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  1. Science bitch! Lol and hey now, that wasn’t a gank it was an express deliver service to port of destination!
  2. Msk


    I heard we are all joining Russia? Cant get zerged if you are part of the zerg! DA COMRADES!
  3. Easy solution, no Eu times at all, this entire thing takes place in the carribean play it by carribean times making it much closer to us est then all! Joy and happiness for everyone then cause realism! Oh wait wait it’s a video game with people all over the world, the Russians took kids from us during our prime time no crying about timers and good in them. We got beat and they were relentless see what happens when you want to do it? In the mean time. if you like it you shoulda put a timer on it. And timers are home with only having to secure the capital to secure the region. Stop crying and fight the game. If it doesn’t have a timer and get flipped by someone at a different time then you’re playing clearly you didn’t care enough to hold the port, it’s a fact of life empires get large and because of that vulnerable. Same thing in game with having to maintain timers. brief edit, there is always this thing called diplomacy when you can try to work with a clan not In your time zone to achieve what is needed, i k ow WO paid havoc back when they were Dutch to help with north inlet and worked with the Prussians back when banished was running the show to have Eu representation when needed. These same nations complaining can try to you know, talk to these other timezones instead of looking down on them to get something done go they can’t be be bothered getting their asses out of bed on a weekend.
  4. Uhh please don’t show how I control so many alts aster. That was top secret.
  5. Why is it tragic? Same exact way we took the SA as the last time. We still got about 20 into the fight when those of us tagged hopped on alts. Though fighting it on Christian with no books or upgrades and like 2 hull and sail cycles. Was a good fun fight o7 America. screening is just free content for others, it’s why I show up for screening.
  6. It was considering most of the fleet had to join from in between San Mateo and San Agustin because of screeners.
  7. You are sitting on the forums, adopting this woe is me mentality and spamming everyday multiple times false accusations against 2 seperate clans. Never ONCE has the US nation attempted to attack. The posts have grated on everyones patience so much that all sympathy the nation had was squandered. The other thing is this assumption that the nation is being unfairly picked on and would normally be exceptionally safe. It is only 2 jumps out of a free port till you are breaching the capitals of the east coast. The last thing is we were forced into this situation not by the United States, but rather by the game. SA has been our capital for the last year for our clan, that means the work that went into retaking the port and ship losses was FAR less then the required work to move the assests out of the port. Even today after taking the port I have 6 boats that have been just rotting in the port. If there is a full assest wipe as well as saved ports or during release will be the ONLY time the frontline mechanic can be properly tested. You have to see what the buzz coming out of Shroud will be like, people wont be able to have line ships pre posted in various docks in free ports to allow nations to just super rapidly take multiple ports. People will have to level up as well as just do these various things in smaller boats. Last but not least, you wont have mad dashes where nations just cap out ports in the first week of the patch and replace entire fleets. The overall salt while fun is being spammed to much on various posts, lets just create a US salt thread, and keep it contained since you cannot seem to grasp this is still testing AS WELL AS not a realistic outlook on what the game will be atm. When release happens (i cant speak for the other damaged party in this VCO) I know WO will have to secure our ship building, do missions and level up to use boats meaning yes the East Coast MIGHT be safer for a time. That still doesnt mean that especially with diplomacy to get possible port swap, you cant conquer up to Sav in less then a weeks time with only doing a single PB a day.
  8. Personally I would love to have had a fight at PaP. Empty PB's other then screwing around is mind numbing. @Sir Texas Sir You complain about hiding behind timers for which are set when we actually play, yet sav hides its timer. Ontop of all this you guys have been discussing where to hide the SA timer so that we cant respond and possibly take your port from you. You need to look inward to smooth it over with the sour sports inside your own government after the whole "Russia fiasco" as it was put. In the meantime I appreciate the information they shared. To the last point of your whining that we are to far away to affect anything on the east coast. You do realize that its a fairly easy jump from shroud (with or without diplomacy) to Ays and then up the coast. 2 PBs till your able to take hostility on Ays. With either determination, a bit of luck, or diplomacy you could be change the map pixels up to sav inside of 1 week. Also your own senior leadership is paying dubloons to sink your President. I am going to need you to go ahead and have them stop making lucrative offers to us, and instead just donate to upgrading our port. Thanks
  9. Last time i checked its 03-0600 when we are playing the most there pal
  10. its only a 2 port jump from shroud before we can pull for Ays, and with it being surprises that is alot of guys favorite little boat (not mine) so who knows could be new and exciting times.
  11. I welcome a full wipe, where i dont have everything locked up in other ports that i have to spend over a week and multiple alts to clean out, that is boring lol. Easier to just retake Agustin and other ports at this rate
  12. Let’s be real here. This entire process should have been done with either a full wipe or all things set as redeemables. As it stands retaking Agustin in a war of attrition is far easier then moving out of it. You feel entitled to the port because it’s on your coast, I feel entitled as we have held the port for the last year. See how easy it is to have an entitlement battle? This will continue till next full wipe and release. Then it’s a whole new world of fun and excitement who knows where it will take VCO and WO or the US nation
  13. All I know is BDN did catch his for touchdown. Love from the birthplace of true freedom (American style rofl)
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