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  1. WTB Redoubtable! Make Steam do release it @admin
  2. He said we don't have money in the bank to pay for timers, also our ports didnt really make a ton of money either.
  3. 14 mil for not playing since VCO left to russia hmmm
  4. Clan warehouse still sitting pretty, Our port drops were informed with the Nation. Trying to manage friendly clans when we dont play the game does not help the nation. We had our offensive port battles that was needed for us to secure what we wanted, like the fights against VCO. They however are the only real target in our timezone, who left their original nation after release and had no ports to really fight over , and when other nations did set in our timezone they no showed the PB See Santo Domingo from the mighty russians! Be as salty as you want, but there isnt much population to support RVR from the american timezones and even that being less east coast boys (only a small number of us in the clan) made it even harder. Hats are off though to BF who during the hidden island fights, set alarms constantly in order to try and set the ports and eventually dig us out. Was alot of fun and I want to thank Reverse and Redii for being some of the few EU commanders to really go out of their way to bring content to us. @Shocktrooper Basteyy you'll always be my boo
  5. Les Cayes, Georgetown the rest was rats starting a war then capitulating and trying to hide behind timers and no showing. IE Islamoralda, getting screened out of first morgans and still sinking the PB fleet and the screeners.
  6. Sad times later at night, contrary to the global chat I loved the overall game, the fighting and salt on all sides that came from the game. Will be a hole that is hard to fill game wise and I hope the population stabilizes and grows. Here are some fun Screenshots- Alot of sweet victories and bitter losses in my times with WO; Like La Nav both battles with HAVOC! All my PB SS were sent to King so i wont be posting any of those. Thanks for the fun times guys! Link some of your best of's @Aster @Rabman
  7. Mortar Brig buff should ONLY affect the mortar brigs ability to damage structures. Not ships. There is no reason to have mortars snipe firsts again, leave the damage a wet noodle against ships but hit hard against structures.
  8. They are supposed to be destroyed if they are destroyed in a PB. I dont think any of them have been destroyed since the nerfs and buffs. I will say when we fire shipped a martello it was decrewed and dead in the battle, but it was not destroyed in the port at San Agustin pre release.
  9. The PB was already decided after sinking waves of rats, only to sink more after the PB. What is crazy is the fact that people seem to think needing 4-8 MB's to kill square forts is okay. You already put yourself into a large disadvantage because of how much weaker the fleets are. In deep water your right they are an annoyance that can be avoided in firsts, and I dont think that is okay either. Forts need to be something to account for, but just that you should be able to account for them, not have no means to kill them. I would personally like to see brigs get some kind of damage buff (not substantial and not shooting 4 balls at once again) only to forts AND a raid mechanic.
  10. It’s kinda a shame how mortar brigs have become so irrelevant, some people did enjoy it. I think forts needed an overall buff since they were a dead 500 points in a pb, but this was classic overturning. Deep water you can partially mitigate but shallows it’s brutal. Also the fort touched me in all the bad no no zones. It’s first shot of the game first ball demasted my poor mbrig and it was traumatic. Also I still wasn’t one range of the fort lol
  11. We made it perfectly clear that we would defend rio hostility and don’t forget that black started setting hostility at pap before we responded up on the east coast. Their hostility mission was the first real rvr action. Before that it was king/hartz/radius global pvp extravaganza.
  12. Man this thread got out of hand super quick. Didn’t expect the SS comments coming lol
  13. Oh I’m glad it was t based off some far right movement, it didn’t work out for them to well in WWII I don’t see it working out well for them again. Tried to hold a nation hostage and blackmail them and it didn’t work out so crying on the forums. @Ink can you just make a ruling please because as entertaining as this thread is, it’s time for it to die.
  14. Its more about the pre existing nature of the term. No need to rename the wheel here.
  15. Even if there was alts as long as they aren’t being farmed to generate hostility then doesn’t matter, maybe don’t just open your ports for the lolz?
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