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  1. Louis Garneray

    Flags Flags Flags

    By the way, the French flag called Para mar et terra was the flag of the Compagnie Franche de la marine which was the equivalent of the Marines... those were soldiers not sailors and so it wasn't a navy flag.
  2. Louis Garneray

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    I know my way around the map, I have done 3+ hours trips multiple times (not exciting at all) from Fort Royal to the most western ports of the map, or even the secret island. This news is partly a bad news because it has been using it for navigation because there is a lack of navigation tools and we haven't heard anything about something immersing and historical coming our way to help with this loss. I mostly use the distance to a port mostly to teleport and when in bad weather when we can't see anything for 30+ minutes.
  3. Louis Garneray

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    And I suppose the compass in game is using the True north instead of the magnetic one...
  4. Louis Garneray

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    Should we commission someone to do the profiles for each island?
  5. Louis Garneray

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    Since you are talking about landmarks... when will they be added to the game? In my youth I spent 3 years on a French Navy ship taking care of navigation and we had tools for that. In game we have only the compass and no landmarks on the map.
  6. Louis Garneray

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    What I am referring to is your blunt statements "fake outrage" while we are trying to get information from you so we can better appreciate what will happen. I don't use Steam forums, I'm not afraid of talking here, I'm just a little tired of the usual.
  7. Louis Garneray

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    Wee need a sextant and a good watch.
  8. Louis Garneray

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    Oh and by the way don't forget to be nice while being honest with your customers because without them your games (not just this one) won't float for long. Sure you'll have all your developer integrity intact but you may have to go look for another job... And I know you love your independence but like everything it has a price.
  9. Since the new UI I have slowed down my playing to the point that I haven't sailed in almost a month now. It was my favorite game for almost 3 years now I am just waiting. I was hoping for an UI that would be intuitive and it's just more pretty than the older one while being counter intuitive as hell. The icons don't really speak to me so I have to click everywhere to get access to the simplest thing. I was hoping to have to click less to access to important stuff but it seems to be the same or worst sometimes.
  10. Louis Garneray

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    If your new mantra is not to go against the age of sail setting... There are many things that should be removed. But I'm not sure that it should be the new mantra. You'll need players to be interested in the game, you'll need them to have fun and not feel like they're going to work.
  11. Louis Garneray

    Marrying a 300 year old pirate.

    man... so sad.
  12. Louis Garneray

    Book: Trafalgar: The Biography of Battle

    Great (the map) and excellent for the trip :D I'm also hitting 50 next year... but no fun trip planned for me... yet
  13. Louis Garneray

    Question or additional information on a Bug report

    On the day of the patch I teleported a ship and it costed me 250k instead of the new amount. I sent a F11 on that day and message to you by PM ingame. I know you're busy... I only hope that I will be able to recover my loss soon. Thanks,
  14. Louis Garneray

    Book: Trafalgar: The Biography of Battle

    Nice! There is also that free online book: The enemy at Trafalgar: an account of the battle from eye-witnesses' narratives and letters and despatches from the French and Spanish fleets Which has at the end an interesting appendix, the battle order from Villeneuve (in French) which shows that the French knew what to expect from the British. And then there are the drawings of the battle plans from Magendie (capt of the Bucentaure). Since you're also interested on the land part... I have just finished reading Napoleon: Soldier of Destiny by Michael Broers which is only volume 1 of 3 and I have been pleasantly surprised by this book. When reading books on Napoleon you always think you already know everything about it especially after having read a few. But I have to say that I really appreciated the perspective of the author on this one. A lof of the books on him are hagiographies (thinking about Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts where you can feel the political views of the writer) or the complete opposite. I will start volume 2 by the end of the year I think. It makes me think that the subject of Napoléon Bonaparte is one of the most interesting to read and research about because of its complexity and how different authors will see a different man in his actions. I'm sure you know Stefan Zweig who did a psychological portrait of Joseph Fouché, one of the best I ever read about a complicated man and I wish that he had done one on Napoleon. Anyway going back to Michael Broers I really liked his first volume on Napoleon. The beginning was very interesting as he started with the history of his family and its relation with Corsica.
  15. Louis Garneray

    Shipyard compensations

    What about the ones who paid 250k for a ship tow on the first day?