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  1. I have the same problem (on 2060 card).
  2. I really hope that by the time the game "goes live" all those great new ideas will be balanced thanks to the help of the testers. Creating a rarity and RNG factor on some ships such as the Indefatigable (my favorite 5th rate) could affect player morale or create the opposite of what is wanted: I could easily see players kill their alt (or their friend alt) or arrange kills with other players in order to get those permits. We know how some people can be creative to get easily something that could be hard to get.
  3. So far I bought all the games from Game-labs to support them (I barely played the cw games)... I bought most of the dlc (didn't buy the Hercule one) in support of the game and really used the admiralty one as it gives me more dock space and the flag one because it's pretty. With the states of things here I'm not really in the mood anymore to support financially the game. Sorry. Can't trust the dev anymore as his promises have expiration dates.
  4. It's kind of funny when you think about it... A lot of people have stayed with the game all those years because they had the assurance from Mr Admin that the XP would stay. I'm curious to see what will happen at release... I'm even more curious to see what will happen after next patch since there won't be much of a motivation to start over with the resources knowing that everything will disappear soon anyway. I'm kind of sad to see we have kept the game alive (we the few) for so long to be rewarded with condescending contempt. Edit: and yes I get it, it's your game. But your game without our money would have only been an idea in your mind. Thanks for "changing your mind" so close from the release.
  5. What is stunning me is that you (as a nation) accept that racketeering.
  6. That could be a good option but at the same time if the clan is a little serious they'll ask you some questions before taking you in. And most clan look for players they can trust...
  7. Yesterday evening we intercepted a group of Oceans doing a hostility mission outside of Bensalem. They had 4 oceans and 1 Bucentaure. We came with what we had... 2 Bucentaures a bello and an Indefatigable (the 2 oceans and 2 Bucentaures joined later. We were lucky that they tried to run away from the beginning instead of engage us. Thanks for the fight and see you tonight for the PB.
  8. yes the ones living on the other side of the Atlantic
  9. By the way, the French flag called Para mar et terra was the flag of the Compagnie Franche de la marine which was the equivalent of the Marines... those were soldiers not sailors and so it wasn't a navy flag.
  10. I know my way around the map, I have done 3+ hours trips multiple times (not exciting at all) from Fort Royal to the most western ports of the map, or even the secret island. This news is partly a bad news because it has been using it for navigation because there is a lack of navigation tools and we haven't heard anything about something immersing and historical coming our way to help with this loss. I mostly use the distance to a port mostly to teleport and when in bad weather when we can't see anything for 30+ minutes.
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