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  1. And then you can add a mini game... Unleash the cats to kill all the rats aboard
  2. If you force alliance you must give a free pass to change nation to players who don't want to be stuck in one alliance
  3. J'aime pas trop l'idée de coalition obligatoire.
  4. I'm done with that part after 3 years of doing it and no reward.
  5. We were attacked many times at La Navasse.. We even had multi-flip by 2 or 3 nations to try to take La Navasse. And we prevailed until HAVOC took it.
  6. And we could argue about it for a long time: in the French Nation most of the night timers that were not WO or BLANC were from EU clan who didn't want to lose their port against people playing during their time. As for La Navasse, I was there for many battles, it was taken at a time we were already losing steam, training and cohesion. And that's what happen usually. After many unsuccessful attempts by the Brits HAVOC took it. They played very nicely and we made mistakes.
  7. Personally I'm against having the Indefatigable as rare because that's my favorite frigate.
  8. The last post from him I see about it with a list is the following: with number 10 being Indefatigable (wasn't added in the first list). Please let me know if you have something more current.
  9. look for Admin posts and you'll see that he is talking about 10 of them.
  10. After this big update how far do you think we will be from the official release of the game?
  11. I think we need to be noob again and then everything will be easy.
  12. With the hot-fix of today it now is on my account. Thanks!
  13. Same here... No hurry anyway. Bought the game directly from Game-labs in Dec 2015
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