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  1. Intrepido

    Question (looting system sucks)

    95.000 reals for a first rate. What a joke. The cheapest first rate I have seen was being sold for 1.3 millions.
  2. Id rather prefer teak/white/live. Those are far more difficult to get now.
  3. Something weird is happening with the ports, some ressources that were attached to certain towns are now being delievered to wrong towns instead. Also please, improve the loot from traders. Dozens of traders and most of the time 3 trading goods or fir/oak (woods that we can collect).
  4. It would be nice if you could share the missions to other players (example: when you are in a group). Also it would improve a lot the missions if the assists from others count too as kills in your mission. More multiplayer cooperation, something that in other MMO is fairly common.
  5. Intrepido

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    Im also interested, it looks quite good.
  6. I have to ask. When are we getting the new Battle UI? Hope you know it doesnt fit at all with the rest of the UI.
  7. I have the feeling the amount produced is not enough for the quantity of players buying it. And the new system is delivering logs to random ports, which makes eveything even more confusing.
  8. Intrepido

    Radio Macuto

    Menos pasado que fue ayer mismo.
  9. Intrepido

    Radio Macuto

    En mi opinion, esa experiencia se adquiere en combates igualados, donde cada uno tiene que realmente esforzarse. La mayoria de las veces cuando se va a las aguas enemigos es gankear o ser gankeado. Cuando gankeas es como combatir a una IA, y normalmente otro es que el acaba haciendo todo.
  10. Intrepido

    Radio Macuto

    Creeme que a mas de uno dudo que le hiciera gracia.
  11. Intrepido

    Radio Macuto

    Muchos españoles ya estan practicando en Espiritu Santo contra rusia. Multitud de navios de linea ya han sido hundidos.
  12. Intrepido

    Radio Macuto

    Pues es lo mismo que va a pasar si España sigue con la idea de depender de otras naciones. Se acabara siguiendo los intereses de esas naciones igual que se siguio el de esos clanes extranjeros que comentas. Francia solo esta interesada para que les saquemos las castañas del fuego como tantas otras veces, para que despues venga la puñalada por la espalda. La gente quiere objetivos en su area (no en la otra punta), que sean realizables y que les interese. He de insistir que el white oak es muy importante. Los hay en las Bahamas y en el golfo. Hay 3 naciones con esos puertos: prusianos, ingleses y franceses. Creo que es solo cuestion de elegir el mas razonable teniendo en cuenta todo. Por ejemplo, a los prusianos los ingleses le dieron una paliza en Nassau. Los prusianos, ahora mismo, podrian ser un objetivo mas realizable de lo que se piensa.
  13. Intrepido

    Radio Macuto

    Depende de a quien se ataque, se necesitan mas o menos.
  14. Intrepido


    El juego terminara sus desarrollo en unos pocos meses asi que no te molestes, y menos en una seccion que los desarrolladores nunca leen.
  15. AI get always stuck on land. AI attacks forts for no reason and getting stuck in land in the process. AI traders always go downwind no matter of there is land right in front of them. AI reinforcements in safe zones are a joke, the enemy player just need to chain/demast them to escape or sink the attacked player. AI going through land on OW. AI always have marines, it shouldnt be that way. Specially traders shouldnt have in order to make the life of new players easier. AI sometimes depower while stuck against wind, making it harder to get out of that situation. AI doesnt fire when our ship are close to them. AI warships many times sail far from the player (like they were escaping) only to return to the player after 5 mins of chase.