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  1. @admin remove item names. Only display them when mouse hovers over the icon. Let people memorize and add more icons. Names under icons is a silly idea. Does Diablo 3 have names under everything? Why not use what is already has been researched for you?
  2. @admin is it possible to add color classification for items (icons)? Frame around images would be nice. Background color* Guns - Red Frame Repairs - Green Frame Mods - Yellow Frame etc... right now everything is just plain and looks the same. More icons would be nice too. Example.
  3. War and Peace on server page do not make any sense, switch them around @admin Peace PvE - Ships fire guns War PvP - Ship is peacefully sailing Also, please add a warning to when you do not have the required amount of guns when mounting Ex. in red - 24/26
  4. I do not believe it @admin Here is how to do it. Add recoil guns animation only when in 'On board mode' Zoomed in (aiming mode) can look from side to side, but limited to 180 degree arc. Animate guns only inside 180 degree arc, boom Done. You do not see other ships guns recoil because you are locked in On board/aim camera. Smoke takes care of enemy ship animation -it's not needed. Add far zoom for ship and completely remove gun and sailors on ships when in 'zoom all the way out" mode. Your problem is your camera distance. Have 3 camera modes 1. On board - Animate guns , but control view point and animation at 180 degree arc. Do not animate anything else outside the arc. 2. Default what we have now, no animation. Medium zoom. 3. Zoom out far enough to disable animations and moving sailors on board + reduce on board details. Make them small enough that they no longer needed. Hope I solved the long impossible animation problem. Example of "far" zoom, you do not need sailors and gun animations, details at this range.
  5. Wind

    Dear Spain

    Does this mean you have a curfew and you still live with your parents?
  6. Only one guy cares. Please don't be like this guy on the picture... If you build something you build it right.
  7. They got inverted perspective or Giants live in the town right now and shrink as they get on a ship. lol
  8. In test bed, you are forced to look into the town. lol I wish I could.
  9. You fixed the docks, but what about the rest? How it should be Hope it helps.
  10. Wind

    Comparing 2 games

    Log in into Black Desert online and log in into Naval Action and compare. BD Online login Rewards Daily Activities Seasonal Content Sales Seasonal Quests Boosters Activity trackers Notifications Market Alerts War alerts Naval Action login Active chat Need more content asap!
  11. Management Business Programming Art Finances I would teach your kid Art and 3d model first. Later down the road programming and then Business and Finance school. If you have all this you can be a solo game developer. I know few guys who are very talented and do all this by themselves. Design, draw , 3d model, program etc...
  12. Wind

    POTBS game Closure

    We do not want to let it die, so we are taking over & kickstarting 14k and buying new servers to let it live More info will come soon! There is even talk about new game remake kickstart under fresh team. Update: I do not think potbs will die any time soon. Same game new owners with 2 programmers and new future plans.
  13. Wind

    POTBS game Closure

    Delete offensive posts not harmless threads. Wtf? Radio plays the music you don’t like, so you go and burn down the station?
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