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  1. the alliance system we had didn't work very well, it became very quickly static... A clan based alliance system would work better I think, with some limitations of course on the number of clan we can ally with.
  2. It's called seasonal update.... so it's an update not a DLC.
  3. I remember back in the days when we had OW aggressive AI, it was fun.... and I was mainly a solo player. It's a good news to have finally a plan for the reminder of the year. I would like very much to see some news concerning the new ships we are supposed to get in the game. I hope they won't be DLC. Now that we kind of know what is coming for the next 5 months when should we expect the 1st update?
  4. I would have loved if we had something like that for Naval Action.
  5. I wasn't bragging....I know they are many players with way more hours of playing NA than me... my clan boss called me a noob when I told him I had 4k hours
  6. I started on December 18, 2015 and on Monday I reached this: Some stats: I have been playing for 1298 days or 3 years, 6 months and 20 days. Those 4000 hours would be 166 days and 16 hours of playing time non stop. When I look at it I can say that it sounds crazy, an average of over 3 hours per day every day.... knowing that on some days I didn't even play and between November last year and the release in June I didn't play much. Of course some of those hours haven't been spent in fighting or sailing. There is some amount of waiting.... but still it's a lot (at least for me). It's my only steam game with that much playing time.... the next 10 most played games after NA when combined only add up to 2095 or an average of 209 hours per game. So what's your level of addiction?
  7. I was playing for France from the beginning. Until the June release. I have seen France with almost no port.... and we survived it. So don't worry too much about it. As for the loss of population and the exodus from this beloved nation I'm sure it has to do with the inability of some players to accept that one of the goal of the game is RvR and PvP.... Some of the French wanted to do only PvP, others wanted to RvR and there were some who only wanted to have sacrosanct alliances with always the same nations even if there was no benefit in doing so (Thinking Spain mostly and sometime Russia too). There was also a total incomprehension between the Frenchy French and the American timezone French.
  8. For now I am done buying anything from that company.
  9. If by apologizing you talk about the ban hammer, yes sure they did... And I guess that will be what we will all hope for. I have only one request: don't release the game before the 14... I'm coming back from vacations on the 13
  10. And then you can add a mini game... Unleash the cats to kill all the rats aboard
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