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  1. Well, well. Looks we have some captains with doubts about the release. How can it be possible.
  2. You can write about a misterious disease that is decimating the population of the carribbean. Call it Black Wipe.
  3. PVE server is a buble, nothing close to PVP server. Yeah we were a bunch of fools trusting the word given repeately during all these 3 years of testing. GL has fooled me once, never again.
  4. You can cooperate with another much better if you are both sailing basic cutters. #wipePVEserver #justiceforeveryone
  5. Dont forget dock and warehouse expansions, new slots for outposts, buildings, the books...
  6. After reading to some players from the PVE server, lets agree that PVE server should be completely wiped too.
  7. You are a contributor, you deserve to have a full wipe like the rest of those who have been testing the game with the promise of keeping some of our progress.
  8. I dont like your attitude, wishing the worst thing for an already small playerbase. You are such a bad guy.
  9. Think this as an opportunity to tell us how fun is the experience to get again everything you lost.
  10. I strongly believe PVE server should be completely wiped so their players can also enjoy again the leveling from scratch.
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