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  1. Its okay buddy, I'm sure someone actually still loves you
  2. its okay buddy, someone still loves you.
  3. Its not dodging its the night time players asking to have ports put in our defense window so action is forced to come to us, EU can fight during the day and we can defend at night places. And even then almost all the timers are earlier anyway. It is simply the nation working together and wanting to keep night time guys around so try to generate content. It would be the EXACT same thing if WO was danes. Because nations and clans are supposed to work together and help each other out.
  4. You're crying alot, especially when I said your tears and Kings tears in this forever circular logic is dumb
  5. Ahh i see just going for the split the servers bit again huh? Most MMO's have more then 800-1000 peak players
  6. King going on about fighting, versus the counter of zomg nightflips is dumb circular argument on both sides. The world is big we dont all have a single TZ because the rest of the world isnt China. as far as night time yea its rough those of us free during the day help out when/where we can and if we can force content for the weekends with "night timers" so be it. The Americans might be something, the monks guys usually fight a good fight, just the US coast is so terribly placed for RvR who knows? And no idea what rook and co are doing or anything that way as well. I just love peopl
  7. I mean check the timezones, PST its 8pm.
  8. I mean 03-06 is an 8pm timer soooooooooooooooo yea lots of crying about primetime timers.
  9. Alot of crying about "night" timers when its actually our prime time. I mean look at all the "daytime" timers when we are busy working.....
  10. Thats true, i aspire to be more like lenin, right now im a pleb who cant control all 8 alts at once
  11. Didnt you leave pirates after losing a war to go to russia..........?
  12. He said we don't have money in the bank to pay for timers, also our ports didnt really make a ton of money either.
  13. 14 mil for not playing since VCO left to russia hmmm
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