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  1. I do not understand how you do to start over again... i have done with this game but i have support it, too many lie...
  2. Rättvisan one shott this ship, you know? Pay to win game anyway.
  3. F... joker, addict of this pay to win game. Many players after 1 days, use now dlc 4 rank, and win in each battle, around 1000 too 2500 doublons( + rare book). They have wipe the game for open the way of all the dlc buyers. So You mean we cant have level 3 shipyards cranking out full port-bonus 1st rates the first week?!!?!?!? it's here now! Again 2 or 3 days, and you se first rate in the sea. Without me! 1000 players for official realase? They say more 40 000 game selling, but only 1 servers with max 2000 players? It's a joke !!! If the 39 000 other players come, what they make? All is lies, since the first time. Only 1 wipe, finally 3wipe, no exp wipe , finally wipe, and the gift ship" Redoutable"? A joke.
  4. Quelle différence entre le jeu après son lancement et ses deux derniers wipe? Qu'est ce qui a changé? Si je me connecte? Il n'y aura plus de wipe, ok, mais il ne devait pas y en avoir...., mais si je me connecte, ferais-je la différence entre le dernier wipe et le lancement officiel? Non en fait.... Qu'est ce qui a changé? En fait , la realase c'est la même chose, mais tu répares à zéro. A propos des cadeaux, le redoutable ect quelles news? DLC sorry )
  5. Slave! The deal was no wipe if you buy the game in EA. Now, i am sure you have alts and buying all the dlc. Enjoye slave.
  6. I did not buy the dlc, I wanted to wait for the official launch. Two things, not only would I buy none but I'm not ready to start all over again. I will come take a curious look sometimes, and not even sure.
  7. Une des raisons de mon achat en EA était cette promesse de non wipe. Je ne suis pas enclin à perdre mon temps. Et je suis d'accord avec Batiste sur tout. Et s'ils le sortent en hâte, c'est qu'ils veulent travailler sur un naval action 2, ou autre chose. Pour moi, il n'y a aucuns doutes la dessus.
  8. Pareil, j'ai déjà eu du mal avec les wipes. Pas sur d’être au rendez vous
  9. trop de PvE dans la conquête Oui, on devrait pouvoir défendre un port neutre. Avec une priorité aux joueurs qui on un grand nombres d'heures dans la ville neutre, ou seulement un outpost ou une structure.
  10. n_Ka

    cant join the game

    Same here, but just now online.
  11. Sounds really awesome! But will we be able to invest into forests of every wood type ( e.g. teak and white oak ) or only oak and fir? For the rare wood, it's pvp hunting players traders. All sound very good and sound like many good thing who was in Potbs!
  12. DLC ship craftable, DLC redeemable with the choice of the trim+wood+plank and the same randome possibility of to be gold/purple.
  13. NPC loves to get beached ^^ true, but isn't bad to trap it in the beach, i make that many time when the IA is biggest
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