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  1. Coraline Vodka

    FPS Limit for Port Interface

    Admin said 2d art is coming as an option
  2. Proble. Is no witnesses. Use an alt to tag friendly ai fleet then just FF them all to death and loot
  3. All testers are getting the Pandora a rare ship
  4. Assists could count for half or quarter. Would be nice
  5. Coraline Vodka

    Oak and Iron kickstarter

  6. Coraline Vodka

    Oak and Iron kickstarter

    I think that would require rl friends maybe add dlc option?
  7. Coraline Vodka

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    11 nation's*
  8. Coraline Vodka

    Questions to developers

    I would guess this is low priority, unless some players want to record all the sound for them
  9. Coraline Vodka

    Very Low quality PvP

    Indeed, patrol roe should be like the old rookie zone, at most you could have 1.5x br against you. Currently whoever sails biggest gang bang fleet wins
  10. It won't with that attitude
  11. Coraline Vodka

    tow to port

    Wonderful idea!!
  12. Please don't reduce the amount
  13. Coraline Vodka

    Constitution Classic

    Rename old coni heavy or Navy frigate done
  14. I feel like I'm making more money then pre patch but true test will be when a wipe happens
  15. Coraline Vodka

    tow to port

    Now an alternative to magic tows would be trade winds, different routes that increase your speed. Ofc hunters would use them also
  16. Coraline Vodka

    tow to port

    Stop giving away all the secrets
  17. Coraline Vodka

    tow to port

    And yet I've gotten lucky multiple times catching afk long haul sailors
  18. Coraline Vodka

    Christian VII - what a beautiful ship!

    Why not just have rental ships that just sink after a few days
  19. Coraline Vodka

    Christian VII - what a beautiful ship!

    And yes ofc pay the dubloons to craft it. Having the permit would only save you a VM or two
  20. Do hostility missions they will match the ship rate you are sailing
  21. Can't enter enemy port with combat vessel in fleet...
  22. Coraline Vodka

    Never give up French!

  23. Coraline Vodka

    Operations: Welcome to the Caribbean - suggestions

    Love the discussion admin and think you're heading in a good direction for new players.