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  1. Norfolk nChance

    A Question the French Caribbean HQ in 1808...

    Great Feedback fellas, many thanks Norfolk.
  2. Norfolk nChance

    A Question the French Caribbean HQ in 1808...

    A Question the French Caribbean HQ in 1808... If anybody knows or can point me in the right direction... I want to know where the French Caribbean HQ was based in 1808. Martinique had overseas departments and Fort-de-France likely but Cochrane had it blockaded. Guadeloupe the same issues. The eastern part of Santo-Domingo seems the most likely area with Louis Marie Ferrand the highest ranking official. Any thoughts, much appreciated as always Norfolk
  3. Norfolk nChance

    Any word?

    @Justme I respect your view and opinion totally here, but not wanting to sound like a Fan-Boy (which I am) I slightly disagree. My two POSTs above I don’t know if you’ve read, but the whole point to NA-L product model is it being tied to the same Franchise Universe as PvP & PvE. Maintenance and cycle updates all in lock step unlike the test giving economies of scale. The problem I can see is weak HR allocation to the out of game content needed for NA-L. This game style needs front end push to the client. The Combat model won’t sell its self, Game-Labs needs to keep the player interested with different types of events that change regularly. Done properly the player should be wanting that Premium Account to get into that Connie and additional DLC cosmetic items or DLC “Gold” Ships that are NOT P2W. He, having a real feel for combat now maybe tempted into the NA-OW space. Here, we’ve got a Newbie with full combat training if he does...! The NA-F combat model and game punches above its weight. The marketing side, and client interface is the weak point. However, NA-L is easily medium term in outlook giving GL plenty of time to work on it. In my clan on [WoWs] average member spent GBP250 and a couple with GBP2-3k invested. I’ve spent GBP40, and it was all related to them push selling. It’s a brilliant concept that done properly should flow into NA-OW. If not then it fails as you say... Norfolk
  4. Norfolk nChance

    A Pulp Fiction in Naval Action

    1 V_5.0 An Unplanned Exit.pdf
  5. Norfolk nChance

    A Pulp Fiction in Naval Action

    This not a final cut, just need to test memory space with a PDF The real final version about month I guess N. RE_Write_PuLp_Fiction.pdf
  6. Norfolk nChance

    Ink take a look at this please

    Apologies @Hethwill the Red Duke Please ask @Ink to go to STEAM General Discussions Page "Ink... Plz check this" by Outram Norfolk.
  7. Norfolk nChance

    Ink take a look at this please

    Ink take a look at this please @Ink From STEAM client https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/1/1744482417432155032/ Norfolk.
  8. Norfolk nChance

    Any word?

    Its good to still see interest in the NA-L test and possible future, whether positive or negative. My opinions in the two posts above have changed little since @admin announced an end to the test. In all fairness neither as @Ruthless4u and both views have no real added value, I just prefer mine. I genuinely don’t want to see any comment on a NA-L style game from @admin or any other Dev team member until NA-OW is fully launched. They need a full focus on the job in hand. If the FORUM NA-L section adds additional upkeep costs to the business then YES, I would close it. Move just the ‘Legends Support’ thread to the ‘Game-Labs Forum’ subsection titled ‘Future Games & Special projects’. If there is no or minor cost don’t waste their time, just leave it as is. Norfolk.
  9. Norfolk nChance

    Bot fighting safety guide

    Yoda @jodgi Master Jedi, I do believe we’ve had this conversation before regarding The Jodgi Chronicles... Tis about time and long overdue Master Jedi maybe @admin should help? https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/1/1744482417422487816/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/11/1744482417422489771/ These will only link to the main General Discussions page and Guides page on the right of the screen. However, YOU need to do a Guide on the TOP ROW guides page and link it into FORUM etc... https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/guides/?browsesort=mostrecent&browsefilter=mostrecent&requiredtags%5B0%5D=English&p=1 Great Guide and good follow up POST feedback as well. I would like to see more... Norfolk nStormtrooper
  10. Norfolk nChance

    Any word?

    @Macjimm I agree with your points; however, NA-L was an instant (after match making lol) combat PvP game. If as a player you want to progress into larger ships this comes at a time/achievement/reward component or Grind ladder. A Player could not start out and jump straight into a Victory even paying up for a Premium Account. The target audience for NA-L are players that could not or did not want to devote the time input needed for Open-World. Also, aiming at new players to get a feel for FREE of the Naval Action Franchise [NA-F]. This may lead the ‘new prospects’ to purchase the FULL-PRICED NA-OW game. I’d assume Game-Labs did not expect a Player to devote time to both games equally? I’ve commented in the past many times comparing [NA-F] to [WoWs]. This to highlight exploits from a very successful game with a weaker combat model. How the Newbie levels compare and such. The NA-L product makes money through some form of Premium Account component but does not give play to Win [P2W] equipment. The NA-OW product would make money from a One-time Account Purchase then the offers of DLC products. Additional Accounts or ALTs should be discouraged with the Newbie but encouraged to the Junkie. NA-L I believe is nowhere near DEAD, but is very medium to long term in concept... Norfolk
  11. Norfolk nChance

    Any word?

    In my opinion and guess of a future view... NA-L was a good try that was tried too early. The models must be exactly the same as NA-OW in profiles and handling. The Server cycle updates all models at the same time in the same Universe from PvP, PvE or Legend. If not done this way then minor tweaks will build into larger drifts away from each other. This immediately loses the franchises economy of scale and increases the maintenance upkeep. At the time of NA-L its underlying models needed bedding in and tweaking and it was not using the current ship designs. NA-OW was seeing the implementation experiment of Leeway. There was an immediate drift from the very start. The NA-L test was supposed to be low load HR wise on the Dev’s but turned into a sinkhole. The drop-off rate in players I seem to disagree with most here. Importantly the NA-L testers played NA-OW primary. NA-L needs an in-built Grind path in order to work, this is hard to do while balancing time to the hardcore of NA-OW as well. So, players gave it a go and eventually were inevitably drawn back to NA-OW commitment wise. @admin made a very hard call to pull NA-L. The focus to get OW released properly first. Looking at my crystal balls... POST NA-OW launch it would be so much easier to launch a NA-L style game. All managed under the same roof. The Game-Labs team have gained practiced with DLC content now. This the money part needed to make it a success with the Grind path. It would need out of game content to drive it though. World of Warships [WoWs] a brilliant example of this success with a much weaker combat game. In my opinion. NA-L will not sell itself, and the out of game features need to be just as strong as the game itself in order for it to succeed... Norfolk nChance
  12. Norfolk nChance

    Doubt about the battle of Coronel.

    I would need to study more research... even so some take-a-ways... Craddock, I believe fell for a very good rouse. Why did von Spee have the radio orders all sent out on the SMS Leipzig and not his own flag SMS Scharnost as expected? Mahan in his works, points to Admiralty (UK) at the turn of the century as a failing command structure with old and out dated methods, Admiral’s pulling rank for resources over strategic logic. The vague instructions common place with Craddock’s friend in Court-Martial again could have forced him into an un-winnable battle... Far left-field idea... Admiralty wanted to weaken Spee’s fleet at the expense of Craddock’s. POST battle even though one sided Spee’s fleet had expended over half its ammunition. With the abandonment of Tsingtao, the German’s were stuck. Contacts with both Japanese Mid-Pacific and French the Western route was seeing the allies closing in. Spee’s only real choice was South East round the Cape Horn to an African BASE. Admiralty had already stated it wanted to destroy the [EAS], so have Craddock weaken it. With the main stuff at the Falkland’s lying in wait for an exhausted German fleet. I don’t believe that Admiralty thought for a minute that the GB fleet would suffer so much. The sacrifice made its mark. The German’s are out of the Pacific with Japan (allies) and French still there. German Naval BASEs up to 1914 N.
  13. Norfolk nChance

    Doubt about the battle of Coronel.

    @Sento de Benimaclet Probably @Nick Thomadis or Darth himself might have a better view? Battle of Coronel Nov 3rd 1914, Pacific Ocean, Chile https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Coronel Map showing GR East Asia Squadron My Questions Did Admiralty (UK) know the size and strength of the German East Asia Squadron [EAS]? Yes, Tsingtao BASE when abandon by the German’s would have had British Intelligence monitoring. Engagements with Japan also would probably have shared information. So, why would the British attack a much stronger fleet even with the HMS Canopus? Likewise I guess the German’s would know the British Squadron was much weaker. Did they the British know the German’s were spread out following this? Probably Yes from the above information. Admiralty gave Cradock the order to "be prepared to meet them in company". This was after October 4th 1914 they’d intercepted German radio transmissions. Does this mean to engage or harass…? Friends Court-Martial might have influence here. HMS Canopus still in the Falkland’s unable to support. Did the British know the German [EAS] were ordered to re-group at Easter island? Yes However, all the radio messages sent out came from just one ship SMS Leipzig, not Spee’s SMS Scharnost. Did von Spee intentionally do this? Thus, making it look like SMS Leipzig was alone? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Leipzig_(1905) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Canopus_(1897) Conclusion If von Spee did use this radio message as a rouse it seems Genius or Gifted drawing out the British fleet into one spot. At the time I assume lines of communication uncertain, but nearby radio use should be monitored by all. Your Questions: Should Rear Admiral Craddock wait for HMS Canopus before starting the battle of Coronel? No, even though SMS Leipzig is a large cruiser the British fleet with smaller ships could still easily overpower her. It would take too long for the HMS Canopus to arrive in support by which time SMS Leipzig could have found some support… Would HMS Canopus have been decisive in the development of the battle? No, she’s pre-Dreadnaught slow and old. The German Fleet would have still destroyed the British light fleet first to then gank’d the Canopus on masse. Nice question, and just my guess all the same. What do you think? Norfolk nChance
  14. Norfolk nChance

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    Darth, I dare you not to include me. Norfolk nChance
  15. Norfolk nChance

    Book: Trafalgar: The Biography of Battle

    THIS MAP IS IN THE BOOK... This French/Spanish group absolutely knew and also Nelson's arrival to take charge. Villeneuve agreed to remain in port and allow the weather to play its hand first on the RN. He changed his mind the following morning not taking the easy choice! Thanks for the notes on Napoleon. My 50th next year and the wife wants me to do this... https://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/Properties-list/hougoumont-waterloo/Holiday/ … while she goes shopping in Paris. N.