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  1. I was being generous so @admin dont see I like to exaggerate things just to prove a point.
  2. That Vic fir fir with speed upgrades will suffer a lot against 2 bellonas fitted for combat. And remember, after a total ressource wipe lets see how many could afford to spend 3 victory marks in such builds.
  3. If you still dont see the issue with the % of VP, DN, Poland and Prussia then we can end this discussion here. Average daily playerbase is 700 right now (taking into account both servers and alts) so 5% is only 35 players. 35 players that probably also play along the day, across different timezones. I repeat, we can close the thread if you really believe 35 players is fine.
  4. Options: a) Foreign clan alliances. Limited to 1. The supporting clan can only join the PB if the port belongs to the allied clan. Cooldown: 1 week. Both clans must have eachother in the clan list to make it work. b) Factions inside nations. c) Blocks containing nations: meditterranean, north, atlantic...
  5. Right now so many nations are diluting the playerbase so much that the quality of the gameplay is not better than before. Make factions inside nations and it will help a lot. Take WOW or SWTOR as examples.
  6. Those who hated it were also the lone hunters, who are the minority acording to admin. I think it is important to take into account that many players keep logging in because of their friends, "the power of the group" is quite often forgotten. Players doesnt log in because of players that prefers to play alone. Having said that, I would bet for a return to the diplomacy not among nations but in form of clan alliances, available only for those nations in need of assistance.
  7. You can introduce factions inside nations. Factions are part of the core nations but have their own flag. Example: Nation: Great Britain Faction inside GB: Portugal Nation: Pirates Faction inside Pirates: Barbary States Nation: Spain Faction inside Spain: Reign of Sicily and Naples
  8. The weak nations can not be helped in the current game without some sort of alliances. When a nation dies, NA dies also a bit. Many players just give up. Thats bad for the game and its communities. If you are really worried about pvp, potential targets, online population... then @admin , you should do something.
  9. Taking historical considerations aside, do you really think that more nations is actually good for the game and its gameplay?
  10. And lose a lot of players in the process. Lose-lose situation for ALL the server.
  11. You will have a hard time filling a high BR port and you know it.
  12. The game should have mechanics that doesnt force players to buy a DLC because right now the people just stop playing or quit the game. It is about time to open the eyes.
  13. Almost nobody does that. You should know that by now. It will always be more diluted with 11 than with 8, which was the point of all this discussion.
  14. To change nations you must pay a DLC and do a great effort moving stuff, it is not just one easy click. When you have 500 guys online spreaded over 11 nations it is a problem. A problem that we will have in the future again, sooner or later.
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