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  1. Any comment about the rarity of explosions in battle?
  2. One of the rare ship explosion during the Napoleonic Wars was the Orient We can have a look at the account of its explosion here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Nile#Destruction_of_Orient What we can remember is that the ship was not moving (easier to shoot at), there seems to have a fire already started (probably from paint not stored at the right place), the crew was unable to fight the fire efficiently because of the water pump damaged. Also a very special ammunition was stored close by (incendiary shell) which didn't help. So all considered we should think that a ship exploding should be a rare event and a combination of many elements going against its crew ability to fight the fire.
  3. The point is that NO 4th, 3rd, 2nd or even 1st rate should be used as fireship.
  4. If we look at the historical facts for inspiration, voluntary fireships should be very specifics and purposely built for it not a regular ship used for battle: "The vessels employed by the navy in the fireship role were very varied. They were initially often converted warships or merchant vessels between 60 and 90 feet in length.[1] Despite their rating, most served as sloops or frigates, only being fitted with combustible materials when there was the intention to expend them.[1] The ships used were generally purchased and converted vessels, as it was not considered cost-effective to build new ships with the intention of burning them when a cheaper option existed.[4] Purpose-built fireships were therefore a rarity, though some classes were built during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.[4] " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fireships_of_the_Royal_Navy
  5. Could it be possible to know the distribution of the population between the 2 servers? That only tell us a partial story of what is going on in the game: https://steamcharts.com/app/311310#6m
  6. Name: Perfumed handkerchief made of French perfume and fine fabrics (blue print: 20 French perfume and 10 fine fabrics) Positive effect: reduce by 50% all melee bonus of the attacking ship when boarding. It's a defensive "weapon". The incredible smell of the perfumed handkerchief will repeal and disorient any ruffian trying to board a ship full of good smelling gentlemen. Clan: WO (Wooden Overlords)
  7. Dear developers, I would love if there was more cosmetic DLC than ship DLC. Could we have more of them?
  8. It's sad... that was a ship I was hoping to sail on...
  9. By the way since this part of the forum is in English it would be nice if everybody had the courtesy to speak in English or put the translation in English so I don't have to do the extra thing to understand what you are writing. My first language is French and I make the effort to write in English.
  10. One could ask what's the ultimate goal of all of that?
  11. My understanding is that most navies would build ships with seasoned wood (so it would be by default).
  12. If at least we didn't have to get a permit and doubloons for new ships I guess the change would be OK.
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