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  1. The other issue i have is only the Clan leader can Kick or Demote officers meaning even if i saw them i couldn't stop them unless i get ahold of the Clan leader. So... Officers can promote Officers, Can only have 3 Diplomats but they can't demote officers or kick? Meaning the only way to stop them is get ahold of a the Clan leader (which can be hard depending on times) as people have lives.
  2. I just want to know who and how, and to make sure this does not happen again. I could care less for pixels but it does ruin to game for afew of our still active guys.
  3. Officers can promote Officers, Issue is i would like the information to know who promoted them if so.
  4. None of the current officers know who they are, I've never seen them and we always discuss on who we promote as officers. Even still only Diplomats or the creator can do it and i'm the only Diplomat still active, the others have not been on in months.
  5. Every item in the KOTO warehouse was removed by 2 guys who were never officers and have no idea how they became officers. I don't play much anymore however afew of our guys do. I still keep track of who we promoted to officers and who had access but these 2 guys were never promoted and i have no idea who they are how they got access to the warehouse. I'm pretty sure they joined today as officers, cleaned us out and left. They even deposit 69 gold to take the piss. Names are HunterKSA and M7MDx503.
  6. I know a good few people who have quit due to the recent DLC ships and it's into double digits. (Not just DLC ships but other stuff like RvR etc) Unless something is changed i doubt we'll return.
  7. I don't want to start drama, I just thought this would be a way of getting some stuff going with PBs, I was going to do the same with high value ports like Cartagena or Little harbour. or picking a random port on the map to attack. I don't play anymore but that does not mean i can't contribute somewhat.
  8. *coughs* Argh! ye see they 'ave nah been thee most gentlemen like since we came back 'n i thought why nah say our farewells afore we totally go. Bein' pirate i would mighty much like t' sink our owns but i cannah so i thought i'd reward ye kind folk t' do it. Now hang 'em from the yardem, old salt. Savvy? Also i was goin' t' start doin' loot fleets 'n stuff, but aft wha' i've heard/read today this idea came along 'n i thought why nah!
  9. Ah you just made me notice a typo, cheers. I thought i'd try and create some content where RvR lacks.
  10. REWARDS MAY INCREASE (Depending if a Battle is fought) *coughs* Argh! ye see they 'ave nah been those most gentlemen like since we came back 'n i thought why nah say our farewells afore we totally go. Bein' pirate i would mighty much like t' sink our owns but i cannah so i thought i'd reward ye kind folk t' do it. Now hang 'em from the yardem, old salt. Savvy? Due to me quitting the game i have alot of left over 'stuff' and would rather not let it go to waste, so i thought i'd create some content. Happy Hunting!
  11. KOTO is no longer recruiting and is quitting NA With current Mechanics in PBs and the release of DLC ships which cause alot of issues. RvR and PvP. The game does not give us the enjoyment we would like. We might be back on release who knows... Nice sailing with you guys/meeting you or fighting. our discord is still open if you want a Chinwag. o7
  12. I like the old Port Battles when you captured towers in the middle of the ocean :D Felt like a strategical advantage to destroy or even take and use them for yourself. Not a fan of fighting over a random circle in a middle of no-where which does nothing other than make battles end quicker. If the circles were there to capture the coastal fortifications to turn them onto there side i wouldn't mind. By the way i'm not blaming/shaming the guys that went to the PB and won it, fair play. It's just lame mechanics reinforced by DLC ships. I like Ports Battle to mean something other that gaining points quickly to obtain 90% of the time a worthless port and a different coloured dot on the map. Lets get off who and what is to blame why we lost, I don't like the Mechanics in the PB, Hostility, Random circles. I want a fun battles We had a fight outside a Port once a good 1st Rate vs 1st Rate fleet in the bay with Spanish, No circles and it turned into the best fight i've had since returning. (And i got blown up early in the fight) Both sides lost alot but the Spanish won. Think @Christendom Spanish guys were there. Was amazing fun. Was the battle.
  13. I'm going to stop doing this now, any current bounty's will stay and i'll remove them upon death/claimed but i wont be adding anymore. Changes in OW of showing nameplates etc make it harder to identify targets making this harder/slower process. If any changes happen i may re-open this.
  14. Current one but in red: For the definition "flying the Red" Among pirates, flying a red flag signaled "no quarter" to any ship’s crew that resisted, but guaranteed the safety of all aboard if the ship surrendered without a fight. Some pirates in the 18th century have flown red variations of the traditional pirate flag, the Jolly Roger. Среди пиратов, летающих красный флаг сигнализируется "No Quarter " на любой экипаж судна, которые сопротивлялись, но гарантировали безопасность всех на борту судна, если судно сдался без боя. Некоторые пираты в XVIII веке летали красными вариациями традиционного пиратского флага, весёлого Роджера. Personally Pirates should have a choice Between Black and Red background regardless of picture.
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