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  1. After reading the forums, Steam reviews and discord convos I am moving on from NA I’ve had my fill of this nonsense. Good luck @admin I have spent too many hours worrying about things that do not matter in life. You may have the game you want, but your paying customers do not. And we are not testers we are customers. Somehow weve all forgotten we parted with $40 plus $15-20 for DLCs. Good bye and so long. I am moving onto other hobbies that will be more rewarding for me and less disappointment. I’m sorry you’ve become so blinded by your own ego and hubris I cannot support it anymore. Consider this an official review of your conduct and performance. With great contempt and disgust. JDAM
  2. The battle model is good, just needs minor nerfs here and there, the fact is we had 2 x Bellona sailing line astern formation against 6 pirate frigates (1 was a connie) and they all were sent packing from the fight. We didn't sink any, but in a few short broadsides they realized they were outgunned and egressed as quickly as the gank fleet formed
  3. "Rank xp, crafting xp is safe and guaranteed" - Admin You should probably rethink that statement. To be honest with a track record like this where a company makes a guarantee and then within a few short months does not follow through with that guarantee you cannot say with any certainty whatsoever that anything is "safe."
  4. Pretty close... except you have division as the largest when it's the smallest... so: Division: 3-5 ships. Squadron: 6 to 10 ships. Flotilla: 10 ships or more. Fleet: Multiple Flotillas
  5. The wish of our most Sovereign King, George lll, King of Great Britain, and Ireland. Given forth; this 28th of January, in the year of our Lord, 1805, That Fleet Admiral JDAM, Esq, commanding the America & West Indies Station for Country and King, Doth summon men of fighting spirit to command Royal Ships, to defend, to seek and sink all ships of war and trade of Nations deemed hostile. Forth more to lay waste; or capture ports of said Nation. His Royal Majesty has provided Fleet Admiral JDAM, with Coin, and Ships to rewarded all Men, who display Bravery and Valour in action on the seas of British West Indies, from Cabin Boy to to the Highest Rank The King 's Prize Money is hereby divided amongst the Captains of AWI and men who serve the interests of the Crown. .......Seafarers of Britian, the drums of Drake, beat out the order. "Hoist Sail, and forth to battle ye ships of oak, ye men of iron!" PM McDubsy or Ripper in game for more info clan is US, Europe and Far East time zones!
  6. LOL. He got probably 2 coal, 10 oak logs & 2 iron. That should compensate for this loss nicely and go towards a Buc to replace it hahaha.
  7. Well it's not what happened here so thanks for your input.
  8. Because the player is experienced, also a long time player and wouldn't normally do that. And I could hear the distress & surprise in his voice. It was a real event. "Dude?! WTF?!? I accepted the trade and the ship broke up?" At which point and ironically so calmly I said "Well it's okay man, just F11 and they'll take care of it. They take care of stuff just like that, so you'll get your ship back once they can see what happened." Then we made the thread so it wouldn't get lost among the other F11s they get on a daily basis. And here we are now. Good faith attempt to get support on what is probably a rare event. Oh well. Guess we ain't gettin' the ship.
  9. Ah yes since Customer Support can't do their part, then I must lose something for it.
  10. Such a sad little gamer community. People actually rejoice over this crap. One more time for those among us with lesser capacity of reading comprehension and understanding: "Accept Trade" > "Ship Broken Up Successfully" I believe what you all have done here is take me trying to rationalize what the game may have registered while it was taking it's long walk and turn it around on me. This is stupid.
  11. It's okay because I just simply will not be reporting any issues I find going forward. I don't care what the bug is. After this response I don't need to spend my time losing more over it. My only regret was using the word SNAFU because I think that meant to admin he was being challenged. So just be advised in the future all to avoid having the equipment window open while making a trade so to prevent any sort of issues going forward.
  12. It really occurred so I'm not taking dev time away, that's their job to investigate. Regardless if their investigation provided inconclusive results somehow that's my fault suddenly? My job as a tester is to report what happened. If anything this absolutely discourages me from reporting anything in the future.
  13. In addition I highly caution players from having the equipment window open while conducting trades of cannon or other goods. Keep the window closed to prevent this from happening to you.
  14. This NOT what occurred. Malus Fellheart clicked "Accept Trade" followed by "Ship Broken Up Successfully" THERE WAS NO CLICK ON BREAK NOR A CLICK ON YES. Get out of my support thread Rediii thanks for taking this off topic with your vitriol.
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