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Found 7 results

  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome everybody! I'm glad to invite you to a revisited idea of buccaneering. Basis of idea was taken from Bloody Hounds thread. But this time, there's more! You can hire people for all sorts of tasks, from small to big, and the whole thing takes place on heavly moderated Discord server. I hope the whole initiative will give opportunity for new in-game interacitons between players. Without more of talk, use the link if you wish, spread the word, and server will become popular! https://discord.gg/gpFEF2s I'll try to answer all questions in replies.
  2. Ahoy Mateys! Do ye fancy making some Gold or Marks? There be some Scallywags causing trouble for us Gentlemen o' fortune. I want these Scurvy dogs sent t' Davy Jones' Locker! or if ye capture der ship! Ya can keep it! Just send the Captain to us honest folk to be keelhauled! Aslong as ye get them in the open sea! No Port battles! and show the evidence of t' demise here! Ya shall get the gold by one of t' free ports! You can't sink someone of ye own nation! Unless pirate ofcourse! But if someone in the Nationals Sinks one of these Scurvy Dogs I be a honest pirate n' pay up! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With me returning to the game and with a good number of requests to start the black spot again i thought why the hell not? so this is the new version of the Old Marked with the Black spot on PVP1. I'll also try to keep this one more crisp and clean this time around. (If someone wants someone else on the list PM me the guys you want on the list and the amount or give me the gold to remain anonymous or post here and ill throw them on and the price you be offering for the death has to be atleast 500,000 gold or PVP/Combat Marks. Everyone listed is not marked by just me but by a group of people so just because your on here does not mean i want to attack you) For more Bountys on various other people visit SALTY Discord which has been running a bounty system on it for the past 6 months invite here: https://discord.gg/4dPCwBa _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some Rules: -No Port Battle Kills -No Green on Green -Post here a images of there demise or PM me ingame of the images etc and ill try and get in contact ASAP to reward ya! 2 Images prefered them taking damage, and them sinking/with the leaderboard. -If you end up dying in the engagement aswell it does not count (Fire ships/explosions) -Any added requirements by the person who sets the mark will have to keep track of it and will dictate the reward i'm just putting the Mark to show they're targeted and how much you'll ATLEAST get. - Only 1 person at a time can set a mark on someone, that means multiple people can't stack onto one mark. This saves the guy who kills the mark from going to 3+ different guys for the reward. (Encourages higher bounty's also or pooling the reward onto 1 person.) Optional: Also If people want and trust me, give me the gold and i'll pay the guy who completes the mark upon completion. If they mark is cancelled i'll refund the Gold. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kill on Sight Bounty's Simply Kill these guys to get the reward no strings attached. (Would highly suggest paying me the reward in advance so i can pay out as soon as they're claimed) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Specified Requirement Bounty's These bounty's require some additional requirement, be it "1v1 only or 5th Rates Only etc"
  3. This would allow you to put a bounty ( maybe up to 10 at a time ) of your choosing on a target similar to a shop contract. To avoid abuse the target would not be the player but the ship, with two options available: "capture and return" or "destroy". The target ships' captain would be notified and some marker put next to his name. If someone took your ship you could then put a bounty on the ship he stole to be returned to you or a bounty to destroy his ship or even both. If there are multiple "capture and return" bounties on a ship, the bounty hunter can choose, which one he wants to fulfill ( highest bid, closest delivery port or even favour to a friend may play a role). If you put a "destroy" bounty on a ship, obviously the owner could simply have a mate or alt sink it for the bounty, so the value of the bounty should be considered. If someone gets sunk by a shop ship and feels the need to put whatever bounty on it, it is his choice. Renown PvP players are most likely sailing somewhat valuable ships and would be worth hunting with a valuable enough bounty. If they choose to sail shop ships instead they will most likely not accumulate big bounties and be easier to take down. Why did I suggest this as possible DLC? This could very well be a base game feature but it would also be an opportunity for a non pay2win DLC, rather than more DLC ships or other purchasable advantages that mess with balance. I think one way or another we really need bounties or a reputation system, better yet both. This is just one way it could be done.
  4. To try and keep this short and to the point, I’m going to use the what, how and why idea. What: Enemy of the State (EOTS), a player who has within a time period sunk over a specified number of Players. When A player is flagged as Enemy of the State, admiralty places a bounty on the player's head. How: Any player who has sunk a specified number of players, say 5, in OW, within 24 hours, is tagged as Enemy of the State. Once a player is tagged as EOTS the Admiralty will automatically place a bounty on the player's head that tied to the total number of players the EOTS has sunk within a rolling 24 hours. Notes with players last know location will drop by fishing and loot (similar to the old system). An EOTS board added to national ports that will list current EOTS and the bounty on their head. The player must return to a national port to claim the EOTS bounty. Optional: Sinking a player ship, EOTS or not, will have a lootable ships’ nameplate. To claim an EOTS, one must turn in the nameplate to the Admiralty. Nameplates can only be redeemed for a bounty of EOTS if obtained after the EOTS bounty has been placed. All other nameplates are for “bragging rights”. Why: Primarily to drive PVP through the hunting of players who are already actively participating in PVP. Calling active PVP player location will drive and focus the PVP in an area.
  5. I thought I'd bring some fun PvP to the PvP2 server by creating a Player Bounty system. Read the rules below... Updated 06/02/16 To post a bounty: click "Post" with the following information to which I will update the image above... REWARD: Your IGN: Bounty's Nation: Bounty's [ClanTag] IGN: Last Known Port: Reason: Any Additional Info: To collect a Bounty: click "Quote" on the Posted Bounty and include a screenshot, then message the Bounty Poster in game... *****I,personally, will pay out a bonus 50k to anyone collecting on any Bounty on this list that someone else has placed provided it is: 1) PvP and not a Port Battle; and 2) a screenshot is posted on this Topic. ***This forum (nor myself) is not held responsible for bounties not being paid out. Contact the poster in game to collect. ***These Bounties are for PvP only and do not include Port Battles, unless otherwise stated by the poster. ***It is generally understood that these are ONE-TIME bounties, and not continuous, unless otherwise stated by the poster. ​***Bounty Names with lines thru them have already been collected. List of Bounties and Collectors: Poster, Bounty, Collector, Amount Cpt Blackthorne, any BLACK member, [CBR]Yankyaeger, 100k Cpt Blackthorne, [bLACK]Mike the mongol, [ASP]Keez, 300k Cpt Blackthorne, [bLACK]Ashcanibics, STILL OPEN, 500k Cpt Blackthorne, [bLACK]Sneaky Uncle, STILL OPEN, 200k Cpt BLackthorne, Storm Crow, STILL OPEN, 300k captain jsb, [FEAR]oldcrankyman, **TBD**, 10k-350k Ashcanibics/Doomed/Loco Bandito, [CBP] Captain Lord Tridex, STILL OPEN, 300k
  6. Introduction We the [Aziz] Trading Company are a little but glorius trading company with base in Christiansted with the purpose of conquer the Camels trading of all the Carribeans. ____________________________________________________________________________ All the merchants of AZIZ declare ____________________________________________________________________________ in short -20k for every Swedish trader captured or sunk -10k if at full cargo (provide a screenshot of the battle screen with the captured cargo, example if a LVG got captured goods weight must be 4800, fish included) -10k if you are danish -5k for every escort ship -5k for every [GER] Provide a screenshot of the start and the end of battle or it never happended. _____________________________________________ pm members of [aziz] in game or post here your screenshot. every bounty are paid after we check the screenshot in the free ports of La Mona/Viques/Ile-à-Vache We understand is not much but selling Camels in the Caribbeans is more problematic than we expexted.
  7. As the greatest and most feared Frenchman (okay fine, but I'm at least the one with the biggest bounty on his head), I was thinking this game should have a formal system of player bounties. Ideally it should work like EVE (to the extent I remember that system), where the idea is that the bounty never pays more than the dead player lost. For example, lets say some pirate puts a 1,000,000 gold bounty on me (I think the thread is up to at least 500,000, depending on circumstances and who you believe.) You sink me in a basic cutter with default 4 pound guns. This was worth 0 so the bounty pays 0. You sink me in a basic Cerberus with 9 pound cannons for an approximate 1 durability value of 12,000 gold (total value of ship + guns divided by 5 for the total durability). During the fight, I made 3000 gold from the damage I did. The bounty will therefore pay (12000 - 3000) 9000 gold, leaving 991,000 gold in the bounty pot. You sink me and I'm carrying 50,000 gold worth of compass wood in a captured trade ship worth 3000 gold. I made 0 during the fight so the bounty can pay out 53,000 gold, leaving 938,000 gold in the pot. The idea is to stop me from exploiting the system (which I would otherwise totally do) by ensuring that the amount lost in the fight is never fully covered by the bounty rewarded from the fight. I can't sink myself with a secondary account in a basic cutter and take your 1 million gold or otherwise profit from bounties on my own head.I think it may be time for bounties, and other than the interface for it, it seems like a fairly straightforward and simple thing to put into the game. Poll removed by mod team for being non-essential to the discussion.
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