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  1. Sounds really awesome! But will we be able to invest into forests of every wood type ( e.g. teak and white oak ) or only oak and fir? For the rare wood, it's pvp hunting players traders. All sound very good and sound like many good thing who was in Potbs!
  2. DLC ship craftable, DLC redeemable with the choice of the trim+wood+plank and the same randome possibility of to be gold/purple.
  3. NPC loves to get beached ^^ true, but isn't bad to trap it in the beach, i make that many time when the IA is biggest
  4. had the issue yesterday, but as of today I got it available in my redeemables Same here, i have it now
  5. @n_Ka - please clarify your statement and edit this post. Thank you. - H. Darby
  6. I think of the devs need giving for free for everybody who finish the tutorial 1 note of each dlc ship. Because the new players need knowing what they buy.
  7. n_Ka

    Can't join patrol battle

    your br is too hight maybe
  8. Hum, rien coté pirate niveau drapeau et amirauté. 3 ships de meme tier que toi Deux du même tier , ca m'a déjà suffit. J'ai perdu un océan contre deux premiers rangs et mon christan contre 2 troisièmes rangs. Des machines guns, même avec 50% d'équipages en moins, 60% de voiles. Manœuvre parfaite ect.
  9. All is ok for me, if IA ship are again capturable after the wipe and if traders ships drop resources again(hemp, wood et). But yes, the knowledge are sacred! And What is the difference between "Yacht" and "Yacht Silver"? And maybe another gift sound very good: yatch reedem are 100% gold ship + possibility too add the trim bonus, we want. ^^
  10. https://prnt.sc/mebi0j Mal traduit "Gestion automatique des voiles"
  11. Same issue for me with message "your ship is class 6". But it's maybe a wrong message, for me, that was because my ship was to hight br for enter, 960 br ship in battle, my br 50.For a max br of 1000 br/battle.
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