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  1. Poods are OP as hell. They actually break the balance of the cannons.
  2. And what? If you dont have poods the pavel will still suck.
  3. Since when more grinding has solved a thing in NA. Grinding is only a matter of time invested. The clans should have a port battle window chosen at the begining of its creation. That would help against some EU clans placing timers during US primetime.
  4. @admin Victory changed to 68pd carros on his top deck. Why pavel cant have a historical better upper deck cannons?
  5. Years later and 2500 people cant be in the same sentence. Not with a game so focused on one type of playerbase.
  6. Well, lets be honest, an entire alt clan operating in one nation is rare. Specially an alt clan able to defend the port by themselves, specially right after the release of the game with the account reset. On the opposite, an alt outbidding contracts was rather usual, because it is dam easy. The current problem with the rare woods is their distribution (which clearly benefits some nations over others) and the costs of completing a clan delivery mission.
  7. Indeed, it is very easy to improve the ship cause it has many disadvantages when you compare it to ships like bellona, christian, 3rd rate and buc. Some proposals to improve it: -Give proper carros. 24pd are useless against lineships. -Less heeling and rise the waterline. -A bit better wind profile, specially upwind. -Fix the dam bowsprit, it breaks with everything. -More speed, hp or thickness. At least one option so it can be viable in ow pvp or PBs.
  8. A great beautiful model that almost no one uses because of its stats. Which is a pitty. The ship is the easiest one to leak (even with no heeling), it has 2 upper decks of useless cannons (i dont equip 4th deck for example), it is not fast neither tanky. For months, I havent seen it in a OW fleet battle or port battle. It is quite simple, the Pavel is not appealing to use. Please @admin, make it at least good on something.
  9. DLC will keep gain terrain over all the crafted ships if the woods keep its current unbearable grind.
  10. This distribution is a kind of joke. Some nations have best woods just in front or very close to their capitals. The US for example has almost all the woods in their coastline. Also danes and pirates seem quite favoured.
  11. There is a wood problem when a live oak/white oak Ocean requires over 40.000 doubloons.
  12. The motivation to post this topic is because, along with the rng permits, is the rare woods one of the main bottlenecks to craft our ships. Some people can believe that oak and fir woods are good but the differences on performance are too high to ignore, specially in even OW battles or PBs. The announced removal of permits for many ships wont help crafting much if we still have issues with the current implementation of rare woods and clan delivery missions. Positives -It reduces the alt interference in the nation economy, which was the idea behind its implementation. -The price of adquiring woods is fixated by the game and not so much by the players (who love to place absurd prices): X amount of logs per Y currency. Negatives -The mechanic of moving forests is weird. It raises many questions. Where are the forest going to spawn after all the stock is consumed? Close or far? Will spawn in a friendly or enemy port? Probably all those questions are answered by a system that works using RNG, which worsen the issue. -The prices are just too high. Raising such huge amount of doubloons in a reasonable time is impossible. Devs must understand that most ships crafted have a different wood for frames and for planking so even the cheapest combination will require you to pay 25.000+25.000 doubloons the first time. Also you must use the tow several times to transport the payment to the port (so more doubloons and overall annoyance). Solo players and small clans will give up pretty soon when they discoverhow hard is to earn the doubloons atm. Most of the npcs gives you a max of about 600 doubloons and economy missions only reward 1.000 doubloons. For some reason, we are looting less doubloons than before and we need 3 times more doubloons. -Getting 5.000 logs is, most of the time, an inconvenience. It forces to make an outpost in the port or change the perks to be able to haul all that quantity to the crafting point in one single trip. The consequences -If you like to craft ships and sell them, you are screwed. Before we could see some ships on sale but now most of the shops are empty. As a result, the crafter profession is out of the game. -The advantages of being a DLC owner have radically increased. Several hours of tedious grind vs one click. -Wars can end after 1-2 big battles in which one side losses their ships as the amount of required time to farm the doubloons is considerable. Time the enemy will use to keep the push. -People are burning their ships until they have none left. After that, I highly doubt anyone is going to bother to spend days pveing to have one fun pvp battle/ port battle. The system is not sustainable. -The prices of all lineships are reaching historical maximums. In my calculations a first rate (3/5, no trim) is priced around 2.5-3 millions reals. The fixes -Remove the RNG moving forests. -Decrease of the prices (-50%). -More variety in clan delivery missions. Different quantities and several options for payment (reals/doubloons/combat medals). Discuss.
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