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  1. having musket salvo and swivel guns available in the stern of the ship would help some I guess and an easy fix.
  2. Usually a clipper had 3 masts didn't it? Also it's a little bit after the scope of the game.
  3. The nation that initiate a PB should get penalty if it doesn't show up for the battle...
  4. So much bull-crapping, can't we just fight and enjoy it?
  5. lol your head is as hard as a nail. The ONE server works because we have American, French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrenian, Chinese, (etc...) based players. As for the players complaining about losing port because they didn't put a timer (which is there to prevent any surprise outside of your time online) that's their problem. End of senseless conversation for me.
  6. you may want to follow... the "global server" died due to low player count (as it happened often in the game before its official release) and then we moved back to EU players... That was in 2018 if I remember.
  7. we already tried it... remember... and it died
  8. I think some players are not willing to lose their ship and others don't really care that's about it. Beside that I don't try to extrapolate who they really are because some players are known to be very toxic in game and are angel when met IRL. So we might act as we would in real life but nothing is in stone.
  9. Nice Idea. https://steamcommunity.com/games/311310/announcements/detail/1710743922846386467 Let see who gets one
  10. That always make me smile. Cowardice is for me a difficult concept to understand in a game. So much love... Maybe you were not there at the beginning but let me remind you: we started with 1 server... then the devs opened a second one (at the release of the early access in January 2016) and then that one was abandoned at some point... We all played on the same server until someone decided that we needed to have a global for the majority of the players and one for the EU players who were crying a lot... That one became a failure when it was realized that the majority of the non EU players stayed or moved back to the EU Server. So now we are all on the same server. And a system is in place to avoid any night/day attack. If you don't want to be attacked during the night just pay for it with a defense window tailored to your need. Otherwise don't complain...
  11. Poor NPC captains. They are going to react at some point.
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