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  1. My 1v1 days are over. Closest I got to those days were 3 years ago with the naval action tourney. WO came in second only to OCEAN. those were 3v3. I find 1v1 very boring in the current build. I enjoy commanding fleet battles now days. honestly I think whats missing in naval action is a competent commanders. that's why some of the biggest nations (great britian/pirates) in the game are irrelevant when it comes to RVR.
  2. MHMMMM smells like a tarp...……… what to do when a trap is set?
  3. SWITCH one of your timers so you night time guys can have a good fight. XD
  4. @Reverse the beatings will continue at new orleans until bernal is opened back up.
  5. im just going to leave this here. mainly because its relevant to the conversation.
  6. it was 3 tincs vs wappen Bellona 6x trader brigs and indianman. and all were there from the very beginning of the battle. REDS clan aint what it used to be. its just a big zerg with minimal organization now. like GB for example. #suckstosuck
  7. @Reverse good times at vera cuz. sad to hear that the ports are closing. we were doing Gods work down there.
  8. okay so what your saying is we need to set some deep water ports. got it.
  9. So its pretty obvious that forts are simply to strong. 4 mortar brings firing 10mins without missing and taking fort fire while doing it because forts have grater range than mortars did less than 1/4 of damage. in a shallow water pb this is simply insane. even for a deep water this is still crazy. the simple proof is that there hasn't been a single port battle where a fortress has been destroyed. it requires way to many resources in a pb to even have a chance to destroy it. two suggestions. 1. take forts out of shallow water pbs and only let them have towers. 2. forts need an hp nerf or a mortar brig buff on damage. 30mins to destroy one fort is to much for 4 mortar brigs.
  10. Screened out of morgans bluff was fun fight. 37 total rats sunk for the night.
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