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  1. yup. then we can all quit. and say it was good while it lasted.
  2. how about we get some advertising for this game. remember you need 500 pop during usa timezone for me to buy the rativan.
  3. fine then buy dlc and sail requin if you want to play solo. game is not ment for solo play
  4. if your solo you should never sail anything bigger than a 5th rate and that 5th rate better be a 15.5 knt ship. no wonder you keep getting gankged sailing around in 3rds. the f11 cords are how your found not the combat news.
  5. Online player count info should not be available on release. we have seen spiraling effects as a result of that number in the past. simple remove it. needs to happen.
  6. THE devs have not be silent they ruled on it.
  7. san Augustine pb. Comanders france: king of crowns USA: rattle snake jake.
  8. I MEAN... we just tag with a light ship. hold in battle until 20 heavys and 5 lights are surrounding the battle then have the light ship cut the tagged ship loose and then BOOM. 25V1. we win. every time.
  9. we are so good we gank in port battles.
  10. timer will be 02 for you tomorrow. maybe you can stay up to 10... maybe that's not past your bedtime.
  11. I just told you how to make it at 11 on the dot. pay attention.
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