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  1. Not an excuse when it was the truth, and I did everything in my power to not interfer with Chrissy's actual task. Dont worry Raxius im sure ill be cleared by @Ink and @admin and we can just wait for them. They can see how it went with ingame talking and all that. Enjoy homies.
  2. Oh no I lost Raxius respect. What should I ever do with myself. Oh to think so highly of yourself Raxius
  3. You do sound mad when youre saying about patronizing you. I just expected you a member who has played for multiple nations across thousands of hours and most likely have alts across the various nations to get good as many people do, would know the RoE for missions. Clearly I was mistaken thinking so highly of you wraith. I gave you a perfectly valid reason, I accidentally clicked the wrong button but you cant seem to fathom that. The other person was an EU player who joined even later. You noticed no other WO guys who were in our comms were in there.
  4. See here you go just making shit up to try and keep it going. You werent there and go ahead and wait for ink and them to check the logs and dish out whatever they feel is needed. You can keep crying more and assuming shit, but not once have I done shady shit to VCO guys. The closest I ever got was when the Americans attempted to tribunal me for tagging an AI fleet of 25 with out line ships and sinking that to set hostility. Be as mad as you want, a req is a very easy kill when a second can delete its entire HP in one broadside and direction spawning prepped thirds and seconds on its head though wraith. Means no chasing required. Also I will patronize you as long as you play dumb on the forums to play up the woe is us mentality you seem to have when instead of fighting its quick run off to the forums maybe they will get banned and we will be safe.
  5. I mean gladly wait for in there @Wraith but considering the other guy joined after i locked by mistake and I dont hang out on the national teamspeak to advise him against joining. Gladly let @Ink sort it. We arent pirates we cant join a mission on both side once a national player joins and locks a side that is it, it is then locked for the future players with one option. I would think a player of your hours playing in US/Russia/Pirates would know how it works for non rat nations as well pal. Sinking chrisentdom would have been easy, the requin with thirds and seconds spawning on his head with prepared would have done that since i dont know if you know this as well wraith since you choose to forget things. But hostility is one giant circle that you can spawn all around in, and chrissy was jjust on the other side of the swords, so i could have spawned a group in for a quick easy kill if i didnt screw up and pick the wrong side, instead i had to get out of the mission and go sink the group you were with... As far as out of the WO playbook, you do have a short memory and forget the time VCO was tribunaled for it back when you were america dont you? Its okay there will be more pvp then just forum PVP this time around wraith.
  6. I mean it’s simple if I really wanted to cause issues with it, I could have either A lost my boat, or B fought the ai but dragged it to Christendom, neither of which had to be done, I dragged the ai away from him and let him do what he wanted to do in the first place which was get his 3-4% hostility.
  7. Correct, he got what he was looking for and the unintentional ai was dragged away . Not going to set a pb for them when trying to stop it though for an mistake. Instead made sure he survived and bsed back and forth until Chris was able to leave the mission.
  8. Was an easy honest mistake, the devs are more then welcome to verify the chat logs. I am willing to take the tribunal as I made a simple mistake, but didnt at all interfer with him sinking his boat and him leaving the hostility to further generate hostility from 89% to 92ish%. I wasnt going to sink the boat, but I drug it away, and let him leave unmolested there wraith. @Ink @admin if an actual mistake warrants punishment then so be it. Mind you christian with prepared would have been much better off as well as the fleet of wasa's with prepared to just drop on his head and sink him to drop that hostility any amount we could. [2019-Jul-12 23:22:49.106708] Christendom: now that's naughty [2019-Jul-12 23:22:59.819351] MsK: was honest mistake honestly [2019-Jul-12 23:23:15.864229] Christendom: well if you leave me to die i'll be tribunalling [2019-Jul-12 23:23:32.907301] Christendom: please sail away from me [2019-Jul-12 23:23:33.451900] MsK: Thats fine ill take the tribunal your in a req run up wind, ill keep buc off you [2019-Jul-12 23:23:46.651204] MsK: im sailing away from you pal [2019-Jul-12 23:25:26.951484] Christendom: feel free to sink that for me and flip the port [2019-Jul-12 23:25:42.691695] : <color=white>[VCO] Christendom sank .</color> [2019-Jul-12 23:25:47.362032] MsK: not going to do that now Chrissy [2019-Jul-12 23:25:55.374810] MsK: youre welcome to though [2019-Jul-12 23:26:14.453753] Christendom: I almost got a buc with a herc the other day outside ays [2019-Jul-12 23:26:27.185635] Christendom: but too much damn crew loss [2019-Jul-12 23:26:37.856206] Christendom: still got 3k xp tho [2019-Jul-12 23:26:53.634491] MsK: Sank a first in a snow, was ezpz
  9. Oh I’m glad it was t based off some far right movement, it didn’t work out for them to well in WWII I don’t see it working out well for them again. Tried to hold a nation hostage and blackmail them and it didn’t work out so crying on the forums. @Ink can you just make a ruling please because as entertaining as this thread is, it’s time for it to die.
  10. Its more about the pre existing nature of the term. No need to rename the wheel here.
  11. Even if there was alts as long as they aren’t being farmed to generate hostility then doesn’t matter, maybe don’t just open your ports for the lolz?
  12. I noticed something similar with an ingeri sank last night, stern raked him down to next to nothing he popes hull rep then lost al his masts, 3 notches of structure sitting 100 meters off his stern with carried wappen, 5 broadsides with almost all pens later his structure didn’t move. We ended up sinking him through the side alittle later.
  13. Hey now, hostility was pulled from Willemstead. Not Santa Marta. You lost one PB to us in WO (not VP nation as a whole, and just some of the guys who wanted to screen we had join later cause the british screeners were able to blot out the sun) and smashed those dodge timers to hide from another american TZ clan. Its okay though was a fun PB.
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