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  1. There are more ways to monetize a game and its development and make it viable on long term. If you focus only on DLC ship at higher price you'll loose the people who can't afford it that level of commitment. I can spend money on games... But there if you're following the WoT or WoWs model. Prices are becoming outrageous. If we are at $50 for a 3rd rate what will it be for the new victory? In addition to that for those games people kind of know that their "investment" will last for some time (a few years). And I am not sure if that we can have the same warranty from your company. Then what about those who are ready to pay for extra docs, extra ports or extra whatever (you know options that gives you the benefits of an alt without having to buy one and use sandbox stuff)? You could continue making new ships for free for all but have them financed by those DLC I'm suggesting.
  2. ... Once more Christen Mouth of Sauron you generalize... I'm not representing WO... I'm Louis Garneray a player giving his own opinion. I have said it multiple time I don't like the RNG wall for the permits non-dlc ships. I know I won't get any seasoned wood anytime soon so that I don't really care.
  3. nope... I stopped playing after the wood arrived, my clan stopped being active in RvR [but I was still playing even after that] when it became obvious that RvR wasn't an option during our prime time due to a lack of enemy willing to fight but that's another story...
  4. Well, if there is one two things that have affected my time in the game that's: The price to get the superior seasoned wood and the inability to build the ships I like unless I get a random drop of the permit.
  5. If we want more people playing the game let's remove the permit wall for the regular ships.
  6. stubbornness is not always the best...
  7. I get it, it's the regularity of production (every 24h available to build it with any wood you want [read seasoned wood of course]) that creates the inequality. If you want its sistership it will cost you time, doubloon, material and some RNG luck. If at least the RNG luck was removed it would help a little.
  8. Would have been great if Implacable was not behind a RNG wall.
  9. Any comment about the rarity of explosions in battle?
  10. One of the rare ship explosion during the Napoleonic Wars was the Orient We can have a look at the account of its explosion here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Nile#Destruction_of_Orient What we can remember is that the ship was not moving (easier to shoot at), there seems to have a fire already started (probably from paint not stored at the right place), the crew was unable to fight the fire efficiently because of the water pump damaged. Also a very special ammunition was stored close by (incendiary shell) which didn't help. So all considered we should think that a ship exploding should be a rare event and a combination of many elements going against its crew ability to fight the fire.
  11. The point is that NO 4th, 3rd, 2nd or even 1st rate should be used as fireship.
  12. If we look at the historical facts for inspiration, voluntary fireships should be very specifics and purposely built for it not a regular ship used for battle: "The vessels employed by the navy in the fireship role were very varied. They were initially often converted warships or merchant vessels between 60 and 90 feet in length.[1] Despite their rating, most served as sloops or frigates, only being fitted with combustible materials when there was the intention to expend them.[1] The ships used were generally purchased and converted vessels, as it was not considered cost-effective to build new ships with the intention of burning them when a cheaper option existed.[4] Purpose-built fireships were therefore a rarity, though some classes were built during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.[4] " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fireships_of_the_Royal_Navy
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