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  1. Is the OP saying we should all have fully equipped Ocean's day 1? Day 2? Day 3? I hope not that would be crazy and ruin the game.
  2. GG cant wait to play. I have no problem with wipes. I self wipe all the time:)
  3. I like the forced alliances. They should be dynamic and change over time. Admin forced story line that changes over time.
  4. good luck with the testing. I hope it is successful and I cant wait to play.
  5. I want to whale as well. I know not gonna happen PC and all.
  6. i have completed 3 total wipes to get the feel of the game. also new is fun.:)
  7. I have followed this game a lot. excellent mini game.
  8. This patch looks great. Good econ immersion. Coming Soon = ????? when?
  9. Big Patch Big Awesomeness. I cant wait to get home and play. Good work Admins.
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