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  1. Thanks for advice Captain. I will remember that surprise-blowing ships are completely normal thing. And seriously now, situation when ship blows up without any signs is not normal, so i just have asked for refund of a rare ship and reported the bug that developers would be aware. I don’t see anything improper here. o7.
  2. Thanks for the experts voice. No, noone Was shooting at the Redo for about 3-4 mins cause there was boarding ongoing. The ship blowd up without giving any indication. Please, be aware before calling someone reckless without any knowledge about the situation. o7
  3. I never thought I would have to put a topic here twice in a row in one week. 06.06.-02:30~ ST we had a battle under Baracoa, everything was going easy, most of opponents escaped the battle and we were finishing killing the Redoutable. I was getting closer to it and then, boom. The Redoutable blow up, and it wouldn't be weird if not the fact that fire was invincible. Was not visible visually and there wasn't small red square signalising the fire. As a result, i lost verry decent De Ruyter which was completely blowed-up. Im posting screenshot. (here, the Redoutable on right is the one which blowed up - no fire and sign, left of that is my Ruyter, dead from about 15 secs.) I am aware that this kind of thing can happen and beacouse of that, i would ask for recompensating my ship, especially cause the Ruyter is such a rare one and it would be painfull to lost it due to some bug. Best regards, Wojtek/Admiral Adalbert.
  4. The gesture of devs is adorable (no sarcasm here) but i think aswell, that is too op - if its not temporary of course. I just think that it would be good idea to make this book accesible to buy for doubloons, the price can be todays date as a symbol- 50620. In my opinion, its the fairest way. Rest in power buddy.
  5. Yestarday's i posted a thread about heavy laggs durning battle, which were probably the beggining of the troubles with server. Can we ask for compensations aswell?
  6. Good afternoon. Less then a moment ago we had a battle (screenshot) and there was a serious technical problem. Durning whole battle, everybody who participated experienced verry, verry serious laggs. The control of the ships was almost impossible, every now and then there was a freezing of a few seconds and then a quick speed up, which made the battle almost impossible to play. I just want to mark that it was a server issue for sure, cause the lags concerned everybody. The battle before (10 mins difference) everything was super okay and we all run NA on maximum details. Im pretty sure that all of the participants can confirm it. Due to that inconvenience, we would kindly ask for some compensation.
  7. Well. ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)
  8. i can pay more than those two guys^
  9. He's stupid griefer... I remember when he was chaising my Indiaman's fleet for like 1,5 hour o.O
  10. Logs should be available. This will avoid situations when, for example, your former clan calls you a thief with no reason.
  11. You did not consider two things. First of all, Stalin is a really great player. Secondly, Live Oak - White Oak ships are indestructible in equal combat at the current meta.
  12. Oh my god... I am still waiting for chests and paints for pvp marks, as Admin announced... When, dear admin ;(
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