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Found 15 results

  1. Ahoy Mateys! Do ye fancy making some Gold or Marks? There be some Scallywags causing trouble for us Gentlemen o' fortune. I want these Scurvy dogs sent t' Davy Jones' Locker! or if ye capture der ship! Ya can keep it! Just send the Captain to us honest folk to be keelhauled! Aslong as ye get them in the open sea! No Port battles! and show the evidence of t' demise here! Ya shall get the gold by one of t' free ports! You can't sink someone of ye own nation! Unless pirate ofcourse! But if someone in the Nationals Sinks one of these Scurvy Dogs I be a honest pirate n' pay up! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With me returning to the game and with a good number of requests to start the black spot again i thought why the hell not? so this is the new version of the Old Marked with the Black spot on PVP1. I'll also try to keep this one more crisp and clean this time around. (If someone wants someone else on the list PM me the guys you want on the list and the amount or give me the gold to remain anonymous or post here and ill throw them on and the price you be offering for the death has to be atleast 500,000 gold or PVP/Combat Marks. Everyone listed is not marked by just me but by a group of people so just because your on here does not mean i want to attack you) For more Bountys on various other people visit SALTY Discord which has been running a bounty system on it for the past 6 months invite here: https://discord.gg/4dPCwBa _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some Rules: -No Port Battle Kills -No Green on Green -Post here a images of there demise or PM me ingame of the images etc and ill try and get in contact ASAP to reward ya! 2 Images prefered them taking damage, and them sinking/with the leaderboard. -If you end up dying in the engagement aswell it does not count (Fire ships/explosions) -Any added requirements by the person who sets the mark will have to keep track of it and will dictate the reward i'm just putting the Mark to show they're targeted and how much you'll ATLEAST get. - Only 1 person at a time can set a mark on someone, that means multiple people can't stack onto one mark. This saves the guy who kills the mark from going to 3+ different guys for the reward. (Encourages higher bounty's also or pooling the reward onto 1 person.) Optional: Also If people want and trust me, give me the gold and i'll pay the guy who completes the mark upon completion. If they mark is cancelled i'll refund the Gold. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kill on Sight Bounty's Simply Kill these guys to get the reward no strings attached. (Would highly suggest paying me the reward in advance so i can pay out as soon as they're claimed) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Specified Requirement Bounty's These bounty's require some additional requirement, be it "1v1 only or 5th Rates Only etc"
  2. Could you have a popup box that states what you receive from the chests to avoid having stacked items being lost to the abyss of messy warehouses? This way we could find out just how many basic hooks we receive from mission chests. xD Thanks and provide opinions.
  3. Would it please our benevolent Devs to add some kind of actual viable reward system for partaking in the antics that is player. Verses. Player. Personally I'm getting very poor in game due to the lack of any actual ability to generate income from PvP - in the PvP server. Atm the only true profit from PvP is if you capture the enemy ship, which, let's be honest, is only useful if they have a good ship,,,,, and to point out: the ones with good ships, 1 aren't alone, 2 aren't stupid, 3 will probably sink you anyway (most of the time) The dubs kind of reward is meh, not worth the risk, looted by the enemy more than you, and hardly worth what the ship you sink is (mostly never even close). I propose ::::::::::: 1 .something like player created bounties in the mission section, or admiralty created, specific to those who sink players in your nation, or those participating in port battles against your nation. 2. The missions already there, but adjusted for pvp ships and rewards in the form of ship notes, to make up for extra risk, i.e. sink 5 british player 5th rates - reward 2 suprise notes. 3. Add RNG drops on PvP ships when sunk, ofc this can be anything from notes to mods to books. I would not like this, as again enemy would loot more. However it is something. 4 ..........post in suggestions. Now grill my stupid idea.
  4. Killing a player trincomalee gives 13 dubloons. Is this intended or a bug ? Seems like it is giving us 13 pvp marks but in form of dubloons. I think it should be multiplied with some fixed amount. Why would I risk a ship costing let's say 2500 dubloons plus all the crafting woods and labour hours to kill another ship giving you 13 dubloons. This is a risk but no reward system. I do not care if RNG will give me 500 dubloons in one the pvp kills. It is better now to go and farm predictive and stupid ai ships, instead of attacking more dangerous human players. As I can kill much more ai with less risk hoping RNG will give me more dubloons in holds. *** to sum it up, Admirality should give fixed amount of dubloons for pvp kills which are worth the effort. RNG looted dubloons are your luck, but admirality will reward me more generous for kills.
  5. Clarification: this post is about adjusting PvP marks distribution between two or more players who sank a ship. I would suggest to increase damage to 25 damage per crew (as opposed to current 15), as well as drastically increase damage for sails. Reason - killing 500 crew in Santi is harder than lowering just one side to 40% and gives a more significant advantage in battle. Killing sails is now also critical and requires more skill with limited chain. During battles usually everyone tries to kill sides, while people who are asked to chain and rake feel they are missing out on rewards. It would be great to have proper rewards for leaks which kill enemy as well, however I understand it's harder to code.
  6. Rewards: 1 Officer representing your character as 1st Corps Commander (his Rank depends upon difficulty). The Officers Rank at the Barracks varies (you can reload your last battle savegame, before camp, to reset Barracks until you get 2 Bde. Generals). Potomac Fort * CSA * · The Civil War Campaign Medal · Career Points +1 $33000 Men 2100 Reputation +15 Units: - Sigfried Inf. Bde. (Springfield M1842) - Kemper Inf. Bde. (Springfield M1842) - Cabell Arty. Bde. (6Pdr Field) Government: - 2000 Springfield M1842 (4) - 2000 M1841 Mississippi (4) - Brig. Gen. James Archer (4) Newport News * CSA * · Career Points +1 $41300 Men 2900 Reputation +4 1st Bull Run * CSA * . The War Service Medal · Brig. Gen. Thomas Jackson · Army Organization Corps +1 · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 10400 Reputation +10 Government: - 2000 Men (18) - 2000 Lorenz (9) - 8 12Pdr Napoleon (9) - 2000 MJ&G Type II (7) - Brig. Gen. Richard Ewell (4) - Brig. Gen. Jubal Early (4) - Brig. Gen. Jeb Stuart (4) Ambush Convoy * CSA * · Career Points +1 $61900 Men 3700 Reputation +10 Siloh * CSA * · Maj. Gen. Albert Johnston · Forrest Cav. Bde. 300 Men <=== NEW UNIT (Goes to the First Open Slot Available) · Army Organization Corps +1 · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 13500 Reputation +10 Government: - $75000 (18) - 3500 Men (18) - 2500 Pattern 1853 Enfield (11) - 750 Fayetteville (8) - 250 Withworth (TS) (6) - 8 10Pdr Parrot (6) - Maj. Gen. Danel Hill (6) - Maj. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard (6) - Brig. Gen. Joseph Kershaw (4) (Will Update) Chickamauga * CSA * · Career Points +2 $234400 Men 14100 Reputation: - 70000 $ (25) - 4000 Men (25) Mansfield * CSA * · The Roll of Honor Medal · Career Points +1 $156300 Men 11000 Reputation +8 Saunders Farm * CSA * · Career Points +1 $156300 Men 15700 Reputation +8 Laurel Hill * CSA * · Career Points +1 $156300 Men 15700 Reputation +8 Cold Harbor * CSA * · Career Points +2 $187500 Men 18800 Reputation +25 Government: - $140000 (35) - 8000 Men (35) - 4000 CS Richmond (20) - 12 24Pdr Howitzer (10) - 12 20Pdr Parrott (10) - 600 1862 C.S. Richmond (8) - 600 LeMat (8) Hall's Ferry Road * CSA * · The Southern Cross of Honor · Career Points +1 $250000 Men 26600 Reputation +5 Hardin Pike * CSA * · Career Points +1 $250000 Men 26600 Reputation +5 Washington * CSA * · Career Points 0 $0 Men 0 Reputation +35 Campaign End (Will Update...)
  7. Hello! I want, once again, to point out the unfairness existing in the game regarding battle rewards. It is the third time i participate in a PB "fought heroically" and in the end lost the battle. According to the actuall game logic i gained nothing, no exp, no money nothing. And so, when eventually i will get a new ship (Wasa) there will be no experience on it it will be like i never used that ship before. And now, lets assume that i am a some what new player, puting everything i owned in to this one ship get in a fight and loose this ship. The next step, is back to a bassic cutter OR, and i am sure this happend before, just quit this and find another game that does not punish me so much. In my case, i am fortunate enough to be part of a clan that helps out in this kind of situations. And they are acctually what brings me back to the game, win or loose we try to keep together! As a conclusion, i want to ask the devs to reconsider this decision, because no one ever got happy to see the "Battle Rewards No Rewards" at the end of a battle. PS. As a show of good will i promise to write a beautiful positive review of the game if this issue is addressed! (maybe @adminlike this aproach better)
  8. TL;DR Hard work and skill needs to be rewarded. For the story to be understood, chapter 1 must be read. Except for the part of the entertainment modifier, this I want to do differently. It'll still address the same issues, prevent damage farming and reward good gankees. The amount mentioned in chapter 1 will no longer be gold, but rather (battle) points. The winner(s) receiving a bonus of 100% (/ 2x). XP and Combat Marks can remain the same. Gold however should become quite a different structure. The value (/cost) of everything sunk, including cargo and repairs used in battle will be tossed in a prize pool. Non player owned (/ NPC) ships will be valued at 0. So PvE missions don't become a money tree and PvP rewards increase. However PvE missions will have a base value. At the end of a battle each players reward is then his/her battle points normalized against the prize pool. Who sees trouble in such a setup?
  9. Just a thought: Different paints could be handed out for different rewards, some of them being specific to that exact ship. * Red paint: PvP only. This exact ship has killed at least 1500 total enemy crew. Only counts actual cannon shots, not deaths due to sinking. * Black paint: PvP only. This exact ship has sank at least 5x its own BR worth of enemy ships. So a 100 BR ship can be black after sinking (kill credit, not assist) 500 BR of enemy ships. * White paint: PvP only. Dealt at least [I don't know] total damage to enemy sails. "Exact ship" meaning the stat is tracked for that physical ship -- not the model. This one Surprise of yours has earned black paint but that doesn't mean you can put it on any other Surprise. When it sinks, the black paint goes with it. (Should paint follow the ship around? If someone else steals it or you sell it, does the paint stay? I'm kind of thinking it should. Nobody repainted the Black Pearl.) Other paints could be earned as a captain, like a ship knowledge slot. The 6th knowledge unlock is actually a variety of paint schemes you can always apply to that model of ship, because you earned it via XP. Just thinking that when/if paint actually gets here, there are some interesting things to consider other than just looting or crafting one and slapping it on and having it mean nothing.
  10. I have reported this as a bug using f11 in game, however there has been some debate as to weather it is a bug or an intended mechanic. The problem is that I never receive battle rewards for Pirate vs Pirate ai battles. The screenshots attached show my pre-battle amount of gold as well as my post-battle amount of gold which are the same, despite the history log showing that I should have received 40+ thousand gold for the battle. This has happened on three occasions now, against pirate ai ships of the line. I have waited over an hour and tried restarting my game however I never receive the battle rewards. I have asked other pirates to check if they receive rewards from pirate vs pirate ai battles and they have said that they do receive the rewards, but I'm not sure if they just checked the history log or if they checked that the reward was actually received.
  11. Would like to have these men and units in the game for recruitment or rewards for completing a battle. CSA: officers: James Kemper William T. "Bloody Bill" Anderson John Singleton Mosby "The Gray Ghost" Joseph Johnston Edmund Kirby Smith Edward Porter Alexander Barnard Bee Patrick Cleburne Benjamin Terry Wade Hampton William Quantrill Units: The Alabama Brigade Louisiana Tigers Orphan Brigade Shelby's Iron Brigade‎ Stonewall Brigade Texas Brigade Laurel Brigade Terry's Texas Rangers Hampton's Legion Quantrill's Raiders ____________________________________________________________ Union: Officers: Robert Anderson Nathaniel Banks George Custer Abner Doubleday Arthur Macarthur Daniel Sickles Benjamin Butler George Thomas John Pope Oliver Howard William Starke Rosecrans Adelbert Ames Daniel Butterfield Units: Irish Brigade Lightning Brigade Vermont Brigade‎ Philadelphia Brigade‎ Michigan Brigade‎ Excelsior Brigade‎ Gibraltar Brigade‎ The Lightning Mule Brigade U.S. Horse Artillery Brigade Spinola brigade Mississippi Marine Brigade ____________________________________________________________ Wants: Would like to see a Civil War Newsletter for every battle pop up for realism Need to show the Division Commander as a Corps General unit so that i can keep him alive or know what brigade he's with. Division Commander's should have combat bonuses as well. Brigade cap at 2600. Custom battles within the campaign as a what if scenario. Defensive custom battles for CSA and Offensive for Union. Would like to see naval battles. Detach brigades into five regiments if in a tight spot or able to deploy skirmishers (x3). Able to dispatch all five Corps if available. Unit detail. Able to nickname Divisions. Artillery and Sharpshooters need more damage.
  12. CALLING ALL CAPTAINS! Streamers and recorders welcomed! This poll is to see which event most people are interested in. I am hoping to see huge participation from all nations and provide captains with rewards for completing specific goals, courtesy of yours truly. The event will be either Friday or Saturday nights, the last event of the evening, depending on which event most people vote for. Possible goals: Capture a certain ship with a certain ship Capture/Kill a certain player Most kills when out-numbered Out-gunned, but not out-sailed (killing larger ship) Lone survivor (last one alive from losing team) Possibly others with suggestions Possible rewards: Ship paints Ship notes Gold Materials Name recognition on this leaderboard To receive any rewards, it is required to post screenshots. Please respond with any suggestions. This all would go much better if all political alliances were removed in event circles (to devs: hint, hint; but also to those voting for alliances).
  13. I was thinking about this game and something to increase the level of action in it. What I have noticed: The Game is Fun! The game is an insane amount of fun. In battles, especially against other players, the excitement, or horror is there. The tension flows with tides of battle, and peaks in both frustration and glorious success. Even before the battle starts, as you spot your enemy, or prey, you feel the action of Naval Action. Even after a hard won battle, another battle may be waiting outside of the battle which just adds to the excitement of the game. The Ship Building Every game, especially ones on grand scales, always feels like its missing something. BUT that is natural. No game will satisfy the infinite amount of wants an individual will have for any game they purchase. The ships in Naval Action are that missing feel for me. The amount of time it takes to craft, for the risk I put on it, just does not justify the means to build a ship I would want to sail. Now I know this is hard to understand so I'll list my suggestions: Ships feel very macro when I build them, and for that reason I do not really use my hours. I rather just buy them. I would gather a bunch of resources, throw it in a port, and spam my hours on a (lets be honest) clunky interface. My time is better spent buying a ship, or placing an order for it. If I wanted to build my own ship, I would want: To personally oversee and direct the construction of it. Where the port holes are. Where the crew quarters are. Where to double reinforce. Manual placement of my modules All of this in an animated scene, dynamic to my above actions. I want to see my hull being laid down over days for example.... slow like. I would also like to hire contracts, but more on this later. *More of an aside, but directly related. The Resource Gathering The AI traders are far too neglected as a resource unit. AI traders to me, are the most underdeveloped part of the game. Large AI fleets have a purpose, albeit niche, but what purpose do AI traders serve to the benefit of the nation in general? There needs to be some function to coordinate that resource as a nation, and I think voting might be the answer. Admiralty of The Navy As Admiralty of The Navy you are eligible to vote for 3 regions in which trader vessels will direct their focuses. As Admiralty of the Navy you and the other admirals will direct the efforts of the navy's resources and harness the full strength of your nation. Must be Rear Admiral. Must be level 25 crafting. Must have all ports unlocked. Must have minimum 1 Ship Yard in any port. A separate panel to directly hire any amount of trader vessels of the available AI fleet to deliver directly to you at the port of purchase. Requires empty delivery slot. Requires available contract slot. Max weight 1000. Max Return Interval 2 days. Minimum fee per day 85,000, and resource fees and insurance if desired. Direct Voting The above without regard to craft level or experience level. Contraction of AI Trader Vessels Only A separate panel to directly hire any amount of trader vessels of the available AI fleet to deliver directly to you at the port of purchase. Requires empty delivery slot. Requires available contract slot. Max weight 1000. Max Return Interval 2 days. Minimum fee per day 85,000, and resource fees and insurance if desired. Trader vessels become available immeidately after they are released from contract. Pay up front, or later but risk compounding penalties. Votes direct the availability and are similar to politics voting. A percentage of the population of AI traders will be supplied to the corresponding ratio of votes any region may have received, to total votes. Will update later tomorrow. Also, when switching from bullet point to numerals there was no support to change the actual number from 1 to a 2, etc.
  14. TL;DR Hard work and skill needs to be rewarded. Hearing reports of a British 6th rate fleet near Baxo Nuevo, I quickly readied my Suprise and set sail to intercept. With The Lone Wolf scouting out their movements I had no trouble lining myself up for the gank. There I was happily fighting along side some British flies. I almost had them, when I was forced into a surrender. Then gasp, only 16076 gold and 189 XP for such a good gank, fight and general entertainment? Not to mention the other party not getting too much, because hey, I surrendered. What would you do? And the details. But there are many more details: Hull x286 Sails x15 Shock x1 Leak x40 Cannon x2 Crew x21 Casualties x103 So rather than having a simple reward for damage, I would like to go to a more elaborate model. For example (and I'm just making up numbers here): Hull $10 Sails $5 Shock $1000 Leak $500 Cannon $25 Crew $10 Casualties $10 Then added to that we do an entertainment modifier, which is basically: damage received / damage sent This to prevent damage farming and such. Plus it rewards good gankees. (On traders you do little damage to get the goods, so that should balance out as well.) It would boil down to a reward of $40,395 as opposed to the current $16,076. Not too much, just good enough to ensure people go into good PvP fights. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VIzDMmnXiq59XBjVmlIvntCm2RTcoypymowm4Qh7S4A/edit#gid=1106635557 Note that the whole kill/surrender is no longer part of it. If someone wants to scuttle and go for the whaleboats, so be it. It might even be a dynamic money faucet or tied to diplomatic agreements. The most important is rewarding players for providing content. For reference here is the log from my end:
  15. So I had an incident when crafting. I got some recipes as a reward (Constitution, Ingermanland, and Essex) but did not have enough room in my warehouse so I lost 2 of the three. So this got me thinking- what if the recipes that can't fit in your warehouse become redeemables? Or all recipes are redeemables?
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