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  1. También fui tóxico, pero la lamentable alianza de España fue honrada durante más de un año (donde todos los demás cambiaron) y fue el período más productivo para los piratas y para España. Siempre hemos cumplido con los acuerdos, el grupo no tiene la intención de volver a la acción naval de la espiral descendente que comenzó en 2016 los developer comenzaron a inventar reglas para castigar al SORRY porque, como clanes estábamos más adelante, hemos eliminado todo entusiasmo para continuar jugar. En una semana, un atlas comienza una nueva limpieza y estaremos allí, con pollas duras y hardcore como siempre. Saludos a mis amigos españoles, tuvimos grandes momentos en la acción naval.
  2. My campaign where forced to take even empty ports becouse you refused to engage us so we where forced to take everything to get you in a damn fight If a port is empty is becouse you decide to not showup so dont put the blame on the attacker. I went as deep as conquering carslile attached to the british capital to force them to fight
  3. game improved immensely and with incoming wipe and new rules even more i have 150 happy members looking to 250+ on end of march with next wipe. Fill free to apply https://discord.gg/TEVFXTc Na is too late for recover it it will go release have some pop spike becouse ppl dont know it then drop fast
  4. in my coalition alone (lead by me btw) there is 800 people more then na current players LOL and the game is super fun and growing in my clan alone 100+ ppl there is more players online then probably any of the na nations lol
  5. The oldest in game i think is the Ingermanland 1715? dunno when but in 2013? 14? devs said period was 1680? 1820?
  6. I now is old but can be given to players anyway since is a historical epic ship like Wydah or Queen Anne Revenge is not a competitive the armament and size are between a snow and a rattlesnake. Dunno why NA even by having pirates being the majority of the community the majority of the existence game never put this 3 Historical ships expecial considering they not particularly powerful but will add just some nice "touch" to the game. i now we not have super accurate drawings etc but we have other historical inaccuracy in game like upgunned ships or ships with cannons they never got so i never seen big problem to introduce for example the Wydah when we have drawings of a ship wich was identical. The Golden Hind is one of the most famous ships in sailing history. It was captained by Sir Francis Drake, a well-known privateer famous for being the first Englishman to successfully circumnavigate the world. This masterpiece was packed with 18 cannons, and was first introduced as the Pelican until Drake renamed it the Golden Hind. In the year 1577, Drake was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth of England to lead an expedition around the world. He then left Plymouth with a fleet comprised of five ships and 164 crew members. In 1578, they passed the Strait of Magellan after surviving two horrendous storms that sank two ships in Drake’s fleet. As the voyage continued, Drake and his crew were able to raid and plunder various trading ships in the Pacific. However, many historians believe that Drake’s acts exceeded the boundaries of his job as a privateer enough to make them believe that he committed piracy. Finally, on September 26, 1580, after two years, 10 months, and 18 days of voyage, the lone ship was able to return to Plymouth, along with Drake and his 60-man crew.
  7. This is a model based on the plans and info acquired of the Slave ship La Concorde (1710), which is the ship Blackbeard captured and converted for his use, and renamed to Queen Anne’s Revenge (1717). There is of course dispute about her being a French-Dutch built, French-French built, and of course English built. We have gone by the idea of the English built La Concorde. This is first of all since we like the style, and that it has been easier to acquire info about this theory. We have used the artwork, plans and pictures of the model that sits in North Carolina Maritime Museum. https://www.tidesofwargame.com/ As of November 2015, a total of 30 cannons have been identified on the Queen Anne’s Revenge shipwreck site (including a bronze signal gun). Of the 24 currently recovered, 8 have completed conservation and are on display in various museums throughout the state of North Carolina. Sizes range from ½- to 6-pounder, indicating the size of the cannon ball the cannon fires. Once concretion is removed from the surface of a cannon, details such as the placement of reinforcement rings, stamps, and engravings give clues about when and in what country the cannon was made. So far, cannons on Queen Anne’s Revenge come from England and Sweden, they range in date from approximately 1640 to 1714, and at least 9 of them were found loaded! Updated 03/02/18 Courtney Page Artifacts associated with the cannon include iron cannon balls and bar shot, lead aprons or touch-hole covers, langrage, and possible carriage hardware. Small arms include a variety of gun parts, a handful of semi-complete firearms, and hudreds of thousands of lead shot. Although no complete bladed weapons have been discovered, a few intriguing fragments have been found. In addition, about two dozen hand grenades were recovered. These artifacts relating to arms and armament include artillery, ammunition, and personal arms. Artillery consists mostly of the ship's cannon, ammunition, and related equipment. Personal Arms includes the intact firearms and fragmented gun parts, their ammunition, hand grenades, and bladed weapons. Author: Courtney Page, QAR Lab Manager March 2017 is the start of an exciting period in pirate and maritime history. La Concorde, the French vessel that would later become Blackbeard’s famed flagship, began its final voyage on this day in 1717. Join us over the next two years as we follow this ill-fated trip and the life of Blackbeard and his Queen Anne’s Revenge. Light frigate from 1675-1680 that is similar to the structure of La Concorde. On March 13, 1717*, La Concorde began its third voyage as a slave vessel. It sailed down the river Loire from Nantes, loaded with a crew of 75 men and 16 cannon, and headed for the coast of Guinea. Although very little is known about the origins of the ship, historical documents from a variety of French archives tell us that La Concorde served multiple purposes during its life. We know the ship was owned by the well-known businessman Rene Montaudoin when it sailed from France as a privateer during Queen Anne’s War in 1710. The crew of that voyage captured several slave vessels along the triangle route to the west coast of Africa and Martinique before staying in the Caribbean during the spring and summer of 1711. At the end of the war, Montaudoin added La Concorde to his fleet of slave vessels, and it completed two voyages, returning to France in 1714 and 1716. As a privateer, La Concorde carried 26 guns, which can be considered heavily armed. While attack by pirates was still a concern following the war, after two slave voyages without incident, the armament of La Concorde had been reduced to 16 guns, with little expectation for any danger. The crew could not have foreseen that this third trip was destined to be a difficult one… *The original French documents state the date as March 24. However, the French calendar in the 18th century differed from the English calendar by 11 days. The date used here (March 13) corresponds to the 18th-century English calendar for consistency. Sources: -Deposition of François Ernaud, “27 avril 1718. La Concorde de Nantes prise et pillée par les forbans.” Archives départmentales de Loire-Atlantique, Nantes B 4578 f° 56V& s. -Ducoin, Jacques. Barbe-Noire et le négrier La Concorde. Grenoble, France: Éditions Glénat, 2010. https://www.qaronline.org/blog/2017-03-13/day-slave-ship-sets-sail
  8. Welcome to 3 years ago, when it was useful for blockade shallows and then tp them away. congratz for figure it out in 2018
  9. Lol i remember a time where there was no map end no compass so gtfo , dont pretend to teach dad how to fuck we say where i live.
  10. Poor delusional boy, we left for brit when devs got nice idea to make 2 coalitions and pirate alone so it was 1 nation vs 3 all the damn time, was pointless , Pirate pop reduced by 70% by that nice idea. Only time i faced sweden (NOT A COALITION) sweden got repelled, sveno lost all pb vs us, and then went to beg denmark and france to rescue him. Jeheil even made an entire letter to the king about and he called it BACK IN BLACK. Fact is none of this nations ever concluded anyhting by themself (let alone clans) it was always coalition, while SORRY as clan fight entire coalitions of nations, winning for 2 years. I understand truth is harsh but thats what it is i didnt see a single clan able to form up a full fleet by themself since september 2015 while sorry went on up to march 2017
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