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  1. GB Player in a Le Req tagged a Vic without guns just outside LT He sat next to the Victory and just sank him without the Victory (Newp11/Pirate) trying to do anything. More evidence in the recording below:
  2. @admin @Ink any chance we get that PB resceduled for tomorrow if these server issues cannot be fixed soon?
  3. Same issue here. Just got kicked out and whenever I am online the server feels very very slow
  4. Just becuase I think it might need mentioning here: This was directly infront of a PB and all that was done by the swedish player was makeing sure the russians could not enter PB. He let the go as soon as PB was won for the swedish side.
  5. Just fyi for devs: The instance with flipped ships also laggs like crazy
  6. The same just happened to the Swedes trying to flip Truxillo:
  7. I hate you for having me do this John but I went trough all discord msgs an I think I found what you are talking about: Some great drama happened between those two but I am afraid it is too much for the forums to handle This is all the conversation on the discord about said multiflip. Yes we said we could flip a port and we did not (shame on us). But by what Cid said it seemed like you guys would not flip anything either. So yes there was talk of a multiflip but it was not us who told you to flip ports, it was you saying you would flip ports and asked us to join. After this everyone agreed we should properly work together and organize another flip. Who is right and who is wrong here si strongly debatable, but what did not happen is someone telling you to flip ports and then us not flipping ports ourselves.
  8. You took a quote out of context into another thread... I just edited it as I just noticed we are on another thread here
  9. EDIT: I just noticed we are on a compleatly different topic here, how about you stop taking quotes out of context? I can't remember one either, but I remember begging on Nation chat/TS for people to come which is one of the least fun and most demotivating things. But yes we always filled our own pbs and had some screeners most of the time. Just for context of where this quote came from: We are talkign about the Danes screening for GB at ports like Salamanca, which most of the old clans or people playing less and not having all their crafting/ranking up done just didn't feel like participating in. I totaly understand that and I don't blame anyone playing the game his way. We are not talking about the very few danish Pbs that actually happened at that time
  10. If you were not too lazy to reead the entire convo, this was our scout outside to figure out a way to get into a PB. Thanks for bringing it up becuase you made me look it up on the discord, following conversation is actually a great read!
  11. On a more serious note though: Yes you screened for us and no one ever tried denying that. Most of the RvR against Russia happened when we were still in Denmark, where we stuggeled motivating anyone outside our clan for any RvR which is the reason we left the nation. Yes we did not screen for you with 20 players like you did for us simply because there were not 20 players. We brought what we had to Salamanca as Danes and if I am not toaly mixing things up we were on TS with you for that one to try and organize. My point here is: Everyone seems to forget that we switched nation about 4 months ago, shortly after LAMA switched to GB. In the months leading up to the Nation switch out clan was very very inactive, people had other things to do and were not playing the game. So nice of you coosing a time where we had no people to come screening becuase they were not playing the game. That must have happened more than 5 months ago now as I can not find any swede who rememebrs it, which suggests it was back when Denmark was involved. If it was later than that this complaint never reached any of us as no one knows of this happening. If it happened or not doesn't matter anyway so can we just cut it out of the conversation and focus on more recent events? A lot of Events you keep bringing up here John, happened many many months ago. The past few weeks before we flooded the discord with people and started argueing about what happenes at Santiago were some of the most productive weeks of cooperation. GB got the whole Port au Prince region and Les Cayes out of it. Sweden gained a foothold at Tumbado and Russia lost it's ports close to Aves. You keep bringing up past events to justify your actions as a justification for what your actions. How about both sides just call it what it is: We have different views on how to play the game and neither side wanted a compromise. And exactly this is why we call it a backstab. You broke the only unwritten agreement that existed dodging our questions about your position for a few days.
  12. Yes and after all of our Privateers got in they agreed on having some fun outside and fighting the swedish screeners. Afterall it is a game and meant to be fun. Big shoutout to Rook for getting the GB screeners organized for that fight!
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