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  1. i can pay more than those two guys^
  2. He's stupid griefer... I remember when he was chaising my Indiaman's fleet for like 1,5 hour o.O
  3. Logs should be available. This will avoid situations when, for example, your former clan calls you a thief with no reason.
  4. Agree. Almost every ship is now live oak/white oak with cartehena, bridgetown, and something. Full HP, big thickness.
  5. You did not consider two things. First of all, Stalin is a really great player. Secondly, Live Oak - White Oak ships are indestructible in equal combat at the current meta.
  6. Oh my god... I am still waiting for chests and paints for pvp marks, as Admin announced... When, dear admin ;(
  7. @admin I remember when you announced chests for pvp marks. Dear admin, when? It's great idea and it would solve many problems to PvP players!
  8. You are retarded or something? Prussia needs one port, for VM, and that's all. Nobody is celebrating the win, we know that Swedes want's rematch and that's great. And to be honest, u have no right to talk about things that u even can't understand.
  9. i have to say it again. Who is celebrating Cap Francais? For sure not we.
  10. Nobody told that we are masters of the universe lmao. We are just normal nation, but without a trash like in russia.
  11. Redii, I do not like your approach a bit. We won one PB, I do not know, maybe it's a skill, maybe it's luck. Nobody floats with pride, we hope that you will repay us, what the result will be, we will see, it does not matter to me. Nobody says that we are invincible because we are not, and to be honest, it is enough to have a decent coalition of two nations to wipe us off the map. We do not really care about ports, moreover, I remember the reactions of XOXO and ALOHA after losing some PB, and it was quite funny. "Liq, what are we going to do now?" "Nothing, what do you need ports for?" As for carebears and mass joining Prus, I will not agree with Banish. The prestige of a nation always means more people willing to play, and, consequently, more noobs. Unfortunately, we are not able to block joining our nation or prevent it. We'll see what will happen and thats it. Thanks again for yesterday's port, I had a great time and I'm hoping for rematch! //btw PdP was firt PB, when we had more players for PB than slots.
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