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  1. And man... I must be one of the unlucky with my ships every time I break one I get something like that.
  2. I'll fill a complaint to the Service Historique of the Defense ministery. And thanks for the correction.
  3. So far I had no access to those exotic woods.... I'm stuck with seasoned woods that take a lot of hours to make. And since wood stats are still changing I'm not inclined to build ships that could become useless for my purpose (mostly pvp). So please next time you want to change things, use a test server with redeemable ships with every wood so we can test it properly ( and give ship notes to people who participate in their "home" server).
  4. It's figure head was approved on 5 Germinal an VIII or 25 March 1800 The ship was involved in the famous battle of the Basque Roads which saw the use of the fire ships against the French Fleet (Cochran idea).
  5. For reference... a painting of Charleston, SC in the 18th century: https://www.postandcourier.com/news/rare-late-18th-century-print-with-waterfront-view-of-charleston-acquired-by-colonial-williamsburg/article_b4d42696-664c-11e7-a65b-77ea0cdf02e8.html
  6. That's really interesting. Not many ships are made with seasoned wood.
  7. Sad to read a review like that from a new player. Confusion is still part of the initial experience. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198326264850/recommended/311310/
  8. but that's not the all bonuses... it could have been a redeem or DLC ship.
  9. I guess that's the way it's done here too
  10. That's a way to run a business and satisfy costumers.
  11. Right now storm are more of an obstacle to pvp than anything else. And unfortunately this game has a lot of obstacles against pvp (new tagging circle; new tagging in battle; inexistent RvR).
  12. Sometimes it happens that we have a small fleet battle close to a port. Some player get sunk and then come back right away to fight again in a revenge fleet. Sad part is that if we kill him again it doesn't count...
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