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  1. if only you were streaming, always fun to see ships flip
  2. Asking new players to delete and start from 0 is pretty poor imo, maybe give new accounts free nation changes for a month. Also new players should all start with their nation capital and shroud cay.
  3. I'd argue that's closer the a quarter of the server than a third but close enough
  4. we have tried to do that three times already some just dont want to learn
  5. i think each post serves its purpose, one in the off topic kinda shaming lionshaft and the other a sugestion. more fun to make posts while sailing hours looking for ghost ships.
  6. and I have seen at least 20 players in the usa R zone. It def is one of those problems we may not have if we had 500 online https://gyazo.com/cd81c84f2443b3e7246b78f80754e061
  7. or just dropped perm mod off. there are many ways other games have handled different levels of PvP full loot. green yellow red and black zones from albion are a solid comparison.
  8. this is literary under 20s outside of our port of st marys, not exactly near the capital plus with 120-130 online and have seen more than 20-30 players in the usa R zone. slim pickings elsewhere
  9. indeed but currently they are far to large if that was the case.
  10. I suggest safe zones should not allow anyone above a certain rank to call reinforcements. maybe flag captain (650 crew) or commodore (1k crew) anyone at these ranks should not require protecting by AI. Keep the safe zone ROE allowing an open reinforcement by players of their nation but not AI
  11. Was out cruising around before this in a heavy ship, and noticed this guy ( i had guessed it was lionshaft) so i hop in St marys go out in a requin to expose this silliness. Safe zone baiting at its best. Sit on the edge of the line, get tagged and inch a couple feet into the R zone to abuse a mechanic that SHOULD be in place to help new players. enjoy https://gyazo.com/d85079223160ddafc0f4314735a584eb
  12. ofc that is the best option but most games have a way of easing new players in and teaching them. This game has ALWAYS relied on the community to teach new players and its not the best way to retain new players clearly.
  13. i think we could bring back the old cannons roll with the ship model IF say you want a rolling broadside, hold left click the start the roll and release to stop it when the ship rolls up. click and hold again when u roll down
  14. Enjoy it while you can until the new damage model comes out
  15. Would be a shame if you know, your clan was taken off the friendly clan list *wink wink*
  16. Bring back teleport to Outpost after battle, must abandon hold content maybe even some fee reals or dubs
  17. I would say yes but you must abandon cargo
  18. i think many would be surprised at how fun it is to talk to your soon to be combatant and ask would you care to fight or not. red =/= dead always
  19. Are you one of those, global chat doesn't need to be in game also, people?
  20. Great news, and take heart those setup in those regions, now will you get capturable port crafting rng bonus
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