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  1. También fui tóxico, pero la lamentable alianza de España fue honrada durante más de un año (donde todos los demás cambiaron) y fue el período más productivo para los piratas y para España. Siempre hemos cumplido con los acuerdos, el grupo no tiene la intención de volver a la acción naval de la espiral descendente que comenzó en 2016 los developer comenzaron a inventar reglas para castigar al SORRY porque, como clanes estábamos más adelante, hemos eliminado todo entusiasmo para continuar jugar. En una semana, un atlas comienza una nueva limpieza y estaremos allí, con pollas duras y hardco
  2. game improved immensely and with incoming wipe and new rules even more i have 150 happy members looking to 250+ on end of march with next wipe. Fill free to apply https://discord.gg/TEVFXTc Na is too late for recover it it will go release have some pop spike becouse ppl dont know it then drop fast
  3. in my coalition alone (lead by me btw) there is 800 people more then na current players LOL and the game is super fun and growing in my clan alone 100+ ppl there is more players online then probably any of the na nations lol
  4. The oldest in game i think is the Ingermanland 1715? dunno when but in 2013? 14? devs said period was 1680? 1820?
  5. I now is old but can be given to players anyway since is a historical epic ship like Wydah or Queen Anne Revenge is not a competitive the armament and size are between a snow and a rattlesnake. Dunno why NA even by having pirates being the majority of the community the majority of the existence game never put this 3 Historical ships expecial considering they not particularly powerful but will add just some nice "touch" to the game. i now we not have super accurate drawings etc but we have other historical inaccuracy in game like upgunned ships or ships with cannon
  6. This is a model based on the plans and info acquired of the Slave ship La Concorde (1710), which is the ship Blackbeard captured and converted for his use, and renamed to Queen Anne’s Revenge (1717). There is of course dispute about her being a French-Dutch built, French-French built, and of course English built. We have gone by the idea of the English built La Concorde. This is first of all since we like the style, and that it has been easier to acquire info about this theory. We have used the artwork, plans and pictures of the model that sits in North Carolina Maritime Museum. htt
  7. Lol i remember a time where there was no map end no compass so gtfo , dont pretend to teach dad how to fuck we say where i live.
  8. Poor delusional boy, we left for brit when devs got nice idea to make 2 coalitions and pirate alone so it was 1 nation vs 3 all the damn time, was pointless , Pirate pop reduced by 70% by that nice idea. Only time i faced sweden (NOT A COALITION) sweden got repelled, sveno lost all pb vs us, and then went to beg denmark and france to rescue him. Jeheil even made an entire letter to the king about and he called it BACK IN BLACK. Fact is none of this nations ever concluded anyhting by themself (let alone clans) it was always coalition, while SORRY as c
  9. non taken And about the fear thing he lie, soo much that he needed to go in other nations ts3 begging them for help for face SORRY, See in reality words means 0, facts speak the truth, and the truth is, neither sweden, or brit or denmark or usa or vp ever got the balls to face alone this clan and i always got ears and eyes everywhere so i now who was begging who to help. So behind Klooth mask that he pretend now to not be afraid, the moment i yelled to him that i was coming, he spent the entire day jumping from nation ts to nations ts to rally reinforcements
  10. Feels like home here: https://discord.gg/VyE4ETK we even made a chan dedicated to na memories Soon will have more sorry people online in discord then na have players online
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