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  1. Mr Pellew

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Credit @Tom Farseer
  2. Mr Pellew

    Crash in Cartagena PB

    Agree there the PB was intense and a lot of fun!
  3. Mr Pellew

    Portbattle Cartagena/Server Crash

    Today during the PB of Cartagena Sweden vs GB the server went down. GB had won the PB we had 998 points a Mortar Brig sinking and a Buc allmost sunk. Screenshots and vidoes coming below: We have 100% prove as you can see in the video above that we would have won the PB and would like the port as a result of it. As you can hopefully understand all of us are very upset with this especially becuase it is the second time it happened in a HAVOC offensive PB. Also some of us have strange issiues with logging in now. I get a very strange screen as it can be seen in the next screenshot:
  4. Mr Pellew

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    We stayed up for a PB exactly once! La Navasse. Difference there was they could fill the PB no problem at that time. I am about 250% sure Prussia can not fill more than maybe 5k BR at this time of day.
  5. Mr Pellew

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    We played in dutch for quite some time. We fought Denmark (BF) a lot and usually ended upo outnumbered. We also fought sweden, usually outnumbered. Just having less people does not decide the outcome at all. Yes you might not be able to screen people out or even field a screening fleet but you can fight them in a PB. Today at Monte Christi we had 2 screeners. Yes an amazing 2! you would have had no trouble at all getting into the PB so the numbers problem isn't a real one. And if u know in advance you can not fill a PB do not flip a port in the first place...
  6. Mr Pellew

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    pls no I don't want to do PvE
  7. Mr Pellew

    DLC ship questionnaire

    I like the idea of DLC ships which do not have to be crafted. I also don't mind adding more DLC ships as long as they stay 5th rates or lower. My only wish for current and future DLC ships is that they are not the best at doing what they are designed for. Currently the Req is by far the best rageboarding/sealclubbing in R-Zone ship and the Herc is one of the best 5th rates over all. I would like to see other ships buffed or DLC ships nerved a bit so they are second best and not best at what they do. Suggestions for that would be a nerv to downwind speed of the requin and bigger mast hitboxes for both ships. A very intersting question. Does anyone know how much theartwork for a paint costs? If a paint is not too expensive I think adding new ships as craftable no-DLC ships and than adding multiple paints as DLC would be the best option. Cosmetics for money base content for free. I know many people in this game and in other games who are willing to spend a lot of money to look cool (me included). Paints as DLC does not have to make it impossible to obtain them as a 1 time thing in game like it is currently but provide a redeemable which can not be traded (not even in a ships hold) or one that has to be applied to a ship as you redeem it. That way I could have a cool looking bellona every time I craft one. That's just my opinion about it and I very much hope it might be a valid way of funding new ships and content while keeping the game as little pay for content/ships as possible.
  8. Mr Pellew

    Deep waters PBs since last wipe

    It's not like we don't try to get others to help us or that we would not have the numbers ourselves BUT that many are just not willing to do it. By how you make it sound you are in a great spot for RvR. Why did you only flip a few shallow ports than? There has to be reasons why you don't do it. Yeah but you now have a stockpile of things so just use them. The "I will loose it anyway so no point in playing" mentality is common and I don't understand it. And yeah many don't like the idea of a wipe but it may be in 2 month it may be in 8 month so why worry about it too much before we know when it will happen. Besides, everyone knew what they got themselves into by playing a early access game. In my opinion the prices are fine and so is the loot you get. I am someone who hates his live 5 minutes into killing AI so I very much like the drift awy from havng to girind PvE for ships. I didn't test it myself but I would guess it's a bit faster to get the doubs in PvP but it's a lot more risky so I am totaly ok with it. I very much dislike making doubs easiely acessible trough PvE while it being harder and riskyer in PvP. Good rewards in PvP lead to PvP. But a reward/price discussion is pretty far off topic. so I'll stop here.
  9. Mr Pellew

    Deep waters PBs since last wipe

    We have troubles motivating 10 people to do PvE for 1-2 hrs depending on how far away a port is especially becuase it is allways very uncertain we will be able to fill the port battle the next day or even get in. I totally agree with what you said. Just becuase you might loose some ships in a few monthtime there is no reason not to play. Also what better time to use ships than when they will lost anyway at some point in the near future. All in all I agree with redii tho. The PvE+ low numbers are more of a problem than shipcost for most who used to do a lot of RvR.
  10. Mr Pellew

    Battle Join Timer related to Town distance

    I noticed that much. Still won't hurt repeating it. Than again OW MMO with PvP instances is a gank fest and will allways be which is fine.
  11. Mr Pellew

    Battle Join Timer related to Town distance

    People prefer ganks becuase it makes them feel sucessfull when they don't sink and kill somoene else. What I would like however is what Liq said about PvP zones. Make them more balanced with joining rules so people get balanced fights there. ATM they are still ganking heaven
  12. Mr Pellew

    Doubloons in PvP/How to deal with counter ganks.

    We were in Bellonas and 3rd rates without speed mods. We came there to fight not to run away. I personnaly hate the meta of gank and run it's boring and bad gameplay in my opinion. We also came there expecting to face 20-25 ppl in bigger ships as we did in the first fight. My problem is not the initial fight which we were asking to get compleaty outnumbered in my issiue is there is no rewards for such fights as you will get killed outside.
  13. Mr Pellew

    Doubloons in PvP/How to deal with counter ganks.

    Admin said he doesn't want that before. If he wants it now I am cool with it but imo that would lead to people not going out for risky PvP anymore which takes away a large part of the game. Honestly I like that idea even better. Herd it multiple times. @admin this might be something to considere. Maybe there is a way to make invis last longer the longer the fight lasted so people have a better chance of getting away especially after long fights.
  14. Mr Pellew

    Doubloons in PvP/How to deal with counter ganks.

    I think I am on the side being "ganked" (if ganking means fighting a enemy outnumering/gunning you by a fair bit) more often than I do the opposite. The fights I brough up were with us having at max 1/4 of their BR in the first fight but sinking a few but than not being able to ever disengage from those fights becuase they just bring more and more. That's my point. High risk should give good rewards if you win not if you win and than also get away from people chasing you for 3 hrs. As said before we won fights we had a heavy disadvantage in so why punish us for going for those fights? We should not win them so if we do let us keep our rewards pls. Yes it is. the sad part is we didn't get to keep most of them and lost ships worth that ammount of dubs becuase they could tag us over and over again after which is fine imo if you get to keep the rewards of the fight you won.
  15. Mr Pellew

    Doubloons in PvP/How to deal with counter ganks.

    totaly agree there. counter ganking is to valid already. Don't punish those few bringing PvP even more.