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  1. He said a map reset. However without tweaked and more balanced mechanics, the result will be the same.
  2. Dont do that if you cant fix the core mechanics first (diplomacy, nation unbalance, trash ships, trading).
  3. It is pointless to have any kind of wipe when you still have mechanics that doesnt work. Same things will happen again, over and over. A wipe doesnt solve anything, as it was proven with the wipe at release of the game.
  4. Can you make this work inside PB only? That way pvp in OW will remain the same. Untouched.
  5. Then 2 options: 1. Bring back alliances (clan alliances or whatever) 2. Force coalitions (your own idea a while ago).
  6. The greatest injustice is the low number of spanish ships in the NA caribbean, throne of the spanish colonial empire.
  7. 50%, lol. You only have to see the latest PB screenshots of Baracoa and George town. Which clans almost can fill by themselves a 20k br PB? BF, REDS and HAN. Or are you saying that half of those are alts?
  8. For the record. I believe current BR for PB is one of factors that is making NA bleed rvr players. Rvr players must be definitely bored sailing always ocean/santisima. You can stop the bleed by fixing that mechanic and others, such as a trading based on very long distances.
  9. This could have been hotfixed months ago, just like many other broken mechanics (trading, trash ships). But somehow it was more important to do the new ROE for patrols.
  10. Main and alt accounts are different. The ranks, the number and type of ships on the docks, the activities you do (economy, pvp, rvr) the membership to a clan or not. Based on a series of parameters you can filter them.
  11. I have always said that the grind and the hardcore time consuming mechanics are killing the game.
  12. I dont agree with such forced measures. The desire of leaving a nation comes from the unwillingless of their players to grind again everything DUE TO THE HIGH COSTS. Also, they lost hope cause no nation can really help eachother to defend in a port battle DUE TO THE LACKS OF DIPLOMACY TOOLS. A defeated nation loses their active players and thats why the intervention of other nations is so important.
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