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  1. Coraline Vodka

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I have a pet dragon in NA its my crafting alt
  2. Coraline Vodka

    Naval Action Meme collection

    The after battle report after a hard fought pvp battle that you sadly sink in.
  3. Coraline Vodka

    Price of the Night Timers

    I think you miss wraith's point. Why not integrate a NO pvp area on the war server that allows cassuals safety with the option to venture out
  4. Coraline Vodka

    Salvaging Cannons

    atm cannons are prolly more valuable than the ship with the low prod of iron and labor involved in crafting cannons so big +1
  5. Coraline Vodka

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    afaik we all had way more fun in mass fleet fights at places like carta, what we need are areas of different depth where only frigates and such could fight (oh wait the bahamahs!)
  6. Coraline Vodka

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    Mistakes should be punished, ships 1-4 should be cheaper instead of the mindless dubloon grind
  7. Coraline Vodka

    Conquest information

    I've had this, relogging fixed it
  8. Coraline Vodka

    stuck in shallow port

    Put it in fleet leave port and use ow tow would take him to nearest deep water port
  9. Coraline Vodka

    Work in progress

    That would be great on occasion instead of having to micromanage all the friendly clans using a list that isnt in alphabetical order
  10. Coraline Vodka

    Work in progress

    During a boarding wouldn't you be able to see what the other ship is preparing to do? You could see guys about to jump across the ship for an attack or preparing deck guns or musket. makes no sense why it would be blind.
  11. Coraline Vodka

    Travel Experience

    You know you don't have to use all the crew just limit yourself to whatever crew u want
  12. We used to have 48 hours timer after PB was set, was pretty nice to have a day off between multi hour nights of NA
  13. @Tiedemannback when we got chests for winning a PB we had the biggest turnout for PBs and alts joining the battle, which is why we have clan based rvr now. So basically a huge yes to chests with mods and paints.
  14. RVR has been the MAIN content of NA for a long time, big clans would rally smaller ones to fill a pb and or screen. the problem is the grind and coordination required to set and fill a pb.