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  1. Like @AeRoTR said, i like the idea of a "Starter Nation". If making a starting nation is too much work, then what about every new Account gets one Forged Paper in redeemables? This way the new player can learn about the nation and switch nation, without deleting his character. If he wants to change nation again, he has to buy the DLC. Just an idea.
  2. I have no idea what you're talking about. NAVOC attacked port de paix not HAVOC
  3. Maybe more would join you, if you stop blaming your teammates, when you lose 😂
  4. Gamelabs donates to Naval Action streamers. What would think of a prize for those people? Something ingame or maybe a 3D printed model of their favorite ship?
  5. The time normal people took to read the OP, i took reading that ports name. Yaguarawhat?
  6. Naval Action players after new damage model be like:
  7. @rediii only pays 0.5% of these Doubloons to me, so that i keep making memes. Living on a minimum wage 😕
  8. The moment, where every HAVOC heart stopped beating:
  9. I think if you join a mission with more than one ship, there will spawn the same number of ships as you joined with, wheter its a fleet ship or another player. I once joined a mission with an Indiaman (forgot that i have it on fleet) and there spawnt a second ship. I dont know how its now (this happend right after the new UI entered live servers). But i believe you can see this as "multiplayer missions".
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