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  1. have them all swamped to 03-06 and lets see. sure we would lose the first couple. but we would get on par with them after about 2 or 3. we dont have the advantage of port battling anytime we want to.
  2. @Comrade FrosTshow me the screenshot where i miscounted the BR? here is the dirty little secret. @Aster led that pb. i wasn't able to be there that night. which is another reason why the br was was short. you are #fakenews. you and fork tongue should get along great. His greatest screenshots are chat boxes XD
  3. meh i dont think its that big of a deal. and besides whats the point of 100 accounts unless your going to buy the redoubt dlc 100x?
  4. most people that are going to have alts already have them. i dont think that 15$ is going to stop the hardcore people from abusing the system.
  5. Worry about that problem when we get there you dirty virus girl. (said in the most polite yet meaningful way so as to not cause offense)
  6. NO. free to play all acess to the game so that they will play and we can go bash there stupid little seal heads in and eat their blubber and cook them in their mothers milk! .... i mean they deserve to have full access to the whole game and just buy the glorious and great dlcs as they see fit. BILLIIONS of them.
  7. @admin Dear glorious and most magnificent russian devs, your humble customer comes to you with a bended knee and suggests that instead of making a cheaper version of the game just make the game free to play. You have more than enough DLC in the game to pay for the development costs. There are currently 255$ worth of DLC. Your great and flawless game will undoubtedly make more money off of dlc if there were billions of people playing the game. after all it is the greatest age of sail game ever imagined. This will prevent you from having to revert on the 15$ decision 6months down the road.
  8. agreed. While your at it fix the water line on the linky dingy (Victory) its so broken that you rarely see the ship sailed by players. sad because the ship is the most iconic ship from this entire era.
  9. sigh... i wonder what you had to do this time to get your account back. just when you thought the world had gotten a little better.
  10. YEAAHH... u right. you sure do sound like Christendom again btw. at least I chose to fight the sith zerg and not join them like you did when you got ran out of pirate nation. This was the port de piax battle. lost on points but wont the actual fight.
  11. yes i did. WO woulda taken that fight in a heart beat. especially if there were 3 of us from the same clan vs 2 clannies and a rando. especially with all the crap mismu talks
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