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  1. Great to hear... speaking of raids... is that something we might look forward to later this summer? This in turn raises a different line of thought: where is the testing of new patches going to take place? A new test bed server?
  2. I had to take a break from the game for about 6-8 months. Coming back, i see many changes that i like. That said, it sucks that the devs go back on their words. I chalk it up to exuberance on their part, wanting to do more and communicating their hopes too soon. I think the reasoning is flawed as well, in that players taking up the game 1 moth from now, will have a disadvantage to those that started this coming week. In fact, those that started this coming week, will be at disadvantage to those of us that are versed in the exams. But if we want to pretend - let's pretend and get to over
  3. Hi Devs, Just made the mistake of buying admiralty connection - it seems. I had 20 ships with 20 dock spaces. Now that I bought the DLC i should have 30 docks. I just moved a ship that was for sale back to the docks. And now I am stuck. I cannot TP to from outpost to outpost. Error Message " Can't teleport - need more space in docks to leave current ship." I thought I was getting 10 extra docks? I should have 30 spots now. BTW, i would expect to see 10 building slots too - I only see 5. What is going on? PS: I did reboot. Ok. Issue resolved. One has to claim the "Red
  4. I like the proposed changes in concept. We’ll have to see how it plays out. That said, I still find the current PB time window system fraught. At the hours I can spend some time doing PBs. The only nations with windows are either one I am not supposed to beat on due to politics, and one that is the underdog that everyone has already been beating up into oblivion. Can the pb windows be increased a bit? Incidentally, is the political alliances system coming back? I recall statements that an altered version would be applied.
  5. The point made above seemed opposite to the one you have just laid forth. I believe Nick was proposing that folks just get out there with anything they get their hands on - you on the contrary are suggesting that one gets out there with their better ships and fight for it. Neither of these arguments are exclusive to my proposal above.
  6. The argument is a bit spurious: we are discussing of means to incent other players to seek out pvp. That said, I see your point, I like my prey nice and meek too - i can club them that much faster and confuse my superior buffs with my skill level and feel that much better about myself to boot. Navy Hull Structure, OW Speed buffs and the like are just overrated.
  7. I was referring to upgrades not knowledge slots. I disagree that upgrades are universally available. The number of resources produced per day are finite and do not scale based on demand or the number of players. Btw, on a related note: it sometimes seems that the devs are so preoccupied with the 5% that misbehave, that they put rules / or game mechanisms in place that end up penalizing the 95% of other players that do not have alts...
  8. Let’s compare Cartagena to Sir Williams Congreve Sights... clearly Sights is the Uber under appreciated upgrade. Why are ship BRs not adjusted by their upgrades? The BR adjustment could communicate relative strength better without stating the upgrades - since there are 3. It would also be a means of better balancing PBs, imho. A first rate battle with carta on all ships of one side but not the other - is a forgone conclusion in this game.
  9. Well we also have a system now that makes it that much easier for folks with certain op upgrades to get more great upgrades - and for those that don’t to keep losing. It’s one thing to lose to someone that played better than you - but upgrades are not a matter of skill - and thus blemishes the pvp system a bit.
  10. Although I feel that the amount of pvp has improved a bit, I wonder whether pvp would not be further promoted by rewarding losses as well. If players get a few pvp marks for assists, why not also provide a few marks for players losing a pvp engagement?
  11. Clearly, upgrades are not all created equal... How is it that upgrades do not have BR?
  12. Love the game. That said, the biggest thing it has going against it IMHO: time requirement. While I really enjoy pvp - the time requirement to move around the board and get oneself setup and then the time of the pvp battles themselves (which can still occur in series) is very high. I rarely have 2 hour+ blocks of time to dedicate to the game. As an aside, I would keep in mind that we are in the summer and a number of players are presently away (at least I want to think so).
  13. "It is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln
  14. You might want to consider a different line of work - as a negotiator, you should realize that the deal you have cut behind the scenes with the Danes was not just disingenuous but a violation of the agreement that was arrived at with France. France agreed to what it did for a reason. France did not agree to Leewards and Bovenwinds going to Denmark. Need an analogy? How about: Russian missiles in Cuba. If you ever hope to one day rebuild the relationships you have broken, you might want to reconsider the deal you have made with your masters.
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