. RVR is the end game for naval action. therefore, it should have end game rewards involved. 4. I really like your idea of clan controlled ports. thus nullifying the ALT issue that is making RVR so meaningless 5. I also LOVE the idea of being able to customize things about the port for the clan owners. That way a home port for a clan will feel like home. (also opens up some options for some more cosmetic DLC) give us décor for our ports.
  4. King of Crowns

    How much time do you spend playing NA?

    nobody who knows what they are doing sails a fir ship anyway.
  5. King of Crowns

    Testing hardcore players devotion!

    @Hethwill the Red Duke way to keep the conversation on point there..... mr moderator 😐 I know how much you like closing/editing off topic threads.
  6. King of Crowns

    Testing hardcore players devotion!

    all the hardcore players left because the devs were not listening (aka there is nothing for us to do..) now go sit in your safe zone and be happy. as far as your complaint about the cost of a first rates...…. 1st rates should be/are totally impracticable for anything other than RVR and what business does a solo player have in a PB? NONE. A clan of players can afford many 1st rates and they are the ones that fight for control of the ports. its fine leave it where it is. Flag DLC will not sell much because no one is playing the game anymore until release. I bought it not because I care about the flag but because I want to support the idea of cosmetic DLC in hopes that we will get more. such as sigils for our sails and what not.
  7. King of Crowns

    Battles closing under watch

    and then do we even discuss the magic of safe zones and their retard join circles. RIP NA. #keepthenewbssafe.
  8. King of Crowns

    Battles closing under watch

    not that I care because game is dead until launch..... but the best solution is dynamic circles. so when the battle pulls the circles are close to the X. as time goes on the circles move farther and farther away. to the point that no one would ever try to join it because you would have to sail 1 1/2 hour to get to the battle. then the battle could never close. but at least you could watch the other two fight. which is currently more action than most action in naval action.
  9. King of Crowns

    The State of PVP...........

    the only way to pvp in R zone is to meet cancer with cancer. especially with the new "fun and engaging" musket mods for boarding. XD
  10. King of Crowns

    The State of PVP...........

    I would just like to take a min and laugh @JG14_Cuzn in case you haven't figured it out they do no want you pvping in the R zone. The reason why this is so funny is that cuzn and massimo and bobzilla used to sit in port and wait for enemy raiders to be called out and then jump out and go gank them in the R zone. He didn't make this pic but he has been in several of these battles out by Belize. it was after this battle we made our no safe zone policy and then quit sailing in open world for pvp 2 weeks later due to lack of content.
  11. King of Crowns

    Rename the connie.

    I say we rename it to the USS GREAT KING DONALD!
  12. the problem isn't that its a safe space for newbs. the problem is that its a safe space for everyone regardless of skill or rank. so what you have is a chain of events that has/is taking place. vets that are not cowards will sail around looking for people and give up because everyone is hiding in safe zones. they will then go to the safe zones pull a fight which inevitably ends in the vets getting ganked. the vets may do this up to 10 times. and then they just say screw it. not worth. . which will leave you with only newbies in the safe zone. 2 weeks after WO made a no safe zone battles policy we all quit sailing in the open world. now we just sit and monitor our hostility bot while playing other games. so you will have lots of new players and that's all you will ever have. because people who are not new and who become not new realize that there is no one to fight and quit. this is why all of your major pvp clans have died and be remade into new clans. or merged with other clans. clans like TDA OCEAN HRE RUBLI. full of the best players in the game. now gone.
  13. 1. game will not make it because of safe zones. 2. you still have your pve server that is exactly what you want and more FREE LINE SHIPS. why cry because the pvp server is now more pvp oriented? 3. perhaps we should learn from fallout76 and adopt their pvp system so that no one can be engaged in pvp that doesn't want to be engaged in pvp. that seemed to work great for that game. XD
  14. so just come out and say that you don't want to have to leave your safe zone. that you want to be able to just sit in the safe zone and wait for ai ships to sail into it so that you can farm without any threat. cuz that's the way it used to be.
  15. there isn't enough people left in the game for pvp to even be a goal of the game. NA=pve only game. as admin has already shown. the most kills the best players obtain per day on players is a maximum 5. with most players going a whole day without killing another player. 8 hours of gameplay for 2 kills..... no thanks. ill go play something else and let the carebears enjoy their game that admin created for them. with safezones/forts/massive ai fleets to keep people safe/and a huge map to hide in.