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  1. Poland, definitely. Also those naval battles looks like sea of thieves, which are for casual people and children. I always thought you and your clan were more a hardcore crowd looking for challenges. I can not see where is the skill in those bad looking bricks exchanging some balls. Even the graphics are kind of childish, how can mature people that played EVE can like that? I feel this is your next bad bet, as it was Albion. Remember that leadership can not afford the luxury of making many mistakes before the pawns start leaving the ship.
  2. My feedback on those early images: -The UI colours are too cold. If you look at the UI of the Empire total War they use warm ones that fits much more with the materials and the theme of the time. -In the third picture I feel there is a problem of scale. That Agamenon looks like a giant compared with the boats and the environment (trees). It is not the first time I see this issue as in naval action the building and the ships have different scales, making the result a bit poor. -The Antialiasing needs a serious work. The surfaces and the edges must be soften than now. -Be ambitious unleashing all the power of the graphic engine. High res textures, effects... Details make the difference.
  3. For me, it has improved. Not by a large margin but still a step forward. Hope to see more of this optimizations. Running a GTX 950M.
  4. Personally I always feel something on my stomach when I click on craft button. I dont know you guys, but I miss a lot the days the game showed me something unexpected. I believe we require more of those moments of uncertainty to keep us interested in the game.
  5. Intrepido

    Hercules OW Spam

    0.8 knots than endy is a huge difference. I would need to stack at least 2 good speed modules on my endy to reach the base speed of Hercules. The 5.18 turn rate is epic. The Hercules can almost drift. Being so small is an advantage as it promotes huging because you need always a reasonable distance to hit with all the cannons in a bigger ship. 4 bow and 2 stern chasers are the max number of chasers you can find now in any frigate in the game. Only exception is the surprise, with an opposite loadout, but surprise suffers from weak masts and a hull shape easy to pen.
  6. They need to make the grinding fun in the first place. Imo, it is still quite basic and boring. And I can assure I have been perfeccionist in all the games that it did the farming thing with varied and interesting quests.
  7. I understand why they see and support those streamers. However they should never forget that those kind of players are not the majority and if they want a game with a good pop they must think also on the sheeps.
  8. Intrepido

    Issues on Server selection screen - what to do

    Have you tried to exit steam and open it again?
  9. Loving the new icons and the overall increased performance of the port UI.
  10. To be honest, my best loot has been 1500 doubloons in a LGV after getting many traders with trading goods. So it is just a matter of luck and dedicated time.
  11. Imo, the Kill missions are a waste of time. It should give a bit more doubloons (2-3x). The rest of missions (Hunt, S&D) looks fine to me. I dont think we need to buff those.
  12. They should cost doubloons.
  13. I know. But I believe pvp missions should be rewarded better than pve missions. At the end it is more risky and takes more time to sink a player than a npc.
  14. What it should be done asap is pvp, economic (trade, craft, transport, postal service) and rvr missions with proper rewards (chests, doubloons). Many guys dont come to the game to grind an AI trader or a NPC fleet.
  15. Intrepido

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    a) Es el resultado de atacar a puertos daneses, polacos, suecos, ingleses, franceses en primer lugar. Y cada una de estas naciones tienen amistades que pueden tambien atacar en represalia. b) Si no se puede poner timers por las tasas es cuestion de no ir conquistando tantos puertos innecesarios o de conquistar aquellos puertos que otorguen el dinero para pagar por esos timers. c) Atacar a las grandes naciones, sin un sistema de alianzas como habia antes, se torna en algo muy dificil de sostener. Se requiere mucho mas esfuerzo para mantener la presion.